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The Hustler

Joan’s husband directs her in a Ménage à Troi
Here is a strange but true story.
Visitors to Jamaica are always intrigued by the black market system. US dollars are traded for Jamaican dollars over and above the bank rate. Just about anything you want can be procured for a price.
It isn't all bad, sometimes it is done to circumvent the greedy middle man; and in most cases that would be the government, with its high import taxes on goods and services.

Bartering was a way of life and I governed my life by three rules, never pay the asking price, every thing is negotiable and most importantly deal honestly; I never cheated anyone.

I had no office or fixed location, didn't pay taxes or import fees, I ‘hustled’ or as I like to think I facilitated the transaction.
I was good at it, blessed with a smooth tongue and a quick mind I saw every challenge as an opportunity, and made a comfortable living. Trading dollars, I purchased auto parts, TV's, video recorders clothes, electronics and just about anything you could buy in Miami and resell for a profit.

I had an ‘in’ with the Customs Officials, after all they had needs too. A new TV, negligee or gift went a long way to promoting good relationships.

During my spare time I hung out at the Ocean View, a small guest house owned by a friend.
Playing dominoes or backgammon in the evenings and checking out the guest to see which beauty might be available for a night of pleasure.
I worked hard and played and partied with the same enthusiasm.

So it was I met two guys who were on vacation, they had sailed from Florida, but had run into engine or mechanical problems and were waiting for a wire transfer of money from the States.

I listened to their tale but having been around the block I quickly summarized their motives and knew that they were there for one reason and that was the import and export of a locally grown crop.

In Jamaica “Don’t ask, don’t tell” means everyone minds their own business.
I sensed the opportunity for profit but exactly how to insert myself into the equation, had for the present eluded me.

A few days later I was approached by one of the boat guys.

“I have a proposition for you” he said.

“I'm all ears skipper”

“We are running short on cash, we need to eat and pay for the room, here is a Rolex if you are interested in a trade.”

He handed me the watch, a stainless steel and gold Submariner, probably worth $2500 new. Its condition was good, his initials engraved on the back. I frowned and said that “…the engraving was nice and sentimental but it lessened the value unless I could find a buyer with the initials E.R.”

“$600 and I will take it”

“Oh no, I am offering it to you as collateral and will pay you back once the money arrives”

“Well $600 is still my offer plus 25% for the loan when you repay”

“Its worth more than that. Can you do a grand?”

$800 and turned away slightly.

He nodded his agreement, and I muttered that I should have charged him 30% since he obviously didn't know how to deal.

I handed him the cash and pocketed the watch, then he asked “…one more favor. Can you give me a ride to the Yacht Club to check on my boat?

I was curious to see this boat, my intuition for the clandestine were rarely wrong, so we piled into my Spitfire and headed out.
My car was the only one of its kind on the island, a midnight blue ’72 Triumph spitfire convertible with custom paint job. It was a magnet for getting girls, both the locals and the vacationing tourist.

We arrived at the dock and boarded the boat, my suspicions were confirmed, this was no ordinary fishing vessel, the deep hull a dead give away. They were here to pick up a load and with six massive outboards they could be back in Florida in no time.

We sat around chatting, I could sense they were feeling me out for possible connections to facilitate the procurement.

Docked next to us was a sleek yacht, flying the Canadian flag. The couple, Joan and her husband Dennis were laying out on the aft deck. I waved to them and they returned the gesture.

Ed mentioned that Joan was hot, he had seen her take her top off while sunbathing. The conversation switched to women. Dennis waved us over but Ed and his crew-mate decided to go over to the hotel for a bite. I opted for a closer look at Joan.

All this negotiating had made me horny so I grabbed a couple of wine coolers and headed over to say hi.
Joan and her husband welcomed me on board and in the next few hours I learned a lot about them. They lived in Vancouver and were sailing around the world. Dennis was much older maybe in his late 40’s he had headed up some medical research but decided to take a hiatus. Joanwas at tops 30, nice long legs and perky tits, she had a bouncy electric attitude and a riotous laugh, sort of like flipper the dolphin.

Dennis was quite open in his attention to Joan, touching her ass and feeling her tits as we talked.

“Fascinating journey lots of adventure I bet”

They looked and each other with that ‘never truer word’ smile and I felt as if been ostracized.

Sensing my discomfort they sought to once again bring me into their circle, Joan offered me another beer.

“Red Stripe is really delicious; I really like its full flavor”
“You should try it with a shot of Canadian Rye” said her husband.

“Okay hit me up”

Now I had been drinking all day, beer at the beach for lunch, coolers with E and his crew mate and now I was mixing Red Stripe with Rye, I was feeling no pain.

The yacht had a respectable sound system, somewhere Joan’s husband mentioned that I dance with her.

“Teach her to dance reggae” he chanted.

I remember taking her in my arms and we did a little hip grinding to the tune. It felt good rubbing up against her pussy.

I had as yet never hit on a woman with her husband present; at least not overtly, yet he didn't seem to mind.

After the dance we returned to our chairs I saw the unmistakable outline of his cock, it had hardened and he was not wearing any underwear.
Joan now sat between us, her hand resting on my leg, she was wedged in tight and I could see Dennis stroking her leg.

