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The Man With A Beautiful Face - Tom and Annie The Beginning.

A first time adultery story, he gave her what she needed.
It had been over three years since I had experienced orgasm with a man. I had had plenty of sex, but that was with my husband, and he had stopped satisfying me long ago. But I never dwelled on this fact, I just drifted along in my sexualy empty life, bored and uninspired. That was until I met my new financial advisor.

A few months ago my husband and I had decided that it was time to review our finances. Tom had been recommended to us by a friend. He came over to our house one evening to talk to us about our options; he was polite, informative, and very professional.

At first glance, he seamed like a really ordinary guy, but for some reason I found him far from ordinary. To me he possessed an extraordinary sexual energy, he was just so attractive and I couldn’t put my finger on why.

He must have been around 40, about the same age as me. He had a very average build, not the usual tall, slim, toned build I went for. But he did have the most beautiful face, with brown eyes full of expression and wit. He had perfectly shaped lips, which just begged to be kissed and I found him irresistible; it was lust at first sight.

From time to time by husband would leave the room to get some document that Tom needed to see. While he was out of the room, we just kept glancing at each other in the awkward silence, could I detect a glimmer of lust in those deep brown eyes?

Maybe I did, I still had a pretty face, not many lines at all and I had no need to dye my long brown hair; good genes had taken care of that. I was very curvy and my breasts were still as round and full as ever.

The evening ended and it was time for Tom to leave. He shook hands with my husband and then followed me into the hallway to the front door. I opened the door to let him out, he took one step outside, turned around and handed me a card.

“This has my private e-mail address, contact me, I think we could have something to discuss.”

With that he turned and walked down the street to his car, he glanced back and grinned at me. Stunned, I just stood on my door step and stared down at the card he had just handed me.

After a sleepless night, I took the kids to school and got straight onto my computer.
I sent him a brief and succinct message.

‘So nice to have met you last night, what do you suggest we discuss?’

Within only 3 minutes, my inbox ‘pinged’

‘How we might be of benefit to each other.’ He replied.

‘Mutual benefits sounds like a financial term,’ I replied, ‘perhaps we had better meet to discuss it further.’

It shocked me a little that I was being so forward, but by this point I just knew what I wanted and I wasn’t going to start playing silly games.
The sexually charged messages flowed from that point on; all day was spent effectively in sexual foreplay.
It was decided that we were going to meet that very night at a hotel on the edge of town.

We met, as arranged, at the restaurant at the hotel. I was wearing a dress, very unusual for me, and he was wearing a very well cut black suit, crisp white shirt and pink silk tie. We sat down, ordered a glass of wine and noted that the service was particularly slow and since neither of us had much of an appetite; we just ordered a few starters and shared them like Tapas.

The sexual foreplay continued there and then. We sat at a corner table; sitting next to each other on a bench seat that curved around the one side looking out into the restaurant. The table was covered by a large white table cloth which hung down, so the other diners could not see what was going on under the table.

We began by just pressing our knees against each other, a secret signal under the table. I kicked off my shoes and started to run my foot up his leg and his hand began to play under the skirt of my dress. I wore hold up stockings and he soon gained access to my soaking wet panties and he slipped a finger inside.

I reciprocated by slyly rubbing my hand along his thigh. Then after a while I worked my way up and released his very hard manhood. I stroked and played with his cock, all the while, sat in a crowded restaurant looking to everyone else like a normal couple, just chatting and enjoying our meal.

Just as we were finished with the food the waitress came over to see if we were ok.

"Can I get you anything else?" She enquired.

With my hand squeezing his engorged penis, I must have looked like a deer caught in head lights, I could feel myself blushing beetroot red! I let go of him like his rod was burning hot. Tom just very calmly took hold of my hand and placed it back around his even harder cock.

Then without missing a beat, he looked up at the waitress and smiled, "Everything is fine thank you, but...." Then he looked straight at me, wiggled the finder that was inside my quivering pussy and said “Should we have a look at the desert menu?"

