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The Grimoire - Part 6 - Jennie

Contributing Authors: JefferyB 

Agnes and John get royally entertained in a British swingers group.

“Now this is an interesting character.”

“Who’s an interesting character, John?”

“The Prince of Wales, the one who became King Edward VII.”

Agnes, my wife, lover, and witch smirked, “Yes he was. He threw some wild parties before he became king.”

“What kind of parties?”

“Well Bertie, as he was known, was just an oversexed young man. He would fuck any woman he could get his hands on. However, he had a penchant for married women. I think that was because it just made his mother the Queen go into a rage when the rumors got back to her. I also think it made him feel superior to the husbands who were mainly aristocrats and who usually were indifferent to their wives. Would you like to meet him?”

“Could we do that?”

Agnes beamed at me. “Sure. He really liked me when I visited him with your uncle Darcy, and now that I’m married he might like me even more,” she chuckled. “Not to mention that he usually has some of the sexiest women around at his parties so I’m sure you would surely enjoy that as would I.”

“That would be fun, I think. Can you arrange it?”

“Of course, my darling. When do you want to go?”

“All things in good time. Come here I want you now. Others will have to wait.”

She undulated to my chair and sat on my lap. I cupped her panty-clad ass in my hand and took her delicious breast between my lips. Sucking on her hard nipple had her moaning in seconds. When I ran my finger through her cleft, she lost it and dragged me to the bedroom for another epic session of lovemaking.

“Oh, John. I want you to know that you are the most delicious of lovers. I’ve never been as happy as when you came into my life. I’m so glad that Darcy chose you to inherit the grimoire. Since those days when I was almost burnt at the stake in Salem I’ve lived long years of salacious experiences, however, I despaired of finding a soulmate such as you. You fulfill my every desire both sexual as well as spiritual.”

“Enough prattling you adorable little witch. Wife of mine, start making arrangements to go. It’s time we have another adventure,” I said with a smart smack on her tight tush.




“Why The Savoy hotel, Agnes? From what I understand we are invited to a three-day affair by the Prince, so what use are these rooms going to be?”

“These are different times, John. We can’t just arrive at his doorstep. We need to have a respectable address. Oh, and by the way, the correct form of address is not Prince but your Highness or your Royal Highness unless he tells you to address him otherwise. Now go get showered and changed. He is sending a coach to pick us up two hours from now.”

"Uh… what shall I wear?”

“I altered your tux to be more in style with what’s being worn here and now. You will also find your cane and homburg laid out on the bed. Now go!”

Freshly bathed and shaved I stepped out of the bathroom to find Agnes putting on her finery for the evening. Black silk thigh high stockings supported by a black lace garter belt and the tiniest of black silk panties. She wore a matching black corset that constricted her abdomen making her slim waist even slimmer and served to change her posture so that her behind was even more rounded and seemed to be presented more fully. Her nipples almost peeped out over the top of the corset and beckoned to my hands.

As I stepped forward to handle that exquisitely presented merchandise with my cock at full extension like a lance ready to do battle, she shooed me away.

“Not now Romeo. Just get dressed and keep your lascivious intent under control. I am sure that you will have ample opportunity to sheaf your weapon later tonight. Get dressed!”

She donned a blue taffeta dress and looked positively regal. I noticed that the back of the dress plunged down exposing a good portion of her back and that her arms were bare.

I donned my clothes, and she came over to adjust my tie. Leaning toward me she gave me the lightest of kisses on the lips.

“Go get them, tiger,” she smiled at me. Her perfume was intoxicating and glancing down the swell of her breasts got an instantaneous reaction from my cock.

The carriage was waiting for us when we got to the lobby, and we climbed aboard. I asked the footman where we were headed.

“Marlborough House, Sir John,” he answered closing the door behind me.

“Sir John?”

“Yes, Sir John,” answered Agnes. “And here are some calling cards to present to the butler so he can announce us. Remember you are in the presence of the future king of England. He does not cavort with the hoi polloi.”

“Pretty snooty guy is he?”

“Well, you have to remember Queen Victoria is his mother and she is seldom amused, especially by his antics. That must, of course, have an effect on him. However, deep down he is a sweetheart.”

“Ah! Here we are Marlborough House.”

