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The Housewife meets the young Landscapers again


It had been close to three months since my dream like encounter with the Latino landscapers. Nevertheless, every morning since, the memories kept coming back into my head. Most morning I would wake up and find myself touching myself in a caressing manner reliving the experience of the wildest sexcapade of my life.

I had seen the boys on occasions from a distance while they worked in our yard, or driving through the area but being pragmatic decided it was a one off, by a couple of twenty year olds taking advantage of a forty year old, not that I was complaining at all.

It was September, I awoke on Thursday morning to see Martin already dressed and ready for work, he was in such a rush he hardly said goodbye …the kids were away until the Saturday on a school trip.. I dozed in bed until about 7.30am then got up got dressed in my torn up jeans and a bit of a skimpy white T shirt and dashed around the house tidying up, by 8am I was heading down to the garden nursery for a few bedding plants for the front border ..I picked up a trolley at the entrance and has a wander around, at that time in the morning their was hardly a soul there, by this time I was near the back of the store grounds and I as turned around to return on the same path my heart gave a massive leap as Polo approached me arm outstretched to give me a hug,

“Hi Sue, I have missed you,” he said, I just melted in his arm knowing I was his to do with as he wanted While the hug was quickly over he whispered it my ear “Is the bush still trimmed.”

Before I can answer, his hand is down the front of my tatty jeans straight to my pussy to check and then with a big smile he continues to stoke me in the middle of the aisle, with me enjoying the stroking but looking up and down for other shoppers to catch us, He realizes the predicament and virtually drags me into a staff work and storage area, pushes me to my knees, drop his shorts where I eagerly grab his beautiful penis and take it straight down my throat with the help of my two hand as well, I had his power tool totally in my control.

”Now in me,” I gasped out to him.

He quickly lifted me up bent me over what smelt like a diesel fifty five gallon drum, virtually ripped my jeans and underwear down and with a few dragging of his penis up my slit he went all the way in. I has been ready for this moment the first time I saw him in the store There was certainly no pretence at a romantic moment this was just sheer unadulterated fucking at its best.

I was on my second orgasm as he finally filled me up, but we both stay connected for a few more moments to let the sheer power of sexual satisfaction flow over us both. As we came back down to earth, Polo pulled up his shorts and tried to get my clothes rearranged. With my hair looking wild as well, I looked like I had been dragged through a hedge backwards, with my jeans looking like they were going to fall to bits and my T shirt stinking of diesel from the drum I had been bent over.

It really was quite a funny situation but we managed to get out through a side exit. I left my trolley with the bedding plants behind, Polo had told me that Gilberto was outside in their big motor home and I could clean up in there. We got to the motor home and I was amazed this is a 40ft home on wheels with absolutely everything from a shower to king size bed with a TV to a full size refrigerator and microwave oven, even with leather furniture; it was obviously a few years old but in immaculate condition.

We clambered aboard, to see Gilberto sitting at the table having his coffee and he roared with laughter when he sees the state of me.

“Polo,” he says to his brother, “what have you done to our Sue.” Polo laughed.

“.I saw Sue,” he said, “I just needed to fuck her immediately."

“Well let’s get her cleaned up,” said Gilberto.

He leaned into a draw and pulled out a huge men’s t-shirt, “This will do as a dress for you for now Sue.” He then leaned forward and whispered in my ear.

“Do I get a turn later.”

I looked him back straight in the eyes and said, “Do you need it.”

“Oh yes.” he said.

“Then you get all you need I replied with a smile.” We headed into the shower.

Ten minutes later, I emerged feeling clean and refreshed even my hair washed with my white T-shirt dress on. I had managed to salvage the belt from my jeans, which made the outfit look quite presentable, all my old clothes I had put in a plastic bag to be disposed in the trash.
I got home. I came back out into the main cabin and both the boys were sitting at the table giving me a few appreciative whistles.

Gilberto called me to his side and asked, “Have you put on a little weight Sue.”

Hubby Martin, had already said this a few days before that my stomach seem to have added a few pounds and I was a bit embarrassed by this, But Gilberto asked me to lift the shirt for an inspection, which I did, and with both his big brown hands he roamed the entire region. Concluding he liked it, which of course brought a great big smile to my face, of course, I am sure he also wanted to check the shaven pussy as well, an important factor it seemed for the boys.

The boys were going through all their business details at the table so I got a coffee and sat in the big front passenger, which was swiveled to face the main compartment. They told me they were expecting another visitor shortly and would I mind waiting of course not I said, no rush for me today at all.

