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The Pastor's Wife

A repressed minister's wife comes out of her shell to the surprise and pleasure of a young man.
“Damn, it’s hot!” I think to myself as I wipe the sweat out of my eyes. The weather report predicted it will get to ninety-five today. There isn’t a cloud in the sky and the sun is beating down on my bare back. At least this yard work job is better than flipping hamburgers in some hot fast-food kitchen. It’s just a summer job to make extra spending money until I start college in the fall. The landscaping service assigns me to the Jones’ each Saturday to mow the lawn, weed the flower beds and garden and clean the pool. They are just one of the many houses we contract with.

Most of the time I’m here alone and the work goes pretty quickly. But today, Mr. Jones is here and he’s having me do some extra work. That’s OK since they are the last house on my schedule today and I can use the extra money. Even before I started working for them, I knew Mr. and Mrs. Jones from church. He’s the youth pastor at church and I volunteered to assist him all through high school. He’s a pretty cool guy but kind of nerdy at times. He tries to fit in with the kids but it doesn’t always come out well. He tries to dress down and use ‘hip talk’ and slang that he thinks we still use. But, he’s always a few years behind the curve. We laugh behind his back and I think he knows it; but he continues to play the part anyway.

So here I am, pulling weeds around the tomato plants and Mr. Jones is messing with trying to get his leaf blower running. I don’t think he’s much of a mechanic either. Then Mrs. Jones comes out through the sliding patio doors. “Hi Dear, I’m home”, she announces as she walks up to Mr. Jones and gives him a light peck on the cheek which he doesn’t even seem to notice.

Then she spots me and waves, “Oh, hello Ben.”

I say, “Hi” and turn back to pulling weeds. Mrs. Jones is a nice enough lady but I’ve never paid much attention to her. I see her at church and she sometimes helps her husband with the youth group. She’s probably in her late twenties or early thirties which is about ten years younger than Mr. Jones and about the same older than me. I guess you could call her pretty but it’s hard to tell with the way she dresses; always very conservative in button up blouses, knee length or longer skirts and ‘sensible shoes’. She usually wears her shoulder length hair tied up in what I would call a ‘schoolmarm bun’. But as an administrative assistant for a non-profit charity, I guess she has to dress the part. Today was no exception. Even with heat, she’s dressed in a business suit type outfit with a long sleeve jacket, a mid-calf hemline and those sensible shoes.

“Sorry I had that meeting today,” she comments to Mr. Jones. “We have the grant money almost approved and today was the only day they could inspect the new facility”.

“That’s OK, but it’s a shame to ruin your Saturday,” Mr. Jones absently answered.

Turning back to the house she replies, “Well, it was important and I’m certainly happy this grant process is just about done. Now, I need to change and get into something cooler.” With that, she disappeared into the house.

I felt a little guilty eavesdropping on them but it couldn’t be helped. I finish with the weeding and go on to my final chore, cleaning the pool. I had saved that for last because I hoped it would be cooler around the water. I got all the cleaning equipment out was assembling it when Mrs. Jones reappeared.

“Wow, that feels much better,” she said to no one in particular. Her voice brought my attention from the pool cleaning to look her way. I damn near dropped the vacuum hose when I saw her. She’s in a swimming suit! It isn’t a bikini or anything; just a one-piece, but sexy as Hell! It’s hot pink, very slinky, low cut on top, high cut on the hips and hugging every curve. And Oh Man, did she have some curves! I’d never realized what a great body she has under those old lady clothes. She walks to a lounge chair, turns, and bends over to set down her drink and towel. Her back is to me and as she leans over my eyes rivet on her butt. The thin spandex material hugs it tightly and rides up into the crevice to define her cheeks. A small triangle of daylight forms between where her upper thighs barely touch and her pussy.

She rises up and turns my way. I am so mesmerized by this vision that I’m slow to break my gaze. She caught my eye and instinctively smiled. Then I saw a slight change in her expression as she realized that I had been staring at her. It’s not a mad look but more of a satisfied, appreciating look that silently tells me she likes my attentions.

