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The Jerry and Sharry Show

I pay a visit to a married couple.
Sharry heard the noise in the driveway before I did.  She stopped sucking my cock and rearranged herself so she was on all fours.

"That's my husband's car!" she said, "Shove your cock in my ass!  Quick!!"

She was a Reubenesque brunette, with eyes so brown they gave the impression of being black.  Her tits were massive globes of eager, hungry flesh and her ass was as broad and generous.  Everything about this woman radiated positive sexual attitude. Some men would dismiss her if they saw her on the street as being "too fat" or "too old".  Those men had no idea what they were missing.

I gave one of her heavy butt cheeks a playful slap and then eased the large glass butt plug out of her and set it on the nightstand.  The round ring of her sphincter gaped at me in open invitation.

"Quick!"  she hissed at me.  "Shove that big motherfucker up my ass before I go crazy for it!"

I positioned my cock at her well-lubed entrance, grabbed a wad of butt flesh in each hand, and plunged in.

"Oh, GOD!!  That's it!  Fuck that huge tool up my fucking ass!  Rip my asshole to shreds!  Pound me with that big thing!"  Sharry gasped and pushed herself back to meet my thrusts.  "Push that huge motherfucker up to my fucking lungs!  FUUUUCK MEEEE!  God, you're so big!  What a fuckin' man-tool you've got!  Split my ass in two!"

We could hear, but hardly noticed, the front door opening and closing downstairs.  "Sharry?" a voice called, and then I heard her husband coming up the stairs.

This was going to be the fist time I'd met Larry.  When I answered the ad, Sharry met me at the coffee shop alone and gave me the quick run-down.

"Larry's got a cuckold fetish, and he's particularly interested in 'catching' me with guys who have big cocks," she explained.  "Also, if you're into anal and toys, that will be a big help."

"No problem there," I assured her.

"Good.  Ideally, he'll catch us in the act of you doing my back door.  My job is to be really loud and to let him know how much I love a big dick.  He'll try to join in.  Your job is to prevent him and force him to watch us.  Be tough, be in command, and make fun of his small dick.  Can you handle it?"

"Sounds pretty simple," I said.  Actually, it was dead easy.  A lot of couples into this scene give you so many instructions, you feel like you should be writing it all down.

"Good.  Now, if we could just verify that you, um, qualify ..."  She promptly got out of her seat and beckoned me to follow her.  We got into her van and climbed into the back.

"Pull 'em down and get it hard for me," she said.  "Let's see what you've got."

When I lowered my trousers, her breath sucked in at the sight of the lump in my underwear.  "Ooh ... looks like you're going to qualify," she purred, her eyes brightening.

I pulled the fabric of my shorts out to one side to free my cock and to let my nuts swing free.  Sharry actually clapped her hands and squealed like a little girl at a birthday party.  It didn't take long for me to stroke myself up to full erection, and I soon had a little silver tear of pre-cum poking out of my piss slit."

"You'll do nicely," she grinned.  "You can put that away and I'll see you next week at the address I gave you."  She reached forward and gave the crotch of my jeans a little pat.  "I'd suck that here and now, but Larry and I have a rule that nothing happens until play-time.  Of course, that's not what I'll tell him."

"He likes to fantasize about you cheating on him?"

"Oh, yeah.  He'll be jacking himself off tonight while I tell him all about how you fucked me silly and then blew a load all over my face.  Do you have big loads?"

"High average," I told her.

"Good.  Make sure he gets a good view of that, too."

That was last week.  This week, I was banging my cock up Sharry's ass with pile-driving strokes while she shouted a stream of obscenities that could probably be heard across the street.

Her husband walked in and froze in the door frame, his jaw hanging open.

"Who are you and what the fuck is going on here?"  he demanded.

"Shut up, shrimp-dick," I growled.  "I'm taking care of this little slut's asshole right now."

"But that's my wife!" he gasped.

"Well, if it's your wife, let's just see what happens when I ... STOP!!" I said, immediately pulling my cock out of Sharry's butthole with an audible pop.

"Shove it in!!"  she squealed, waggling her broad ass back and forth.  Her butt was still gaping open in anticipation of being reinvaded by my prick.  Her bald pussy was freely leaking juice.  "Shove that big motherfucker back into me!  Fuck my ass!  Oh, God, I needed to be fucked by a REAL man!  Give me your huge prick!  I'm fucking begging you!"

