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The Land Lord's Wife

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Sometimes having your land lord as your neighbor isn't such a bad thing!
My name is Brian and this is a completely fictional story of the neighbor’s wife who is also the landlord of the house that I rent.

I am renting a two story, three bedroom house that sits right next to the landlord’s house. They are about 30 feet from each other. In my house downstairs, there are two windows in the dining room and one in the living room that face the neighbors.

Upstairs, my bedroom has two windows that face the house as well. All of the windows have mini blinds so it’s not too bad. My bedroom has two walk in closets that are also facing the neighbors, but they are smaller and they don’t have and mini blinds or any coverings on them.

The neighbor’s house has a small window above the kitchen sink, a window on the landing for the steps going upstairs, one window for their Master bedroom and a small window for the upstairs bathroom. The kitchen window has a small pink curtain that is always open slightly. The stairwell window, although it has a mini blind, it is pulled about three fourths of the way up. The bedroom window always has the mini blinds shut tight. The bathroom window also has a curtain that also seems to always be open slightly.

There have been many occasions when I have seen the neighbor’s wife, Cherri (pronounced just like the fuit) through the windows. She always smiles at me and waves. Cherri is about 5’ 6” tall. She has short reddish blonde hair and a nice slim figure. She wouldn’t win any beauty contests, however has certainly caused me many a hard on seeing her in some of her outfits and especially in her bikini when she sunbaths in the summer.

Both of our houses are pretty old and could certainly use some more modern upgrades. My kitchen, although very large is really bad. It has an old single cast iron sink sitting on an old hand made counter. The counter itself is simply a piece of thin plywood with vinyl floor tiles on it that no longer stick. After living there for about 6 months, the Land Lord, Bob called me and asked if he could come over and look at the kitchen with me. He told me he was considering putting in a new counter and kitchen sink.

Bob’s a nice guy personally, however when it comes to things like the trades, mechanics, plumbing, carpentry, electrical and etcetera, he isn’t exactly the sharpest tool in the shed. I have done a lot of remodeling and construction. Bob came over and we talked about what he was going to do. I offered several suggestions to his plan although most of what I suggested seemed to be over his head. One thing in particular was that I told him that the kitchen sink did not have any shut off valves that I was aware of. I explained that I was concerned about that, because the main water would need to be shut off during the remodel. He didn’t seem to comprehend what I was talking about.

As we discussed the kitchen, I also showed him some other things around the house that I felt needed to be addressed not only for functionality, but also was out of compliance with local ordinances and federal code. During our conversation, it become apparent to me that although Bob made all of the decisions, it was Cherri who insisted on keeping certain things in line with the nature of the old house. I suggested that perhaps Cherri should come over and take a look so that I could explain and show her some of my suggestions.

About a week later, Bob called me and told me that he was going to go ahead with the kitchen counter and sink and a couple of other odds and ends that I had suggested. I again explained my concerns about the shut off valves and again, he didn’t seem to comprehend it. I again suggested that Cherri come over and take a look. He said that he would ask her, but had already contacted a guy to do the remodel and he was supposed to give him a bid in the next couple of days.

The next morning on Saturday, I noticed that Bob’s car was gone, but Cherri’s car was still there right after I had gotten up. I called over to their house and spoke to Cherri. I explained my concerns to her. She also wasn’t sure about what I was talking about and I suggested that she come over so that I could show her. She said that she would do that, but had an appointment to go to and had to be there in an hour.

I always sleep in the nude and therefore only had my bathrobe on as I had just gotten up. A moment after I hung up the phone, the doorbell rang. I went downstairs and opened the door. It was Cherri. I was still a little bit hard from my morning hard on that I always seem to have when I get up. One look at Cherri though and my cock went straight to full attention. She was all dolled up in a short low cut dress and looked very sexy.

I let her in and we said the usual casual greetings. I couldn’t help but notice that she glanced down at my obvious hard on and got quite a grin on her face. She didn’t say anything about it, but it was quite obvious.

We both pretended that nothing was wrong and we continued our conversation. I explained to her some of the things about the house and my concerns. We started walking through the house as I showed her several of the things that I was talking about. We ended up in the kitchen and I was explaining my concern about the shut off valves. I opened the cabinet under the sink. The left hand side has little open ended shelves and you couldn’t see through all of the junk on them. The other side although open also had a lot of junk there too and it was very dark and you couldn’t see. As I stood off to the side of Cherri, she bent over trying to look under the sink and into the cabinet. I couldn’t help but notice how her short dress was now riding up her legs and ass. I caught a glimpse of her pink panties.

