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The Leather Anniversary - Part 3

The Leather Anniversary - Part 3

Our wonderfully erotic night with Christina continues
I felt a little bad when I turned my attentions back to Christina. After all, it was Sean’s anniversary too. Ah! Who am I kidding? Sean loved every second of his torment. Besides, I did all the work, all the planning. It was my time to reap the benefit. Not to mention, he had his go. It wasn’t my fault he didn’t take time to enjoy it. Actually, that was totally my fault. But it’s not my fault he can’t have multiple orgasms. Oh well! His loss was my gain.

Christina was smiling from ear to ear as I turned to face her, twirling the crop in my fingers. I wasn’t smiling at all. There is just something about wearing a strap on that makes you feel, well, manly. It’s like an instant attitude adjustment, like Clark Kent taking off his glasses. Now I can’t say they have that effect on everyone, but they certainly have that effect on me. I mean before, while I was dominating Sean, I was certainly submissive to Chris. Not anymore, not while I was wearing my cock.

Ironically, as masculine as I felt wearing it, I felt just as feminine walking with it. I had pulled every last millimeter of slack out of the harness. Hell, it was almost cutting off circulation to my legs! But with every step, this massive cock just flopped up and down, each time slapping my leg, before popping up against my stomach. Oh my god it was such a beautiful sight, one that certainly would have made John Holmes envious. Still, each time it flopped down, the dongs that penetrated me pulled out slightly before fucking back into me. I was being fucked with every step. Thankfully, I was only Five steps from Christina. Any more, and I would have collapsed on the floor in orgasm. That fucking, coupled with the fuck-me eyes Christina was wearing had me ready to pounce.

“Mmm, fuck you look amazing,” Christina moaned breathlessly, as her hand reached out to caress my shaft.

My fingers combed through her blonde curls, as I took in every inch of her perfect body. Without warning, I gripped those golden locks in my hand, her neck arching back, her eyes widening. Christina looked like a scared bunny held by the scruff of the neck. I pulled her back, bowing her back until her curls were draped on the floor, simultaneously bending down to kiss her the way I love to be kissed, the way I long to be kissed by Sean every night he comes home from work and sees me.

Oh God, how I love to be kissed like that. There are many men who feel we women like to be abused. How wrong they are! Others are afraid to be aggressive, thinking it is disrespectful. No one wants to be abused. It’s not about that. But when a man kisses you like that, it lets you know you are desired. That’s what we want; to feel desired. We want to feel beautiful, sexy, to feel that we turn you on so much that you just have to have us. We want to feel like you won’t take no for an answer, but at the same time, know you love and respect us. 

So I knew exactly how Christina felt. Kissing her that way seemed to connect us, not only was I feeling what my husband feels when he kisses me that way, but I could feel what she felt as well. I could feel her relax in my arms, submitting to me. I could feel her moist, succulent lips pressing against mine, her tongue swirling around my own. I felt her hardened nipples pressing into my bosom, my nipples burning with desire. I could feel her left arm reach up and around my neck, pulling me to her, welcoming my aggression. I felt her right hand on my dildo, which at this point was exquisitely sensitive. It felt so real that I swear I could feel her tender hand sliding up and down the shaft, even as the base caressed my clitoris with each stroke. It was such an erotic sensation, feeling masculine and feminine at the same time.

I’m not completely sure who broke the kiss. Was it she, eager to kiss and explore my body once again? Or was it I, needing her lips lower to quell my own lust? I know that my hand was definitely guiding her, pulling her by her hair to where I needed her, at least at first. Yet she seemed so willing to go, like a puppy on a leash yanking my hand, lugging me to where she wanted to play, to her favorite playground.

Her tongue felt so wonderful on my neck. The roughness tickling my flesh, causing the short hairs on my neck to stand at attention, like obedient little soldiers. I treasured that sensation. Like I said before, any time Sean kisses me there, my neck involuntarily crooks, and my shoulder rises to protect that sensitive spot, no matter how much I love it. She seemed to have the power to control that reflex, and I wanted the sensation to last. Still, she resisted my attempts to keep her there, dragging my hand, which still gripped her hair tautly, as she kissed her way down between my breasts.

