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THE night!

A special night and a special gift!!!
THE Night!

A true tale from Castlequeen-

"It's.....ready!!! Come see!!!"

I step into the backyard and can't suppress the giggle.

"What's so funny, Miss Smartypants?" he demands.

What is so funny is our brand spanking new hot tub. Not the tub itself, but the setup surrounding it. Our plan is to install a low barrier surrounding it with lattice work that we'll grow ivy on so it's pretty private. However, the install came a full two weeks earlier than expected and hubby wasn't ready. However, a number of garden stakes and the leftover thatching that we used as a decoration at our Tiki party will do the job tonight. Except it looks like something the Professor rigged up so he and Mary-Anne could get it on in privacy.

"It looks a bit rustic, but it will do fine for now, excellent improvisational skills, honey. For some odd reason, I bought a bottle of champagne, any ideas on how we might use it?" I ask with an arch smile. He takes me in his arms and gives me a preview of just things might go. We kiss passionately for a few minutes but reluctantly break apart. It IS after all one o'clock in the afternoon, and our shrubs are low enough that the neighbor kids can see us quite clearly, hence, the need for privacy around the tub. We eventually want to plant taller shrubs to make a corridor to it.

The afternoon passes quickly, a quick grocery run, some laundry, a quick bit of work on the computer, and it's dinnertime. As hoped, my plan of using leftovers has caused hubby to decide on dinner out. (I'm soooo sneaky that way) It's late May and nice, so a favorite pale green sundress and sandals, and hubby goes for khaki shorts, a slightly tight polo shirt and boat shoes. Off to dinner and as usual, our favorite steak place doesn't disappoint. We have a lovely meal and a few glasses of wine, and head for home. Hubby kicks off his shoes and goes to check his e-mail, and I head for the bedroom. Time for some fun!!!

I take off my clothes and survey myself in the mirror. 39, and still not looking too bad. I used to have a horrible self image, but then I saw myself through my husband's eyes and saw what he did. I'm still 39 however, but regular workouts have kept me in pretty good shape, and my legs (best feature) still can rock a miniskirt! My boobs, well, the B-cups are still pretty much in place, which is great, and hey, he loves me just as I am, so I'm happy. I put on my new suit, or what there is of it. It's an extremely skimpy black suit from Victoria's Secret, and it shows quite a bit of me, but I'm not exactly planning on swimming it it! I've gotten a pretty revealing one for him despite his desire for baggy shorts and cutoffs.

"Honey!! Get your butt in here!!!" While he crosses the house, I put on my lipstick, eyeshadow, and a pair of beautiful earrings that his sister gave me, they're about nine inches long and a mix of gold, silver, copper and white gold chains, with a series of tiny green silk ribbons interwoven in them. Totally decorative, but they look good. He comes in and I hear the door shut.

"Damn...looking soooo fine." he mutters under his breath. I know I've gotten his attention.

"Here's your suit, handsome!" and I toss him his. He offers no argument and strips immediately. 9 years plus, and he still thrills me. His chest hair's going iron grey, and his goatee and mustache are almost all grey, but he still thrills me like no other man could. Closing in on 50, he could let himself go, but 40 sit ups and 40 pushups a morning plus regular bike riding keep him looking good. Plus, my suit or lack thereof seems to have contributed to his erection which is still growing. Yum! He pulls the suit on with a snap as the waistband settles into place. Or tries to. It seems there's a cock in the way. He grins. "Suit doesn't quite fit right, you know?"

I roll my eyes, and adjust it downward so he's not hanging out and take him by the hand. In the kitchen I grab the bottle, the opener and some glasses, and off we go to our new hot tub.

I put the champagne to one side and slip in. It's just right. He drops in on the opposite side with a smile. It's nice and we got a deeper one as we, uh, expect to play a bit in here. I glide over and sit myself on his lap and kiss him passionately. That goes on, and his hands roam freely, he caresses my back, my neck, and more as his hands gently trace the outline of my breasts, and he plants a kiss on each nipple, both of which are poking through the fabric. I realize it's hard to tell if you're getting wet in a hot tub, but I'll bet I am.

He returns to my lips and we still kiss like we did when we met. I love him so much, he is my soulmate, my partner and my better half.

"Nine years, and each one better than the last, I love you so much..." he whispers in my ear.

"And I love you, darling, forever, you make my life complete!" He lifts me and holds me up in the water and I wrap my legs around his waist as he kisses me. He holds me gently, but with a security and I know he will never let me go or let me fall. One strong hand holds me, and one caresses my butt and he gently squeezes it and just his sweet touch triggers me, I feel a slight spurt of an orgasm and I sigh with pleasure.

"Mmmm...I felt that, just a bit warmer than the water..I love it..." he mutters.

I reach up and untie the top of my suit, and it slips down to reveal my breasts, and he catches his breath as he leans in to kiss them as I lean back. He kisses and gently sucks them, and then slowly circles them as I enjoy his soft lips. He gently bites down on them with his lips, and I shudder with pleasure.

"Baby, I need you so much....don't make me wait....." I whisper. He raises and eyebrow in question as I usually enjoy tons of foreplay. He smiles and carries me to the edge of the tub where we had soft rubbery pads installed around the edge and lays me down. I reach down and quickly strip off the bottom of my suit and spread my legs, with my feet dangling in the water.

"Just a taste baby, just a taste..." he whispers back as he leans in and kisses my waiting pussy. My labia spread in anticipation as his talented tongue drives deep inside me and the shudders of pleasure again tear through my body...his 'taste' is more than that as he licks and sucks me for a good ten minutes and I am nearing my orgasm.