It must have been about 45 minutes later, there was a knock on the door, and Polo answered it, and in led Sarah, a neighbor of two streets away from myself. I did not know her more than a casual good morning type neighbor, and that our sons shared some classes together. I remember her being a keep fit fanatic, which seemed to be borne out by the running shoes, tight running top and shorts she was wearing. However, she was a few years older than I was! She gave both brothers a hug as a hello and sat in the swivel chair next to me, looking at me she said.

“Hi Sue how are you.” are you a member of the group as well.

My defenses went up a little, as I really did not understand what was going on.
Both brothers looked at Sarah and I.

“Sue, go into the bedroom with Sarah she wants to talk to you about a few things.”

I followed Sarah into the main rear bedroom which had a huge king size bed. I plonked myself down on the edge feeling a little apprehensive about the situation. Sarah said straight away that there was no need for alarm. The brothers felt you should know more about things to see if you want to be a regular part of their meet-ups. Sarah casually removed her shorts and T-shirt leaving her dressed in just her bikini briefs and a sports bra. I could not help but look her body over as she was so well toned and with an amazing flat stomach.

She went on to explain the brothers enjoyed sex with us older ladies as we knew where we were in life, and that we enjoyed sex with them being younger men and knowing there would be no recrimination or comebacks to our families. Sarah and I looked at each other and smiled, both agreeing it was a great situation for everybody, especially us forties women with a high sexual libido. She readily admitted she had been seeing the brothers for over a year, with meet ups roughly every few months. She already knew about my first event with the boys and I added the details about the fuck in the garden nursery earlier, she really lapped up all the details and at the same time put her hand in her panties and stroking herself, and said.

“Damn you Sue, your making me wet,” a great episode for you and I like that one, I must try that myself, and we laughed together. I asked her about her first meet up with the boys.

“You will like this,” she said, and went on to explain.

“It was just over a year ago, I had broken down at the side of the road about 20 miles from home, I had called AAA and they were going to take an hour to get there. A minivan came past just as I got off the phone with AAA and a person got out and asked if he could help, I told him AAA was on the way. He seemed familiar. I asked him if I knew him.”

“Of course I’m Polo; we do your landscaping and grass cutting every week at your home.”

“Of course.” I said. I had admired his physique many times when he was working in our yard.

“We are going past your street.” he said. “Can we give you a ride home.”

Great I thought no standing here for an hour. I called back AAA and told them where the keys, were grabbed my bag and bits and headed to the minivan. Polo opened the sliding door and Gilberto welcomed me, I recognized him straight away, another fine looking person.

The middle row of seats had been taken out to give space to carry stuff no doubt. I leapt into the bench seat right at the back, and off we went. We banted with a few jokes and the boys kept looking back at my legs, I was wearing a knee length grey skirt and a white blouse but with the lowness of the rear seat my skirt had ridden up a fair bit, they obviously enjoyed the view, of course I played up to them a bit crossing my legs etc. and improving their view, then Polo blatantly asked me to lift my skirt right up so they could see all my legs, I was shocked for a second and then I though here are two young handsome men wanting to see more of a 45-year-old women I blurted out.

“Only if you force me.” and there is my secret Sue. I am a bit of a masochist I get more sexual pleasure when I am forced into it and my sexual high increases when I receive pain as the same time, I don’t mean getting beaten, just forcefulness turns me on.

“Wow!” I said, “That’s not for me,” but everyone to their own.

Sarah continued with the story, after blurting out “only if you force me” Polo stared at me for a few moments and I’m sure he understood immediately, he got up from his seat and clambered into the back with me kneeling down in front of me he grabbed my legs pulling me forward on the seat which raised my skirt even higher then grabbed my knees and pulled them wide apart so my panties where plainly on view for him. With Gilberto watching in the mirror, Polo’s hand wandered all over my legs, eventually getting to the edge of my panties and tried pulling them down, but sitting on them made it difficult. He put his hand in his pocket pulled out a penknife; opened it and pulling my panties to one side sliced right them and pulled the bits away from me.

At that very moment, Gilberto had pulled of the road, had stopped the van, and had turned around so he could see all. Polo was already playing with my pussy and holding it open for Gilberto to see everything and give approval to my well shaven pussy.

“Sue, I have to tell you it was so exciting with two young men really into doing these things too me”. Polo then undid my safety belt and ordered me to undo my blouse, I was a bit slow to do this and he grabbed my hair and shouted now! This was getting even better.

