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The Party

Tags: wife, drunk
Mary had a little too much to drink at the party
“I feel so damn drunk” thought Mary as she left the room. “Back in a few minutes”, she called out to her friends as she headed off to her bedroom. If she could just lie down for a few minutes she’d get she shit together and be able to rejoin the party.

This was just embarrassing, she though to herself as she collapsed on the bed. Her head was swimming and the room seemed to be spinning around her. “I’m not as young as I used to be,” she uttered to an empty room.

She closed her eyes. The party was going so well, why the hell did they have to start playing drinking games?

“You okay”, came a voice from the door. It was Joel, her husband.

“I just need a few minutes”. She could feel the bed slump as he sat next to her.

“You know, you really shouldn’t drink so much, especially at you own party”.

“Why? Are you going to take advantage of me?” she replied in a mocking tone, not even bothering to open her eyes.

“Just might do”. He ran his hand up the inside of her dress. Half a dozen buttons held it closed down he front. He unbuttoned the bottom two and opened it up to her waist. Slowly, he moved his hand back down again, sliding over her underwear, between her legs and started massaging her. Mary’s slow exhaled hid the rising excitement. She felt Joel tugging at her parties, pulling them down her legs.

“Not now” she said, “I’m too bloody drunk.”

He stopped. After a few seconds, she felt the bed shift as he stood and left the room. “I’ll join you guys soon” she said as he left. If only the room would stop spinning… if only the room would stop spinning she get up and return to the party or she’d get up and slash some water in her face… or she’d pull up her bloody knickers at least – Joel had them at half mast, hanging around her knees.

She dozed off. She would have slept all night if it weren’t for the feeling of hands slowly moving up and down her thighs. “Not now Joel” she murmured. She felt her panties being pull down her legs. Her right left was lifted and the panties pulled past he ankle. She felt a kiss, just below the knee, then the wetness of a gentle lick running up her inner thigh. She felt her legs being gently massaged as the kisses and licks moved closer to her cunt. As her legs were massaged, they were being pushed further apart.

Mary squirmed as she felt the first kisses land on her lips, his nose buried in her bush. The sensation of his hands gently spreading her legs, of his long making a long, generous lick up to her clit sent shivers down her spine. His tongue started to dance over and around her clit. His hands started moving over her pubes, across her belly and began unbuttons the rest of her dress.

This time, she didn’t bother hiding her excitement. She let a low, long moan escape her lips. Joel’s in good form tonight, she thought, none of his usual trace-the-alphabet bullshit. Perhaps it was the booze wearing off or his fine form but Mary placed her hands on the back of his head – he wasn’t going anywhere.

His hands squeezed her ample breasts, tugging and her bra. She could take it off, but then she’d have to bother opening her eyes and getting up. No, tonight Joel can do what he’s told.

She could feel she was getting close to coming. “Fuck me”, she said. He didn’t move. “Fuck me”, she said with more force. A few seconds later, the sound of his zipper opening made her smile – good boy Joel, do what you’re told. He started by rubbing the head of his cock against the outside his here cunt. She was juiced and good to go. “Fuck me now” said demanded. She liked this power she had over Joel. Sometimes she liked to make love, but tonight is was just fucking. He did as command and shoved his cock deep inside her. Half standing, half leaning forward his thrusts became faster and faster.

Jesus, he was on fire tonight. Mary felt guilty, just lying there as he did all the work. Fair’s fair, she thought, how many times have I faked it for him. Tonight, he can service me. And what a fine job he was doing. His meat slid in so smoothly, gently prodding and probing.

He started quietly moaning. She opened her eyes - something was wrong. The room was dark now – how long had I slept, she thought to herself.

Through the drunken haze and the darkness, she saw Eddie. Fuck! Eddie, not Joel. What the fuck – it was Joel’s younger brother pumping her. She closed and opened her eyes again, this can be real she thought, but the feeling of him inside her plenty real enough.

My god, I’ve got Eddie lying on top of me, Eddie’s dick inside me. Eddie looked back, he wasn’t slowing down. He pulled the straps of her bra off her shoulders, exposing her breasts. His hands started caressing her breasts. Shit, Eddie was just a teenager when they first met and now she was as good as naked with him inside her.

The waves of confusion mixed with the waves of pleasure as she climaxed. In spite of herself, her let an exhale escape as she slumped back onto be bed.

Eddie obviously took his as his cue. His rhythm sped up, his thrusts became more urgent until, with a whimper, he exploded inside her. She could feel his cock pumping his cum into her. Fuck, she had Eddie’s cum inside her!

“What the fuck!” These were Mary’s first words to Eddie all night. Sheepishly, he stood. He tried pulling up his pants, but his dick was still to hard. He started to talk, but obviously thought better of it and just left.

God-damn, she though. What just happened? Lying on her bad, almost naked with another man’s cum running down her leg. What is she going to do now? She stunk of sex, so stood up, wandered into the bathroom and had a shower. With a change of clothes on, she staggered down stairs.

“Hey”, said Joel, “are you feeling better?”

Mary just looked at him. How do you respond that question, especially if you don’t know the answer?

“I sent Eddie to wake you up – we’re doing the birthday cake now. Did the shower freshen you up?”

“Yer, thanks. “ she said, “I’m fine.”
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