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The Home Made Video

Kristen and Luke have a house guest and the sparks fly!
The Home Made Video

This is a continuation of the story of our real life sexual journey. This story is my best recollection of the events that occurred. I have previously written about how we started to explore our sexuality in stories entitled, “The Life and Times of a Horny Couple”. Since this event was a first for us, we put it as a stand-alone story. It really could have been Part 9 of our series though. We hope you enjoy reading about our latest sexual experience.

We hadn’t seen Will since we’d graduated from college, more than twenty years ago. We had lost track of each other but had reconnected through an internet website. Kristen, my wife, and I had been chatting with Will for several months now online and we also had many phone conversations with him. It seemed like we reestablished the relationship we previously had in our college days.

We had exchanged photos online, and found Will to look almost the same. He was still quite fit, tanned, and now had quite a bit of gray in his hair. Kristen still looked fantastic also, although her college day’s long hair was now shoulder length. We both exercise regularly, so Kristen’s body still had its college form. Her 34B breasts are as perky as ever, and she still often goes without a bra with no problem just as she did in college.

Kristen and I decided that it would be great to see Will again, and invited him to come for a visit. Since he was currently single, and owned his own business, he had no problem arranging his trip to see us.

We picked Will up at the airport, and within minutes knew that our friendship would take up where it had left off. The hour-long trip back to our home went quickly, and we were all happy to be with each other once again.

While Will had primarily been my friend in ‘the old days’, it was apparent that he was definitely more interested in Kristen now! She had worn a low cut, scoop neck blouse with a demi-bra that barely covered her breasts beneath. She had thought about going braless, but didn’t know how Will would react. She also wore a short, mid thigh length skirt that showed off her well-toned legs. I was sure by his reaction to Kristen that he would have been fine with the no bra look.

Will was never far from Kristen, and it seemed that I caught him trying to peek down her top every time I looked his way. I was sure Kristen had noticed this too. She was never one to be shy, so as she fixed dinner she did quite a bit of bending over giving Will a good look. As she did this, she looked over at me giving me a smile. I certainly was enjoying the view too.

While she was preparing dinner, we enjoyed pre-dinner wine. As we drank, we all were becoming much more relaxed. Kristen sat in a chair across from Will and me. As she crossed and uncrossed her legs, her skirt had ridden up quite high, exposing a good deal of leg. At times I (and I’m sure Will) got brief flashes of her panties which I knew to be a sheer thong. She was definitely feeling her wine, because I knew that she never normally would let that happen. At one point, she bent over in front of us to fill up the snack tray and her skirt rose so high we could actually see the edge of her cheeks and the small thin strip of thong between her legs. Will looked at me and gave me a big smile. He was certainly enjoying his visit.

As we enjoyed our dinner and more wine, Kristen was up and down quite a bit. I think the effect of the wine and our appreciative looks at her caused her to linger a bit whenever she bent over. Her breasts seemed to be spilling out of her bra, which we both enjoyed. Upon returning from the bathroom, she reached over to pour us more wine. As she bent forward, I looked down her top and saw that one nipple was actually peeking out of her bra. I know Will had to see her hard, pink, erect nipple too. I was wondering if that nip slip had been arranged in the bathroom. In our college days, Kristen had always thought that Will was hot and I figured she might be having some fun with him.

Kristen had always enjoyed doing a bit of teasing, but we had always discussed her flirting with others in advance. Since we had not discussed her doing this with Will, Ithought she must be a little turned on by him. I figured she wanted to show him that she still had it. At one point during dinner as she reached around Will to place more bread on the table she ‘accidentally’ pressed her breast into his shoulder, and then stammered an apology for bumping him. Will replied with a laugh, that she could bump him any time.

