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The Good Dr. Roberts.

Masterful Dr. Roberts teaches us to share.
It started when my wife Kate’s very best friend Sonia came round to see us to tell us that she and her partner Alan had been to see an ‘alternative’ sex therapist. Alan is not the most dynamic of men so I wasn’t amazed at the news and I knew that Sonia would not be able to resist giving Kate all the details later and that Kate would tell me. There was much innuendo and giggling from Sonia and repeated recommendations that we should go and see this Dr Roberts.

“Tony, it’s taken our sex life to a new level, “ she repeated.

Kate and Sonia are closer than sisters and share everything so it wasn’t long before Kate’s mischievous spirit, the thing I love most about her, had worked it’s magic on me and I found myself agreeing to see this guy. Within a week we had an appointment and Kate stayed tight-lipped about any details Sonia might have given her.

“It would spoil it for you”

The date came around and that Friday we went through the gate to an Edwardian house in North London, rang the bell and were greeted by Felicity who was studying in the front room of the house. Kate shyly said hello to her but it wasn’t until that evening that I found out the reason for her blushes. She spoke on the intercom to Dr Roberts and we were invited to follow her through two sets of doors to the back of the house where his consulting room lay. He was a tall, good-looking man a couple of years older than me at around thirty five and with an educated manner about him. We sat down in three comfortable chairs around a coffee table and he told us about himself and his beliefs and asked us about ourselves. Very general stuff at first but subtly and naturally he led us into areas of our relationship and ultimately, of course, our sexual life. Kate told him how we were busy people and too often were too wound up to really relax together and just cuddle and chat. We had a deep love for each other but sex itself was mostly in the bedroom under the covers just before turning out the light and going to sleep.

Eventually he asked us to go into a changing room and undress to our underwear and put on the robes that we would find there. We sat down again while he talked about massage techniques and ‘centring the emotions’. He asked us to come to the other side of the large, windowless room where there was a bench or table, I’m not sure how you would describe it. It was padded, with a towelling cover over it and had adjustable rests and supports. In its present configuration it was basically a flat table, the far end of which was slightly lower than the other and had two padded L-shaped supports below the higher end. At the far end were two grips rising vertically, like the ends of a bike’s handlebars. We removed our robes and he showed Kate how to mount the table with her knees on the L-shapes so that her shins and thighs were supported and she bent at the waist to lie along the flat top with her bottom a little higher than her head. He asked her to unfasten her bra and slip her arms out of the straps and began a light massage across her shoulders. He talked as he rubbed, explaining that when we are not relaxed our emotions and thoughts are scattered and need to be centred and concentrated. As he trailed his fingers across her back he was drawing both hands towards her spine to bring her attention to the centre line of her body. Gradually he moved down to the small of her back where her centre of gravity lay. He said this was the point in the body where the natural balance was, where ballerinas were lifted etc. and that Kate should bring all her thoughts and concentration to this point and really feel the circling motions of his fingertips. Kate went with it and relaxed totally while I looked on from beside her thigh. After a few minutes of soft talking and Kate’s sleepy replies he said he was going to move beyond her centre of gravity towards the centre of her being and she should follow his fingers with her thoughts to the base of her spine.

“ I’m going to slip my hand inside your knickers now and massage the base of your spine with my middle finger,” he said in a flat tone.

As he did so the thin material of her sensible knickers bulged a little and I could see the motions of his stiff finger rubbing her tailbone.

“ You see, Tony, how relaxed she is right now? You should practise this at home and try to bring all her thoughts into her knickers. Take it slowly and gently and then, keeping your middle finger nice and stiff, brush downwards like this along the top of her cleft taking care not to touch her anus. Do this a few times before gradually allowing your finger to descend between her cheeks and very lightly brush her bumhole with the full length of your finger as you pass as I’m doing now, letting the tip of your finger come to rest hovering a millimetre above her vagina. I can really feel the heat coming from her now.”

“ Kate, I’m going to pull down your knickers so that Tony can see where I’m touching and the effect it has on you.”

She didn’t respond and he eased them over her bum until I could see the base of his finger resting on her bum and the tip tantalisingly close to my wife’s moist opening. She had her first-ever waxing ten days ago and looked so bare and vulnerable my heart melted for her. She looked so ripe and gorgeous bent over like that.

“ Push your boxers down, Tony and let that erection have some freedom. Don’t be embarrassed, I’ll do the same.“

I wondered if he was going to ask me to enter her while he watched and commented and was unsure how I felt about that but I meekly did as I was told and he undid his trousers and pushed down his pants. Bloody hell! His prick was not much longer than mine but a good deal thicker and was standing up like a candlestick.

“Now Kate can imagine the scene of us standing behind her with erections that she has caused with her very lovely vulva. I must tell you Kate that any woman I have known, both professionally and privately, would be very envious of your plump, smooth contours and pert labia, not to mention the obvious swell of your clitoris. You’re a lucky man, Tony”

Kate murmured contentedly while I stood mesmerised. Was I really standing here with my cock out while a fully erect doctor eulogised my wife’s cunt?