She stood back up and looked at her watch and said, “I can’t see anything under there at all. I really need to go so that I’m not late. Maybe I could come back and take a look later on.”

I agreed to this. Again, I noticed her look back down at my crotch. I was still very hard from the little show that I had just seen. This time, Cherri actually licked her lips. Again, neither of us said anything about it and we walked to the front door. I thanked her for taking the time to come over and look.

She said, “No problem at all. I’ll come back again so I can take a closer look.” She said that as she was again looking at my crotch.

We both said goodbye and she left.

At this point, I was very horny and went upstairs and jacked off thinking about Cherri.

I’m self employed and do mostly Web development, but I also do some property maintenance and remodeling. Most of the time, I just work at home on my computer. On Monday morning after getting my shower I went into my bedroom to get dressed. For some reason, the image of Cherri came into my mind as I was taking off my bathrobe. I got an immediate hard on. I started to stroke myself, but then stopped as I knew that I had a lot of work to get done and needed to get started.

Without even thinking about being naked with a hard on. I went into my closet to get some clothes. While I was going through my things, I thought I saw something out of the corner of my eye. I turned and looked out the window. Through the neighbor’s bathroom window, I saw Cherri. She was opening the curtain and opening the window. She was only in her bathrobe which was wide open. She had on another pair of those pink panties and no bra. As she stood up after opening the window, I had a complete unobstructed view of her half naked body. As she now noticed me standing there, she smiled and waved. Suddenly she must have realized that she was practically naked. She immediately grabbed her robe and closed it. Cherri again looked over at me and I saw her gasp. That’s when I suddenly realized that I was standing there completely naked and with a hard on. I immediately tried to cover myself with my hands. Cherri then covered her mouth.

I immediately backed out of the closet and out of her view. I couldn’t believe what had just happened and I was as hard as steel. I peered through the slats of the bedroom mini blind window, but Cherri was gone.

I was now horny as hell. I laid down on my bed with Cherri’s half naked image stuck in my head. I started stroking myself very slowly. My mind wandered to Cherri’s short black dress riding up her ass from the other day as I continued slowly stroking myself. I continued this for a couple more minutes when suddenly the doorbell rang.

I quickly grabbed my bathrobe again still sporting a hard on. I went downstairs to the front door. It was Cherri! I opened up the door and she came right on in. I noticed that again, she looked right down at my crotch and a huge smile crossed her face. Then she licked her lips.

She looked back up at my face and said, “I have some time now and I knew you were home, so I thought I’d come by to... um... take a closer look.” As she again looked right back down at my crotch. She was wearing a pair of loose fitting gym shorts and one of those sports bras. As she was looking at my crotch, I was looking at her breasts. I could clearly see that her nipples were hard and clearly visible through the sports bra. It made my cock twitch.

“Well, can I have a closer look now?” she asked while continuing to look at my crotch.

“Um, sure,” I said and started walking towards the kitchen. “I’m sorry about earlier. I wasn’t even thinking when I went into my bedroom closet,” I continued to say.

“Oh don’t worry about it. We’re both adults. I think we were both caught off guard not thinking and we both got quite a view. I think my view was a little better though,” she said and then laughed.

I laughed too. We got to the kitchen and Cherri immediately sat down right in front of the kitchen sink cupboards and opened them. I knelt down right beside her. I started removing the things from the shelf and set them off to the side. As I was doing this, I couldn’t help but notice that Cherri kept looking over at my crotch. My bathrobe was also starting to get loose and opening up slightly.

Cherri started pulling the things out from her side of the cabinet and setting them off to the other side. We got everything out and both stuck our heads inside the cabinet to look. I had to get down on my hands and knees at this point in order to poke my head inside. Cherri then did the same thing. We were very close together and I could feel the heat from her body against mine.

“Oh, I can’t see a thing. It’s way too dark in here," she said. “Do you have a flash light?” she asked.

“Yea, it’s on the stairwell going down to the basement on the left hand side," I answered. She got up to retrieve the flashlight. I got on my back and edged myself so that my head was inside of the cabinet.