Kristen eventually shooed us from the kitchen, and told us to go watch TV. I told her I wanted to change into some more comfortable clothes, and Will agreed that that sounded good. I changed into a pair of workout shorts and a T-shirt. Will returned in a pair of baggy gym shorts and a tank top. Kristen gave him the once over and seemed to like what she saw. We went into the den to watch a little TV as Kristen completed her clean up. Will and I each sat at one end of the couch. As it turned out, the TV was tuned into Showtime, and the show Real Sex was on.

We began watching a segment about nude beaches. Kristen could see what we were watching, and yelled in to Will telling him that we had been to nude beaches in St. Martin. He wanted more info, and she ended up telling him that I went nude and she usually went topless. He thought that was very hot, and said that he wanted to go with us the next time we went. Kristen came in and joined us sitting between us on the couch.

The next segment of the show was about couples who made their own porn movies. As we watched I told Will that Kristen and I had made one called Pool Man. Kristen looked like she was going to kill me.

Will looked at Kristen, placed his hand on her thigh at the hem of her skirt, and said, “Did you really make a movie?”

Kristen stammered a bit, and said with a laugh, “We did. Luke forced me too.”

Will replied, “Now that’s one movie I’d really like to see!”

Kristen said, “You’ve got a prayer!”

We continued watching other people’s home made movies. Will never moved his hand off Kristen’s leg. As I watched, he began lightly stroking her inner thigh. I placed my hand on her other leg, and began lightly stroking it. I slid a couple fingers upward under her skirt. She looked at me and smiled.

I took that as a good sign. I began to gently push her skirt up even higher as I rubbed her thigh. Will was still rubbing her leg also, though not as high up. I think Will was watching her legs more than the movies on the TV. I couldn’t believe how high she was letting me go. It seemed the movies were turning her on a bit. I decided I wanted Will to get a peek of her thong.

As soon as I brushed her pussy with my fingertips, she stood up and said, “You guys look pretty comfortable, so I think I’ll change too.”

As she left, Will told me he really wanted to see our movie. I told him that Kristen would have a fit. He was just about begging, so I said I’d put the DVD in and show him a few minutes of it. I knew the beginning started out without showing to much. It began with Kristen in a short nightgown by our pool deciding it would be a good day to work on her tan. She then went into the house and changed into her bikini.

Will just kept repeating, “She’s so hot!” I had to agree with him.

Our video continued as Kristen returned to her lounge, and slid the shoulder straps down on her suit to minimize the tan lines. As she did this one breast was completely exposed for a couple of seconds. I had forgotten about this when I put it in, but it was only for a second or two. I figured what the heck; he’d already seen her nipple during dinner.

At this point Kristen came back into the room. She gasped, “What are you doing? Get that video off!”

I explained to her that I told Will I’d show him only a bit of the beginning, and reminded her that there was not much action right off.

Will added, “You really look hot Kristen. You have a fantastic body!”

At that point, she sat down between us in a bit of a huff. It was then that I got a chance to look at her. I had figured she come back in shorts and a tee. I was surprised to see her wearing a white cotton nightgown.

This was not a super sheer type, but rather a flowing gown that reached her knees with buttons running from the plunging neckline to the bottom. The bottom three or four buttons were undone as they usually were, as were the top two. This exposed her legs to mid thigh, and quite a bit of her breasts. While you couldn’t see through the fabric, it was obvious she wore no bra because her luscious, thick, erect nipples were clearly poking through the flimsy fabric.

Kristen said, “Turn that off!”

I said, “Kristen, just watch, nothing is happening yet. You can tell me when to turn it off.”

She replied, “Alright, but just a few more minutes”

We went back to watching the movie and Kristen. In our video, a knock was heard at the gate, and Kristen got up to find the pool man (me) there. As she walked past the camera, her top was barely covering her nipples. Will again commented about how fantastic she looked. The pool man went about his work as Kristen laid down on the lounge. She lay face down, unhooked the back of her top, and slid it out from under her.

At this point Will said, “Now this is really getting good,” and patted Kristen on the leg.

