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The New House Guest

The New House Guest

Tory was just what the doctor ordered.
Renee came home one afternoon from shopping, set her bags down on the table, and said, “We need to talk babe.”

“What about sweetie?” I asked.

“You know I have always told you I prefer women. Well, I have been talking to a woman, and we have become really close. She is married, but hates her husband, and wants to move in with us. Before you say anything, I have told her it’s up to you. She wants to be with me, and is willing to share me with you. I feel this will really improve our sex life. Our bed is huge and we all can sleep together, and I promise to never leave you out of any sex we have.”

This was a shock to my system, at first, totally unexpected. One thing for sure was, our sex life needed improvement. I said, “Let me think about it.”

She replied, “She wants to move in tomorrow if you say yes.”

I got the feeling, that no matter what it was going to happen, with or without my consent. I figured, why not enjoy it, and see what happens. After all, what man does not want to live out this fantasy!

“Okay,” I replied.

She, quickly added, “She said, she does not want to have sex with you, but I will take care of you, and you can watch. You have always liked to watch me, and say it’s really hot.”

“That’s fine with me, Sweetie. I have no desire to have sex with anyone else,” I responded.

I was telling the truth about that. I had been on a lot of medication that causes me to have a problem getting a hard on. I am a cancer survivor, and fourteen years older than Renee. So, I do enjoy watching, and that seems to get me hard. It is very erotic watching her have sex, seeing the joy, and pure pleasure on her face. I feel it is the hottest and most erotic thing, to watch her have an orgasm.

The next morning, Tory arrived right at nine a.m. Her car was packed with boxes. Renee was at work, so I introduced myself, and began unloading her stuff. I think she was more nervous than I was.

She asked, with a strain in her voice, “Are you really okay with this, Rich?”

“Yes, of course I am,” I explained to her how I felt, and that we have an understanding, that as long as the other person is not left out, we do not consider it cheating.

She claimed to understand, but the look on her face said more. I figured time would tell if she did.

The first night, everyone was too nervous to attempt anything. I did not get much sleep, as I kept looking over to see if anything was going on. I kept watching for movement under the covers. It’s funny, when you look hard enough for something you actually start to see it. That was a very long night for me, as nothing happened. They slept just fine.

The next night, we were watching television, when Renee got up, and said she was taking a shower. Tory, and myself, continued to talk and watch television, while remaining on the couch.

Thirty or forty minutes passed by, when we heard Renee call from the bedroom. “Rich, Tory, come to bed.”

Both of us looked at each other for a moment. Renee’s voice had a sexy tone to it, yet it sounded like a command. Neither of us said a word, and got up and headed for the bedroom.

As we walked in the room, Renee was sitting on the edge of the bed, in a very sexy blue nightie, she had purchased at the Hustler store. She looked really hot, as it was sheer see through. We could see her nipples were hard, and her large 40d breasts looked magnificent and firm for any women, let alone one that just turned forty.

Renee instructed me, to sit in the chair that faced the bed. She motioned for Tory to come to the bed. Neither Tory, nor me, said a word. We both followed Renee’s instructions.

As Tory reached the bed, Renee started undressing her very slowly. She unbuttoned one button at a time. Each time opening up her blouse a little more, and kissed the newly exposed skin, ever so softly. After she removed her blouse completely, she reached around to feel for the hooks on Tory’s bra. All the while kissing the exposed cleavage in front of her.

Tory, was more of a c cup, and not as firm as Renee but when the bra fell to the floor, they were still very sexy. Tory was forty-five, as she was still nine years younger than me.

As soon as the bra hit the floor, Renee took both hands, and squeezed Tory’s tits together. She licked around the nipples a few times, and sucked them both into her mouth at the same time. This caused Tory to moan, deeply, and softly.

Renee settled on the left nipple, as her hands started to undo Tory’s pants. She kept sucking, and licking one nipple, then the other. She dropped her pants to the floor, and pulled Tory’s panties to her knees, as she stepped out of them. Tory’s pussy was completely shaved, as I knew Renee’s was too.

Renee began kissing down Tory’s belly to her clean-shaved mound. At this, Tory moaned, and squeezed her own tits together.

Tory pushed Renee backwards onto the bed and began kissing her so passionately on the mouth. Their tongues were probing, and exploring each other’s wet mouths. Tory broke away slowly, as I saw the saliva stretch between their lips. She continued kissing, and licking Renee’s soft creamy skin, on down to the tie holding her see through top together, between her succulent breasts. She untied the bow with her teeth and it fell open exposing those beautiful firm tits.

This was having quite the effect on me, as I felt a throbbing in my cock, as it started to get hard.

Tory began licking, and kissing all around Renee’s nipples, stopping every few seconds to suck one of her erect nipples. Renee’s eyes are closed as she begins to moan with a soft gentle purr. Tory moves ever so slowly on down to her naval. Kissing and licking slow circles around her smooth belly, as she pulled her see through bottoms off, and exposed her freshly shaved pussy. Tory’s kisses began moving slowly down toward Renee’s eagerly waiting slit.

Watching Renee’s face, I could see that she so wanted Tory’s mouth on her pussy. She was biting her lip as she grasps the sheet with her hands.

