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The Look of Lust

Sam offers to help a neighbours son with his coursework, she didn't realise it would end like this!
It started with a know the one...the type that makes you blush to your panties and weak at the knees. Well, I'd say blush to my panties, but I had chosen not to wear any that day as I didn't want any visible panty lines ruining my look!

So, back to the look. He, the one looking, is my neighbours son. Around 17, but such an amazing body. I had noticed him a few months earlier, when the family had moved into the neighbouring house. Nice family, mum and dad both work, three kids all in school and the occasional noise at the weekend when they had family bbq's. It was at a bbq when he shot me that look. We had been invited to join them so, being neighbourly, my husband agreed. I chose my clothing carefully. White summer dress with orange accessories. Hair up in a ponytail and just a smidgen of make up. No panties and just a simple lace white bra to cover my 36C breasts.

We arrived and were greeted by the parents. We soon got chatting and talk turned to holidays. They had been to Mauritius for their wedding anniversary the year before. We were leaving for the same reason later in the month. They gave us some great ideas for places to see. The wine was flowing and before long we had been there for three hours. Our children and theirs had been typical teenagers and loitered around before heading inside to play on the Wii. I excused myself and went to the bathroom. Going up the stairs was when the look happened. He was in shorts. Chest and feet bare. I felt a shiver through my spine, deep into my pussy. I could feel a blush appearing as I said hi and walked past. When I came out of the bathroom, he was still there. He blocked my path by leaning against the frame of the door.

"Can I help you" I asked, trying to make myself feel braver than I felt.

"Yes, I heard you are a teacher and wondered if you could help me with some course work".

Now, I know all the cliches, but something inside me forced "Yes, yes of course I can" out of my mouth.

"Go get your files and bring them to my house, I have all my resources there" I said as he let me past.

I managed the stairs, even though my legs where shaking with nerves and excitement. I was scolding myself. "Stop thinking dirty thoughts" "He may truly need help" going around and around my head, interjected with "His body is amazing, I hope I'm his first".

I went into the garden and told my husband and the neighbours that he had asked for some help. My husband knew I was a sucker for a child who wanted help with coursework. His parents were surprised and asked if I minded helping him with it. I could barely get "No, of course not" out of my mouth without stammering.

I sat at the table, waiting for him to arrive. Scott, as I had found out, was in 6th form and studying PE, Biology and Psychology. Should I have got changed? Oh God I still had no panties flashed through my mind. I stood and went to the stairs...I took them two at a time and ran into my room. Pulling the drawer open, I sifted through to find a pair which would not show through the white dress...only finding dark ones. "Shit" I exclaimed, then rationality came back to me and I reasoned he was here for help, not rampant sex! Just thinking that made me damp. That nervous pull deep in the stomach, that flutter in my pussy. I knew my nipples were hardening....stop it, get a grip, I thought out loud. "Stop what?" came the reply. I turned to see Scott standing in the doorway of my room.

"I...err...." I stammered.

He walked towards me..looking deep into my eyes. He stood a good 6 inches above me. His hand threaded through my hair, my mouth opened to ask what the hell he was doing when his lips closed in over mine. He tasted of peppermint, fresh and clean. His tongue found mine, softly flicking over mine. I pulled away

"We can't do this" I barely got out when he kissed me again. I responded. My mouth softening against his, my tongue searching for his. His hands pulling me closer to him. He moved, forcing me backwards onto the bed. His mouth never left mine...his hands still entwined in my hair. 

Kneeling in front of me, he pulled back from kissing me. Without a word, he wriggled the skirt of my dress up to reveal I was wearing no panties. My pussy, freshly waxed, on show for this boy to look at.

"I knew you had no panties on" he said, looking straight into my eyes, parting my legs at the same time.

With his head bent, he began kissing the inside of my thighs. It was all I could do not to moan aloud.

"Lie down" he ordered and like a child, I did as I was ordered.

He raised my legs onto the edge of the bed. Using his hand, he stroked my lips gently. Parting them, to show my hardened clit, he slowly licked around the inside of the lips. Almost ignoring my bud, he swirled his tongue around. I looked down, seeing that dark hair of a young boy, eating my pussy like an experienced man. He looked up and caught my eye and flicked his tongue over my clit. I called out, in surprise and in pleasure. Taking the nub into his mouth, he sucked his firmly, alternating with a flicking motion. I felt my body react by pushing up towards his mouth..wanting him to tongue me harder. My hands fell to his head, pushing him closer to me.

"Finger me" I rasped.

He did as requested. His long thick fingers slipping into my open pussy. I could hear the squelch of my juices lubricating them. He hooked his fingers up and made contact with my g spot.

"Oh God...yes" I could feel my body giving in to the oncoming orgasm.

His mouth sucking and licking my clit, his fingers delving deep into my pussy. I knew I was going to cum, my body trembled, I was pulling him deeper into me by his head, eyes closed, I could see flashes of colour, the dizziness, floating.

"Oh yes, harder baby, finger me harder, nibble my bud, I'm cumming, God I'm going to cum over your fingerssssss". My juices began flowing, I could hear him greedily licking and swallowing them. His fingers slowly pulling out of me, covered in creamy cum.

"You are a bad lady" he laughed, "You came over my fingers and squirted in my....." He was interupted.