He left his hand where it was as we continued watching the movie. The three of us watched the video as Kristen picked-up a magazine and leaned on her elbows. The camera angle was from the side thus showing her entire breast hanging down. Only her nipple was not exposed. Will began rubbing the inside of Kristen’s thigh just below the edge of her nightgown.

The movie continued with Kristen struggling to apply suntan lotion. As she did this, we got brief flashes of her nipples. No one said anything. I was expecting her to say turn it off, but she leaned forward resting her chin in her hands. As she did her nightgown fell away from her chest exposing both of her tits to Will and me. She was engrossed in the movie and didn’t seem to notice. We were now watching the real deal rather than the movie.

I watched as Will slowly slid his hand higher up her leg, allowing his fingers to gently dance up and down her inner thigh beneath her nightgown. I watched, as Kristen seemed to separate her legs a bit more.

When I tore my eyes away from Kristen and looked back at the video, I saw that the pool man had come to her aid and was now applying lotion to her back. At this point, I had a huge erection and was sure Will did too. I began to rub Kristen’s arm casually brushing against her breast. She squeezed my fingers between her arm and breast and smiled at me. I slowly moved to stroke the under side of her breast. She continued to watch the video as Will and I continued to touch her. I looked back at the movie in time to see Kristen roll onto her back and watched the pool man begin to rub lotion onto her breasts.

I was sure she’d say, “Quick turn it off,” but she didn’t. She leaned back into the couch, thus taking away our view of her tits, but allowing us to continue watching. Will commented on how beautiful her breasts were, and how much he loved seeing her nipples. His hand was now only about two inches from her pussy. I started wondering if she had left her panties on.

I moved my hand and started rubbing her shoulder. As I massaged her shoulder, I slowly pushed the strap of her nightgown down a bit more. It finally slipped off and slid down her arm barely catching on her very erect nipple. Kristen reached to pull it up. I asked her to leave it saying Will had already seen her breasts in our movie.

As she withdrew her hand, the nightgown slipped off her nipple exposing her entire left breast to us. Kristen never looked down, but continued watching our video as the pool man continued to apply lotion between her legs while slipping his fingers into her bikini bottom. Will and I were staring at Kristen’s exposed breast. I reached over and began gently stroking the underside of it. Kristen let out a small sigh, so I then moved to her nipple. It was very erect, sticking out about a half inch, and as thick as the tip of my little finger. Instead of its normal pink color, it was now a deep red. I lightly rubbed it, and tugged on it, as Will watched my every move.

I then leaned closer and kissed Kristen lightly on the neck. As I did this, I reached across, slid her nightgown off her right breast, and began gently fondling it. Kristen was now sitting topless between Will and me. She looked at me and then Will and just smiled. Will continued to rub Kristen’s thigh making larger and larger circles as he slowly inched his way toward her pussy. At this point I noticed Will’s cock standing straight up forming a tent in his shorts.

I focused my attention on the breast closest to me. I caught Will’s eye and motioned for him to touch Kristen’s other breast. He was more than happy to comply. He tentatively stroked the side of her breast watching her reaction. When she let a little groan, he cupped her entire breast and began to lightly stoke her nipple. Within a few moments, Will was totally engrossed in examining Kristen’s breast.

I then lowered my head and sucked Kristen’s nipple into my mouth as I continued watching Will tugging on her other nipple. It was only a matter of seconds before Will decided to move his mouth to Kristen’s tit. Kristen then reached out and grabbed the backs of our heads drawing both of us more fully into her breasts. With this encouragement Will looked like he was about to devour her breast.

I as I licked Kristen’s nipple I placed my hand on her thigh. Her nightgown was now just a few inches below her pussy. I began to run my fingertips lightly up and down her thigh. Each time I moved up, I pushed her nightgown even higher. I really wanted to know if she had panties on. As I rubbed the inside of her leg, she parted her thighs even further so that her knees were now about two feet apart. I continued sliding my hand upward and lightly brushed her pussy. She wore no panties.