I almost let her get away with it—almost. When I felt her biting down on my nipple, the delightful twinge that streaked up my spine woke me up. As delicious as that felt, it was obvious that she did not appreciate the gravity of the situation. There was no way I could let my bitch go unpunished. Without warning, I crashed the crop down on her bare ass, wishing I had a more substantial instrument to punish her with.

“Ow!” she cried, caught completely off-guard, her ass recoiling from the blow.

Christina stared up at me with quizzical eyes. I looked down on her sternly, leaning back down to kiss her. I pushed my tongue into her mouth much more forcefully this time, feeling the vibrations of her throat as she moaned and melted into my arms. This time she followed my lead as I guided her mouth down my neck, savoring the sensations it provided. There were a few times when her eagerness prevailed and I felt her tongue licking somewhere I had not guided her to. Each time, she was rewarded with the red imprint of my riding crop on her bare ass.

Leisurely, I steered her as she worked her mouth along my tender flesh. Eventually, she learned not to veer off course, but I still supplied the occasional swat to her buttocks. These were much gentler than the initial whacks. Still, by this time, her ass had turned a deep crimson, inflamed and swollen, the sight of which had the same impact on my clit.

Finally, I had guided her down to my cock. I swear, when I felt her tongue licking its way up the shaft, I could feel it. I know it was rubber, but it felt so real. And I know I had a miniature vibrator against my clit, but every lick added something. It was like every nerve ending in my body was hyper-sensitized and absorbing her manipulations.

At first, I let her enjoy my cock. I watched as her mouth worked up and down, as she flicked her tongue across the tip. I let her look up into my eyes seductively, showing me how turned on I made her. I even let her rub her pussy as she sucked me, leaving only one hand to control that massive shaft. I allowed it because it looked so incredibly delicious. My God, I was huge, and watching her toy with it that way was just so erotic. But playtime was just about over; for her anyway.

“Suck it. Suck my dick,” I told her, trying my best to sound both forceful and masculine.

I toyed in her hair as I watched her take the tip into her mouth, her lips stretch wide to its impressive girth. When she had the entire head in her mouth, just as she was about to pull back, I pulled her down further onto it, gently inching my hips forward at the same time. Inch by glorious inch, the silicone shaft disappeared into her mouth. She was less than halfway down when it reached the back of her throat. She heaved slightly, and then relaxed, as I let her ease back out to catch her breath.

Christina’s next journey down was a little faster. I felt her throat open this time as the tip slid past her tonsillar pillars and down her throat. She didn’t get it all the way down, not on the third or fourth attempt either. Still, each time it got a little easier for her; she went just a little faster and just a little further with each pass. On her fifth try, I felt the tip of her nose just brush my mons before retreating. That’s when I knew she was ready.

That night, I realized exactly why men love their cocks sucked. Seeing her suck my dick made me realize why men always watch, why they always insist on having at least a modicum of light. It made me understand why they love it when I take it down my throat, despite all the sensitive nerve endings being concentrated in the tip. Even if I couldn’t feel it, just the way it looked was so fucking erotic; every bit as erotic as I feel sucking one. But I could feel it. As odd as that may sound, I could feel it. The more Christina had embedded in her throat, the closer her lips were to the base, the stronger I felt it. Perhaps it was just the vibrations in her throat amplifying the signals. Perhaps the further she went down, the more intense the pressure on my clit became. Or perhaps the visual stimulation was just synergistic with the physical ones. Whatever it was, it felt fucking fabulous.

I was just about to explode when I pulled her back, the entire shaft soaked with her saliva. I could tell by the look in her eye that she didn’t want to stop. Still, by this time, she knew better than to disobey me. As I pulled her to her feet, I ran the crop up her inner thigh, letting the shaft glide along her slit, getting it just as wet as my silicone cock.

“Get on the bed,” I demanded.

“Yes mistress.” Christina looked into my eyes just long enough to acknowledge my demand. Still, I was so focused on her, so connected, that that split second was all it took to read her like a book. There was no fear in her eyes. She tried her best to mask it, to appear emotionless, but the glimmer in her eyes, the ever-so-slight curl of her lip betrayed her.

