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The Liquor Store Part II - Hooked

One night during casual conservation, I asked Michelle how she felt about inviting Mike over for dinner. I explained it would be a great way to show our appreciation for all the new business and be a treat for him to have a home cooked meal. She thought about it and said it would be a great idea, but didn’t want me to feel uncomfortable. Especially with what had happened before. She asked me to think about it.

Secretly, I had been thinking about it. Even though during sex we had been watching the video of her and Mike, I became fascinated about the thought of watching Mike fuck Michelle again. I didn’t know how to bring it up to her and turn our sexual fantasies into reality.

I decided to wait a few days. On Saturday, Mike walked into the store as normal heading to the cooler to get his beer. As he walked up to the register, we made small talk about how his day was and if anything new was going on. The moment he stepped up to the counter, I asked if he would like to come over to our apartment for dinner one night. Mike seemed surprised and blurted out, "Of course I would."

I told him Sunday night was the one night of the week that we closed early enough to be home for dinner, and then I gave him directions to our apartment.

We had a small apartment close to the store; no frills, just a quaint place that we called home.

Sunday came around and Michelle left early to go home to cook dinner and make a homemade pie. After Michelle left, the day felt longer than normal. The anticipation of Mike coming over gave me a mix of dirty thoughts and daydreams. I thought the day would never end.

I walked through the door and into the apartment. The smell of Michelle cooking was a pleasant aroma that filled the air. Michelle sat at the table drinking her wine in a loose pair of shorts and a tank top that showed off her perky tits.

She told me to hurry and jump into the shower, before Mike came over.

As I stood in the shower, the thought of Michelle being fucked by Mike raced through my mind. My cock was rock hard and the urge to masturbate took over.

I closed my eyes and stroked my cock, imagining my beautiful wife’s pussy being stretched by Mike’s huge cock. I stroked harder and I was on the verge of cuming, when I opened my eyes and saw Michelle’s head. She was standing at the edge of the shower curtain watching me and started to laugh saying, "You’re busted."

Already completely nude, she stepped into the shower and started to stroke my cock. I started to touch her pussy slowly, and then I fingered her. She looked into my eyes and kissed me, asking what I was thinking of.

I didn’t know what to say, so I told her the truth. I had pictured Mike’s cock in her. She just gave a slight grin.

She got onto her knees and said she wanted me to stroke my cock for her. As I started to stoke, she asked me to tell her what I liked about Mike fucking her. As I began to speak, she took my cock with one hand and put it up to her lips. I told her more, and she began to take the length of my cock all the way into her mouth.

With the pressure of her tongue running back and forth against my cock, I tried to continue to speak, but the sensation was so overwhelming that I shot my load emptying it inside her mouth. As I did, she partially opened her mouth allowing my cum to drip from her mouth down with the running water onto her body.

We heard a knock at the door and both jumped. We both hurried to get dressed and made my way out. I was done first so I made my way to the door to open it. It was Mike and this time he was all dressed up. We had always only seen him in his work clothes. This time his hair was combed, he was freshly shaved and he looked really good.

I invited him in and offered him a beer. We sat at the dinner table making small talk about the latest Football game.

By the time Michelle was out of the bathroom, we were both on our second beer. When she finally did come out, she was wearing a comfortable top and a skirt that went down to right above her knees. While the top didn’t show off her tits, her skirt showed off her amazing ass. She apologized for making us wait.

We had an amazing dinner and as it ended, we began to drink more. The more we drank the more interesting the conversation became. We covered every topic imaginable from professional sports, to high school sweet hearts. We both really got along with Mike and I believe the feeling was mutual.

At one point, the conversation turned and Michelle and Mike began to argue their points of view. I decided that I didn’t want any part of it saying you two figure this one out. I left the table and walk over to the lounge chair in the living room. From the chair, I could watch both of them as they continued to argue back and forth without being dragged into the middle of it. As I watched, they reminded me of two small kids fighting.

As they argued, Mike said out of nowhere, "Do you like me?"

It completely caught Michelle off guard and she began to blush and stutter. Mike slid his chair closer to her and asked again, "Do you like me?" She, on the other hand, was trying to say no she didn’t. The more she said no, the closer Mike got.

Mike’s hand was on her leg, as he leaned over. They were face to face and Mike leaned in and began to try to kiss Michelle. She looked over at me seeking my approval. I just smiled back.

At that moment, she kissed Mike back and his hand made its way up into Michelle skirt. My dick was throbbing with excitement at the sight and watching Mike kiss my wife turned me on. I could see directly up the inside of Michelle's skirt from where I was sitting. I watched as Mike, with one hand, shifted her panties to the side and began fingering her pussy.