I might have blinked a bit as I digested the situation, before deciding how to proceed. Joan however preempted things, she looked me straight in the eye and said she and her husband were swingers, they didn't mind at all and were hoping I would join them.

She loosened her top letting it fall. To further prove her point she leaned over and kissed my lips, then my neck, before biting my ear.

Her soft smooth flesh crushed against mine, I felt her bare nipples rubbing against the fabric of my shirt stiffening on contact.

Though the room had darkened I could still see the silhouette of her husband seated as he observed us.

He responded by saying it was okay and that he wanted to watch Joan suck my dick.

At his words she dropped to her knees and began tugging at the buttons on my Levis, my cock was hardening at this unlikely scenario.

No novice to a Ménage à Troi, seduced and initiated at 18 by two of my mom’s female friends, I found this to be surreal.
Here was Dennis, Joan’s husband prodding her on as if he were a director in a movie.

Joan was equally up to the task, she loosed my prick from its confines and began sucking with fervor, wild and aggressive in her action she frigged my cock hard then mouthed it deep, repeating her actions over and over. This made my cock rigid, I felt she might break it so I slowed her down, forcing her head deep and holding her there as I fucked her mouth.

“That’s it suck his cock like a good little slut”

“She sucks cock good, doesn’t she?” “Wait till you taste her hot little pussy”

His words still echoing, Joan removed her bottom, she was nicely shaved with a dime’s size tuft of hair above her clitoris.

“Feel her pussy stick your fingers in her”

I did as I was told, her pussy expanded to my probing fingers as I inserted 2, 3, 4 fingers up her cunt. I began to fist her yet her pussy remained tight contracting around my fingers covering them with her sweet scent.

I licked my fingers clean and threw her on the floor. Spreading her legs I commenced eating her moist snatch. Joan moaned and raised her hips to meet my tongue, bucking and shouting she tried to close her legs but I forced them apart, pinning her to the floor I tortured her by nibbling on her clit.

As I sucked her clit, I began to slowly circle her anus, checking to see how tight a ring she had, I was feeling very horny and wondered if she might be up for a double penetration.

My finger now wet with spit, pushed insistently against her sphincter, forcing it relax and open up, Joan however could not contain herself and she shuddered in orgasmic throes.

Throwing my shirt off I mounted her, raising her legs above her head and resting them on my shoulders.
Like a ram I plunged my cock deep, lifting her body towards me with each forward thrust. Maintaining her legs in the air with only the nape of her neck touching the floor I pounded her pussy, rocking her back and forth like a paper doll.

Peripherally I saw her husband, now completely nude, he knelt and presented his cock to her lips.

“suck it bitch, suck like you just sucked his big black cock”

Joan moaned and sucked his cock, its red head looking angry as it stretched her lips.

I flipped her over as I lay on my back, me thrusting upwards while he now stood and had complete access to her lips and mouth.

His cock slick he shouted “hold her still while I have her ass” Reaching over he grabbed a bottle of coconut oil dousing it over her back and dipping down her ass and pussy

Pinning her arms to her side I continued fucking her, while I sucked her delicious titties. Her ass in the air soon found itself a target for his prick. With a grunt he entered her; it took us a few strokes before we found rhythm.

Joan was whimpering now, her pussy and ass were being ravaged. Sensing this tandem arrangement over which she had no control, her orgasms becoming more frequent from the friction on her clit as she was pressed down against my cock and the ride her husband was giving her.

He was so excited and soon came, with a yelp he pulled out and spattered all over her back.

Wanting to sample where he had just been, I told her to get on her knees. I made her suck my cock again. Then as she leaned up against the couch, I wedged my cock between her ass cheeks. I lubricated the head with her juices and slowly began to sodomize her.

Even though she had just been fucked there, she had difficulty accepting my cock, and almost fainted when her husband told her how my cock was stretching her tight hole and how sweet it looked splitting her ass cheeks wide.

With patience I pushed my cock deep and was soon firmly seated, Joan asked for a drink, which he brought.

Refreshed, she was now game and started to fuck me back pushing her tight ass back and forth she screamed.

“Ream me you black bastard... fuck me with that tool”
Her dirty talk was having its effect on Dennis and he slipped his soiled cock into her mouth again.
Her pale skin against mine was such a turn on, I slapped her ass and pulled her hair.

I retorted with my thickest Jamaican accent “you little white slut, you love this black cock up your ass, in your pussy and in your mouth don’t you!”

“Show you hubby what a good slut you are …back that ass up”

“oooH gawd you are tearing me up! your cock feels so good inside my ass I'm gonna cuuum...”

Grabbing her hips I mounted her sumo style my legs straddling her from the outside I plunged my cock alternating between her tight pussy and ass till I was ready to blast.

“Let him cum on your face” Dennis said. “I want to see his black cock shooting all over you.”

I moved around to her face where she once again accepted my cock in her mouth.

“You are such a dirty slut” as I watched suck her ass juices off my cock, the final effect which triggered my orgasm.

I came shooting the hot liquid down her throat before pulling out so that Dennis could have his wish and loosed the remainder over her face hair and tits.

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