"I'm fine, totally full.” I stammered in a hoarse whisper.

After my heart had started beating again, we got up and left the restaurant, nothing more needed to be said, we just got straight into the lift, and headed for the room I had already checked us into.
We entered the room and just fell into each others arms.

After what had been almost 12 hours of psychological, then physical foreplay we were just like crazy animals. Our tongues exploring each others mouths and our hands all over each other as we franticly tore each others clothes off. Our bodies pressed against each other, just desperate for that hot skin on skin contact.

I dragged him to the bathroom and we got into the shower. I couldn't wait I just needed his cock inside me there and then, so I turned round and leant forward facing the wall, offering myself to him. He did just what I needed him to do, he just slammed his hot hard cock straight into me, it was wonderful, and I gasped, almost crying out with the pleasure. He just held on to me and pounded, the hot water spraying in our faces, running down our backs and legs.

After a while our desperation subsided and we calmed down a little. He turned off the water, wrapped a huge fluffy white towel around me, took my hand and led me to the bed.

He started by kissing my shoulder, moving up my neck to my lips, soft sweet kisses and the tip of his tongue brushing mine. He flicked the fold holding up my towel and it fell to the floor. Cupping my right breast he kissed my ever sensitive nipple and I instantly felt the sensation travel straight down. He motioned me to lie down on the bed, my legs hanging over the side. He knelt on the floor and placed himself between and he began to kiss and lick his way up my thigh, the anticipation of where his tongue was heading nearly tipping me over the edge.

His tongue explored me, finding my nerve clustered tip. Sucking and licking, his tongue lapping at my juice. Then he stood up, bent over me and plunged his cock straight into me, thrusting fast at first and then gradually slowing until coming to a stop. He just held himself inside me, not moving, just staring straight into my eyes. He then went back on his knees and continued with his tongue, long soft strokes from the entrance of my pussy up to my clit, then focusing just on my clit for a while , his hands stroking my thighs.

I was on the verge of orgasm again and again, he could feel me shaking, being so close yet not falling over the edge. I felt his hand leave my thigh and move to the entrance of my pussy, but he did not enter me, he began to stroke downwards and back towards my other tight entrance. Just the idea of what he may do was enough for me, and with my hands clutching at his thick, luxurious salt and pepper hair, I came, convulsing, back arched and crying out as waves of release and emotion crashed over me.

He joined me on the bed and held me as my orgasm subsided. I now wanted to please him and knowing his preferred position from our day’s conversation; I moved over to the chair and knelt on it with my back to him. He came up behind me and slid into my hot, waiting pussy.

Holding on to my hips he slowly found his rhythm and gently but firmly thrust his quite substantial manhood into me. I straightened up slightly and he found an angle which made his cock stimulate my G-spot, I moaned and sighed with the exquisite pleasure he was giving me. His hands reached round and cupped my breasts, gently squeezing and caressing them, as I clung onto the back of the chair.

I could feel his movements becoming faster with more urgency, control beginning to ebb away, so I stood and pulled him back to the bed. I wanted to watch his face as he came inside me. I lay on my back and he covered me, resting on his elbows.

“Now just take me Tom” I whispered. “Take me hard and fast; use my body for your complete pleasure.”

He needed no more encouragement, I wrapped my legs around his back and just followed his body’s movement, letting him lead me like we were dancing.
He started to pound into me, thrusting ever harder, he was taking me with him and after building to a crescendo his orgasm broke.

I looked up at his beautiful face his eyes open wide looking up, lost in the moment. Oh how I loved that face……

We had only a little time left before we had to go, so I got back in the shower to remove all traces of him from my body. I got out and was drying my hair, he started kissing me again...I couldn't resist, so back onto the bed we fell and had one last, wild and frantic fuck, A perfect end to my life changing evening.

As I left, my thoughts did turn to my husband, but I felt no guilt, for my own sanity I had needed Tom tonight and I knew I was going to need him again.
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