I tear my gaze from her and look to Mr. Jones. Concerned that he had seen me ogling his wife, I was afraid I might lose my job or something. But he’s still fussing with the leaf blower and oblivious of his wife; or my attentions to her. How could any man just ignore such a sexy lady? Especially when she was wearing that sexy swimsuit! I hope I never lose my appreciation of my wife like that … whoever she will eventually be.

“Oh damn! You’re still cleaning the pool aren’t you?” she asks as she walks toward me. “I was hoping to swim some laps to cool off.”

She had cussed! I’m stunned. I had never heard her swear in any way before. Of course, I only saw her at church so that would be expected. But this is a side of her I never expected. I stammer out a reply, “Well yeah … sorry, b-b-b-but I should be finished in about a half-hour.”

She walks up to me and stands within a foot. Close enough to smell her perfume mixed with a slight musky aroma. I inhaled deeply. Involuntarily my cock gives a twitch in my shorts. Damn it, not that … not now! I quickly try to cover my growing bulge with the pool hose.

“Do you think it would be OK if I swim in the other side while you clean this one?” she asks in girlish plea.

“It’s your pool Mrs. Jones. I don’t think there’s any law against it. I guess it’s OK,” I replied as I look toward Mr. Jones again. He still has his back turned. I look back at her and she seems to be eying my bare chest. I don’t work out or anything but I was on the varsity baseball team last season. I’m in pretty good shape with a fairly trim waist. I puff my chest out some and suck in my stomach.

She looks back up to my face and lightly touches my arm. It’s electric. “Oh thanks, Ben. You’re a doll. Just let me know when we need to switch sides”. She turns and walks to the other end of the pool. My eyes are once again fixed on her ass except that this time, it’s moving; with just a bit of jiggle to tell me that she takes care of herself. It must be all this lap swimming. Without hesitation and with the grace of an Olympic diver, she dives into the water with hardly a splash. She surfaces and starts swimming laps.

It takes all my will power to turn back to guiding the vacuum around the bottom of the pool. But I just can’t keep from stealing glances back to her side of the pool. Then the ringing of a cell phone startles me back to my job.

Mr. Jones reaches into his pocket and answers the call. I can’t hear what he’s saying but it’s clear that he’s not happy. After a couple of minutes he puts the phone away and walks over to the pool. “Honey, I’m sorry, but I have to go. The computer network at the church just crashed and the pastor can’t get it back up. He’s panicking and afraid he lost his whole sermon for tomorrow. We had trouble with it yesterday and I may have to completely reload everything this time.” Along with being the youth pastor, Mr. Jones is also the guy who takes care of the computers. “This is going take several hours I’m afraid.”

Mrs. Jones is hanging onto the side of the pool while he explains the situation then asks, “Will you be home in time for dinner?”

“I don’t think so. It depends on how bad things have crashed. I’ll give you a call later,” he says over his shoulder as he turns and goes into house.

Mrs. Jones looks at me and shrugs, “Looks like it’s just you and me now.”

I’m trying to figure out if she meant anything else by that but she just puts her head down into the water and continues swimming laps. In a few minutes I hear Mr. Jones’ car start up and back out of the garage.

This side of the pool is as clean as I can get it and I call to Mrs. Jones, “Excuse me ma’am but I need to do your end now.” I smile to myself. I really would like to ‘do your end’.

She swims to my side of the pool and hangs onto the edge right below me as I collect the vacuum hose. “Ben, please call me Allison. All of that ‘Mrs. Jones’ and ‘ma’am’ stuff makes me feel so old.”

“Yes ma’am … errr … Allison,” I blurt out. I look down at her and have a great view right down her cleavage. Her breasts are floating in the water and her low cut suit is just barely hiding her nipples. My cock stirs again and I quickly gather up the vacuum and move to the far side of the pool. When I get there and start cleaning again, I look back at her. She is still hanging onto the side watching me. Then she smiles and pushes off to continue her laps.