“ Put your hand round your cock but don’t move it for the moment and watch what I do now”

“ I’m letting my finger relax so that it just touches between her labia and sliding it downwards to her clitoris. Don’t touch it directly, just nuzzle up alongside it like this and then move up and over it to the other side. Listen to her breathing- that’s your feedback as to her pleasure. As you know, Kate’s clitoris is quite pronounced when she is aroused and needs to be stimulated. Try moving your finger like I’m doing for a while before slipping back to her vagina and circling the tip around the edge. Make her wait. 

Did you see the way she involuntarily raised her bottom just then? We call that the ‘ offering ‘ motion. Your wife is offering her vagina to my finger. Tease her a little more like this before slipping your finger all the way in till she can feel your fist against her bum”

Kate moaned and shifted a little as he drew his finger in and out in a slow rhythm before adding a second one and increasing his speed.

“ Look how much wetness she is producing. If she were lying on her back these juices would run down between her buttocks and lubricate her anus as Nature intended but in this position I will have to give Nature a helping hand.”

So saying he withdrew his fingers and rubbed her juices all around her bumhole, finally coming to the very centre, where he used just his middle finger to massage them well in. Another little lift of her bum. Now she was offering her little puckered opening to his insistent finger and after a litle tickling with his fingernail and more moans and lifts from Kate he inserted it slowly and gently, talking all the while about her really experiencing the unacustomed feeling. He knew somehow that we had never done this together. I had wanted to but vaguely feared that she would object. Clearly I was wrong.

After some minutes of internal massage he leaned forward and said softly,

“ I think you could easily take a second finger. Do you think so too?”

By way of reply she raised her bum to new heights, thrusting it back at the same time. He withdrew his middle finger until the top joint was visible and pressed his index finger close up beneath it and began to nose his way back in. Kate held her breath and gripped the handles as he stretched her. When the knuckles were just inside he twisted his fingers back and forth, stretching her evenly in all directions while two fingers of his left hand toyed mercilessly with her clitoris. She was beside herself now, low noises coming from the back of her throat. Just when it seemed that she might start to come from this thrilling new sensation he withdrew his fingers and laid the fat tip of his penis across the entrance to her glistening vagina.

“ Tony, let go of your prick and hold mine. No, a little further up. Feel the thickness. Now, move the tip of it over and all around her entrance, tease her with it. Yes, that’s good.” Kate was whimpering now and willing me on. “ Now increase the pressure and press against her wetness until it surrenders and takes me in. Ooh yes, that’s the special moment of complete possession.” Kate took a sharp inward breath followed by a long, slow exhalation of complete surrender. She was letting herself go limp to allow the doctor to take what he wanted.

“Look at my helmet disappearing inside your wife and keep this image in your mind. You can describe it to Kate tonight to heighten her excitement and you can recall it when you’re masturbating. OK, take your hand away, I want to plunge deep and cover my shaft with those juices.”

To Kate’s gasping delight he gave her the full length and withdrew almost all the way, paused, hovered and took her again. He got me to close my hand around his prick again and slide it up close to Kate’s cunt so that he was fucking her through my hand then he withdrew til the end of his prick was resting on my thumb and told me to feel every contour as he pushed through my fingers.

“When you feel only the smoothness of the shaft you’ll know that I’m entering her and that she’ll be feeling the ridge of my helmet against her opening. Now, remove your hand so I can give her what she wants”

“ Raise yourself on to your elbows and let your breasts hang free. Now keep hold of the grips and I’ll make those tits swing like church bells.”

His language was less clinical now and had an edge of lust to it. He put his hands on her hips and began to really give to her, not fast but deep and hard. She squirmed on his prick and bent back her head and thrust her chest out so that her nipples brushed the couch as her tits swung wildly. Now he started to talk to her.

“ Come on Kate really give me your cunt, Tony wants to see you come on my prick, don’t you Tony?

“ Yes I do, come for him sweetheart, come on his prick.”

I couldn’t help it, this man had built the situation up very cleverly. It hadn’t escaped my notice that whenever he was doing the most intimate things to Kate he switched from using her name to calling her ‘ your wife ‘. He had tapped in to the essence of a man’s natural possessiveness and turned the jealousy and anger into sexual tension which needed relief, which he was denying me, knowing , as I later found out, that my libido would go through the roof and I would hit new heights with Kate to make her mine again.

He was doing it faster now and her sweet dark pink lips were made to cling tightly to his shaft each time he withdrew, encircling his girth and being pulled out in a deliciously feminine pout before rolling inwards and disappearing inside her when he sank deep into her. Since her waxing I had been so enchanted by her baby- smooth vulva that I wanted to nuzzle and kiss it, lick it and taste it before we made love. I had been so close to it that I hadn’t ever seen her in all her glory like this and now I could see everything. Her bum was open and her clitoris was being gently massaged by the movement of her lips moving the little hood back and forth over it and by his balls touching it right at the end of each long stroke.

