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I video taped my neighbor so that her hubby could see his wife, the prostitute, walking the street

When she emerged from the shadowy side street to Wilson Blvd.,  she hesitated for a split second, before continuing to he corner, where she turned right and leisurely sauntered past the drugstore entrance. Once past the doors she shopped and took up her position next to the doors, leaning against the building. She did not smile at the men as they walked past her, but she made a one second long eye contact with each, which said "I am available".

Everything about her said, "I am a prostitute". Her age must have been something like early or mid thirties, judging by her face, which was over done with too much eye make-up and a garish, screaming lipstick. Aside from her face everything about her looked more like a twenty year old with a slim body, and shapely, long legs.

Her beautiful legs were accentuated by a pair of black four inch heels. Her black mini skirt, which was almost a micro, reached just far enough down to cover what was a probably shaven pussy. Instead of a blouse she wore an unusual white tank top, which did hide her tits and displayed them at the same time. As with most prostitutes she wore no jewelry, there were not even any tattoos. Had it not been for the heavy make-up, she certainly would have been a very pretty lady.

Once in while a guy would stop and talk to her, but after exchanging a few sentences, he would walk on. She either was too choosy, or she charged too much. It was not until her fourth potential customer talked to her, that she nodded her head and let herself be led away, with the customer's arm around her waist.

She returned about 45 minutes later with another, much younger prostitute. They slowly made their way along the sidewalk, looking over the guys walking past. The two girls seemed to know each rather well, walking arm in arm. At the drugstore they parted and the older one took up her post again, next to the entry doors.

Ten minutes later a car stopped and as usual, the driver honked. But unlike before, this time she walked to the car, stick her head inside, and talked to the driver. While she was bent over she answered a question I had had. Indeed, she did not wear any panties, much to the delight of the few guys in the vicinity. A few moments later she opened the door and slid into the passenger seat.


I had just finished a phone call when the door bell rang. It was Jennie, my neighbor, as I had expected. She was in a happy mood, hugged me and kissed me with exuberance. That husband of hers will have an eye full, I figured. They love role playing and at one time he had mentioned he would like to have a picture of her dressed like a slut. Well, he got much more than he bargained for.

"Whoa," she almost shouted. "What an evening I had. It sure was an evening never to be forgotten. I never had such a combination of embarrassment, fun, sexual excitement and fantasies; it was almost too much. And now I am looking forward to the next installment."

"You played your part like a pro, and so did your brother. This was about as close to real as it can get. What did you tell the guys that stopped by how much you charge?"

"I didn't. I told them I was waiting for my boyfriend."

There was another question I had. "I almost freaked out when I saw you coming back with that young girl. Where did you find her? How did you hook up with her?"

"Oh, you mean Sally. She was at the next corner and we started to talk. I told her that I was not real, that this was a spoof. She told me that she called herself Sally, and that she worked the streets because she needed the money for the drugs her pimp bought for her. She said she was sixteen. She wanted to walk back with me to here, so I let her."

"I don't know if you realize it, but that will be one of the best shots of the video. It lends credence to the rest of it," I explained to her.

I noticed that she became a little restless, or maybe she was still so full of excitement that she could not sit still. I did find out soon what her urgency was when she blurted out, "why don't we finish what we started, so I can get home before hubby. His shift finishes at four and I want at least one hour to myself. I don't want him to catch me with this make-up I have plastered on my face."

I sure was willing and I told her so. "I set up the light stands, and the backdrop is in place, so let's go upstairs and get started. She followed me up the stairs after she took off her heels. She looked somewhat baffled as she inspected my den. Maybe she got cold feet and wanted to back out. I hoped not, but I had to know. I am the kind of guy who wouldn't do anything against a lady's wishes, especially in this strange situation.

So I asked her, "is there something wrong? You had a strange look on your face just a moment ago when you inspected my den."

"Everything is fine," she answered. "I just did not expect to see a bed in your den. But I like the arrangement. I am sure that every proper prostitute has a bed somewhere to conduct business."  That was a funny answer and both of us had a good laugh. Jennie sure had a wonderful sense of humor.

I told her what I had in mind and she agreed. It was about the same scenario she had envisioned, we seemed to be a good team, thinking very much along the same lines.

I screwed the camera to its stand and made sure of the angle. Next I turned on the two light stands, made my adjustments so the scene was more subdued and started the camera tolling.

Jennie walked into the scene, followed by me. I knew what she wanted, even without her holding out her hand. I pulled out my billfold and handed her some bills. After she had carefully counted the money, she lifted the mattress and put the money underneath. I had been wondering what she was going to do with it. What an actress she was.

She motioned me to sit on the edge of the bed so she could remove my shoes and socks, then pulled me uptight again.

I stepped close and kissed her, always being careful to let the camera see our tongues darting in and out. Jennie responded immediately as I had thought she would. No question, she was definitely turned on. My hands moved to her breast and I massaged her tits through the flimsy material of the tank top she was wearing.