“House? That’s a fucking palace. My god, there must be over 100 rooms to the place.”

“Sshh… behave, and remember at supper always use the outermost implement to eat the course you are served with.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Just in case you get confused by the cutlery, love, and no elbows on the table,” she giggled at me.

A footman ran to open the door, and we stepped out. Two other footmen ran out and picked up a traveling trunk that had been strapped to the rear of the carriage unnoticed by me.

“What’s all that?” I asked Agnes.

“Well, we are here for three days so it is the clothes we will need while we’re here.”

“My god all of that for three days?”

“Yes dear. We will need to change often. There are your hunting clothes, your morning clothes, and so forth as well as the six or seven outfits I will need.”

“What the hell have I let myself into?”

“John, don’t worry I am sure you will enjoy yourself.”

We had gotten to the top of a flight of steps leading to the front door when a man greeted us with a broad smile.

“Lady Agnes, what a pleasure to see you again.”

“Richards, the pleasure is mine. How have you been?”

“So kind of you to ask, my Lady. Well, thank you.”

“Good morning Sir. I’m Richards, major-domo to his Highness. Who shall I announce?”

I handed him one of the cards Agnes had given me.

“Ah! Sir John and Lady Agnes. Well, may I congratulate you both? I had not heard that you were wed. Please follow me, everybody is assembled in the sitting room.”

We were ushered by Richards into an opulent room where a group of people were engaged in conversation. At the door, Richards announced us to the gathered audience as Sir John and Lady Agnes.

A slim, curly-haired young man came forward with a broad smile on his face. “Agnes, my darling, I see you are as beautiful as ever.”

Agnes made a courtesy during which much to my amusement his eyes plunged down her décolletage, and he visibly licked his lips.

“Your Highness is too kind,” she smiled at him. “May I introduce my husband, Sir John?”

As he turned towards me, I bowed. He strode towards me and extended his hand. “So you are the winner of the prize. May I congratulate both of you as you make a very handsome couple?”

I replied, “Thank you, your Highness.”

“No, no not your Highness. Please call me Bertie, we are here almost as friends. Come let me introduce you to the rest of the party.”

“Lords and Ladies please welcome some of my loyal friends from America, Sir John and Lady Agnes, who will be joining us for the weekend.” He proceeded to introduce us to a bevy of beauties and some men who under my bedazzled eyes passed almost unnoticed.

“We have here Lady Susan the widow of Lord Van-Tempest,” he indicated a slim young blond girl with sparkling blue eyes.

“Lady Warwick, known to us all as Daisy, and one of the most celebrated hostesses in all of England.”

Daisy was a buxom peaches and cream woman with glistening black eyes and a bouffant hairdo. She seemed to be deliciously rounded in all the right places.

“Daisy’s sister, Lady Sybil,” he said indicating a slender brunette with a thin face and haunting eyes.

“And last but by far not the least Lady Randolph who we call Jennie.”

My eyes were dazzled by this raven-haired beauty. She was noticeably taller than the other women and had a magnificent set of tits threatening to spill out from her corsage.

Of the introduction to the gentlemen, not much remains as my fertile imagination was occupied with the possibilities and opportunities that might be provided to me over the weekend.

We milled around making small talk and drinking champagne. However, my gaze kept returning to Jennie. Every few minutes our eyes would meet and she would smile at me, and I distinctly saw her tongue licking her upper lip as she surveyed me from head to foot. I felt her flirtation affect me and tried to control my cock’s urge to spring at attention.

“Your Highness dinner is served,” intoned Richards from the doorway.

Bertie turned to me and said, “John, why don’t you escort Jennie while I have the pleasure of your charming wife’s company. Is that acceptable to you?”

"Nobless oblige," so I replied. “Most certainly Bertie, I would be delighted."

Agnes caught my eye and gave me a smile and a wink. Her lips mouthed, “I love you, have fun.”

Jennie took my arm, and we entered the dining room. Her firm breast pressed against my arm and she smiled at me with her piercing eyes.

Bertie and Agnes sat next to each other and Jennie then I sat beside them after we had helped the ladies sit.

“Where do you live in America?” Jennie asked me.

I replied we resided just outside Boston.

