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The Fantasy Got Better

It Continued
The Fantasy got better (continued)

She worked late all that week. I do not know where she gets the energy as I fucked her every night. I looked forward to licking my cum from her pussy and from her wet panties. They were wet every night and full of my cum. She told me next week was going to be her treat and no blindfolds were to be worn.

Our play night had finally arrived. I was told to have a wank, shower, wash my ass, get the strap on out and lay it next to the bed. I could not wait.

She was late but finally arrived home; she had company with her.

“This is Ann,” she said. “I work beside her. Is my bath run? She is staying over tonight.”

I shyly nodded and mumbled, “Hello.”

“Have you followed my instructions?” she enquired.

“Off course,” I replied.

“Ann is going to fuck you tonight after we get cleaned up and put a little show on for you,” She said.

I could not believe my luck. I was hard. Rock hard. She smelled great, was good looking, taller than my wife but had smaller tits, I could not wait to see what my wife had planned.

I passed by the bathroom to pick my wife’s clothes up and to get a smell of her panties. I was astounded to see two sets of clothes on the floor.

“Come on in, be a good boy and put all the dirty washing in the basket. Do you think Ann is pretty? Would you like to put your pathetic dick in her? Will you last longer than 10 seconds or will you need to use the strap on?” was the humiliating questions that got asked of me.

I walked in and was shocked but excited to see both of them were in the bath together. I could not take my eyes from Ann’s tits and glanced at her bush. My Bonner was sticking up and I could feel a wet patch in my briefs. I gathered up all the clothes and scuttled away to the laundry basket. My wife summoned me back.

She told me to look at both their panties and told me to show Ann what I did with her panties. I could not believe what she had just said but did as I was told. I had both panties in my hands.

Ann said, “Can you tell what ones are mine?”

I smelled both panties. They were both soaking wet both smelling of semen. One pair had a different fragrance. I held the little black ones out and she smiled.

“Lick them both clean,” I was told.

I was humiliated but could not resist tasting both panties. They both smelt great but different. They sort of tasted the same both had my cum taste on them. Ah! I knew why. My wife rubbed my cum from her panties onto Ann’s, yes that’s what has happened.

“Look how big a cuckold he is, he loves licking other men’s cum from my pants and yours,” I heard her say to Ann.

They both giggled. It must have been a work joke. I laughed along but did not get the joke, cuckold. I would get the last laugh.

I was due to erupt and it was going to be all over Ann’s panties as I took them to the laundry basket. I done just that and even tried her panties on. I cleaned my mess up but kept Ann’s knickers in my pocket for later, I then returned to the bedroom.

I watched their wet naked bodies, as they both walked towards the bed and lay down next to each other. They both kissed and began to caress each other. I moved closer to get a better look when Ann turned round to see my dick standing hard again.

She reached out and pulled me closer by my cock. She put it in her mouth. It felt great. She ran her tongue across my slit and sucked on the head of my swollen penis. She placed my hand on to her hairy pussy. I found her wet opening and finger fucked her.

I heard my wife’s voice from behind me saying to Ann, “You better let him enter you before it is too late.”

She lay back opened her legs wide and summoned me to enter her. I quickly slid my dick in her nice wet hairy pussy. A minute past, I had not cum. I was doing great. My dick was gliding in and out of her when I felt my ass getting penetrated with that big dick. It seemed to hit that spot again and I exploded and filled Ann’s pussy.

“He is useless. Get off her now and do your thing, clean her up. If you are a good boy and watch us fuck each other, Ann might let you stick your dick back in her,” my wife told me.

I went straight down on her, licked her out and cleaned her up. I was going to be a good boy and do as I was told because I wanted to fuck her again.

I watched them both for about an hour; take turns at licking each other’s breast, pussy and snog. They even took turns to use the strap on, on each other. How much longer did I have to wait till it was my turn? A little latter I was asked to join them. I wanted to fuck them both as I had never had two gals on the same night.

I asked my wife to open her legs wide so I could enter her. Her pussy juice was all over my shaft. I pulled out and proceeded to enter Ann; both their juice was now all over my dick. When I felt myself cum I pulled out and offered it to Ann’s mouth. She took my shaft and swallowed the lot.

I heard my wife say, “You are getting a brave boy, pity you could not satisfy us both. You cuckold.”

They both laughed at that stupid saying again.

I was made to lie on the floor next to the bed. I could not get to sleep as they both pleasured each other all night. I counted five orgasms’s each.

I pulled Ann’s panties from my pocket and had a little sniff of them, they smelled great and I wanked into them, picturing my cock in her wet hairy pussy. I came about three times then drifted into a deep sleep.

They were still going at it when the alarm went off. As I awoke I saw Ann fucking my wife with the strap on.

She shouted over, “Hey cuckold, get your ass opened wide, I want to fuck you.”

I really wanted to fuck Ann again but knew if she fucked my ass I would ejaculate and it would be all over. I would be all limp but may be there would be a next time.

I went over to the bed to get penetrated and bent over, stuck my ass in the air and waited. There was an aroma of sex in the room. The 9 inch dick slid right up my ass. I think it was well lubricated with mixed pussy juice. It was not long, say about less than a minute, till I shoot my load. Both the girls burst out laughing and both said cuckold at the same time.

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