This only lasted for a few minutes.

Michelle stood up from the chair she was sitting in, walked over to me, and then leaned over and began passionately kissing me. As we two kissed, Mike walked up behind her. I stopped kissing Michelle and she stood straight up.

Her back was up against Mike’s chest, his hands were on her waist. He slowly began to kiss her along her neck. As he kissed her, I leaned back into the chair. His hands moved from her waist down onto her hips caressing her body.

Deciding to escalate things, I began to touch Michelle’s legs, caressing them with gentle strokes, making my way up under her skirt and unzipping it. I grabbed onto both her panties and her skirt slowly pulling them down. As her clothes made their way down to her ankles, she slowly lifted one leg, and then the other, allowing them to be removed.

Mikes hands were inside of Michelle’s shirt and her bra strap was already undone. His hands caressed her breasts. He stopped kissing Michelle for a moment to remove her top completely.

Michelle stood in-between us, completely nude. Mike moved his hands down to her ass. I moved Michelle’s legs apart and began to touch her pussy with my fingers, rubbing her clit. I then leaned in kissing her pussy, licking her slit and probing my tongue up inside of her. She became so wet that my face was covered with the sweet juices of her body.

As I licked and sucked on her pussy, I could feel Mike’s hand. It was between her ass checks. I adjusted where I was on her clit making room for Mike’s fingers to explore. The moment I did, he penetrated her pussy and began to finger fuck her. Michelle was moaning in complete bliss.

I leaned back into the chair and watched as Michelle leaned back up against Mike’s chest. She had his cock in one hand stroking it. As Mike continued to finger her, they kissed. I couldn’t resist and unzipped my pants sliding them off. The moment I did, Michelle dropped down to her knees and immediately began to suck on my dick.

As she sucked on my cock, I fondled Michelle’s breasts and watched as Mike took off his pants and got onto his knees behind her. I secretly always wanted to watch Mike penetrate Michelle first hand. Michelle giving me head felt so good, but the thought of watching her getting fucked right in front of me excited me more.

I watched, as Mikes got directly behind her. At first, he seemed to be having trouble getting his cock inside of her. As he pushed slowly into her, she let out a slow deep moaned. I could feel her body being pushed forward into me. She grabbed onto the armrests, using it as a brace to keep her in place, one hand on each of the armrests.

Mike was looking right at me. He had a hand on each side of Michelle holding her. He started slowly pumping into her. Michelle’s moans were deep and continuous; her facial expressions were in a mix of dazed pleasure and desire.

Another man was inside of my wife fucking her. I knew it was causing her pleasure and pain, but at the same time it gave me a sense of jealously and excitement. The harder he fucked her the more I heard her moan, the harder my own heart pounded, and the greater my own excitement became.

Michelle was being fucked so hard that the chair I was sitting in was moving. She was panting and moaning so loud, the only other noise that could be heard was Mike’s grunts and the slapping of his hips into hers.

I watched as her tits were shaking back and forth. At that moment as her body shook, she looked up into my eyes with an unexplainable expression of mixed emotion. I watched as Michelle let out a long drawn out moan, unlike anything I have ever heard before.

Michelle collapsed her head into my lap and I gently stoked her hair as she caught her breath.

Mike pulled out of Michelle and sat back onto the floor exhausted. I couldn’t help but notice his cock was completely limp. The juices of Michelle’s pussy and his cum were glistened and dripped off his cock.

I helped Michelle up and sat her back in the chair. She was exhausted and worn out, her body drenched in sweat. I got in between her legs and as I did, I could see Mike’s cum flow from her pussy down along her ass crack. The aroma in the air sparked something with in me, a strange sense of animalistic primal instinct to mark my territory.

My dick was rock hard and throbbing. I spread her legs wide and guided it right into her. As I penetrated her pussy, she moaned. I began to fuck her hard and deep, kissing her in the process. Her pussy was drenched, soaking wet and I could feel the warmth of Mike’s cum seeping out around my dick. Knowing another man had violated her pussy, shooting his load deep into her womb with the possibility of getting her pregnant, only excited me more and I fucked her harder.

As I fucked Michelle, she moaned and wrapped her arms around me in an embrace of love and passion. The overload of sensation and emotion was too much for me to bear. It sent me into one of the largest, biggest orgasms that I have ever had.

As I held my position deep within Michelle, feeling our juices mix, a sense of relief came over my body. I looked into her eyes and without words; we both knew we were hooked.

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