"So, you want to fuck my wife, in my bed". Mark was unusually calm, considering he had just found his wife being fingered by a young boy. 

Scott, blushing and looking very nervous couldn't speak.

"Answer me son, is that what you want?".

"Ye....yes, I do want to fuck your wife".

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Mark was going to erupt, this poor boy..I should never have allowed it to happen. I sat up, pulling my dress down to hide my soaking wet, used pussy.

"Strip off Sam" Mark requested.

"What....don't be daft Mark, it just got out of hand".

"Sam, unless you want me to show your head the video I made while watching you being tongue fucked by a pupil, you will strip".

Shit...he must have seen it all, heard me asking Scott to finger me harder. I stood, unzipped the dress and let it fall. I instinctly covered my snatch.

"What you doing that for? He has just had his fucking fingers in you..move your hands". So I let them fall to my sides. Looking at Mark, I pleaded with him mentally to stop this. I glanced down and saw he had a bulge in his pants. The bastard was getting off on this.

"Scott, take your clothes off too...let's see what you have got".

"Mark, please, let's not..." but I am ignored.

Scott, obviously scared of Mark removes his clothes. His cock standing proudly as he slipped his shorts off.

"Got a good size cock their Scotty boy, think you can satisfy her?" Mark goaded.

"I hope so" he replied, meekly.

I was ordered onto all fours, with Mark informing Scott this was my favourite position. I could see Mark guiding Scott towards my rear...he had taken hold of Scott's straight husband, had hold of our neighbours cock!

"Go on son, fill her pussy with that" he instructed Scott.

With little hesitation, Scott had thrust deep into me. It hurt a little. I wasn't turned on...I was scared and this was causing me to be so tight.

"Come on Sam, enjoy being fucked by a teen" Mark told me.

"I can't Mark"

"Yes, yes you can, you were quick enough to have his tongue fucking your pussy".

I tried to co-operate, the sooner Scott came, the sooner this would be over.

"Harder Scott" I asked, "Fuck me harder".

"That's better Sam" said Mark as he watched.

I could see his reflection in the mirror, he was stroking Scott's arse, softly caressing him. Scott was enjoying every moment, his eyes closed, thrusting into my cunt, having my husband stroke his bottom. I felt that fluttering again..I was being excited watching my husband touch another mans...correction...boys arse.

"Mark, take your cock out and stand in front of me" I asked.

He came and within seconds he was stood with his cock out.

"You want to be spit roasted, you little slut?"

"Yes, yes fill both ends with cock".

With that he pushed his hard cock into my mouth. I gagged as he had gone deeper than before. He laughed and told me to suck it properly. I took his length deep into my throat. Holding his cock base, wanking his shaft, I licked and sucked my way around his 8 inches.

"Good girl Sam" he encouraged.

Wanking him harder now, tasting his pre cum at his slit, I was electrified. My pussy was constricting around Scott's cock, tightening around him, pulsating against him. I was rocking back onto him, ensuring I was getting his full length inside of me. I could feel his balls slap against my lips as he pushed harder and faster. His breathing becoming heavier, he was close to shooting his load.

"Go on Scott, cum deep in my wife's pussy" Mark encouraged, still thrusting his cock in and out my mouth.

"The slut wants your cum Scotty boy, she wants to be cum soaked, fuck her harder, this slut wants your whole cock".

"I'm cumming, I'm cumming now" Scott cried as he jerked his cock deeper into my.

I felt his hot spunk fill me..sending me over the edge into an orgasm. Pushing back onto his cock, sucking Mark harder, wanking him faster, I called out, muffled from having a mouthful of cock.

"Come on Sam, cum over your teens cock, sluts love cum and cumming, go on you dirty bitch, cum" Mark said as I came violently over Scott's cock, which was still deep inside me.

Mark pulled out of my mouth and said to Scott "Suck her clean, swallow your cum out of her cunt".

Scott lay beneath me, in a sixty nine, with his head near the edge of the bed.

"I'm going to fuck you while he licks you out Sam, let him clean his cum from your cunt, then clean mine from your arse".

He fingered my arse hole, using Sotts cum from my pussy. His finger forced its way through the puckered skin. I could feel Scott playing with Marks balls whilst eating me.

"Do you like having your balls played with whilst you fuck my arse" I asked Mark

"mmmm" was his response as he slipped his cock inside me.

"Scott, put your hand around Marks base and wank him as he thrusts in and out of my arse" I instructed Scott.

By Marks reaction, I could tell he did as he was told. Mark was stretching my arse to the extreme. His cock seems longer and wider than normal. His fingers digging into my back, his thrusts became controlled, longer, firmer.

"Cum in my arse Mark, let Scott clean your cum from my hole".

Mark pushed harder, it was so intense. My pussy was throbbing, my clit was on fire, my body shivering as another orgasm began building.

"Jesus Sam, I'm gonna cum, you dirty slut" Mark cried as he filled my arse with his warm, salty liquid. He pulled out, allowing the cum to drip out my hole, straight into Scott's waiting mouth. His face was covered in spunk and cum..greedily licking and swallowing it as it dripped from my holes. His cock twitched and I knew he was loving every minute.

Once I was cleaned, Mark told Scott to get dressed and "Fuck off". As he was leaving, Mark shouted "Next time you want to fuck my wife, just ask".
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