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The Hidden Eros (Part 2)

A husband and wife engage in their ultimate fantasy
For the rest of that week, my husband and I had amazing sex nearly every night. We have known each other for 7 years, and in all that time we had unknowingly harbored a secret, sexual fantasy that had only recently been uncovered. It was my husband, Jerry that had ventured into this forbidden corner of my psyche one night during our love making. He asked me to imagine another man in bed with us, and it drove me wild with passion.

Now I have always had fantasies about two men, sometimes more, all taking turns fucking me and otherwise pleasuring themselves with me. I just never thought that my quiet, mild-mannered husband would like to take part it that! He seemed to love the idea of watching me have sex with another man, or watching me put my mouth on another man's cock while he fucks me. He even said he would love to take turns with me while he and another guy cum inside me. I have to admit, since I've been married I hate the idea of using condoms, so its such a turn on thinking he would be okay with it.

He even asked me to contact one of my old boyfriends to come have dinner with us this weekend. Jerry and I have never been swingers, and I think we're both still unsure if this will work out, but just the possibility of it happening gives me butterflies in my stomach.

That Wednesday I went on Facebook and messaged one of my old boyfriends Connor.
I asked him “Hey, what's up good lookin? ;)

Within a few minutes he messaged me back “Nada. Workin. How bout you?”

“Enjoying married life.” I told him. “You still in Springfield?”

“Yeah, kinda lonely out here. Going back to school for my Bachelors,” he replied.

“We're having a cookout this weekend. Steaks, beer, and a hot tub. Want to come?”

“That sounds awesome! Your husband home?”

“Of course! He wanted me to invite a friend over so I thought of you.”

“Cool! I'll be there!”

We spent the next few minutes chatting and setting up the time. I couldn't help but get aroused at this light flirting with an old boyfriend. Especially since my husband asked me to! The thought of fucking both Connor and my husband at the same time, of having two men lying in bed with me was getting me really wet. Luckily I was home, because I had to change out of my soaked panties after my chat session was over.

The rest of the week went by really slowly. I kept thinking of our date party on Saturday and what might transpire. I grew anxious but didn't want to seem over-excited, and make Jerry jealous. I love him dearly and wouldn't want him to think I wanted another man over him. All I really wanted was mind-blowing sex with two guys. It really didn't matter that Connor was the one, I just wanted to fuck like a wild woman.

Saturday finally came. I spent the morning hours fucking Jerry, since all I could think about was sex. This strange beast within me was coming out in full force, giving me sexual urges that I have rarely felt before. I thought by having sex with Jerry that morning it would quench some of that fire, but in fact it only made me more horny. I took a nice long bath afterward, shaving my legs and trimming up my pussy. Jerry actually likes a little patch of pubic hair on me so I'm always sure to leave him some.

“I can tell you're excited honey,” Jerry said to me. “Just remember, tonight is just about getting together and relaxing. I don't even know Connor yet.”

“Right, I know” and I did know, but my mind was on the possibilities.
“Just dinner and a movie,” I reminded myself.

The rest of the day was spent cleaning and going to the grocery store for food. We picked up a nice bottle of my favorite champagne (I'm so spoiled), and some beer for the guys. Jerry picked out some nice steaks and we headed home.

It was after 6 when we got back, so Jerry started the grill right away. I cleaned out the hot tub and started it up (just in case). That's when Connor arrived.

He was dressed just as I remembered him; blue jeans, flannel shirt and a baseball cap. We greeted each other at the door with a nice long hug. His body felt so young and lean still, I could feel a tingle in my lady parts. “Just dinner and a movie tonight,” I reminded myself again.

Thankfully Jerry and Connor hit it off pretty well. A lot of time was spent talking about work, sports, and some politics. I sipped on my champagne, while the guys cooled off with several beers. I enjoyed hearing them talk as we ate dinner, letting them get comfortable around each other. Before long they were laughing and joking about me, noting some private details only they would know, and bringing up a few of my more embarrassing quirks.

Just then Jerry looked up at me with sudden disappointment.
“Oh no... We forgot to get a movie” he said.

“Well you guys have been drinking way more than I have,” I said, pointing out the obvious. “I'll drive to the video store and pick something out.”

“You should go with her,” Jerry told Connor. “I'll finish cleaning up here. Go pick out a good one!”

Connor stepped outside for a minute to have a cigarette, and Jerry handed me the keys.
“I think we ought to fool around tonight,” he said.