Kristen seemed to be alternately looking at our video and watching Will playing with her breast. I looked at our movie and saw that it had reached the part where Kristen moved to the bedroom with pool man. I knew she was about to lie on the bed, remove her bikini bottom and spread her legs. I was sure this would be where she’d tell me to turn it off. She was either not looking, or getting so hot that she didn’t care, because as I watched her in the video, she slid off her bikini bottom and lay back on the bed.

I now knew that Kristen wanted more. I started sliding my fingers up and down the groove between her leg and outer pussy lips, and then circled down the opposite side. I decided that I wanted Will to see her smoothly shaved pussy, so I slowly pushed her nightgown above her pussy as I stroked her. I moved my hand aside for a moment so that Will could easily see her pussy. Will stop playing with her tit and moved side ways on the couch to get a better look. I followed by lightly sliding my finger down the center of her slit. As I touched her clit, Kristen sucked in a deep breath. She then separated her legs even further pressing one against Will and the other against me. She was sitting there with her legs spread wide open watching Will, as he watched me separate her pink rose petal like inner lips. I dipped my finger into her dripping opening. She thrust her hips upward and my finger slipped deeply into her.

I didn’t have to tell Will to touch her pussy. He started lightly stroking her vulva. I pulled her inner lips apart showing him the inner pinkness of her vagina. I knew he couldn’t wait to try fingering her so I moved my hand aside. He quickly took over fingering her with one, and then sliding two fingers in and out of her dripping vagina. I went back to tugging on Kristen’s super erect nipples, and moved her hand to my shorts where my hard-on was straining to get out. Kristen began lightly running her fingers up and down the length of my cock, and finally grasped it completely. She looked at me and I motioned for her to look at Will’s shorts. With no hesitation, she reached out, grabbed Will’s dick through his shorts, and began stroking him.

Will continued fingering her and I started to play with her clit. We rubbed her pussy together, pulling on her lips, flicking her clit, and at one point both of us fingered her simultaneously. It was quite an unusual sensation feeling another guy’s finger next to mine, buried deep in my wife’s pussy. Kristen had pulled my cock from my shorts and continued stroking me while we continued to get her closer and closer to orgasm. I stood up and took off my shorts. As I did this Kristen turned to Will and pulled his rock hard cock from his shorts.

She seemed to be taken aback momentarily when she saw that he was uncircumcised. While we’ve had experiences with other couples, this was turning out to be our first threesome, and Will was the first uncircumcised guy that Kristen had ever played with. Will lifted his hips and Kristen slid his shorts off. She then turned her attention to his cock.

“I’ve ever seen an uncircumcised cock in person before,” she said.

Will replied, “Feel free to check it out any way you’d like.”

She looked at me and I said, “Enjoy yourself,” and sat back to watch.

She tentatively grasped his hard cock. It was about eight inches long and pretty thick. His foreskin completely covered the head of his penis, even though he was fully erect. Kristen slowly slid her hand down his shaft exposing the tip of his dick. She then moved her hand upward causing his foreskin to once again cover his dick. She repeated this several times, each time allowing more of his cock head to be exposed. She finally pushed down on his shaft making the bulbous head of his cock appear. With her other hand she lightly grasped the head of his cock, feeling the edge of his large cock head.

As Kristen explored his dick, her back was turned toward me. I placed my arms around her and began playing with her breasts again while watching her with Will. He was enjoying Kristen’s touch and had one hand stroking her smooth labia. Kristen began lightly grabbing a bit of Will’s foreskin with two fingers on each hand and stretching it about an inch beyond the end of his penis. He seemed to really enjoy that.

Will began fingering Kristen again, and I moved one hand to her clit. She was so excited that it felt like it was the size of a pea. As I watched, Kristen began to really jerk Will off. She ran her hand up and down the full length of his engorged cock. She stopped for a moment to spread the precum that had appeared at the tip of his dick. She then licked her fingers and rubbed the underside of the exposed head of his dick. He was moaning, as was Kristen, from the attention her pussy was getting from the two of us.