I watched as she climbed up onto the bed, her crimson ass begging to be kissed. She lay in the middle of the bed, her head turned looking at me seductively, invitingly. She was such a beautiful sight. I’m a little embarrassed to admit it, but I actually started wondering if Sean could ever be satisfied with me after being with her. Perhaps that hint of jealously was partly responsible for my keeping her to myself. Perhaps it was also partly responsible for how I was treating her. I knew it was ridiculous the second I felt it, and I certainly wasn’t going to allow a little jealousy to deprive me of my fun.

With a crook of my finger, I beckoned her to me. She crawled to the edge of the bed looking up at me, her tummy never rising off the sheets. Grabbing her hair, I flipped her over onto her back, her head hanging off the edge of the bed. Slowly, I eased my silicone cock into her mouth, watching it disappear. As it slipped into her throat, I watched in amazement as her neck expanded, like watching a snake swallowing its prey. It was amazingly erotic, and I soon caught myself pistoning in and out of Christina’s mouth, watching the wave ripple up and down her slender neck. It wasn’t until I felt her patting my leg that I remembered to pull out and let her breathe. When I did, she gasped for air a couple of times, and then quickly took me back in, as if she hadn’t eaten in a month.

I continued to fuck Christina’s tight little mouth, getting faster and harder with each pass, remembering to pull out and slap her pretty little face with my massive cock when I saw her struggling. I loved it, treating her like my dirty little whore. She loved it too, evidenced by her enthusiasm. Each thrust into my Christina’s mouth was met with an equal thrust of her own, stretching out to meet me, the tip of her nose pounding so delightfully into my little asshole. In an effort to get even more stimulation, her knees flexed as her hips splayed open wide, exposing her swollen pussy like a precious work of art. For a second, she just lay there exposed, nothing obstructing my glorious view. I licked my lips as I envisioned sucking those meaty lips into my mouth once again, that is until they were covered, my visual stimulus hidden from my lustful eyes by Christina’s intrusive fingers.

“How disrespectful!” I thought to myself. I hadn’t given her permission to pleasure herself; she was here for my pleasure.

Reaching over, I retrieved my crop, gripping it lightly in my fingers. I loved the way the leather handle felt, so delicate, yet so powerful, just like me. Suddenly, I felt like a Jedi knight, like a young Luke Skywalker holding his light saber for the first time. I laid the leather pad down on her calf, gliding it up her leg and onward up her inner thigh. She didn’t seem to notice, too busy twirling her clitoris between her fingers. I swatted her hand, hard enough that she pulled it away and shook it, trying to fan off the burn it left behind. I took full advantage of the opening. With my dong firmly planted down her throat, I crashed my crop down on her tender slit.

I was so thankful my cock was made of rubber; I hadn’t considered the repercussions. Christina’s ass rose a full foot off the sheets as her muffled scream filled the room. She bit down, not intentionally, but the pain tensed every muscle in her body, including her jaw. She paused that way for a good five seconds, long enough that I worried I had really hurt her. Then she relaxed and continued to work her mouth up and down my shaft.

I didn’t know if I should stop or continue, so I did nothing, I just stood there watching her beautiful body. Christina took notice. Taking me out of her mouth, she looked up at me, puzzled.

“What’s wrong? Why did you stop?”

“Are you ok? Did I hurt you?” I asked her, truly concerned that I had.

“Oh, it hurt, but don’t stop,” she moaned.

Smiling, I started thrusting my hips, pushing my cock back down her throat. I was a little more careful this time, swatting her inner thighs like she had bugs crawling all over them. She definitely reacted, moaning her approval around my shaft. Each successive swat grew harder and closer to her to her sex as I alternated sides at random, keeping her guessing where the next would land. Her hand twitched and twisted, fighting the urge to protect herself, fighting the urge finish herself off. I reveled in her whimpers, her tiny gasps through her flared nostrils, as she struggled to breathe, her hips rocking up to meet each crashing blow.

I withheld from slapping her clit again. I could tell she wanted it, and that was partly why I didn’t, but the real reason is I was afraid of hurting her. I was so new to this, a genuine novice. I had no clue how hard was too hard, and in my present state, holding back was difficult at best. Instead, I ran the full length of the shaft along her slit, slowly sliding the rough leather against her hyper-sensitized flesh. And when she disobeyed me, attacking her clit with her fingers, rubbing herself fervently through a series of quaking orgasms, I simply smiled.