I must have looked like the Cheshire Cat with the huge grin spreading across my face, but in half disbelief of what he just said, “Yeah?”

“Nothing hard-core, you know, no fucking yet. But I would like to play around a little if you feel like it. And of course if Connor feels up to it.”
I leaned in a gave Jerry a very passionate kiss for I don't know how long. I grabbed the keys and headed out the door.

Connor and I got in my car and went down to the video store, which was just two miles from the house. Connor told me he was having a good time at our place, and he thought Jerry was a great guy too.

“I'm glad,” I told him. “I can see Jerry's having a great time too. I'm glad you came over tonight.” With that, we looked at each other for a brief moment and a spark of lust jumped between us. In an instant that old fire that had brought us together so many years ago was suddenly ignited again. I wasn't in love with this man. I hadn't known him well enough for that. But I did feel like fucking him, and I could tell the feeling was mutual.

We got to the store and strolled around, each of us trying to behave ourselves and act like nothing had happened in the car. Connor looked at me briefly and smiled, “So I have to ask Vicki, what made you suddenly decide to message me the other day?” I knew what the answer was, but right now wasn't the time to tell Connor.

“Just inviting an old friend over. Thought I would like to see how you've been doing. Catch up on things, you know.”

“Okay, okay...” he said, trying to appear unskeptical. Even though I knew he wasn't buying it.

We left the store with two movies, a horror flick and a romantic comedy. When we got in the car Connor turned and looked at me.

“So... why did you message me again? Now that we're not in public.”

I reached over and put my hand on his. “Because I like you silly.”
I gave him a reassuring smile, as I started the car and began to drive away.
“And sometimes I think about us, you know, the good times we had. Do you ever think about us?”

“Yeah, sure. We had good times didn't we?” He looked over at me smiling, “and good sex.”

I gave him a smile back and a “uh huh.” I paused for a minute, careful about how to continue. Careful not to let my eagerness scare him away.
“How would you feel about doing some of those things again?” I asked him, checking for a reaction of awe, disgust, terror, I wasn't sure. He just sat there with his boyish grin, looking at me as cute as ever.

“And your husband? You looking to cheat on him or something?”

“Oh no! Nothing like that.” I laughed, then looked back at him.
“We're actually looking to include someone, you know, in the bedroom.”

“Really? I had no idea. So Jerry is okay with this?”

“Actually it was his idea. But neither one of us has ever done something like this so we would like to to start off slow. You know just some touching and kissing. See where that leads.” I checked for a response before continuing.

“Yeah, sure. I'm in.” My body surged with excitement, and I suddenly felt very horny again.
The tingling in my pussy led to a flood of love juices, and worried that I might leave a visible spot on my dress.

It was after dark when we got back to the house. Jerry had just poured 3 fresh drinks for us. I pulled him aside to thank him and to whisper in his ear. “He's okay with it.”
I smiled at him with reassurance and asked “Are you still okay with it?”

“I think we need to take a dip in the hot tub instead of watching this movie,” he said.
 Connor entered the kitchen where we were standing, so I asked him if he would like to try out the hot tub instead.

“Well, I didn't bring any swim wear...”

“No problem,” added Jerry. “I was thinking we could all go skinny dipping, if that would be okay with you Connor?” Each of us had a huge smile on our face as Connor agreed to the idea.

We stepped out back and set our drinks around the hot tub. The evening air was still warm and smelled slightly of chlorine. We left the backyard lights off as each of us stripped down out of our clothes. Though it was dark, I could still see clearly Jerry and Connor as they took off their clothes. I had, of course, had sex with both of them before, but to see them both naked here in front of me was like being a virgin all over again. I couldn't help but think “Is this really happening right now?”

Jerry and I climbed into the tub first, and I offered a hand to help Connor in. We talked for a few minutes, getting comfortable with the water and with each other. Both the guys were laughing and joking about how the bubbles tickled their cocks, and how it must feel good on my pussy.

“It does feel nice,” I said. “Almost like having a third guy in here giving me pleasure.”

He chuckled, “I only see the bubbles doing that job right now,” said Jerry, just before reaching over and rubbing my bare thigh. “Looks like the two of us are slacking.”

Jerry's hand moved up my thigh until it landed on the spot I wanted. Connor slid closer to me on the other side, cupping my breast in his hand and lowering his mouth to my nipple.
Instinctively I reached for my husband's cock. It was rock hard already, and I instantly wondered if Connor was hard too. Reaching to the other side I felt around on his hard body until my hand took hold of his massive dick.