Cherri came back and again got on her hands and knees. She turned on the flashlight and shined it inside. “Oh, I still can’t see a thing!” she said. Then she laid down beside me on her side. Her body was pressed right up against me. I could feel her breasts against my arm and side. She wiggled herself further inside of cabinet. Then she swung her leg over my body between my legs. This caused my bathrobe to open completely. I cold feel the air on my now exposed and still hard cock. Our faces were only inches apart from each other.

“Here, can you hold the flashlight so I can reposition myself?” she said while handing me the flashlight. She wiggled up some more causing her leg to come right up against my cock. She then swung her arm right across my chest. Now I could feel her leg rubbing my cock and her breasts rubbing against my chest.

“There’s those pipes!” she said.

“Yep, and as you can see there are no shut off valves, just as I suspected,” I replied.

Cherri then started moving her hand down my body as she turned her face slightly facing me. Our faces were now only a couple of inches away from each other. She had this mischievous grin on her face. Suddenly, I felt her hand wrap around my cock.

“Oh my! I think I found another pipe,” she said while started to stroke me. “I think that I’ll have to check it to make sure there aren’t any leaks,” she continued. I couldn’t help it and I let out a moan. She leaned over and kissed my neck softly while continuing to stroke me.

She started wiggling herself out of the cabinet, but didn’t miss a stroke. I too started wiggling myself out as well. After we were both free from the cabinet, Cherri said, “Would you mind if I sucked on it? I love sucking cock, but Bob won’t let me do that. He thinks that it’s gross. Plus, his cock is pretty tiny. Not like yours. His idea of sex is that he sticks his little dick in me, strokes a couple of times to cum and then rolls over and goes to sleep. Can I, please?”

“Sure. You can do whatever you want to!” I replied emphatically.

She then let go of my cock and turned herself around and got on her hands and knees. She again grabbed my cock and stuffed it into her mouth. Her ass was now right beside my face. I reached my hand out and started rubbing her ass. She let out a moan. Then I reached inside one of the loose legs of the gym shorts. I continued to rub her ass under her shorts and above her panties. Then I started rubbing her leg and reaching around to the front side. I started to rub her vaginal lips through her panties.

“This isn’t fair at all,” I said. “I would like something to eat too!”

She then let my cock fall out of her mouth and sat back on her knees. She then sat on her ass and removed her shorts and panties together. She threw them off to the side and got back on her hands and knees again. She engulfed my cock as she did before. I grabbed one of her legs and lifted it over top of me so that her pussy was right at my face. I started licking her slit. She let out a moan while continuing to suck and slurp on my cock.

I found her hard little clit and sucked it into my mouth. Then I stuck a finger inside of her pussy. She let out a howl as I inserted my finger. She suddenly let go of my cock and lunged herself forward forcing my cock right down her throat. I let out a moan. It felt sooo good.

I stuck another finger inside of her and started moving them both together finger fucking her while still feasting on her clit. She continued bobbing up and down deep throating me.

“Oh God, I’m going to cum, Cherri, I’m going to CUM, baby!!!” I yelled out. No sooner did I say that when I felt her pussy gush with cum. her walls tightening around my fingers. I heard Cherri scream and then she shoved me all the way down her throat again as I let loose with a huge stream of my own cum down her throat.

We both continued cumming providing a little feast for each other to gobble up.

I pulled my fingers out of her pussy and licked them clean as Cherri let my now softening cock fall from her mouth. She lifted her leg up and over and got on her knees. Then she turned around facing me and said with a big smile, “That was wonderful. That’s the first time that I’ve cum in I don’t even know how long and I love sucking your cock and cum too! Thank you.”

“Can I ask you a favor?” I said.

“Sure, whatever you want, Brian,” she replied.

“I’ve wanted to see your tits for a long time and I know I saw them in the window, but... well...” I said.

“I’ll tell you what, Brian. Let’s make a deal. I’ll show you my tits, if that will get you hard again and you let me shove that wonderful cock of yours in my pussy!” she said and without waiting for an answer, she grabbed the bottom of her sports bra and yanked it off. She threw it off to the side and then swung her leg back over me and straddled me between her knees. Then she bent over as I was reaching up for her breasts. She wiggled forward as I started massaging both of her breasts in my hand so that her breasts were now right in front of my face.