Just as I am ready to come, he stops, and kisses his way back up my belly, eventually reaching my lips and I embrace my lover with all the passion I can because I love him so much. Nine years of incredible pleasure, of gentle touches when I need them, and of his strength and power when I need it, like now as he strokes deeply inside of me. I let out my satisfied little squeal as we come together and he kisses me so sweetly, knowing that to be my signal of happiness.

His cock thrusts deep, as he plunges, holds for a split second, and slowly withdraws before going balls deep again. It drives me wild, and it is my favorite way to be fucked. The machine gun like in and out will come later, but now I am just building my pleasure at the end of his thrusts.

He feels so good inside of me, so right, and our lovemaking is usually quite good, but tonight feels special somehow.

"Ooohh....I love you so much honey...." and his words trigger my orgasm, his voice has always had power over me, and I come with a yelp of pleasure. He lets out a satisfied grunt and begins to pick up the pace, because he knows once I start, it usually gets pretty wild after that!

My first subsides and he begins to drive hard and fast. I'm having trouble holding myself on the pads, but as if knowing this, his hands grab my hips and he goes ever harder into me.

"Ahhhhh........yyyyeeeeessssss!" My second orgasm erupts as he hits full speed, and I know he can't last much longer, not on his first, and he doesn't. He lets out a groan as.......Vesuvius erupts inside of me. I can normally feel him, but this feels like nothing I've ever known as he slams into me with each spurt, one, two, three, four, and my third is triggered as I scream again and he finishes with one last thrust...

We collapse together and he finds my lips to kiss me so deeply and sweetly...."being in love with you is so incredible..." he whispers. I hold my man in my arms in the warmth of our love.

We simply lay there, and I hear his powerful heart beating in the silence of a cool evening. For nearly ten minutes we lay there and then he gets up.

"I do believe we might open that champagne now, right?" I nod my assent and he does the honors as the cap flies into the night air straight up, and then lands with a tiny splash in the tub. He pours, hands me my glass, and raises his.

"To our new hot tub, may we have many, many, many more evenings like this!"

"To the tub!!! And may you take me like that any time you want, mister, tub or no tub!"

He grins. I loooove his grin.

"Well, I do try to do my best."

"Your best felt like a fire hydrant going off inside of me. I loved it."

He smirks. "Well, a four day business trip, and you forbidding me to masturbate will do that to a guy."

"Was it so have to wait" I ask coyly.

"No, I never get tired of....rediscovering you when I return..."

"Anything of note in your explorations?" I ask with a sly smile.

"Yes, you appear to be some kind of horny....which is really good because I just happen to be in the same state you know. Think we can do something about that?"

No words answer him, only my lips as I take his growing cock in my mouth.

"That'll do..." he gulps out. I think he's surprised at my brazenness, but I don't care. I want him again, and I'll have him. I suck the head as hard as I can because I know it drives him crazy. His moan of pleasure tells me it's going well. I take him as deep as I can, and then caress his balls. I love that he keeps himself natural for me, some women have problems with their hairy men, I just love him the way he is. I pull back to lick his balls, and I gently take each one into my mouth and suck it softly and his moans turn to groans.....I'm having all kinds of fun here! Back into my mouth and I bob up and down on his by now rock hard tool, but he's not destined to release in my mouth tonight, I want all of his cum inside of me. I push him backward and turn myself to mount him reverse cowgirl and I plunge down onto his cock and take him balls deep.

I lean back to change the angle and it feels so good inside me. I don't know why women are all about size, he's hardly huge, just slightly above average, but he knows how to use it, and I know how to use it as well as I start stroking myself up and down on him and he gently takes my hips in his hands as I begin to increase the intensity.

On his second go, he's good for quite a bit, and I intend to use it all, after a solid ten minutes of riding him, I switch positions and face him as I fuck him as hard as I can. Every so often he pulls me close for a passionate kiss, and we embrace as my pussy takes complete control of our lovemaking. His stamina is incredible as I orgasm from my wild ride, and we switch back to missionary and he takes the reins, and proceeds to give me a fucking like I've never known, he is hard and forceful, and each thrust touches me deeply. After only a few minutes of this I can't help myself, I come again with a yell and he only thrusts harder. As I near a third, I know he enjoys it, so I tell him what to d next.

"Finish me off, baby, take me from behind and make me like it..."

We switch rapidly and his cock plunges deeply into me from behind. We both love it, and his hand slaps my ass as he pumps me.

"You liking that, baby, are you?"

"Oh god yes! Yes! Give it to me so good!" He does, and although he switches hands from time to time, my ass gets a bit sore from the slapping, but my pussy is in heaven as I've come twice more, and from his grunts, I know a second monster orgasm from him imminent. Both hands grab my waist as he slams me as hard as he can, once, twice, and on the third stroke, he yells out HIS orgasm as Mt. Vesuvius erupts again!

As our pleasure slowly subsides, he pulls gently out of me and we descend to the mats again.

"Wow.....just's been awhile since I've had two orgasms that intense."

I smile devilishly. "Why do you think I made you wait, sexy?"

"At the time, I thought it I see just wanted to use me as your plaything so you could indulge in your wicked, wanton ways!"

"I'll own up to that, but was being used really that bad?"

He kisses me deeply. "You can use me any time you want..."

We talk for a bit, and cuddle. Then it's shower time and some post coital snuggling as we brought the champagne in with us. As we lay down to sleep, I giggle to myself. The sex WAS incredible, but it wasn't just about coming. We had discussed it several weeks ago, and decided to that now was the time, but with no pressure on either of us. No pressure needed. Tonight was and will always be's the night we made a baby......

Author's note: As near as we can tell, it WAS the night, even though we had sex the next three nights. I'm in my second trimester now, and I'm loving it!!!
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