My mind is reeling now. Was she watching my ass just now as I walked away from her? No way! This just doesn’t happen in real life. I’ve read stories like this in the Penthouse Letters but it would never happen to me … would it?

I finish the cleaning and put the hoses and other equipment back into their storage shed. I return to the poolside to tell Mrs. Jones that I’m leaving. She swims to the side and is once again below me, offering another fantastic view of her bosom.

“Isn’t this your last job for today?” she asked.

“Yes it is and I’m all done. Unless there’s something else you need me to do?” Damn, that sure was an overused cliché. I hope she doesn’t think I’m trying to come on to her.

“No, nothing more; you’ve done a great job here today. But, do you have time for cold drink before you leave. That’s the least I can offer on a hot day like today.”

“Well, I guess I could use a glass water.” I agree, wiping my brow.

“Sit down over there and I will fix us something,” she said nodding to the covered patio. In another graceful, effortless move, she hoists herself out of the pool and stands in front of me with water cascading down, following every luscious curve of her body. The suit is even more skin tight now that it’s wet. I just can’t stop myself from scanning down her body. Transfixed and no longer thinking straight, my gaze follows the dripping water. The cool water has made her nipples hard and they press the thin spandex out into two little bubbles. I swear the suit is translucent enough to make out her dark brown areolas.

My study of her body only takes a couple of seconds but she just stands there while I do it. It’s almost like she’s putting herself on display for me. I reluctantly bring my eyes up to her face half expecting to find a frown. But she’s smiling. I open my mouth to say something and then close it. I can’t think of anything to say … or have the nerve to say it.

She breaks the trace saying softly, “I better go get those drinks now.”

She turns and I follow that sexy butt to the table and chairs on the patio. The wet spandex has slipped deeper up her ass crack. I rush to sit down before my renewed bulge is too noticeable. Mrs. Jones (I still can’t think of her as Allison) pauses at the lounge chair and starts to dry off. She slowly rubs the towel over her entire body. She dries her breasts making them roll around and bounce. Then she works down to her legs, wiping each one in turn. I can’t believe my eyes when she places one foot up on the chair and dries her inner thighs. And my jaw drops when she rubs the towel a couple of time across the crotch of her suit.
Is she putting on a show? She’s turned slightly away from me but she has to know I’m watching. It seems to me that most women would have quickly dried their ‘public parts’ just enough to not drip in the house. But she did a complete job, making sure everything was as dry as it could be. Without looking back at me, she goes inside and I take the opportunity to take a few deep breaths, put my t-shirt on and adjust the growing problem in my shorts to a more comfortable angle.

She’s inside for several minutes and I spend the time trying to decide if this is really happening or just my imagination running amok. I’m still mulling it over when she comes back out. She sets a tray on the table with two glasses of ice water and two bowls of fruit salad.

“I thought you might enjoy a cool snack also,” she says as she places a bowl and glass in front of me and sits at the other side of the table.

It’s then that I notice the table top is made of clear glass. I can see right through it to her lower body and legs. I reposition my fruit bowl and glass so that I can look at her legs while it appears I’m staring at my food. This is nice!

We sit for a few minutes making small talk about the weather and my college plans. I keep stealing looks at her legs and then notice her reach down and scratch the top of her thigh; then she leaves her hand there. I try to listen to what she’s saying and answer when required, but I can’t keep my eyes off her legs. Then the hand moves again. She is lightly stroking it up and down her thigh. I take a bite of fruit and just about choke on some water. I look again and her legs are open a couple more inches. Her hand is stroking the inside of her thigh now. I lift my gaze to her face and she’s staring right at me. Does she know I’m looking through the table top?

Then she says, “Well Ben, I don’t want to keep you any longer. I bet you have date or something tonight.”

