The Debt - part 1

By rampantman

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clearance of debt without money
"How did we get into this situation?" Steve said woefully.

Georgia his wife for 12 years replied, "Well, two holidays last year and a new car on the drive are subtle hints."

"Shit!" Steve rubbed his hands over his hair, "we need to get advice."

"The bank won't help us any more and another mortgage advance is likely to be refused", Georgia replied.

"Let's get to work, we don't want a lay off on top of all of this", Steve said.

He picked his keys up and in one fluid motion picked up Georgia's as well. The front door closed firmly and another day at the office was to begin.

The key turned in the latch and Georgia walked in, a friend on recommendation had given her the number to a debt solution firm. Before calling she wanted to explain to Steve what she had learnt.

Steve arrived 30 minutes later and Georgia explained they could clear their debt and nothing outstanding as this company that was suggested would organise the clearance of the debt.

Steve listened to Georgia intently interrupting only to ask questions and also re-hear replies.

Georgia called and a voice stated that it was Kate and she was employed by Debt Clearance company DCC for short. When Georgia explained the situation Kate advised a representative would be arriving shortly to review their case.

An hour later a car pulled up a 2010 registered 911 turbo and a gentleman in an italian suit stepped out and headed for the couples door.As he knocked Georgia opened the door. He introduced himself as Thomas and he would find the best solution to their debt problem. Once he had explained the terms and interest rates included, the couple debated for ten minutes.

All the options had terms attached they would live in the house but wouldn't own the house, they could repay the debt over an extended or super extended period. None they were happy with.

Thomas coughed to interrupt the whispering couple. 

"The interest rate is killing us," said Georgia, "what can we do?"

Thomas looked steadily at them and explained there was an off the books way of settling this and that as a wealthy banker/investor a night with Georgia would clear all debts.

Steve nearly choked on his coffee when Thomas explained that a priority would be that Steve had to stay and watch.

"100,000 pounds and your debt gone. You will be wildly into the black! You need to get through this and you will have your life back!" Thomas implored to Georgia.

Steve was not happy, no one in 12 years had touched Georgia beside himself. Georgia agreed and Steve sobbed almost inconsolable. 

"I will wire the money through now and issue you with a password once our transaction is complete", Thomas said matter of factly.

Georgia went up stairs to freshen up and left an ashen faced Steve with Thomas. After 10 minutes Georgia walked back into the room. She wore her pyjamas with a dressing gown tied round her waist. They all went into the lounge/diner. Thomas pulled a chair out and asked Steve to sit on it, once he had orientated it so it was facing the sofa. Steve looked at the ground his hands rubbing together. His head down Steve's ears came more sensitive and he heard the sofa take the weight of a body lying back.

"Steve, sorry sir, but you must observe what is happening," Thomas asked, "otherwise the contract will be void."

Steve lifted his head and saw Georgia on the sofa nervously looking between the two men. Thomas happily moved over to Georgia and leant forward and slowly undid the dressing gown belt. He pulled the material apart and started to unbutton the pyjama top. He paused momentarily as she stiffened at the point where he exposed her breasts. They fell away evenly both sides of her chest. She was not a heavy girl, but her breasts weren't tiny either. Thomas put a hand on the exposed flesh and trailed a finger nail around the bud of her pink nipple. Involuntarily the nipple hardened and Georgia hated herself. Her thoughts were shattered when she felt Thomas's tongue flick across the bud. Once, twice and then a third time, satisfied he grazed the nipple with his teeth. He worked on both tits getting them erect and swollen, but no real response from Georgia yet.

Steve sat there mute watching this man they had only met 40 minutes ago, chewing on his wife's tits. She's not cheating. She's doing it for us for the future. A nagging shadow kept a constant distant state of discomfort on his reverie. 

"Pull them off," Thomas said indicating Georgia's bottoms. She hesitated. He re-iterated, "pull them off if you wish to fulfil the contract. If not then it is null and void and I will leave taking the monetary solution with me as well."

Georgia, her mind awash with revulsion and regret, hooked her thumbs around the elastic waist band and lowered the pants. Her pussy came in view very quickly trimmed into a triangle neatly, the curls moved slightly in the draught. The hair disappeared towards the crack of her arse. She brought her legs up to pull the last of the legs of the pants away from herself. 

Steve could see her lying there prone pyjama top open and bare from the waist down on show to this saviour. 

"Do you willingly consent to perform the following sexual act?" Thomas asked Georgia in a dead pan business tone,"please say yes or no. If you say yes I will continue. You say no I will pack up and leave with both the bespoke debt solution and the monetary debt solution. What do you say?"

Georgia's head spun, what does she say, does she invalidate 12 years of marriage for the sake of debt. Or does she say no and they lose everything they had built up over the last 12 years.

"Yes," her voice sounded hollow to her own ears. 

"Okay then, I will just call the office and we will put the money into a pending file. Once you are ready you can open the file to deposit the money into your account with the password I will supply you," explained Thomas. He made a phone call and nodded happy at the process and snapped the phone shut.

Happy Thomas, stripped off himself and Georgia couldn't help looking. He must be 40 she thought, and looks after himself as he still sports a six pack nothing ultra defined, but there. His biceps were large and his hands large. He turned to Steve and removed his last garment of clothing.

Steve closed his eyes but it was too late. Thomas, though flaccid, was still 6 inches long and had a good girth to him. Steve scrunched his eyes up and sucked through his teeth in despair. No, no, no his inner voice screamed. He'd also started to shake his head.

"Open your eyes," Thomas advised, "come on it is part of the contract that you watch. Class it as a business transaction and nothing more. My money for your financial indiscretions."