We broke the kiss so she could remove that hindrance and I continued playing with her tits, twisting her nipples. Soon that was not enough for me, I had to have more of what I had paid for. I mouthed first one, then the other of her boobs, sucking her nipples.
They were hard and engorged and felt so good in my mouth.

Meanwhile, my right hand had wandered down her belly. When It arrived at its target she lifted hr left foot and placed it on the low footstool I had provided for that purpose. Now I had unhindered access to her pussy, and was she ever wet. Her clit got my first attention, which caused her body to shudder and she tightened the grip her arm had around my neck.

I played a bit at the mouth of her pussy before I started to finger fuck her with two fingers. Her pussy practically sucked my fingers inside and I could feel it pulsing with me, keeping the same rhythm. She was not far from climaxing when she disengaged from me, stepped back a half a step, and started to unbutton my shit, which she then stripped off.

Now it was Jennie's mouth on my very sensitive nipples, her tongue doing some wonderful magic there. Her hands became busy with my belt and my fly, and I had the feeling that there was considerable urgency on her part as she dropped my pants and then almost ripped off my skivvies.

She had hardly freed my dick when she was already kneeling in front of me, her lips tight around my shaft, moving back and forth. I told her to take it easy and stop after a minute or two, I wanted to have enough stamina left to bring her to her climax. Reluctantly she released me and stood up.

I turned her around and pushed her shoulders down, presenting me her back side while she braced herself with her arms on the bed. I moved aside a bit to let the camera show her hand reaching back to lead my prick to where it could pleasure her. All this time she was moaning loudly.

 Before I was half way into her she started screaming already, "Fuck me, fuck me hard, I have to have you in me."  That changed quickly to  "Oh my God, I am so close. ….Don't stop now….AHHH, Yes, Yes ..", and with that she exploded, her body shaking and bucking out of control, the pent up unfulfilled arousal making her shriek and scream again and again.

I turned her and sat with her on the bed, stroking her hair, her back, her cheeks. When she had herself in hand again she warned me, "you will be paid back with interest." She didn't get any further because I had taken her knees and lifted them so she fell backwards onto the bed. I spread her legs open and without warning dove down to her pussy to tantalize her clit for a while before letting my tongue explore the inside if her pussy, where it swirled around and around, bringing first some soft moans from between her lips; they soon changed to little shrieks.

It did not take long to make her body respond on its own and take her on a wild ride again. First her legs started to drum on my back, then she became rigid for a moment. That was followed by her arching her back, announcing the arrival of her orgasm. All this was accompanied by loud moans, body contortions, arm swinging, and finally with a cascade of hoarse shrieks.

When it was over, she tried to focus on me, but her eyes would not obey. Her eyes remained wide open, her mouth was slack, a little saliva trickling down her cheek. Her whole boy was covered with a twinkling sheen of perspiration. She lay motionless for some time before she returned to almost normal.

"You scoundrel," she hissed at me, you put me through a wringer again. It's time I retaliated. Stand up like a man, - and hurry, I want you back in front of the camera for a treatment you will not forget for a long time."

Her impish smile broadened when she had me in position, and it made me wonder what kind of treatment was in store for me. She started at my nipples, knowing how they and I would react, and she was right, my dick started to rise like a Phoenix rises out of the ashes.

 From there on it was a roller coaster ride, up to just short of the top, then back down again, only to repeat the trip to the top. After a few trips up and down the coaster I was getting jittery, my legs were not quite steady anymore and my breathing was becoming increasingly labored. She noticed my distress and took pity on me.

After a few strokes with her lips she suddenly stopped to ask me how we should finish our last scene. Her choices were the usual, in her mouth , on her tits, or a cream pie, a facial. That was an easy decision. A video being a visual media it had to be a cream pie with some elaborations.

So I played the movie director again. "Here is what we do," I instructed her. "As before, you keep looking up at me and smile. When I tell you to let go of my dick, move back about ten inches, but keep your mouth open. I will give you a cream pie. Let some of it drip down onto your tits. Rub my cum around a bit on your tits.

Then do that on your cheek also, using your fore finger. Stick the finger in your mouth and lick I it clean. You can also pick up some cum with your fore finger, but then put your middle finger in your mouth. Then do the same thing again, but this time smile into the camera. After that comes the parting shot. Put your lips over my dick again, smile up at me while you give it a very slow deep throat. Do it again while you smile at the camera. End of Video."

Jennie went back to work on me. I did not even have to tell her that I was ready to shoot. She followed our script like an accomplished actress, or rather, like a seasoned, smutty whore. I handed her the wet towel I had put on the chair before we had started and told her to use the upstairs bathroom, while I cleaned up downstairs.

She met me in the living room to say her good-bye.

"I will do my real cleaning at home" she explained, I still have lots of time. And I will need lots of time to come down from that extreme euphoria I am still in. And please give me a call when you are done with your editing magic, I can hardly wait to see the finished product. But then I will have to wait another two weeks before I get to see his eyes getting bigger and bigger when I let him watch the video."

She hugged me and planted a flaming thank you kiss on my lips as she left.
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