The sensation of both men pressing up against me, pleasuring me while I stroked each of their cocks was unbelievably satisfying. Each of them took turns fingering my hungry pussy, sucking my hard nipples, kissing and rubbing my body in every possible way. In this position all I could do to return the favor was stroke their cocks and let them take every part of me they wished.

After some time Jerry stopped at looked at me. “You want to go inside baby? Take us both in the bedroom and fuck?”

“Yes I want to fuck!” I yell-whispered in his ear. There was nothing I wanted more than to take this experience as far as I could tonight.

The three of us moved from the hot tub and into our bedroom. Being the playful bitch I am, I led both Jerry and Connor into the house by their dicks, all the way back to the bedroom. Once there I knelt down in front of them both, my hands still firmly grasping both of their dicks. From this spot I got a great view of both of them. Jerry was a bit shorter than Connor, but he had a thickness I loved. I took my husband's cock into my mouth, and like a pro worked my way over every inch of it that I could. I sucked expertly, moving my lips tightly along its length, all the while stroking Connor's dick with my other hand.

I could feel Jerry getting ready to cum, I could hear his breathing getting deeper, tasting the salty pre-cum in my mouth. I pulled away just then from Jerry, and as I looked up at him, I began to slowly swallow Connor's 8 inch cock. It had been so long since I had tasted it, the sensation was strange. My body remembered quickly however, and my mouth continued working with expert precision.

“Oh yeah baby. That's a good girl.” Jerry said. He was obviously enjoying this little spectacle I was giving him. “Keep sucking his cock. You want me to fuck you now?”

“No!” I told him. “I want you both to lick me before you get my pussy all sticky with your cum.”

At this point I got up on the bed and laid on back. Jerry dove between my legs first and began devouring what must have been my very, very wet cunt. His expert tongue felt amazing on me. Connor climbed up on the bed and positioned his cock near my face. Apparently he liked the head I was giving him, so I continued sucking as much of his huge dick as I could while Jerry's tongue sent shivers through my body.

It wasn't long before Connor needed a break. He was about to cum, and I wanted it in my pussy, not my mouth. “Come up here baby” I told Jerry. “I want to suck on you now.”

Both men had their cocks near my face again, rubbing my tits, massaging my body, touching my pussy. Connor looked like he needed to cum, so I looked to Jerry for approval. Jerry nodded and said “I think she needs to be fucked Connor. Fuck her pussy good. I mean fuck her hard.”

Like a hungry lion, Connor threw himself on top of me and plunged his cock into me. He really needed to cum after all that sucking and my pussy was ready for him. I couldn't believe how good it felt being fucked so hard. His thrusts were so violent I had trouble keeping Jerry's dick in my mouth.

It wasn't long before Connor shot his load inside me with a loud grunt.
Jerry was still watching us in awe saying “Oh yeah, that's so hot baby.”
Connor took a while to finish cumming in me. In the mean time I kept sucking on my husband's cock, keeping him hard for the second round.

When Connor was finished cumming he pulled his dripping cock out of me. Jerry lost no time in turning me over on all fours. He entered me from behind like a wild man, thrusting deep into my cum soaked pussy. He fucked me for a long time while Connor watched. I think the whole thing was really exciting for Connor too, because he got hard only 2 minutes after cumming in me.

Jerry motioned for me to get on top of him “Don't waste that hard cock Vicki. I want to see you fuck him again.”

“Are you ready again so soon?” I asked Connor.

“Looks like I am!” he laughed.

Since he had already had an orgasm, Connor was able to fuck me for a long time. Jerry stood along side me to watch, so I sucked his cock while riding Connor's hard dick. Several times Jerry changed from that position to fucking me doggy style while I still lay on top of Connor. Both of my boy toys took turns fucking my pussy. I would ride Connor for a few minutes, then I would slide him out and let Jerry fuck me from behind. I had three orgasms in succession while both men absolutely abused my pussy. We did this for nearly an hour before Jerry finally shot a huge load of cum inside me.

Both Jerry and Connor kept taking turns on me that whole night, each guy cumming in my sore pussy three or four times. It was the most intense and exciting sexual experience of my life. Jerry and I now invite Connor over every few weeks to have dinner and a movie with us. We have been talking about inviting a few more guys over to see where that goes ;-)

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