I immediately stuck out my tongue and swirled it around one of her hard nipples. Then I stuck it in my mouth and started nibbling on it. She let out a little moan. I felt her hand reach behind her onto my abdomen. Then she slowly moved it down and grabbed my hardening cock. “Oh Brian, it worked. Your cock is getting hard again!”

She started stroking it as I continued to feast on her breasts. The harder I sucked, the faster she stroked. “Oh Brian, fuck me, fuck me Brian, but I want to be on top. You don’t mind a Cherri on top, do you? Bob won’t let me do that either,” she yelled out and then laughed.

She moved herself down while lifting her hips upward. She then maneuvered my cock to her wet opening. She wiggled my cock head up and down her slit and then wiggled her pussy so that my cock slipped just inside as she let out a howl. Suddenly, she sat down taking my entire cock inside of her.

“OH, FUCK YEA! Oh that is soooo fucking good! OOOOHHHHHH!” she now screamed out. She started bouncing up and down on top of me like a woman possessed. Her tits were bouncing all over. I reached out and grabbed them both with my hands. I continued to massage them and run my thumbs over her nipples the best I could as she continued her uncontrolled bouncing.

“Oh my God. You’re cock feels soooo good. Oh, Oh... Mmmmmm!” she continued.

I was as hard as steel and Cherri’s pussy felt so good. I just closed my eyes allowing the sensation to overcome me. I wasn’t anywhere near cumming, but her tight pussy felt soooo good riding my shaft up and down.

“Oh GOD. I’m cumming again!. Oh, OH, OOOOHHHHHHH!” Cherri yelled as her pussy now gripped my cock like a vice. I could feel her juices gushing all around my hard cock. It was streaming down my cock onto my balls and ass. Cherri fell forward onto me continuing to shake from her orgasm.

I wrapped both of my arms around her while she continued shaking. Then I started running my hands up and down her back. I moved my right hand down around her ass and massaged her ass cheek.

Cherri was now limp on top of me with my hard cock still deep inside of her. She was still moaning as I continued exploring her ass. My finger now started traveling up and down the crack of her ass from the top of my cock to her ass hole.

I grabbed her hip with my left hand and started moving her hips slowly up and down on my cock again. Cherri let out a little moan and continued to slowly ride up and down on my cock by herself.

Now I started massaging her left ass cheek with my left hand and I maneuvered my right hand finger to her ass hole. I pushed my finger into it slightly. “Oh no. Don’t Brian, No, don’t,” she said almost in a whisper, but continued pumping me.

I ignored her words and stuck my finger in further up to my second knuckle. “Oh, Ohh, OHHH!” she yelled.

I shoved my finger in all the way now and she suddenly came again and slammed herself down on me. Her juices again came streaming down my cock as she started shaking again and moaning in my ear.

I pulled my finger out and now just massaged both ass cheeks with both of my hands. She just kept moaning softly in my ear.

After another minute or so, she looked up into my face and said, “Oh God, Brian. That was sooo good!” She pressed her lips into mine and kissed me softly. She continued to kiss me gently. Then her kisses became a little more aggressive and I felt her mouth open slightly as she stuck her tongue out and through my lips. We danced with our tongues as I started to move her hips up and down slightly again.

“Mmmm,” she moaned while still continuing to kiss me. I felt her hand now running through my hair.

She pulled her face away from me and sat up with my hard cock still inside of her. She continued to slowly move up and down my hard shaft. “I can’t believe you’re still hard. You feel sooooo good in my pussy,” she said.

She then reached behind herself and found my balls with her hand. She started gently massaging them as she continued her slow piston rhythm. “Mmmm, you feel so good,” she whispered out loud with her eyes now closed.

I was now starting to feel like I could cum again soon. “Let’s try one more thing, Cherri,” I said as I gently raised her up by her hips. As I continued to lift her up on her knees, my cock popped out of her pussy.

I started to wiggle myself up and out from under her. As I stood up, my cock was now right in front of her as she was still on her knees. She grabbed my cock and wrapped her mouth around my cock head. She swirled her tongue around it. She gently started bobbing herself forward and backward sucking on my cock.

This felt great, but now I felt the need to get off. I placed both of my hands just under her arms and lifted her up to her feet. I wrapped my arms around her and started kissing her. I again started massaging her back and ass with my arms. she felt wonderful in my arms. I could feel my cock twitching between her legs against her vaginal lips.