“Almost neighbors,” she said.

When I looked at her quizzically, she told me she had been born and raised in Brooklyn.

I had a terrible time to keep my eyes off her breasts, and she leaned towards me and whispered, “Well, do you like them?”

I turned crimson and stuttered, “Magnificent.”

“Thank you, kind Sir, maybe later you will be able to do more than ogle if you are a good boy. I see Bertie is equally fascinated by your wife’s breasts. He is a very naughty lad you know. I understand they have met before, is that correct?”

“Yes, a few years ago when she was the mistress of my Uncle Darcy they enjoyed his hospitality.”

“Knowing Bertie I am sure Agnes enjoyed more than his hospitality. So she went from being your Uncle's Mistress to being your wife. That must be quite a story.”

A footman appeared between us and laid plates of food before us. ‘Saved by the bell,’ I thought.

I looked down and saw the bewildering array of knives forks spoons and glasses.

Jennie, seeing my face whispered, “Outside one first,” with a mischievous glint in her eye.

We started eating while indulging in idle chit-chat when suddenly I felt her leg press against mine under the table followed by her foot toying with my thigh. From that point o,n between fighting my urge to take her right then and there and trying to control my incipient hardon, I had no consciousness of what was served.

At long last, the meal was over, and Bertie suggested the men retire to the saloon for cigars and port while the ladies go and freshen up.




“So what do you think, John? I believe that Jennie has made an impression on you.”

“Bertie, she is a stunning woman.”

He chuckled, “I surely know. The poor girl had to be saddled with that husband of hers. He is impotent because he contracted syphilis and Jennie won’t let him get near her. His loss, I say, our gain. She is a veritable sexual tiger.”

Cigars lit, and port served Richards entered the saloon and approached Bertie to whisper something to him.

“Bring them in, Richards,” Bertie exclaimed.

Richards went back to the door and led five young women into the room.

“Gentlemen, here are the appetizers to whet our appetites for the main event and to serve as assistants to yourselves and the ladies between bouts as needed.”

Richards led a stunning little redhead to Bertie. “Highness this is Shelagh, our new girl, who I am sure will delight you.”

“Sir John, this is Sunita, who will be happy to serve you in every possible way she can.”

A dark-skinned girl came to stand next to my chair. My eyes were mesmerized by these visions of beauty. They all wore thigh-length stockings and translucent panties and corselets which did more to reveal their tits than to conceal them. For all intent, they could have been naked.

Bertie drew my attention to the freckled redhead now standing in front of him as he looked her over from head to foot. “Richards, has Shelagh been trained?”

“Yes, I did so personally and assure your Highness that she is marvelously suited to her duties.”

“Richards, you are a rascal. I think that is your principal inducement for working for me.”

Richards blushed and a smile formed on his lips. “I don’t deny Highness that it is a very pleasant prerogative of my position.”

“Now Shelagh did you enjoy your training sessions with Mr. Richards?”

“Uuuh… yes, your Highness.”

“Come stand in front of me. Take off that corselet and show me your teats.”

She reached behind her and removed the garment to reveal two delicious freckled half melons capped by twin pink cherry sized nipples. Bertie reached out and toyed with them while the girl turned crimson at being played with in public that way.

“Take off your undergarment, girl.”

“Here in front of everybody, Highness?”

“Yes. Don’t be bashful. I’m sure all these gentlemen will look at some point this weekend want to explore your charms.”

Shelagh dutifully lowered the silk panties and exposed a delightful freckled body to the assembled men. Bertie’s hands explored her nether lips and inserted a finger deep into her quim which elicited a moan from her.

“Spread your legs for me, dear,” he commanded. He proceeded to cup her delightful puffy lipped twat, and his finger reached back and explored her anal pucker while she squirmed.

“Well, Shelagh, you are deliciously warm and wet, and I am anxious to roger both your holes later on. Richards, well-chosen, my man. I am delighted with her.”

“John, I see Sunita is to be your personal attendant tonight. Is she to your liking?”

I examined the young girl standing next to me, and her golden brown body was exquisite.

“Yes, Bertie she is beautiful.”

“Sunita, display your charms to Sir John.”

The young woman removed corselet and panties with a smile on her lips and stood in front of me with spread legs and a mischievous smile on her lips.

