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The liquor Store

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Sold my wife
Michelle and I are your normal average couple, who got the bright idea to leave our stable full time jobs to start our own business. We found an old liquor store at a really cheap price and talked each other into buying it. The first few years the liquor store did really well, then the economy started to change so did our business and we were having trouble paying the bills. When the economy fell and the store started doing worse, we began fighting more and more. Money was always the problem. It got really bad to the point we were behind on our mortgage and about to lose the business. In comparison to others it wasn’t a lot of money, but it was still money we didn’t have.

One evening about an hour before closing, a regular customer came into the store. In the process of getting his beer he heard us arguing over money and the ability to pay the bills. Mike interrupted us, apologizing in the process and asked how much money we needed. Mike was one of our first customers and was an everyday customer and a familiar face we always looked forward to seeing. So I explained the situation to him. Mike again asked how much. I told him we are about five thousand dollars in back bills. The first thing he said was, "That’s not bad."

Mike was a middle age guy but big, he was in his 40’s around 6’5, 240 pounds, with a clean cut look, and muscular physique. Whenever Mike came in the store it looked like he had just got off work. He told us before he was a construction worker. He was always friendly and always polite. We never saw him dressed nice, as he was always in work clothes.

Mike walked up to the counter and as we talked for a while. He asked questions on why we didn’t get a partner or take out a loan. I explained to Mike that we were already over extended on our credit cards and the bank wouldn’t loan us the money. If we were to take on a partner, the business may just drag them into our mess. Mike completely understood.

Then Mike explained that he was actually the construction foreman of a large company. He had been married and his wife divorced him a few years back. He had kids, but they lived with his ex-wife. Mike also explained that his work took up too much of his time for relationships.

He then started to talk about Michelle and how he fancied her. He said things like she was always polite and always had a smile on her face and that’s why he came in every day.

My wife, Michelle, was only 28 years old, a short 5’3, 120 pounds with long hair. She worked out regularly and had a great body. I knew she would flirt with customers, I also knew it was never anything serious. While Mike was talking about her, you could see Michelle’s cheeks turning red from blushing.

Mike pulled out his wallet and pulled out everything in it, five thousand in hundred dollar bills. He placed it on the counter and said, "I understand your financial hardship and I don’t want you to take this wrong; but if you don’t want a partner and you can’t get a loan, just allow me to have sex with Michelle and it’s all yours."

Both Michelle and I looked at each other dumbfounded in disbelief. I immediately said, "We can’t, I can’t."

Michelle blurted out of nowhere, "We need the money!"

I looked at her as I wasn’t sure what to say. I told Michelle, "The decision is yours, this is our store and I will stand behind you to do, whatever we need to do to keep it."

Michelle with a straight face said, "If I don’t do it, we will lose the store and everything we worked for."

Michelle looked right at Mike and said, "It can only be a one-time thing."

Mike agreed, she then told him that I would have to be there. Mike said he would prefer some privacy.

I immediately stepped in and said, "We have a storage room in back, what about you do it in there and I will be right outside."

Mike said, "That's fine as long as Michelle is okay with it."

Michelle said that would work. Mike and Michelle didn’t know, but I had recently installed a new surveillance camera and I figured I would be able to keep an eye on Michelle, in case anything went wrong.

I looked at Michelle and said, "Are you sure?" She nodded yes. While her words were completely agreeable to the situation, I could tell she was scared of the unknown, and she was only doing it because we needed the money.

I told Mike that we would close the store, just so no one walked in. I walked to the front of the store and locked the door, changing the sign from open to close. At this point, we were only closing fifteen minutes early, so I figured it really didn’t matter.

When I returned to the counter Michelle was standing next to Mike. Her figure was so small in comparison to Mike; remember she is only a petite 5’3, so he towered over her. She was wearing a short mini skirt and a regular t-shirt.

We walked to the back of the store and I opened the storage room, turning on the lights. It was stacked with boxes. I looked at Mike and asked, "Will this do?"

He said, "This will be fine."

As Michelle walked into the storage room, you could tell she was second guessing her decision and what she agreed to do. I could see it in her eyes and by her expression of deep thought. I reassured her that she would be fine, and I would be right outside the door if she needed me. I kissed her passionately, then looked into her in the eyes, telling her I loved her.

I then looked at Mike and said, "I will be right outside at the counter." I walked out and closed the door. As I walked by him, I realized exactly how big Mike was, I felt like a little kid, so I could only imagine what Michelle was feeling.