I undid my blouse and then Polo got his knife out again and cut my bra in the middle, then pulled the pieces to one side exposing my breast to both their gaze he grabbed my nipples and with some force twisted and pulled them, which caused a little pain which is exactly what I wanted. He then pulled me off the seat put me down to the floor and he sat in the seat, but not before dropping his shorts so I was kneeling before him staring at this half hard beautiful penis, he grabbed my hair hard again, I pulled my head towards it, I got my mouth around him. I could feel his erection growing in my mouth within a second and he controlled the pace by holding my hair. A few minutes of this and he pulled me off him, then pulling me up from the floor, he raised my skirt to waist level, had me kneel either side of his legs, so my pussy was directly in line with his engorged manhood. He supported my weight with his arm he lowered me on too him, very slowly, I was so wet.

He went in an inch and just held there for a few seconds, what a wonderful feeling and slowly he dropped me until the whole length was deep inside me and, as you know he is a big boy. He started pulling and twisting my nipples again to give me the pain I craved to add to the delicious sexual heaven I was entering. I must have come two or three times before I could see the expression on his face telling me he was getting close, the pace suddenly quickened and he explode inside of me and I came again at the same moment...Supreme bliss.

“I have to say it was one of my best sexual experiences of my life, so far that is.
By the way, your nipples are sticking up from your t-shirt you enjoyed hearing about it as well.”

“Yes, I am getting quite hot myself.” Sarah leaned over and started feeling my nipples through my t-shirt just stroking them.

I am not gay, but I like woman’s bodies as well.” She claimed.

“Do you mind” she said “not at all” I replied, with that her hand went up under my T shirt style dress straight to my pussy and started stroking me.

“Oh you are wet as I am.” she said, as she rubbed my clit with the touch only a women has.

We were both now lying outstretched on the bed on our sides using our elbows to raise our heads facing each other. I raised my knees up to let Sarah have easier access to me, with her other hand she pulled her panties to one side and said check my wetness; how could I refuse. We both lay facing each other and playing with each other for a good few minutes, and both us of us were getting quite heated with it until I asked what happened next in this story,

“Sorry Sue I, got distracted,” and we both laughed

“Ok, to continue,” she said, after we both came.

I was exhausted and sweaty, I was sitting on the floor with my back to the rear seat, just resting, fortunately the van had heavily tinted windows so nobody could see inside, Gilberto started the van and off we went. Polo got back into the front passenger seat. We arrived back at my house in about 20 minutes as I put my ruined underwear in my purse I found the garage remote in the bottom of the purse and opened the garage door as we arrived and closed it once we were inside. We all went into the house I got the boys a beer each and rushed off to freshen up; it was only three pm so there was no rush for me. A quick shower and I put on some nice silk pajamas, which I often wore about the house and make me look quite slinky, me I thought.

I came back down and grabbed a glass of wine and chatted to the boys like old friends. What of course I did not realize immediately, is what one has; the other has to have as well. By now the boys were fully aware of my weakness and had been planning while I was getting cleaned up….Gilberto was standing at the kitchen window looking at the pool and asked if they could take a cool dip and would I care to join them, You go ahead I said, but not for me today, with that Gilberto picked me up, walked out through the door to the pool lanai and unceremoniously threw me into the water, unfortunately it was not very warm. But again, just as always, being forced into something gets me hot, Gilberto dropped his short and sat on the side of the pool, I swam straight over too him and of course my face was at penis level, I started to tease it with my tongue and it grew too full size within five seconds, Gilberto put his legs over my shoulders and pulled me into him very tightly until I was taking his whole penis in my mouth but he left enough slack so I could get the friction going on him, it didn’t take long and he pulled me in so tight I was nearly choking and he released such a load, I was gulping to get it down.

He then took off his shirt, jumped into the pool, and helped me take of my pajamas. We then both swam a couple of lengths, by now Polo has joined us and was sitting on the pool steps, his beautiful penis laying on his thigh, I swam straight to him to get a taste of this one … No force needed here but he grabbed my hair and mad me kneel on the bottom step and lean into him a quick bit of handwork had him fully erect and my mouth fully around him and sucking madly, he was certainly enjoying it as he just leaned back with a smile on his face, Gilberto came up behind me and with my ass in the air had no trouble in ramming into me very hard, You do forget how quickly young men can recover. He must have kept up the pummeling of my pussy for nearly 10 minutes. Whereas Polo had filled my mouth again in just a few minutes.