“Feed him your breast, dear girl. Let him taste you.”

Sunita lowered her chest towards me and grasping her pear-shaped breast presented it to my mouth. I gobbled it up and licked all around her dusky nipple. She moved forward and straddled my lap. I could feel her heat right through my trousers, and my cock responded joyously to her friction. Her mouth closed in on mine, and I felt her tongue part my lips and lave my mouth. She had an amazing tongue, and I teased her nipples as we kissed.

Bertie broke through my lust before I disgraced myself by coming in my trousers. “Girls that’s enough. Go now and get your mistresses ready. Let them know we will be joining them in about fifteen minutes.”

I saw the girls disengage themselves from their partners and file out of the room accompanied by Richards.

“I saw you enjoy that, John. I did not want Jennie to be disappointed by your performance. You seemed on the verge of ejaculating. Sunita is extraordinary and also a favorite of Jennie's. You both will find many uses for her tonight.”

“Where do you find them? They are beautiful and seem to be delighted to please.”

“Usually by word of mouth, John. Richards gets girls applying every day. His challenge is choosing the best ones. The girls know what they are applying for and also know the advantages they can get from having been here. Many of them go on after a few years to being the mistress of wealthy people they meet here or to careers on the stage. They get paid a generous stipend during their stay, and at worst can save enough after the one or two years they work here to pursue their lives whatever they be.

“Bertie, I am so surprised. I was under the impression that England was very sexually repressed at this time in history.”

“Well my mother, Victoria, would certainly want that. She keeps saying her famous phrase ‘We are not amused,’ especially when it concerns me. However, she is indeed enjoying herself unbeknownst to all. The Queen is regularly being rogered by her Scotsman, John Brown, one of her ghillies at Balmoral.”

“Really! One would not suspect especially after what we consider inanities on our side of the ocean, such as calling legs limbs and other ideas of the sort.”

“John, I refuse to do things like that. Limbs belong on trees. Legs belong to people and are made to be admired. Just in passing dear chap Agnes has marvelous legs. I do hope you understand I will be between them at some point tonight?”

“Yes, Bertie, I do. She is looking forward to it. I realized when we wed that her nature is similar to mine. We can’t deny our urges, can we?”

“Capital! I think Jennie is lusting for you as well as are the other ladies. You will enjoy your deserts. I just hope you have the endurance or they will all be disconsolate. All of us around this table enjoy pegging married twats and arses, and the ladies all enjoy the thrill of a different cock from time to time. Gentlemen, our desert awaits us. Shall we join the ladies?”




He led the way to a large softly lit room. The room was lined with large divans, and there was an assortment of large pillows on the carpeting and mirrors lined the walls. The lights from hundreds of candles diffused a warm glow and reflected from the mirrors to bath each divan in a soft romantic light.

A door opened at the far end, and the ladies made their entrance. Gone were the gowns and fancy hairdos. Each was wearing a translucent shift and apparently nothing but hose underneath. As they approached, I was delighted to observe the swell of their breasts with nipples poking forward and tenting the material into delightful peaks.

Jennie made a beeline for me. She arrived taking my hand and leading me to one of the divans, stood in front of me, and made a pirouette. Being closer, I could see her pussy behind its curtain of silk and her wonderfully rounded behind.

She came to sit next to me. Jennie wrapped her arms around me and kissed me lasciviously. “Like what you see, John?”

“Oh yes, Jennie. I want to see, touch, and explore all of that voluptuous flesh.”

“Well, feel free. It’s at your full disposal.”

I moved my hand to one of her full breasts and mauled her flesh in my hand.

She sighed in pleasure, giving me another loving hot kiss. Jennie whispered, “John, you are overdressed for the occasion. May I be so bold as to uncover your hidden treasures.”

Her dainty manicured fingers started to pluck at the buttons of my shirt. I felt another set of hands working the buttons of my trousers and saw Sunita kneeling in front of me busily at work. She was dressed, or rather undressed, in the costume, I had seen her in previously.

Stripped bare I sat there while Jennie gazed enthusiastically at my fully erect member. “John, that’s magnificent. I can see that Agnes was not exaggerating when she described it to us earlier."