I don’t want this to end so quickly and reply, “No, nothing in particular; just hanging out with the guys probably.”

“What? No date on a Saturday night? A handsome young man like you must have lots of girlfriends.”

“Oh no … not me.” I look down with embarrassment and spy through the table again. Her legs seem to be further apart and the hand is stroking farther up her inner thigh. “I don’t have anyone steady now. My girlfriend moved away with her family at the end of the school term so we just phone and email each other now.”

Still looking down, I can clearly see between her legs. A thin strip of fabric barely covers her pussy and her camel toe is plainly visible. My cock is uncomfortably erect now and I resist the urge to reposition it again. She must be able to see through the table also. I squirm in my chair hoping my cock isn’t poking out of the leg hole of my shorts. I see her look down and she grins a little. It was that same satisfied, appreciating look as before. Oh shit! I know she can see my boner!

I’m considering moving my fruit bowl to mask her view of my lap when she accidently knocks her glass onto the patio shattering it. “Oh Shit!” she swears as she jumps up.
I sit there gawking at her as she stoops down to pick up the broken glass. She looks back up at me and notices the shocked expression on my face. “What?” she asks.

“Umm, well, I’m just surprised that you cussed. I’ve never heard you say anything like that. I mean, you’re such a, a …” I pause searching for the right words, “… a nice lady and all.”

A knowing smile grows on her face and she says, “Ohh, I’m not really the prude everyone thinks I am.”

“I-I-I d-didn’t say you were a prude,” I stutter. “I just meant …”

“I know what you meant. It’s OK,” she soothes with a smile. She stands up and throws the glass shards into the trash. Then she takes a broom and dust pan from a storage closet near the patio and comes back to the table. She hands me the dust pan and starts sweeping the remaining glass into a pile. “Hold the dust pan, please.”

I kneel down and she sweeps the mess into the pan. But I’m not looking at the ground. Her pussy is just a few inches away and right at eye level. I inhale deeply, trying to catch a whiff of her. I only smell chlorine from the pool but it is intoxicating non-the-less.

“I think that’s all of it”, she says.

I hadn’t noticed that she had stopped sweeping and quickly jump up. She takes the dust pan from me, dumps it in the trash and puts it and the broom away. I sit back where I was before but she sits in the chair next to me instead of across the table. This disappoints me because I can’t sneak looks at her legs as easily. I stare down and my glass anyway not knowing what else to do.

After a minute of silence, she says, “I know everyone thinks I’m just an old prude but, you know, that’s just my public image.” I again start to disagree about the prude description but she stops me with a hand on my arm and says, “No, I see how people look at me. It’s OK. I just want you to know that isn’t the real me.

“Oh, I never thought that … Allison,” I lie. Then I add, “You know, I’m still not comfortable with calling you by your first name.”

“That’s just it, Ben. I don’t want you to think of me as someone you have to be formal with. I really like it when you call my Allison. Her hand is rubbing my arm and her warm touch is exciting.

There’s another silence and I finally look up to her face. She’s looking at me with an expression like she is trying to decide something and she’s biting the side of her bottom lip. Evidently, she makes a decision and says, “You know, I wasn’t always like this; being such a stodgy conservative person I mean.”

I open my mouth to respond but she puts a finger to my lips. “No, let me finish. I used to have a lot of fun back in college. I dated lots of different guys and was very umm … well, how do it put this? Sexually liberated, I guess you would call it.”

Now that gets my attention. I never thought of her as ever being sexually liberated. I didn’t even try to respond this time. I just sat there staring at my empty water glass. She’s gripping my arm now.

“Sam was a computer tech at the college I attended and he tutored me with my computer science class. Well, we got pretty friendly and started hanging around together. It didn’t take long for us to get serious. We quickly fell in love and got married. Things were great for a while and we were madly in love. And the sex was great.

I’m finding it hard, literally, to stay focused and follow her monolog. My mind is still mulling over thoughts of her being sexually liberated and having great sex. Still staying silent, I just let her continue.