"But you're married," I teased her, waggling my cock at her!

"FUCK married!  Fuck all that shit!  I need a BIG cock!  Do anything you want to me!  Fuck my tight asshole, fuck my pussy, shove it down my throat, but for God's sake fuck me with that big man-sized tool of yours!"

"I guess the lady has made her choice," I grinned, and pounced back on her and jammed my cock into her shit-tube without mercy.  She immediately howled like the damned and resumed her pace.

"Aww, SHIT!!  That's more like it!  Fill me up with that man-cock of yours!" she wailed.

Larry peeled off his dirty t-shirt and started unbuttoning the fly of his work-jeans.  He was a redhead, younger than his wife, about 30 or 35, and had the leanness and good muscles of a man who worked outdoors all day.  His skin was very fair and freckled in places.  His tiny nipples were done up with barbell-style piercings.

He was soon naked except for his socks, and he crept on the bed as if to position himself in front of his wife for a blow-job.  "Maybe we could ..." he started.

I reached out and straight-armed him, and he went flying backwards across the room, landing almost flat on his back.  For a split-second, I was worried that I had actually hurt him, but he came back up on to his knees, watching us intently.

His cock, sorry to say, was pretty small.  It was pale, skinny, and not quite four inches long.  It was capped by a ruby cockhead that was already leaking pre-cum.  I noticed that Larry was possessed with an unusually big ball-sack, which had the unfortunate effect of making his cock look even smaller.

"Can't I even ...?"  he whined.

"Do what?"  I growled.

"Maybe, get a blow job?"

"What's she supposed to suck?"  I sneered.  "Jesus, look at you.  Are you sure that isn't a clit?  That little boy-twig isn't going anywhere near this bitch's mouth.  If this little cunt is going to suck anything, it's going to be this ..."  With that, I pulled out of Sharry again and flipped her on to her back.  I mounted her stomach so that my lubed and slimy cock was inches from her face.  "Isn't that right, whore?" I rumbled.

"Oh, yes Sir!!"

"You're not sucking anyone in the room but me, are you?"

"Yes, Sir!"

"In fact, you were sucking it earlier, weren't you, bitch?"

"Yes, Sir!"

I returned my attention to Larry, who was now masturbating while he kneeled on the carpet.  "You!!  Pencil-pud!  Do something with your hands besides yank on that pathetic stub, and get me a washcloth!  I'm going to shove my meat down your slut-wife's throat."

Larry bounded into the attached bathroom to fetch the washcloth.  Sharry looked up at me, winked, and gave me the thumb-and-forefinger sign.  Good.  I was doing everything I was supposed to do.

Larry returned with a warm, wet washcloth and handed it out to me, his eyes averted.

"Well, don't just stand there, stupid.  Clean me up."

"Um, I don't usually touch ..." he began.

"I don't give a dead fuck what you do or usually don't do.  Get my cock cleaned up or I'm going to shove it down her throat as is and she can taste her own shit for all I care.  Get busy."

Larry reached out and started wiping at my cock with the washcloth.

"Yeah, that's it," I hissed.  "Get the balls, too."

Larry gingerly reached up and swabbed tenderly at my balls, one at a time.

"You like that, don't you?"  I grinned.  "You like touching my cock.  I'll bet that's why your cock is only clit-sized.  I'll bet you were supposed to be a girl.  I'll bet it's supposed to be you, and not that slutty cunt wife of yours, face down on this bed and getting a big cock up your ass.  I'll bet you want to suck my pole until all my man-jizz squirts out.  Play with it."


"You heard me, faggot.  Play with it.  You know you want to touch it.  Put the damned washcloth down and use your hand."

Fingers trembling, Larry reached out and gingerly stroked my cock.

"Grab it.  Grab it at the base,"  I ordered.

Larry silently did as he was told.

"You, slut.  Open up."

Sharry obediently opened her mouth into an O of readiness.

"OK, ant-dick ... take my cock and stick it in your wife's mouth."

Larry's hand shook as he guided the plum of my cockhead between his wife's lips.  Upon contact, she closed her eyes and eagerly began to suckle my prick.  I slapped Larry's hand away.