Reddening slightly at the thought of my darling having described me to the ladies, I turned to Jennie and removed her garment off of her shoulders to reveal a magnificent set of tits. Slightly drooping and capped by large luscious nipples sitting in the center of crinkled pink areolae. My mouth descended on them like a starved infant ready to breastfeed.

My mouth circled those meaty globules as I ran my tongue in circles before sucking one in my mouth while gently pinching the other. Jennie’s head fell back as she arched to press her breast against me. I could hear her emit a soft purring sound as I toyed with each in turn.

Her hand circled my cock, and she stroked it softly as I feasted on her breasts. Tit for tat ran through my mind, and I reached under her garment and sought her pussy. To my surprise, it encountered a completely smooth and hairless set of wet fleshy pussy lips.

“You seem surprised, John?” she simpered at me.

“Well yes. I did not expect you to be shaven down there.”

“Agnes told us that you liked bare pussy, so after supper, we all depilated to please you.”

Lying back, she uncovered from the remaining vestige of modesty and spread her thighs open to show me the results.

My hands, with a mind of their own, reached out to play with her fleshy pussy lips. My god, she was dripping wet and looked so tasty. I pinched the meaty lips and rubbed them against each other causing her to moan. Her clit immediately popped its head from between her folds and stood out for my inspection. It was fat and long, and I lightly tugged on it provoking another outburst of moans.

“John, please stop. There is something I want to do first. Just lay back and extend your legs over the edge of the divan.”

I acceded to her request, and she slithered off and knelt between my thighs. She spread them apart and took my cock and placed it between her breasts and squeezed them around it. My cock was leaking precum copiously as she started rubbing her titties up and down on it. She called Sunita to her and had her mouth the glans of my cock and drip saliva to lubricate it even more.

“Does he taste as good as he looks, Sunita?”

“Oh yes indeed he does. Would you like a sample, my lady?” she answered.

“Yes, dear girl.”

Sunita brought her wet mouth up to Jennie, and I saw her transfer some of my drippings into Jennie’s mouth as they exchanged spit.

“I think I should go directly to the source,” giggled Jennie as she released my cock from her breasts and started licking the length of my shaft with long strokes of her tongue.

She pushed my body back so I was laying down and her mouth slid down over my cock enfolding it in her wet orifice. Her head bobbed up and down as she slowly fed herself more and more of me into her mouth. Simultaneously I could feel a mouth sucking at my testicles and occasionally rimming my anus.

Gradually I was sinking deeper and deeper into Jennie’s mouth, and soon she was milking my cock with her throat. I could feel myself throb, and inevitably my glans was nestled deep into her. She came up for air and immediately plunged back down on me.

“I’m cumming, Jennie,” I gasped.

“Uhmmm,” she answered as I shot stream after stream of thick cum down her throat.

She lifted her face, smiled at me, and brought her mouth to Sunita’s, where they shared my cum in a lascivious exchange of kisses.

My longer rigid member flopped on my stomach till Sunita climbed on the divan and proceeded to slide her lips over it. She tongued and mouthed it back to its previous state while Jennie sat next to me and kissed me.

“John, Agnes did not exaggerate when she told us you tasted… her term was yummy.”

I smiled at her and pushed her till she lay flat on her back. I placed myself between her shapely legs and fluttered kisses and licks along her inner thighs. I could feel her shiver as I teased her higher and higher towards the ‘V’ of her crotch. When I reached her thick pussy lips, she started lifting her ass more and more towards my face longing for a more intense contact.

I pulled back and said, “Relax and let me play with you for now.”

“John, this is incredible. No one has ever done this to me before except another woman. It is such a different sensation when you do it.”

“Just lie back and enjoy. You are so delicious I need to eat you up.”

With that, I spread her thighs and pushed her legs back towards her tits. My tongue got back to work on the outside of her fleshy nether lips, licking upward on either side. I instructed Sunita to kiss and lick her nipples and then used my fingers to expose her pink inner flesh. I probed her with my tongue as her whole body quivered at my touch.

I pushed on the back of her legs, and her ass raised off the divan and exposed her pink anal star to my view. I flicked my tongue at it. I could see it was as if a jolt of electricity shot through her body. She brought her hands to her ass cheeks and spread herself wide for me. I licked around the proffered opening which pulsed in front of me. Thrusting my tongue forward, it slipped right into her ass. She moaned loudly and pushed herself towards my face.

