The New Neighbor 2


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We got to know Jeff

Carol and I awoke early and she asked what I thought of Jeff. "He seems like a nice guy and I noticed you staring at his cock as he was leaving" I replied. Her response was quick, "Well, honey, it's been almost a week since we had sex and if you remember I didn't cum. A girl does get horny. You guys can look a women's breasts and pussies, why can't I admire a harden cock?"  I had to chuckle because she was right.

Around 1PM, Jeff called. I answered the phone. He asked what time he should come over. I said let me ask Carol. I asked Carol and she said, "Make it about 7PM." And after about 3 seconds she said "And tell him to bring his cock." I replied to Jeff, "Carol said, come about 7 and bring your cock." Carol screamed in the background and said, "HONEY!!!!" After I hung up I asked Carol if she would dress up for him. She said. "Sure, if you would like."

7PM arrived and so did Jeff. I answered the door and invited Jeff in. As we walked into the living room, Carol sat in a red low cut blouse, a short white skirt and dark stockings with garters with her legs crossed Jeff had brought some wine and he approached Carol with it. "This is for all the time you spent getting me acquainted to the new area". Carol smiled and said "Thank you"  She sat in a chair facing us. She uncrossed her legs giving us a nice view up her short skirt.

We opened the wine and poured some glasses. We drank about 3 glasses each and it was evident Carol was getting high. We began to put our inhibitions aside as the conversation turned to sex. Out of the blue, Carol said, "I love sex and I love looking at hairy cocks. Sometimes when I am alone, I have magazines I look at. These magazines show guys hairy cocks and I have to apologize to you because last night when you were here I stared at your cock in your pants. Jeff blushed somewhat and said, "I hope you liked what you saw." "Oh yes," was her response. I interrupted the conversation and told Jeff we hadn't had sex in almost a week. He replied "Aside from masturbation, I haven't had sex in 6 weeks and just as you, I like a hairy pussy." Carol pulled her skirt up somewhat to open her legs even further. Her white thighs above her stockings seemed to beckon our view. I told Carol, "Honey, that skirt seems to get in your way, let me remove it," Carol stood up and I helped her remove the white skirt. She sat back down and spread her legs once again Jeff's gaze as well as mine were focused between her legs. "Do you guys like what you see?" We both nodded Carol continued, "now it's your turn, I want you guys to help me with my blouse, but first remove your pants and leave your underwear on. Jeff and I looked at each other and nodded. Carol watched in anticipation as we removed our pants and began to help with her blouse. Both Jeff and I were semi-hard as we removed her blouse. Her eyes switched from one covered cock to the other and she licked her lips. After her blouse had been removed, I asked Jeff, "I want to see her hairy pussy, do you?" "Oh yes" was his reply. Carol smiled.

Together we removed her panties and then she spread her legs again. "Rub your pussy", I suggested. "I will rub my pussy but I want you guys to show me your cocks" Carol replied. We stood on each side of Carol and slowly removed our underwear. I was first, I slowly pulled my underwear down and my cock sprang forth like it was the first time. Carol licked her lips again. "Honey, I love looking at your cock." Her attention was then toward Jeff. "Let me see it, Jeff" Just as women do to men in the strip shows, he teased her a bit, slowly pulling his underwear down and then stopping. He approached Carols face and pulled aside his underwear just enough to give her a glimpse of his cock head. "God, I want to see it!!!"  Not wanting to tease her any longer Jeff lowered his pre-cummed underwear and his cock was completely exposed to her. Carol exclaimed, "These cocks are so much better than in my magazine. Dance for me, guys. Carol continued to masturbate as we shook our cocks for her. Jeff asked, "Do you  like it?"  "OMG, yes!" We danced for her as she rubbed her wet pussy. Suddenly, Carol said 'Guys I'm ready to cum and I want to watch you jack off and then cum in my mouth." Who do you want first?" I queried. She replied " Honey, I know you like to watch so I want Jeff's cum first" She layed  on the sofa, flat on her back and rubbed her pussy as Jeff approached with cock in hand He continued to masturbate and Carol watched. I stood aside and watched as Carol continued with her pussy and Jeff stoked his large cock. "Give it to me, now. Shoot it in my mouth." She opened her mouth and Jeff dumped at least 5 loads into her mouth. She knew I was watching and she eagerly pleased my voyeuristic pleasure. She swallowed all of his cum. Some of his cum landed on her cheek and Jeff used his finger to clean her cheek and stuck it in her mouth. Carol moaned in delight. The sight of my beautiful girl drinking cum made me eager to do the same. Jeff stepped aside and I took his place. She watch me masturbate and opened her mouth for me. After watching Jeff, it took me no time to unload 4 loads of cum into her mouth.

We rested afterward and Carol said to Jeff, "Welcome to the neighborhood."