"OK, pervert, your part's done.  Go stand over there."

I rocked my pelvis back and forth, slipping my prick in and out of Sharry's eagerly sucking mouth.  She no longer had words to give her husband what he wanted to hear, so she compensated with eager moans and loud sucking sounds.  I pinched and twisted her nipples while she blew me.  Larry's fist was a blur in front of his crotch.  He was getting the full show.

"You see what your wife REALLY wants?  She doesn't want that tiny little stub.  She wants a cock, a real man-sized prick like this one.  See how much she loves sucking it?  That's because I'm hung.  If you were this hung, you wouldn't be standing over there, jerking off like some sorry little pervert.  Your dick doesn't measure up.  Mine does.  You love this dick, don't you, bitch?"

"Mmm-hmmm," Sharry said, nodding.  The position was wrong for deep-throating, but I thought I would do a couple of quick thrusts into her mouth as far as I could go.  While I watched Larry's reaction, I pushed forward and was surprised to feel my cock slipping right past Sherry's glottis and going effortlessly down her throat.  Larry's eyes bulged at the sight, and he fisted his cock like a madman."

We continued alternating between deep-throating and just suckling at the head, until Sharry finally pulled off my cock long enough to say, "I hate to sound like something out of a bad porno, but I really need you inside me right now."

I rapidly changed position so I was now between her legs instead of straddling her face.  Because of her extra weight, it was hard to find a way to fuck her so that Larry could see the whole thing.  Finally, I decided I was the one who should be on his back.  Sharry climbed astride me, with her big as and pussy facing her husband, and she slowly lowered herself on to my huge erect cock.  Larry couldn't have got a better view.

"Fuck her ...." he whispered, jacking his cock furiously.  "Fuck her pussy with that big thing ..."

"Get the plug and stick it up her ass," I commanded.  Larry moved forward and picked the glass butt plug off of the nightstand.  Sharry gave a low moan of appreciation as he took the toy and sank it into his wife's willing asshole.

"God, I need a DP," she gasped.

"Well, needle-dick isn't going to be able to service you.  Maybe I'll bring my brother in here.  He's got a nice, man-sized prick.  We could fuck both your holes at the same time.

"Oh, shit.  That's so fucking hot," Sharry groaned.  "Where would you be?"

"That's hard to say," I whispered.  "I'm really loving fucking your sweet, tight pussy right now."

"Yes ... so tight ... so good ..."

"But I might just have to go for your asshole.  I'd ream you hard."

"Ream me good and hard ..."

"Yeah.  My brother would be jamming his prick up your cunt, and I'd spread your ass ..."

"My big ass ..."

"That's right ..."

"My big, fat, fuckin' ass ..."

"That's right.  I'd pull your fat fuckin' asscheeks apart and stick my cock up your hot, slimy asshole."

"Oh, fuck ... gonna come ..."


"So fuckin' close ..."

"Make it good and loud."

"I'm gonna."

"Make sure your little pee-wee dick husband can hear you ..."


I heard a yelp, and turned in enough time to see Larry clamp one hand over his mouth to stifle any noise, while the other hand jacked his dick into a huge, squirting orgasm.  Larry may not have much in the cock department, but he ejaculated like an irrigation sprinkler.  Enormous, high-arcing jets of white liquid flew out of his spurting cockhead.  I quit counting after the ninth or tenth jet.

I rolled Sharry on to her back and braced her legs against my arms and deep-fucked her in a steady rhythm for a few minutes until I could feel my own come stirring in my nuts.  A look of understanding passed between us that my climax was getting near.  My glance darted down to her huge, pillow-like tits that were bouncing in time to my thrusts, and she gave a quick nod of agreement.  OK.  On her tits it was going to be.

As my come approached, I barked at Larry "Get over here!  Get a nice, close look!"  As he approached, I pulled out and immediately jetted my own load all over his wife's ample, sweating chest.

All three of us were panting and covered in perspiration.  As the guest, I was offered first use of the shower.  When I emerged, they were both demurely clad in bathrobes.  They thanked me for my time, and I started to make my way down the stairs.

Sharry called after me, "Don't forget that brother of yours next time!"

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