Lubricating my fingers with the copious juices from her pussy, I slid two fingers deep into her tight asshole and frigged it while my tongue returned to lap at the bountiful juices now glistening in her pussy.

That tempting clit was now fully unsheathed, and I could not resist from sucking into my mouth. My fingers replaced my tongue while I mouthed Jennie’s clit. I let them seek her spongy g-spot which I massaged relentlessly as I sucked her. Jennie writhed and moaned while flooding my face with her cum as she went into an orgasm which seemed as if it would never end. She finally let her legs collapse and lay flat on her back panting with a sheen of sweat coating her body.

I lay down next to her as Sunita rose and went to fetch us refreshments.

“Did you enjoy that?” I asked.

“John, it was incredible. I never felt possessed by a man as much as I did in your embrace. Agnes is a lucky woman. Our men are not particularly good lovers with their wives. I think that is why we seek our pleasure with other women’s husbands. We are on a continual quest for satisfaction. I think this is my first orgasm in at least the last six months.”

“Jennie, it was a joy to pleasure you and I hope you give me the opportunity to do so often this weekend.”

“Oh, I’m sure you will as tonight I am going to be sharing your bed. I don’t think I will give you much rest. However, the rest of the ladies are going to want their turns with you. They all were casting their eyes at us, and I’m sure they will want to be serviced by you.”

“Really? All of them?”

“Oh yes, all of them! Susan of the soft full lips will want to play your flute and demonstrate her amazing oral skills. Daisy whose full soft derriere will be offered to you to as she prostrates herself for your pleasure and Sybil whose amazingly tight cunny will milk every drop of essence from that amazing cock of yours. Each one of them will be yours for one day. That does not preclude you from having seconds or thirds with any of us at any time.”

“And what is your specialty, Jennie?” I asked.

“Well, being American, I am an all-around girl. I adore it all, and you can have all my holes as you wish.”

Sunita returned with flutes of champagne and warm wet towels and proceeded to wipe down our bodies paying particular attention to cleaning our private parts as we recuperated.

“Tell me, Jennie, I noticed that you enjoy Sunita’s ministrations.”

“If that is a veiled question, John, yes we are also all of us lovers of Sapphic delights. Sunita and the other girl's minister to our needs when our husbands are otherwise occupied. Look over there. The new girl, Shelagh, seems to be enthusiastically eating your Agnes’ delicate pussy and cleaning it with her tongue. You should really sample Sunita. She tastes divine and feels lovely. Her juices taste both sweet and spicy at the same time.”

During our chat, Jennie had been stroking my cock and now asked Sunita to get me ready. I felt Sunita’s mouth engulf my member as Jennie stroked it and fondled my balls. My hand diddled Jennie’s pussy, and I sensed her rising excitement.

“Enough chit-chat, Jennie! I want to sink myself into that luscious kitty of yours.”

“Mmm! Please, I have waited for this moment since supper.”

I placed Jennie on her knees with her head down on a pillow. I instructed Sunita to lay under her so that she was offering Jennie her pussy and could titillate her pussy as I was fucking her.

“Oh the very best of both worlds,” tittered Jennie. “John you have such an imagination, I wish you were here longer than this short trip.”

“Jennie, I am sure Agnes and I will be back often now that I have sampled the delights of England.”

Kneeling behind her I stroked my rampant cock between her well fleshed pussy lips and rubbed the tip of her protruding clit. I could feel her juices coating my cock while Sunita positioned below was laving it with broad swipes of her soft tongue.

Sunita parted Jennie’s nether lips and taking my cock in hand positioned it, so my glans was between the succulent heat of Jennie’s lips and then massaged both lips around my glans. It was intensely erotic to feel those slick lips rubbing around it.

“Please, John! I want to feel you skewer me deep and hard. Please don’t make me wait. Fuck me now,” Jennie pleaded.

I thrust forward and buried myself between her velvety folds and was rewarded by her heat and moisture enveloping me in her tight sheath. She was pushing her body back against mine frantically, and with each of my thrusts, I was forcing her into Sunita’s pussy.