Once happy again Thomas turned and let Georgia see him and his manhood fully for the first time. He padded over and knelt at the foot of the sofa. He gently opened Georgia's legs and set them apart. He looked on her pussy vulnerable and open. He leant in gently and very lightly ran his tongue over the hood of her clit. Georgia automatically recoiled and tried to snap her legs together, but strong arms stopped them with a soft all but necessary pressure. He kneaded the inner thigh. They always resisted at first he thought to himself, she will come round, eventually.

He hooked his tongue on to her inner folds and flicked around, taking markers as to what she liked or didn't like. He could tell by how she would be betrayed by her unconscious reactions. As he went over her clit again her pubic mound pushed forward slightly proffering her pussy more. He worked on this area for 5 minutes teasing licking then pulling away and licking around her outer and inner lips. Licking at her piss hole, stiffening his tongue and stabbing at her pussy hole feeling the rough edge of her pussy walls. Then back again working on that clit, sucking it, nibbling and flicking over it. Each time she pushed her pussy further towards him.

Listening he could hear her breathing getting heavier, he had her and he knew that she knew that he had her now. He glanced down the last thought had awakened his manhood and he had become semi hard. He then glanced a look at Steve and he sat there hollow eyed, drawn at the bizarre spectacle in front of him.

He looked at Georgia's pussy and just the slightest of juice was starting to form on her pussy lips. He mouthed over her pussy hole and rammed his tongue in deep. He went in so far the thin bit of skin on the under side of his tongue was painfully drawn across his lower teeth. He flicked around oblivious of the discomfort. He sort out every wall of her, sucking and inhaling deeply through his nostrils. She was getting turned on now. He withdrew his tongue and gave a flick or two to her hood and finally it pulled back to reveal the tiny bud of sensitivity. He pushed backed her hood further between his thumb and forefinger and worked hard on the clit. 

He flicked across it rapidly, Georgia let out a moan which then faded into a sigh, her sexual scent became stronger as she started to juice up more. Thomas pulled the hood back further and then gently bit down onto her clit. His teeth grazed across back and forth, back and forth. Georgia's breathing became more laboured and quicker.

Steve could also tell that Georgia was starting to get turned on heavily by this persons ministrations. Please no, don't come, please Georgia don't come, please! He sat there slack jawed as Thomas continued to work on his wife.

Thomas was enjoying it now, she was responsive, he continued to work on the clit, pussy juice was now flowing quite freely where it collected or pooled in her folds he sort it out and greedily licked or sucked it up like some kind of nectar. She did taste good. He decided to see what state she was in so he pulled away his face and stopped all contact with her and silently waited. It took all of a millisecond before Georgia issued a disgruntled sigh.

"I have not finished with you yet," Thomas said. He got his right hand and put his fore finger and index finger together and pushed them into the now open gash of Georgia. His fingers slid easily into her, the rough edges of her pussy rubbed against him. Her natural suction not willing to release him. He pulled his hand back and started to massage her g-spot gently at first. He could feel it swelling at the attention. He started to apply more pressure dragging his manicured nails back across the sensitive spot. His hand started to pump in and out of her and after a minute or so her body betrayed her and her hips started to lift to meet his thrusts. Juice was running along his fingers and down over his hand.

Thomas bent down knowing it was not long now and whilst his fingers thrust in and out of her his tongue found her love bud again. He grazed on it chewing it, becoming rougher, he bit on it albeit gently. Between his teeth he sucked the clit into his mouth and flicked his tongue across the head.

Georgia meanwhile lay back and all thoughts of cheating and betrayl had long gone those upper functions removed by a base hunger one of being sated. She didn't really want to come off because of this guy, but he skilfully knew how to play her. She could feel her hips thrusting up to meet his hand movement. She could feel his fingers inside her, she could feel she was wet, very wet. Then his teeth rasping against her clit, it being sucked in, the pleasure was intense, then he flicked his tongue over it again and again.

She heard someone cry out and realised it was her voice. His fingers, his teeth and tongue pushed her to the brink, it went dark her peripheral vision closed in dark at the sides and deep inside her above her womb she felt a warmth, it built up, pressure, becoming molten and intense and searing pain that felt so good swiftly spread out across her abdomen eventually down every nerve ending to her pussy and into her clit the fire raged with an intensity that could only finish one way! An explosion of pure ecstasy spread out from her clit back along the nerve endings like a super nova.

Thomas had been working hard his forehead had a sheen of perspiration and concentration etched his face. He heard a strangled sob and then a scream. This was it and he re-doubled his efforts. Her hips were pistoning up and down her pussy smashed into his nose. His tongue and teeth worked on her clit and his fingers deep in her did their bit. She suddenly stopped and she orgasmed hard! Her body rigid taught bowed from her head on the sofa to her legs locked. His mouth still locked on her clit he felt a warm gush flow over his hand, his chin and neck. He pulled away to see and the biggest amount of female come oozed from the mouth of her pussy. He frantically dived into the heavenly ambrosia. She went back to bucking and contorting and freezing rigid whilst he prolonged her intense orgasm by thrusting his fingers in and out of her a bit longer.

He finally sat back and looked at his handiwork. There was white creamy essence all over her pussy and on the sofa. She had gone quiet again and only a glutteral moan emenated from the back of her throat now and again.

Steve who had just sat through the whole stage show just looked on shell shocked. Despite all his silent protestations she had come and she had come hard. Never had she come like that with him in all the 12 years of marriage and the 12 months of courting previous to that. His entire world had just been picked up and shaken like a snow globe.