I backed away from her and spun her around. She was facing the kitchen table. I bent her over and she placed her hands on the table. I grabbed my hard cock and placed it at her entrance. I shoved my cock head inside of her. Then I grabbed her hips and lunged forward shoving myself inside of her all the way.

“OH YESSS, BRIAN! Fuck me, fuck me hard. Give me that wonderful hard cock of yours!!!” Cherri yelled out.

With my hands still on her hips, I started thrusting as hard as I could. “OH YEA!!! FASTER, FASTER, FASTER!” she screamed out.

I complied with her wishes pistoning myself forward and back. She was now matching my rhythm thrusting her ass backwards with each thrust. I moved my right hand around her front and found her clit. I moved my left hand up to her left nipple and and started pinching it. “OH GOD, YES, YES, OHHHH, YESSSSS!” she continued screaming louder and louder.

My balls now tightened and my cock head swelled as I shoved myself as hard as I could deep inside her pussy. I let out a huge stream of my sperm deep inside of her. I felt Cherri wiggle her ass managing to shove my cock in just a little bit deeper as I let out another jet of cum. Her pussy clenched my cock again as before. I continued to shoot my load inside of her as she went completely limp. She fell forward onto the table. I held her up by her hips and kept my cock inside of her. I continued with small thrusts as I continued to shoot out small spurts of cum.

I felt my cock now shrinking inside of her pussy. I leaned forward onto Cherri’s back still keeping my soft cock inside of her. I kissed her gently on her neck and shoulders. She let out little moans of pleasure.

After a couple more minutes, she stood up and my cock fell from inside of her. She turned around and wrapped her arms around my neck. She looked deep into my eyes and said, “That was amazing. Just amazing. I don’t think I have ever cum like that in my life. I haven’t experiencing anything like this in my life! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

She leaned in and started kissing me again.

I still had my bathrobe on, but Cherri was completely naked. We continued kissing and I ran both of my hands up and down the back of her body. She started moaning softly while continuing to kiss me.

After a couple more minutes of kissing and caressing, Cherri dropped down to her knees again. She grabbed my cock with one hand and my balls with the other. She opened her mouth and again started lapping away at my cock. “Mmmm, mmmmm, mmmm, you taste soooo good, Brian. Mmmmm!” she said as she continued sucking away.

After a few minutes longer, she pulled my cock out of her mouth and stood back up. She wrapped her hand around the back of my head and again leaned in and started kissing me deeply.

I moved both of my hands to her ass and massaged both of her as cheeks. She then whispered in my ear, “Brian, I think that I’m going to have to do many, many more inspections of the house. We’ll need to come up with a whole lot of remodeling projects to do.” Then she laughed and continued to kiss me.

She then pulled away and said, “Well, I better get going. Thank you soooo much. You are wonderful.” She walked over to her clothes and started getting dressed. I pulled my bathrobe together and tied it back up.

After Cherri was dressed again, she came up to me and wrapped one arm around the small of my back. She placed her other hand in the opening of my bathrobe at my chest and then slowly moved it inwards as she leaned forward and started kissing me again.

She continued to kiss me and massage my chest for a couple of minutes. Then she pulled away and said, “I’d better stop or I’ll never get out of here. Thanks again. You are wonderful!”

We walked to the door and as I reached for the doorknob, she suddenly dropped to her knees in front of me again and ripped open my bathrobe. She grabbed my semi hard cock and looked up at me and said, “I can’t stand it! Just one more taste. I just love your cock!” and she immediately engulfed it. She again started deep throating me. As she continued sucking away on my cock, she wrapped her hand around one of my ass cheeks and started massaging it.

With my cock still in her mouth, she looked up at me and all of the sudden she stuck her finger up my ass. Then she let my cock out of her mouth and said, “Well, it’s my turn. Payback, right?” and laughed. She then immediately stuck my cock back in her mouth. Now she started shoving her finger in and out at the same time she moved her mouth forward and backward. After about a minute of this, I came yet again.

She swallowed up all of my cum again and let my soft cock fall from her mouth. She licked her lips and said, “Mmmmm.” She stood up and opened the front door, turned around and said, “I’ll see you later. Hopefully real soon!” and she left.

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