I gripped her ass cheeks and parted them to reveal her tender anal pucker. Using my fingers, I pried it open and drooled some saliva onto it to lubricate it. Keeping my thrusts steadily I tickled that adorable opening and saw it gape as if to invite my finger to explore its depths. My finger slid into her ass and slipped into its warm depths as it wriggled around in her bum I felt her sheathtighten on my cock.

Both women were now moaning as they lapped at each other’s pussies. I could feel Sunita’s tongue working in concert with mine as I sank deeper and deeper into that inviting passage. Jennie’s body was fighting to get me deeper into her, and my considerable length was as deep as it would go. I felt her cervix against my glans on every thrust.

My cock started to throb, and I felt my impending orgasm approach. “Sunita, suck her clit now. I’m getting ready to cum.”

“Please cum. Fill up my needy pussy, John. I want to feel your seed fill me to the brim.”

I could feel both women shudder and shake on the brink of mutual orgasms. Both were moaning and gasping as I slammed into Jennie. My cock was ready to burst when I felt Jennie drench my cock with her orgasm. Hot and copious, her juices flooded my cock. Sunita massaged my testicles and unable to control myself I let go stream after stream of spunk shooting into Jennie.

After riding Jennie through multiple smaller orgasms, I withdrew and watched as my cum leaked out of Jennie’s now distended twat. Sunita gobbled the resulting creampie leaking out as Jennie shuddered in bliss.

Both women parted and lay down panting with a dreamy look in their eyes as the slowly recovered.

The first to speak was Jennie. With a dreamy look on her face, she approached mine and kissed me tenderly. “Thank you, John. That was simply amazing. I really needed that.” Turning to Sunita, she kissed her tenderly. “Sunny, would you like to come to my household and work for me?”

“Oh yes, ma'am. I would love that if his Highness consented.”

“Leave him to me. I will twist his… arm till he does.”

Looking around the room, Sunita said, “I see we are the last ones here. May I accompany you to your bedchamber and give both of you a nice relaxing bath?”

Glancing around I saw that we were the only ones left. Sunita led us through a labyrinth of corridors to our suite.

“Both of you relax and let me prepare your bath,” she said as she scampered off with her tight little ass waving at us.

I lay on the bed and snuggled with Jennie. We kissed and toyed with each other while waiting.

“John, there is one thing I crave from you tonight before we go to sleep.”

“Ask away dear. I don’t think I can refuse you anything after what you did for me today.”

“Will you fuck my arse, John?”

“Just try to stop me,” I said with a chuckle. “I wanted so much to do it before, but wanted to make sure you came first.”

“You’re so sweet. But you should know that I can come if I am well fucked up the arse almost as well as by the other route,” Jennie said with a gleam in her eye.

At that moment Sunita returned to announce the bath was ready. We walked over to the bathroom, and a large sunken tub was filled with water and bubbles. There was the scent of roses wafting in the air and candles were disposed to shed a soft glow on the bathers.

I assisted Jennie who got in and slid till only her head and nipples were above the water level. Sunita and I joined her.

Both Sunita and I got the pleasant job of washing Jennie. I worked on her long legs while Sunita gave her a thorough shampoo followed by scrubbing her back. I eventually started to wash her pussy, and I cleaned her both inside and out while Sunita ministered to her ass.

Both women joined efforts in cleansing my body as thoroughly as theirs had been done.

We got dry and went back to the bedroom where I lay down on the bed. Sunita brushed Jennie’s hair before three of us got together and sprawled on the bed.

There was a rap on the door, and Sunita went to answer.

Agnes walked in with a big smile on her face.

“What are you doing here?” I asked her. “I thought you would be spending the night with Bertie.”

“Bertie is just fine. When I left him, he was firmly ensconced up Shelagh’s rectum and fast asleep with a huge smile on his face.”

“What are you three up to?” she asked.

“Jennie has kindly asked me to fuck her arse, as they say here, and we were just about to undertake that arduous task,” I answered.

“Arduous my ass. Jennie, he absolutely loves doing that. Just don’t listen to his sophomoric comments. I must say that you are in for a treat as he is truly a master of his trade.”