Exhausted, Christina spat out my cock, content with it lying on her cheek. She was drenched. Beads of sweat decorated her forehead like stars in the night sky, only shimmering twice as brightly. She looked so comfortable, satisfied, and I’m sure if I had let her, she would have fallen asleep, having already experienced the most erotic night of her life. I wasn’t about to let her off that easily.

Climbing up on the bed, I lay on my back, pulling Christina on top of me. I could tell by the look in her eye she wanted to rest a few more minutes, that is until she guided my cock inside her. Her eyes rolled back, mouth agape, as she lowered her spent body onto me. Reaching up, I pulled her torso down, feeling her heaving breasts mash into mine. Gently, I held her, caressing her back, tenderly scratching her flesh with my nails, up and down her spine. As she slowly regained her strength, I felt her hips begin to oscillate. At first, the movements were tiny, yet detectable. The dongs inside me swayed, like tiny dancers, while her pubic bone ground into my clit.

When Christina first came to lie on my chest, her breaths were slow and deep, each inhalation pressing painfully into my chest. Each gentle rock of her hips empowered her, reenergized her. While her breaths progressively shallowed, her thrusts deepened, impaling herself further, harder, and faster on my massive cock.

Until this point, Sean sat patiently in the chair beside the bed, watching, waiting for his opportunity to redeem himself. Reaching behind Christina, I squeezed her ass firmly, encouraging her. When I knew she was ready, I crooked a finger at my loving husband, beckoning him. He slid into bed beside her, almost giddy with excitement. Looking tenderly into his loving eyes, I stroked his cheek, my dainty fingers trailing down the length of the shaft protruding from his ball gag. I licked my lips.

Sean was always sexy to me. He had this rugged, mature, confident, almost fatherly quality about him that I adored. Yet here he was, kneeling beside me, waiting to do my bidding, and so eager to serve. I felt so unconditionally loved, so trusted. Suddenly, I understood why I felt the way that I did. Sean was my protector and I trusted him with every fiber of my being. Submitting him, relinquishing control and power to him, was my way of expressing my love and trust. If he wanted, he could rip me in two, but I knew that he would never hurt me, because I knew he loved me. Now the roles were reversed, and knowing Sean trusted me likewise made me feel loved.

I continued gazing lovingly into his trusting eyes, even as I wrapped my hand around his dong and guided him behind Christina. Spreading her ass cheeks apart with my other hand, and with Christina’s assistance, I pulled him to her, lining the tip up with her tiny rosebud. Christina gasped into my ear as he pushed past her sphincter, burying his face in the crack of her ass.

The feeling was too much for her, and for me. We erupted in a perfect storm, a combination of sensations beyond description. As she rocked back and forth, her pubic bone ground into my clit, the dong in my ass stretched my sphincter while the other torqued into my G-spot. There was the thrill of pulling Sean’s face into my lover’s ass, the feeling of her juices dripping onto my leg, and the sounds of her moans, her pants, and her grunts. The smorgasbord of visual, tactile, and auditory stimuli had Christina and I cumming in unison until we collapsed in a sweaty, pathetic heap of exhaustion.

I’m not sure how long we lay there like that. Every muscle in my body, muscles I didn’t even know I had, ached. It took every ounce of strength in Christina to simply roll off of me, and every ounce of strength I had to move over enough for Sean to lay down beside me. I gazed into his eyes, using them to convey my love. After removing his ball-gag-cock harness, I caressed his cheek, praising him for such a wonderful night. He looked dejected, like I was telling him to take his ball and go home. He had no idea of the surprised I had in store for him, but it had to wait. Simply put, his anniversary present was too exhausted to continue.

With the morning sun piercing through the window, we fell asleep in a tangled mess. I hoped the “Do not disturb” sign was hanging on the door. I was sure I put it up, but was too tired to get up and check. Then again, the risk of being seen was always a thrill, and the thought, the potentials had me tingling yet again, grinding my crotch into Sean’s legs. Those were my last erotic thoughts as I drifted off to sleep.

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