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The Handyman - Part IV

The Handyman - Part IV

Carla embarks on her journey of infidelity with pleasure as well as consequences
Carla was late getting back home. A traffic accident on the by-pass had blocked the road and she was held up, arriving home just after eleven o’clock. Tom was there waiting for her. She was all flustered. She had intended relaxing in the bath before dressing for him. She hated rushing; hurrying was going to take the edge off it all.

“There was a crash on the by-pass,” she told him.

Tom was looking down at her carrier bag. He too had heard of the new shop. “I know,” he responded without looking up. “I just missed it.”

Carla glanced down at him. She could see the bulge forming in his pants. “I... I was hoping to get back early.”

Tom looked up at her. “Not to worry. I’ve got to unload the van of the cable and fittings and get my tools out. It will take a while. Why don’t you go and... “

She smiled at him.

“Can I put everything in the shed?”

She nodded and turned away.

Carla laid out her clothing on the bed and ran a bath for herself. She had just settled down in the hot soapy water when she heard Tom’s voice and a knock on the bathroom door.

“Can I come in?”

Carla laughed. “I suppose you might as well.”

She looked up as he stepped inside. His eyes lit up and his bulge got progressively bigger.

“Can I do anything to help?” he asked as he stepped up to the bath.

She reached up with her hand and took hold of his bulge. “Better get out of these first,” she told him as she released him leaving a wet patch on his pants.

She had never seen a man get naked so quickly. As he stepped up to the bath again she reached for his cock once more. “Look before we... embark any further I just want to say... “

“I know,” he interrupted, “you love your husband and there are kids involved. You don’t want anything heavy... just a... fuck buddy, perhaps?”

Carla smiled. “Yes, I think fuck buddy just about sums it up.”

“My pleasure,” he told her as her lips reached for his cock.

Tom groaned softly as her lips went to work on him. “You really know how to suck cock,” he told her.

She glanced up at him.

“I didn’t mean anything derogatory by that.”

Carla stood up and kissed him. “That’s a shame,” she said softly. “I’ve always fancied the idea of being someone’s whore; someone’s slut.”

She felt his cock stiffen against her.

“I also like a man who’s bossy in bed. Jo’s... Jo’s a bit on the... “

“Submissive side?”

Carla nodded.

Tom reached round and grabbed her bottom roughly and pulled her against him. “I think you’ll find me quite different,” he told her. “I like it rough and I expect a woman to be a whore in bed. I don’t like to hear the word ‘no’ being used!”

She clung to him feeling his dark skin against her body and his cock pressing into her. She reached down and gently took it in her hand. “That’s good,” she told him softly. “I like to be treated roughly in bed and I like to be made to do the kind of things that only a whore would do.”

She felt his cock harden in her hand. With his hand gripping her bottom even tighter he lifted her out of the bath and spun her round to face the door. The sound of a slap filled the air followed by a yelp as Tom slapped her bottom hard. “On the bed now!” he shouted as he grabbed her towel.

Her newly bought underwear was lying on the bed all ready for her to put on but Tom wanted her now. He picked the clothing up and put it on a chair and laid the large bath towel across the bed. Carla didn’t need to be told to lie down on it. He leant over her and kissed her and then reached down for her ankles. There was going to be no pleasantries this time; she could see that from the look in his eyes. No tongue teasing her sex or exciting fingering; he was going to fuck her now and fuck her hard.

He rested her ankles on his shoulders and pressed forward. She felt her legs being drawn back against her upper body and then she felt this tip of his cock against her opening. He looked down smiling at her; it was a look of victory. She felt vulnerable now; she even felt fearful. Carla had always felt in control during sex; always felt as if she was the one mastering the proceedings, not so this time. He was in control; there was only one master now and that was Tom. As she felt his huge cock filling her she suddenly realised that there was truth in what women said about sleeping with black guys. It was not a myth. They were the ones in command in the bedroom; the woman was there for their pleasure and their pleasure alone. Carla cried out as her first orgasm overwhelmed her.

It was around five minutes later when she began to regain her composure. Tears were rolling down her cheeks. Not ones of sadness or pain but ones of joy and fulfilment. She had lost count of the number of orgasms that she had. Tom had fucked her hard and fast holding her face in his hands; he wanted her to see the pleasure that he was taking from fucking her. And if that wasn’t sufficient enough he also voiced his pleasure. Over and over again he told her what a ‘nice tight cunt’ she had. He also called her his slut and his whore many times over too. Carla wept; wept, as orgasm after orgasm erupted inside her. She wept loudest when he pulled his hands away from her face and pushed them under her bottom. His fingers hurt her as he dug them deep into her flesh for the final pounding that sent his seed gushing inside her.

“Everything okay?” he asked her as he regained his own composure.

She smiled and shook her head. “I’ve just been to heaven,” she told him. “I didn’t want to leave.”

He laughed. “I’ve never had any one say anything like that to me before.”

She kissed him.

“That was the best fuck I have ever had.”

“Well, thank you. I hope I get the chance to do it again.”

She kissed him again.

“You can fuck me anytime you like,” she told him. “Any time you need a fuck I am here for you.”

“You shouldn’t say that. I’ll never be away from the place.”

She laughed.

“I’ll give you a key if you want.”

Tom didn’t know what to say as he rolled off her. Carla reached down for his cock. It was still semi-erect. Jo’s went fully limp almost immediately. She leant over him and took him into her mouth. She could taste her own juices on him as she sucked him; she could also feel his juices running down the insides of her thighs. There seemed so much of it.

His cock became fully hard again and she began kissing it. “I love your cock,” she told him.

Tom groaned and it told her that he was ready to fuck once again.

“Next time you fuck me will you doggy me?” she asked. “I want my bottom slapped hard and my hair pulled and I want to be told over and over again what a fucking whore I am.”

Tom growled and then got up. Carla was already moaning as his rough hands pulled her up onto her knees and dragged her to the end of the bed. She cried out as he simultaneously grabbed a handful of hair and plunged his cock into her. “Come on you fucking whore. Move that fucking ass of yours.”

Carla’s tears started to roll even before the first hard slap came.

Fifteen or so minutes later Tom withdrew and dressed. He kissed her before heading downstairs; he was going to start work now. Carla lay back on the bed reliving what had taken place. She hadn’t expected it to happen the way that it had done and she hadn’t expected it to be so good. Her fingers found her mound and slid down the furrow of her swollen pussy lips. She could the heat; feel the wetness and feel the tenderness too. Tom had given the hardest fucking that she had ever encountered. She pushed her fingers into her love channel. Her flesh was also tender there; it was also hot and it was also flooded with Tom’s cum. She enjoyed the feel of his thick, creamy cum on her fingers for a few moments before bringing them up to her clitty. It was swollen and tender. She began to massage herself with her cum covered fingers and then closed her eyes as she pleasured herself.

She opened them again a few minutes later. Her body was still shaking from the intensity of her orgasm when her heart almost stopped as she realised that there was another presence in the room. She quickly turned and screamed out, "Oh my god.”

Jo was standing in the doorway.

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