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The Night of Chameleon Carl

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Ron comes to Becky's defense, and earns Syl's admiration.
Hi, I am Syl. About two-and-a-half years ago, on the Sunday evening of the Super Bowl, my husband Ron and I had as guests at our home his sister Becky and her charming and handsome new boyfriend Carl. This was the first time that any of Becky's family had met Carl.

Now, Becky is my stunningly beautiful long-time good friend. We were best friends in college, and it was through her that I had met her older brother Ron. We became sisters-in-law, as well as friends, when I married him, about one-and-a-half years before this evening.

Except for during the half-time show when I served some dessert, Becky and I chit-chatted in the living room while the guys were watching the game on the TV in the den.

When the game was over, Carl wanted to leave immediately, saying, "The game is over now. Let's go, Becky."

"Not yet," she replied. "I have hardly talked with my brother all night, because you two were so focused on watching that game."

"No, we need to go," he said again. Then he chuckled and added, "I've been waiting to fuck you all night long. I should have been doggying your ass in front of the TV." Becky laughed awkwardly. I wondered whether his joke was really regret rather than humor.

"There will be time later, Carl," she said.

Again he repeated, "No, Becky. Let's go now!"

More insistently she replied again, "No, Carl! Not yet." Hearing that, his face turned stern.

"Alright then Becky, because you refuse to go and I can’t wait any longer, I am going to fuck your face right here, right now. Drop to your knees." He unzipped his pants and pulled out his rather large and stiffening cock.

Becky stammered in reply, "No! Not in front of them."

Enraged, Carl shouted, "It's not your decision, bitch!" Then he slapped her mouth and began to push down on her shoulders.

As she whimpered, Ron surged from my side, crossed the room, and tackled Carl, and pushed him away from Becky and down onto the floor. Ron pinned Carl's arm behind him and firmly said, "You are no longer welcome here."

Ron then cautiously lifted him off the floor and walked him to the door, still holding Carl’s arm up behind his back. Carl tried to spin free, and took a wild swing at Ron's head, but Ron spun with him, and blocked the punch with his free forearm.

Because Ron had never released Carl's arm, he just twisted it up farther behind his back. Carl acquiesced and was walked to and out the front door, his softening cock preceding him. I got Carl's jacket, and Ron tossed it out to Carl, who stood at his car zipping his limp cock back into his pants.

I sighed a big breathe of relief. Happy that the brawl was over, that Ron hadn’t gotten hurt, and that the bully was gone. I secretly worried whether Carl was gone for good, or if he might show up again to angrily retaliate against Becky or Ron.

Becky was sobbing. I got her a cold cloth to ease the pain in her mouth. We three sat on the sofa, with Becky in the middle, to console her. Once again, a hopeful relationship for her had ended badly, this time very badly. Rationally, she realized that she had seen that Carl was a chameleon. His angry and controlling outburst revealed the true color of his character which, until then, had been masked by his charm.

She knew she was better off having him out of her life. Yet emotionally she was sad. Her hope to find a loving man to marry, and have a family with, seemed dashed again. It seems that she can’t find a guy who can see past her beauty and truly know her and love her for who she is. All seem to want to manipulatively love her only to access her body, and don't care to know her mind or spirit.

Soon it was so late that it was time for Becky to be going home. Because she had arrived with Carl, Ron prepared to drive her home. Her home was almost an hour away. As they left, I hugged and kissed Becky goodbye. Then, I hugged and passionately kissed Ron who said, "Syl, it’s late. Go to bed and get some sleep. Don’t wait up for me to get back home."

I undressed fully, and then put on only my robe. But, I didn’t go to bed. I wanted to greet Ron when he returned to tell him how proud I was of him for defending Becky. I curled up on the sofa to nap, awaiting his return.

As I drifted in and out of a light sleep, my pussy moistened in anticipation as I considered how to reward Ron's gallantry. About two hours later, now early morning, I was stirred awake as I heard Ron coming in. Finding me lying on the sofa in the living room, he said, "It’s late, sweetie. Let's go to bed."

Sitting up, and letting my robe fall open, I smiled, "No, not yet. I am so proud of you and how you defended Becky. Unlike that bully, you are a real man. I love you. Now come close. I want to express my admiration." I gestured for him to stand in front of me.

I unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, and pushed them down to his ankles. I pulled the waistband of his shorts out past his hardening cock, and pushed them too down to his ankles. With my left hand, I held the base of his cock, my thumb and forefinger trying to wrap around it. With my right hand, I teased my pussy lips. I kissed and then suckled the head of his cock. Meanwhile, I hurried to prepare my pussy with my fingers.

When I was thoroughly slippery, and he was plenty rigid, I released him from my mouth. I slid my tushy forward on the sofa and leaned back. My hands pulled and held my knees up to my shoulders. I rolled backwards onto my shoulder blades, offering my primed pussy to his pile-driver.

He smiled, and entered me quickly. Leaning over me with his hands on the back of the sofa, he began thrusting vigorously, hard and fast and deep. I gave myself to my loving hubby, enjoying him taking pleasure in me. He filled me well and soon, after a few dozen or so strokes, he erupted deep inside me. His warm love filled me.

Realizing that I hadn't yet come, he pulled out and knelt before me. He put his hands on my chest, his thumbs under-cupping my breasts and his fingers wrapping around the outer sides of them, and held me still back on my shoulders.

He kissed and then licked my pussy lips. His tongue parted my outer lips and I knew he could taste himself, as well as me. His tongue licked along my inner lips. Occasionally his tongue burrowed beyond. His nose bumped my clitty.

I began to feel the warmth spreading over me, and started to quiver. Sensing that I was getting close, he lapped at my clitty with his tongue and flicked across my nipples with his forefingers. I shuddered as I orgasmed, my legs trembled in the grip of my hands. I moaned loudly with satisfaction. His hands squeezed my chest acknowledging that he knew that I had come.

After calming, I rolled forward and sat back up. I smiled at him, saying, "I love you, Ron." Then he kissed me passionately and I could taste the gourmet blend of our flavors. He finished undressing to free his ankles. I let my robe slide off my shoulders as I stood. Both naked, we walked hand-in-hand to bed.

In bed we got in the spooning position, and he cuddled me. He cupped my breast in his hand, and pressed his cock into my tushy cleavage. I felt safe, secure, and protected. I quickly fell fast asleep, and dreamt of my hubby hero.


Fortunately, none of us ever heard from or saw Carl again.

Becky came to realize that she was making poor choices in selecting boyfriends and took several months off from dating guys. During that time she got some counseling about that issue. She still seeks a good man to marry and to have a family with him.

Seeing Becky struggle with relationships, I realize that I am blessed having Ron as my husband. I love him deeply and am truly happy. We look forward to beginning our own family soon.


This is my second story. Your helpful comments would be appreciated.

This story is a reminiscence, which some Lush chat friends had asked to hear more about, so this was written primarily to them. My intent was to narrate what happened, and to describe my feelings about it. It is mostly true, but slightly embellished with just a little what-might-have-been fantasy.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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