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The Fantasy continued

is this real
The Fantasy Continued.

What had I started?

We fucked all week as she chatted about the imaginary guy we had met. I don’t know where she got the energy as she told me she had to work late 3 nights that week. She always seemed horny and turned on.

I ran her a bath when she called to say she would be home soon. She loved to soak in the tub and it was not long till she slipped her naked body into the bubbles.

I enjoyed picking up her dirty clothes to take them to the laundry basket her panties were always wet smelling of sex and sometimes had the smell of spunk on them. She said it was mine, from the night before.

She did not know but I was now beginning to love licking her panties and tasting my cum, it was it mine? Well of course it was as my wife would not lie.

She was a little later home this evening. I was in bed watching TV when she came in. She stripped naked then turned the TV off and jumped into bed.

She said, “I have a surprise for you.”

We kissed then she pushed my head between her legs. Yep she had defiantly been horny she was soaking wet, smelled of sex and I could taste my cum from the night before. It was running out of her, I loved it and licked the lot out of her. There seemed to be loads. It tasted just like the cum on her panties, that I secretly loved.

I loved her surprise. I now slipped my dick into her and she told me she was looking forward to tomorrow night? I was puzzled.

She said, “Did you forget? That other guy is coming round, the one with the big dick that stretched my pussy wide open. I am going to get fucked hard again. I am going to fuck him lots of times.”

I shot my load after about 2 minutes, all this talk made me so horny. I was shooting my load very quickly these days.

She now said, “Here is the surprise.”

I thought I had already had it by licking the cum out of her but she produced a strap on.

“Put it on and fuck me like a real man.” She yelled.

The strap on was about 9 inches and quite thick it was way bigger than my cock, way bigger. She helped me on with it; there was a hole in it where my limp dick slipped into it. Once it was on, I felt like, “He man” what a size of dick I now had.

I was surprised how easy it had slipped into her wet pussy. I fucked her till she squealed and orgasmed twice in a row, it lasted for about 30 minutes, needless to say I had shot my load inside this strap on.

We took it off and she made me clean my cum out of it. It tasted different but it must have been from the plastic material.

She got her vibrator out, as I watched her pussy, it was soaking wet; the vibrator was smaller than her strap on but had her moaning out loud.

She ordered me to, “Bend over.”

I bent over as she played with her vibrator then put it against my dick, my dick got hard. She moved it to my ass and I panicked.

She called out, “You are a wimp and if you don’t let me put this in your ass, your pathetic dick will never see my pussy again.”

I bent over and let her play with my ass; she put some baby oil on the vibrator, then my ass. It felt ok at the tip.

She spoke all about the guy that was coming round tomorrow night and how she enjoyed the blindfold and it was my turn to wear it.

All her talk was turning me on; I knew it was just a fantasy. I never even noticed the vibrator was in my ass by now. It felt really good. She pulled it out and in. This time when she pushed it in; it was sore and stretched my ass.

She was now wearing the strap on and this 9 inch beast was in my ass. It was uncomfortable at first but then it felt really great she kept hitting a spot that tickled, oh no! I was cumin without intercourse or wanking. I shot loads of cum. This was the best orgasm I had ever had. She pulled it out my ass and it was a little messy. I was left to clean it.

”You need to shower and shower your ass for tomorrow night.” She growled.

I could not wait. I wanked all day at work finished early and wanked in the house.

My wife also finished early and went for her bath and trimmed her pussy with her razor. She had 2 glasses with her one looked empty the other was full of wine.

I put her panties in the basket but they were not wet but I loved to smell them anyway.

She summoned me back and asked me, “Are you excited about tonight?”

”Yes” I replied, nervously.

She was playing with her pussy and demanded me to “Wank” in front of her as she wanted me to cum so I would last longer later on that night.

She instructed me, “Cum in the empty glass.”

I was puzzled but done it anyway.

She told me, “The guy that is coming round tonight is bi and he is shy so you need to wear the blindfold.”

I chuckled and got horny I could see how it was going to go. Her imaginary friend was going to fuck my ass just like last night a 9 inch dick.

She enquired, “Have you washed your ass?”

“Yes” I replied.

She blindfolded me and got me to kneel forward on the chair and stick my ass up in the air. Her phone went and she went to the door; she returned to the bedroom with her imaginary friend.

She said, “Look at my pathetic husband who cums in seconds, he now loves a good cock up his ass and he loves eating your cum from my pussy. I have watched him lick your cum from my wet panties after you have given me a good pounding.”

She was getting real good at this acting.

“I want you to fuck me real hard till I orgasm then I want you to fuck his ass, shoot your load up him then let him suck the last of your cum from your dick. He loves you’re cum.” I heard her say.

This got me rock hard. I now see why I wanked into the glass. I played along. My wife was lying on our bed slapping her own ass and moaning, she was teasing me now. It lasted for about 40 minutes.

She said, “I want you to fuck his ass now.”

She got behind me oiled up my ass and slipped the strap on in me, it felt great. It hit that spot and I shot my load. The big dick kept pumping me hard, it slipped out then put back in. I knew she was putting my cum from the glass on the strap on and sliding it back in my ass. She had now pulled her dick from my ass and now moved round to my mouth.

She said, “Open wide and suck the remaining cum from this guy’s dick, Can you taste your wife’s pussy from his big dick?”

I never answered her. I was too busy licking up the cum, it now tasted the same I knew it was mine from the glass. She walked to the door and came back and untied me.

She asked, “How did you like taking another guy’s cock up the ass, sucking his cock and eating his cum.”

I replied, “It was great, I loved it when you hit that spot with that strap on, it made me cum.”

She laughed.

I could feel the cum run out of my ass and was told to clean it up. Yea it tasted great but then again I loved my own cum. It was mine and it was just role play… wasn’t it?

She told me, “You are not wearing the blind fold next week.”

I could not wait. Being a swinger was great.

Fab Rab


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