“Sunita, why don’t you and I prepare Lady Jennie?” Agnes said with a lascivious look in her eye. “Take her legs and roll her back so her bum is pointing to the ceiling.”

Jenny lay there with her bum hole wholly exposed to both women; one in front and one behind.

Agnes immediately started lapping the sensitive pucker from one direction and as soon as Sunita understood her role she dived in from the other side. Their combined ministrations had Jenny gasping in no time while she exclaimed that she had never felt this lewdly exposed.

Once Jennie was thoroughly lubricated, Agnes took one leg and Sunita the other. They spread-eagled Jenny on her back with her legs raised and widely parted.

Positioning myself at the juncture of her legs, my cock pushed against the resistance of her sphincter till the head popped into the confines of her hot ass. Jenny yelped, and I saw the look of determination on her face as she allowed herself to open to me.

“Now, John. Fuck my ass without mercy, you lovely man. I want to feel you fully logged in me.”

I sank myself into her hot ass in one long thrust till I felt my balls against her back. I soon set up a smooth rhythm of thrusts, in and almost out and then back in.

Agnes on one side of her was lapping at her fully aroused clit while Sunita was licking and sucking on her nipples. Jenny lay there with a glazed look on her face as I started picking up the pace. When Agnes used her fingers to dip into her wide open pussy, Jennie moaned, and I felt her ass muscles grip my cock more tightly.

Even though I had cum multiple times this day, I felt my cum bubbling within my cock.

“Harder, John skewer me with that lovely cock. My god that feels so good. Yes dear man, shoot your seed deep into my bowels.”

Hearing her need spurred me on, and I felt a mighty ejaculation flood that lovely ass as she, in turn, spurted juice all over my lower belly from the orgasm which Agnes and I had provoked.

Sunita came forward and asked, “May I clean you up, Lady Jennie?”

However, Agnes interjected, “No dear. Take care of John I will take care of Jennie.”

Giggling, Sunita pushed me on my back and licked Jennie’s spending’s off my lower belly and then took my cock in her mouth and sucked it clean. I felt my cock rise to the occasion as this cute Indian love goddess worked the magic of her mouth on my member.

Agnes piped up saying, “John, have you rewarded Sunita yet?”

“Uh… no dear”

“What are you waiting for? How can you resist that tight young pussy.”

Sunita smiled, turned to Agnes and asked, “May I?”

“Go for it. I was watching you today, and you certainly deserve to be rewarded.”

Once granted permission, Sunita wasted no time in straddling my thighs. With a happy smile, she lowered her tight pussy over my still rampant cock and using her delicate hands introduced me to her tight clinging passage.

She just rested there getting used to my length and girth spreading her open. Her smile became even wider as she started to raise and lower her pert butt up and down to give me a most loving cock massage. I raised my hands to her breasts and took her elongated nipples between my fingers and tugged at them and pinched them.

Looking to the side, I could see Agnes licking and sucking my cum from Jennie’s ass then reversing her body to place her pussy on Jennie’s face as she attacked her with lips and tongue. Jennie’s legs locked around Agnes’ waist as she pulled her tightly closer. I could see the erotic spectacle of Agnes’ pink tongue lapping at that soft ping creamy flesh.

Sunita rode me while doing some magic rotation of her butt and was bringing me closer and closer to my peak. I pulled her against me so her breasts were against my chest and she offered me her lips and tongue. Her mouth was as wet and warm as her pussy. We exchanged spit and tongue wrestled as I felt her whole body start to spasm on mine. Her sheath was tight around my throbbing cock, and I felt her moan into my mouth and drench my cock with her juices as she came.

The sheer tightness and the feel of her hot juices surrounding my cock set off my orgasm as I again shot a thick stream of my cum into her.

We remained locked in a kiss and locked in our embrace as we both regained our breath.

“Thank you, Sir John. That was such a rare privilege for me. I will always cherish these moments.”

Those words said she snuggled in my arms and the exhausted girl was soon asleep and purring on my neck. On the other side of the bed, Agnes and Jennie were also wrapped in each other’s arms, and both were dead to the world.

I lay back in post orgasmic bliss contemplating all those beautiful married women with needy twats and asses which would occupy my next few days and finally fell into a deep sleep.




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