Tory settled between Renee’s legs, as her tongue reached the hood of Renee’s clit. This caused a loud moan from Renee, as she spread her legs, and raised her knees, to accommodate Tory’s eager tongue.

Tory began to run her tongue, slowly, and softly, up and down Renee’s wet slit. Her tongue would lick, one side of her pussy lips, down just below her hot wet opening. Then back up to her clit and her tongue would circle her erect knob, and then disappear into her mouth, as she sucked it so gently. Each time she sucked the hard tiny shaft, Renee would moan even louder, as she raised her hips to meet the sucking mouth.

After several trips up and down her wet slit, Tory stopped at Renee’s now dripping wet hole. She plunged her tongue, as far as she could into that sweet hole, as her nose rubbed against Renee’s hard clit. This caused Renee to scream in ecstasy, as she came all over Tory’s probing tongue.

I looked over at Renee’s face. How sweet and loving she looked, as she came hard into the waiting mouth. I felt such a satisfaction seeing her have such great pleasure. It is something hard to explain, unless you love someone so deeply, that all you want is to see them happy. I knew I could not give that to her, yet I still felt a part of it. As she told me latter, that it was really hot and exciting, knowing I was watching her.

After Renee finished her orgasm, she pulled Tory up onto the bed. She began kissing her with extreme passion on the mouth. This went on for several minutes, while both of their hands explored each other’s bodies.

I could not believe how hot and erotic the sight of them was. It was having a major effect on me. I had the biggest and hardest bulge in my pants. Harder than I had felt in a few years. I felt the coolness of pre-cum on my cock.

Renee reached under her pillow, and pulled out her Rabbit vibrator. This thing had seven speeds of vibration and rotation. It had two little ears to vibrate the clitoris. She turned it up as high as it would go, and began sliding it, slowly between Tory’s wet pussy lips. Tory had a smile on her face, as the toy moved up and down her wet slit. The third time the head of the Rabbit reached her hole, Renee gently pushed it in Tory’s waiting cunt.

Tory moaned a loud gasp as it entered her wanting wet hole. The toy went deep within seconds of entry, as I heard it purr, and vibrate inside her. Tory now had the look of ecstasy on her face, as Renee fucked her pussy with the toy. The ears of the rabbit were vibrating on Tory’s hard clit. Tory was raising her hips in rhythm with Renee’s thrusting, of the vibrator in and out of her.

I could hear how wet she was with every stroke. I could hear the soft moaning sounds they both were making, as this scene continued. The sound of the vibrator and moans, were in perfect harmony.

Renee looked over at me, and gave me such a sweet smile, that said, I love you so much. The smile said it more than words ever could.

Renee lowered her head to meet Tory’s stiff clit, with her tongue. Without losing rhythm, she licked the hard little knob. As her tongue began to circle, Tory started to stiffen her whole body. Renee put her lips around the stiff shaft, and started to suck directly on it, like a small piece of candy. Tory lunged her hips a foot off the bed, as she screamed with a hard orgasm. Renee pulled the vibrator out, and replaced it with her tongue, and began licking up all her nectar, as she came again and again.

Tory, rolled Renee to her back, and took the rabbit from her. “Your turn, my dear,” she whispered softly to Renee. She started, by rubbing the head of the vibrating toy, slowly up and down Renee’s very wet slit. She turned the rotating head on medium, and let it circle Renee’s hard little clit.

My cock was so hard; it actually hurt, as it pressed against my jeans. This had to be the most turned on I have ever been. It was the most erotic time I ever remember. I felt, that I could cum in my pants, if much more continued.

Renee looked at me with such a warm feeling in her eyes, and said, “Rich, come over here.” As soon as I was in reach of her, she grabbed my belt. With one hand, she unbuckled my belt, and unzipped my pants.

“Wow, I have never seen you with such a hard cock before.” With that, she began to stroke it.

Tory was working the vibrator all around Renee’s wet pussy. She started to put the head of it into her throbbing hole. As the head of the toy entered, Renee moaned with a low deep sound of pure delight. Tory was able to get the vibrator in, about half way. Renee’s pussy was so tight it actually stopped the vibrator. She had to pull back a little, for it to start vibrating and rotating again. She began moving it, slow and easy, trying to inch it in gradually. Tory lowered her mouth, to meet Renee’s, hard, erect, tiny, little shaft.

Renee pulled my cock closer, and began sucking it in rhythm, with the probing of her tight pussy. She sucked like a cock hungry slut. Now and then, she would stop to flick her tongue around the head of my cock. Then she took my cock all the way in her throat, squeezing my balls with her hand. I could feel her tongue lick my balls, when she sucked all of it in.

Tory started sucking hard on Renee’s clit, and I could feel her moans vibrate on my swollen shaft. This sensation was all I could take, and I exploded stream after stream of cum into my wife’s mouth. She swallowed every drop, as it sent her into a very hard orgasm. I had to pull out of her mouth, because she clamped down so hard as she came.

Tory pulled the toy from Renee’s now dripping cunt hole, and licked all the sweet juice she could, out of her. She then raised herself up, and gave her a very passionate kiss. They both moaned, as they sucked each other’s tongues, and tasted Renee’s sweet cum, mixed with mine.

We all collapsed on the bed, with Renee in the middle. We fell asleep that way until morning. If this was any indication of things to come, we were going to have a very happy home.

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