My body was in heaven; orgasms after orgasm had flowed through me that day and were still coming. Just as Gilberto filled my insides with his seed, we matched orgasms, I will tell you Sue, I was so exhausted. Nevertheless, so sexually satisfied. It was starting to get late the boys quickly got dressed and I led them through the house to their van in the garage. As they pulled out, I went to Polo’s side window, thanked them both, and quickly asked if we can do it all again sometime. They looked at each other, smiled and Sue we will be in touch. They did, and it has been around every three months since.

“Wow, that’s some first meeting. You have got me even wetter.”

“Let me see,” she said,

By this time, Sarah had pulled my t-shirt up, and got her head straight to my pussy and teased my clit with her tongue and with at least two of her fingers moving in and out of me at a rapid rate. I of course, just laid back and let the pleasure’s flow all over me, until after a slow build up my orgasm just seem to explode my whole body. I sat up panting, and looked at Sarah, who was looking quite sad.

“What is the matter?” I asked,

“Sue, could you do the same for me.”

“Of course.” I said pulling her panties off as I said it, that brought her back to smiling,

She was so charged up she came in less than two minutes, by now we were both exhausted but knew we would have to satisfy both men again before we could leave, We both laid back and had a nice hour long recovery nap.

We both awoke to a start to see the two boys standing over us and applauding. We were both still a bit hot and sticky, got up, and headed for the shower together. Enjoying a bit of soaping of each other bodies. With towels wrapped around us, we returned to the main cabin and sat with the boys at the table. Gilberto then went on too ask if we had time the following week for a special event again, Sarah and I looked at each other, smiling.

Yes sure.” we spoke in unison

He then went on to tell us that their cousin Julio was celebrating his 18th birthday
The following week and they wanted him to get the right training from experienced women, and we both had been picked, as teachers. Sue for her fuck and suck skills and Sarah for her talents, Sarah and I just smiled at each other. Polo said we will meet at this same spot about midday next week and then drive for an hour out of town to somewhere quiet for lunch and then for the fun. He reminded us both to wear a blouse, skirt with stockings, a thong and a sexy bra, etc.

Gilberto then took my hand and led me straight into the bedroom, leaving Sarah and Polo sitting at the table. Gilberto divested all his clothing and lay down on the bed face down.

“How about a massage Sue he said, oil is in the cupboard.”

“No problems.” says I, and fetched the massage oil, and then stood back to admire his naked muscular rear with his ass cheeks a few shades lighter than the rest of his body.

I dropped my towel and sat on his back, started on his back and shoulder, and worked my way down his whole body, nothing was being Sue just the occasional low moan from him. He was virtually asleep by the time I got to his feet, but a little nudge and he turned over, again I sat across his body again with his flaccid penis tucked safely in between my leg, and started on his chest, and again working down moving myself slowly down his body, but leaving his penis to come back to later.

  I arrived at his feet again and then came back to his power tool and slowly brought it back to life at which he opened his eyes and a broad grin came across his face, Step aboard Sue he said, and I swung my leg over him and inserted his penis into me an inch at a time and savoring each moment of the glorious feeling, Buy the time is was fully inside me, we hardly moved, as my vaginal muscles squeezed him inside me, which gave him a great deal of pleasure it seemed, and prolonged the excitement of it all, Slowly I started to increase the pace and his body started to raise in unison with my downward thrust, And with one last heavy thrust upward his seed exploded into my body, with my own orgasm shaking my body to the core. I rolled off Gilberto and we both lay side by side exhausted for a few moments until we heard strange guttural sounds coming from the main cabin,

Gilberto looked at me and smiled. “Sue, that Sarah is a strange one.”  

I just had to see what was going on and peeped through cracked open door to see Sarah tied up, face down, across the table, with Polo behind here thrusting really hard into her and then withdrawing completely and then thrusting fully home again which knocked the wind right out of Sarah and causing the sounds, she just loved it. I quietly shut the door, Gilberto and I got dressed and waited a while until the noises stopped, added a few more minutes and went out to the main cabin, Sarah and Polo were dressed and had drinks for us all ready,

“All ok Sarah.” I asked.

“Oooh yes.” she replied. We all laughed.

After an hour, we all left the RV, headed home, time to rest, and prepare for the teaching session the following week…



TO BE CONTINUED in Chapter three  


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