I was surprised a bit when Kristen leaned over and flicked the head of his dick with her tongue. She then began to circle the rim of his cock head with her tongue eventually allowing him to press his cock into her mouth. Kristen worked at getting all of him in, but he was too big. Will was really enjoying his blowjob and leaned back to watch Kristen.

As he leaned back, I moved to my knees between Kristen’s legs. I drove my tongue as deep as I could into her pussy. She was literally dripping. I tongue fucked her for a couple of minutes before moving up to her clit. I spread her labia wide so that the skin around her clit was taut, and began making circles around her clit with my tongue. Will started tugging on her nipples. Within a few moments, Kristen really started to moan and began pressing her pussy against my face. She let go of Will’s cock and grabbed the back of my head. Her orgasm came on her quickly, but was quite intense.

She leaned back and said, “I have to catch my breath.” We all leaned back and looked at our video for the first time in a few minutes. In the video, Kristen was sucking my cock.

She then reached out and grabbed both Will’s and my cock. As she jerked us, she pulled us to our feet in front of her. She once again seemed to be playing close attention to Will’s excess foreskin.

She said, “You both look like you could use a little attention.”

She then pulled us closer and began to flick the head of my dick with her tongue. She then turned to Will, pushed his foreskin back and once again began circling the rim of his cock with her tongue. It was incredibly hot watching her playing with both of our throbbing cocks. Kristen then began drawing his cock into her mouth, and I started playing with her wonderful tits again. After working on Will for a couple of minutes, she turned back to me. As she sucked me, she continued to jerk Will off, and he reached over and started playing with her pussy. Watching her alternately, sucking on our two cocks was bringing me close.

Kristen suddenly pulled Will down on the couch by his penis.

She let go of me and said, “I want to see if an uncircumcised cock feels different in my pussy.”

I replied with a smile, “It’s your pussy.”

Kristen then positioned herself facing outward over Will’s cock. Will held his cock upright, and she slowly lowered her enflamed pussy until her inner lips were barely touching the tip of his shrouded cock. I watched mesmerized as she slowly lowered herself forcing his foreskin down his shaft. I didn’t think she would be able to take all of him, but she had no problem.

As she rode his cock, I reached out and began rubbing her clit. I’ve never heard her make so much noise during lovemaking. She was cramming every inch of him into her soggy pussy. Kristen then asked me to lick her clit. I knew she liked this since a female friend had licked her once while I was fucking her, but I was a bit hesitant about having my mouth near Will’s cock. I told Will he’d better keep his cock where it was. He said that would be fine with him.

I moved to one side and brought my head down. I stuck out my tongue and flicked Kristen’s clit. She went wild, and pulled my head even closer. I then began to suck on her clit. As soon as I sucked her hardened clit between my lips, she really began gyrating. As she rode Will’s cock, I continued working on her clit. Kristen said that she was close to cumming again and wanted to slow down.

She pushed my head away and raised herself up off Will’s dick. Kristen asked Will to fuck her from behind. She then knelt down on the floor leaning on the couch. I watched as Will positioned himself behind Kristen and began rubbing his cock up and her slit. As he pushed his cock into her pussy as far as he could, she pulled me down on the couch in front of her and started sucking my cock again.

It was only a matter of minutes before Kristen started moaning. Will picked up his pace, and I could tell there would be no stopping him this time. As he pounded Kristen’s pussy, she started wildly pumping my cock in and out of her mouth. Kristen’s body started shuddering as Will let loose his load into her. She came with a violent spasm. It only took another stroke or two between her lips before I started cumming. I felt a huge load leave my pulsating cock into Kristen’s waiting mouth. With a few swipes of her tongue, she downed every drop.

We all collapsed back on the couch.

Kristen said, “Wow! Now that is something I never anticipated happening during your visit Will!”

Will left the following day, but we all agreed that we would see each other again soon.

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