They were both in a world apart from mine and I could only watch as he brought her closer and closer to what she longed for. His head was erect and his nostrils flared and he gritted his teeth, trying to hold on till she came and gripping her hips tightly. Slowly Kate dropped her head and cried out in a whimpering groan as her pent-up lust was released on to his rampant cock. She came and she came all over him, juices flowing and bum cheeks quivering, on and on like she would never stop. He was moaning and cursing as he rode her to the finish, losing hope that he could hold back and then with a long heartfelt sigh she slumped and he pulled out in a rush and said sharply to me:

“ Tony, QUICKLY, toss me off over her bum”

Before I knew that I was going to do it I was doing it. I forced his erection down to the horizontal and wanked him furiously, pointing his angry, swollen tip to the crack of her bum cheeks. Within seconds he let out a low growling yelp and he spurted and gushed a silver torrent of semen on her upturned bum and I moved him side to side to cover her cheeks with a burning, splashing cascade. I kept going, determined to milk the last pearl of cum from his fat invader. At length his chin dropped to his chest and his hands fell from her hips to the edge of the couch to support himself. He was spent and though it felt like revenge on him to make him come like that, it was, of course, nothing of the kind. He had had both of us at once. He had known exactly what he was doing and Kate and I have been the richer for it ever since.

Dr Roberts opened his eyes and said to me, his diminishing cock hanging thickly between Kate’s thighs, “Tony, there are two towels just there. Hand me one please and use the other to dry her. My semen is running towards her vagina and we don’t want any accidents.” I looked down and there was a rivulet of cum coursing between her ckeeks like white lava, checked momentarily by her reddened, pouting bumhole which was yet to close fully after the attentions it had received from him. I stemmed the flow with the towel and cleaned and dried her lovely bum and the small of her back and even a couple of glistening flecks in her hair.

“ Look at her now, Tony. This is what you should always aim to see after you have made love togeher. A well-fingered anus and a thoroughly fucked vagina. Her clitoris needs more but I’m sure you will take care of that when you get home. But before that, Kate, make sure you give your man the relief he deserves, he’s been magnificent this afternoon, as have you both. So good that I’m going to offer a second appointment free of charge. Talk it over at home and ring Felicity.”

“Ok, pull up her knickers for me and get dressed. Felicity will let you out and would you ask her to give me a few minutes to write up my notes and then come on through.”

I picked up my robe and handed the other to Kate who put it on with back turned like she was shy to let him see her tits ! She scooped up her discarded bra and stuffed it in the pocket and turned to follow me.

As Kate padded barefoot past him he touched her arm and told her how he hoped she would take something valuable from this afternoon’s session. Kate looked demurely down at the carpet then raised her eyes to his and said,

“Yes. . . Thank you, doctor.

We dressed in loving silence but in two contrasting moods. She was serene and langorous while I was trembling and eager to leave, due in no small part to the untamed madman in my pants. We passed on Dr Roberts’ message to Felicity and she blushed and thanked us. I speculated on how often she was asked to ‘come on through’ and imagined her ten minutes from now minus her knickers and sprawled over his table. I saw from her textbooks that she was studying sex therapy and would probably be getting extra tuiton tonight. If I had known then what Kate told me later I would have been certain of it.

On the bus home we sat up front on the top deck, Kate hugging my arm and watching the world go by. After a while Kate asked tentatively what I thought about a second apointment and I told her that I didn’t think I could look him in the eye after what he had me doing back there. We fell silent for a bit and Kate laid her head on my shoulder and then said quietly,

“What would you say to me making an appointment to see him alone?”

I wasn’t expecting that! Was she teasing? I decided to treat it as a joke and said it was ok by me so long as I could go and see Sonia and tell her all about our afternoon and compare notes. Kate lifted her head a little and peered up at me and after a pause said,

“You drive a hard bargain, darling ! I know what she is like and why she went to see Dr Roberts in the first place. Her session was nothing like ours and she wouldn’t be content with just a description if I know our Sonia but ..well… I suppose a fair exchange is no robbery so ok, is it a deal?”

I searched her face for signs of mischief but no, she was actually serious! The situation in my trousers was becoming serious too. I didn’t want to pursue this topic on public transport so I laid my cheek on her hair and held her close. We got off the bus at the end of our road and walked dreamily to our front door. Kate had her keys ready and turned the lock but I stopped her going in with a kiss on her soft mouth and told her how much I loved her. She smiled sweetly and went in. I followed and as I turned to close the door she came up behind me and hugged me tightly, running the flat of her hand over my chest and down to the front of my trousers.

“Come upstairs and show me just how much you love me……………. all over my tits.”

Copyright tezza3 2010 be continued…………


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