I walked back to the counter and I sat down sinking back into my chair, trying to relax. It then sunk in 'what the hell did I allow Michelle to do.' I switched the TV to the security cameras showing the storage room. Mike had already started kissing her. They were both standing there kissing, his hands on her ass. He was pushing up her mini skirt and his hands rubbing her bare ass.

He had Michelle up against some boxes that were stacked. He then shifted one hand to the front of her skirt and I watched as he pulled her panties to the side, with her skirt pushed up exposing her pussy. As he kissed Michelle touching her, her facial expressions changed showing that she was being penetrated, fingered.

A few moments later he removed her panties and her skirt sliding them off her body, dropping them to the floor. He picked her up by the waist and seated her on the stacked boxes.

As he unzipped his pants I could see his hard cock it was huge, she was so small in comparison his cock looked like the size of her arm. I was thinking there’s no way that will fit in her.

As she sat on the boxes he came in-between her legs spreading them, I could see him guiding his cock getting it in position. As he pushed up against her trying to penetrate her, you could hear her saying it hurt. Her back arched then she grabbed onto him. She moaned so deep and so loud. I could hear her moans in the other room. He was slow and gentle. Her arms were wrapped around his neck. Mike was trying to kiss her, but as he moved his hips back and forth, she was trying to cope with the pain and moaning. His pants slowly dropped down to his knees and I could see Mike's ass and his muscles flexing every time he pumped her. Mike and Michelle soon got into a rhythm and they began kissing passionately in the process.

Mike picked her up in the air with his hands under her ass, holding her up. She grabbed on to him interlocking her hands behind his neck. He turned around and I could see him lift her slowly letting her weight drop down on him, His cock was huge only a portion of his cock was in her. But his whole cock took up the area in-between her legs. He lifted then let her down slowly, then lifted her again. As he did this more and more his shaft disappeared until he was all the way in. His entire cock was soon buried in her tiny body; her expressions were unlike anything I have seen before. She was being impaled by Mikes cock, Michelle was soon in a state of bliss, moaning nonstop with every movement. Her arms still wrapped around his neck her head tilted back, her eyes closed and mouth open, her long black hair was swaying with the movements.

In the beginning he lifted her up and down slowly, as time passed he began picking her up and letting her down faster, her body pressed up against his. She started gazing into his eyes, panting so loud I could hear it. She was being fucked like a rag doll. Her moans were consistent and fierce and her body began shaking as she was reaching a climax like I had never seen before.

As he slowed down they began to kiss, Mike turned around placing her in a seated position back on the boxes as his cock never left her pussy. She took off her shirt and bra, exposing her perfect perky tits. She was soaking wet with the glimmer of sweat beads. The sweat began to roll down off her forehead and chest. She looked like she just got out of the shower without drying off. Mike also took off his shirt revealing his sweaty muscular physique.

As he leaned over to kiss her, he began rubbing her tits playing with them as his hands entirely covered them. They kissed for a while as he caressed her body, touching her arms as he slowly pumped her.

Mike lifted her legs up; Michelle’s legs didn’t reach his shoulders, so they were pressed up against his chest. He pulled her ass a little off the box holding on to her waist, squeezing her legs together with his arms keeping her in place, he began to pump her hard and fast. Her moans turned to short spats of breath. Her breasts bouncing back and forth, his thrust so forceful and hard it created a slapping noise so loud it filled the building. This went on for what felt like hours, then when Mike's back and ass muscles fully flexed holding a position deep inside of her, he stopped. He looked down at her and she looked back at him in a dead gaze. He kissed her for a few minutes and then stepped back. As he did, I could see his limp cock come out of her pussy, a flow of his cum dripping out. I let out a sigh of relief that they were done.

They got dressed and came out back into the store. Mike was the first one through the door and had a grin on his face as he walked through. He thanked me. All I could say was, "No problem."

I walked him to the front door unlocking it to let him out saying good night. When I walked back to the counter my wife was sitting in the chair worn out completely drenched in sweat, her hair a mess. I kissed her passionately and said she was amazing.

Over the next few weeks Michelle and I had amazing sex. I even told her about the camera in the storage room and we even replayed the video several times, watching it together while having sex. A steady flow of new customers, all construction workers soon started coming to the store. So business started to get better. They always said that Mike said they need to shop here. Mike continued to stop every day at the store and while he was always very nice and polite, he always acted as nothing ever happened.

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