“But then, he got religion. He took some seminary and theology classes and joined the ministry,” she said. Then with a shrug, “And to be honest, I just couldn’t get into it. But, I’ve stuck it out and played the part of the devoted wife. But we’ve drifted apart in the last couple of years and the spark is gone.”

“Damn,” I think to myself. “Where is she going with all this?”

Her other hand grabs my arm also and she squeezes harder. She pauses again for a few moments and continues, “He got the job with the church and, through them, got me the job with the charity. He’s become a workaholic and it’s affecting our love life. He just seems to have lost interest. In fact, we haven’t had sex in months.

My brain reels at that thinking, “Shit, how can someone go months without sex?”

I even wore this swim suit today to try to get his attention. But you saw how he ignored me. He just doesn’t care anymore.”

I didn’t see that coming and, without thinking, blurt out, “Well, I noticed it!” I look at her wide-eyed, not knowing if I should have said that.

“Well thank you, Ben.” She paused then added, “I know you noticed. It was pretty apparent.”

“It was?” My face must be turning red.

“Yes it was. I saw that you got turned on.”

Totally embarrassed now, I squirm in the chair trying to hide the erection I have now.

“Oh please, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. I take it as a compliment.” She sees my continued embarrassment and looks me in the eye. “Ben, really, don’t worry about it. It’s completely natural and, to tell the truth, I like the thought that I can still excite a young guy like you.”

Her hand leaves my arm and drops to my thigh. I just about jumped out of the chair. As she strokes up and down on my bare leg she says softly, “I saw you staring at me all afternoon. Did you like what you saw?”

“I sure did, Allison!” I say a little too enthusiastically. Then calmer, “I guess it was pretty obvious, huh?”

“Well, let me return the compliment,” she says. “I think you’re a very handsome man yourself and, ahh …” she pauses and slides her hand up my leg, “… very sexy too.”

I shift again in my chair and my hard cock swings closer to her hand, almost like it has a mind of it own. “Mrs. Jon … ahh, Allison, I’m really not sure what we are doing here.”

“Oh, I think you’re getting the idea.”

I don’t know whether her hand reached for my cock or my growing cock found her hand, but they touch. She squeezed me and any doubt left my mind. Going for broke, I timidly reached out and lightly cupped one of those breasts that had been enticing me all day. We look at each other eye to eye and she leaned forward and softly kisses me. The hunger that has been building all afternoon suddenly engulfs us. Our lips open and our tongues dance with abandon. With my other hand, I finger the nipple of her other breast through her suit.

Her hand releases the grip on my cock, moves down and back up, but this time it slips under the leg of my shorts and wraps around by bare shaft. I didn’t wear any underwear today. I usually don’t on hot days because they chaff. Today, that decision was really paying off nicely.

She starts stoking me and breaks our kiss. She looks at me and asks, “Are you still a virgin?”

“Hell No!” I say, maybe a little too forcefully. “I’ve … uhh … had sex a lot.” I’m worried that I sound like I’m lying and try to continue. “No, really, me and my girlfriend have …”

She stops me again with a hand to my mouth before I can dig myself deeper, “It’s OK, it’s OK. It doesn’t matter. I was just curious.”

The spell was broken and we stare at each other for moment. She stands up and extends a beckoning hand to me. I take the hand and she pulls me up from my chair. She grasps my other hand and steps against me. She takes both my hands and pulls them around to the sides of her ass. I get the message as she releases them and I grab both ass cheeks. Her muscles clinch and I feel how toned she is. She reaches around me grabbing my ass also and pulls us together. She kisses me some more and grinds her pelvis against my now full erection. She moves her lips to my ear and in a breathy whisper she fulfills a young man’s wish, “Why don’t you take me inside and fuck me?”

The blood drained from my head and my knees got weak. I’m sure I stammered something like, “Hell yes!” or “You bet!” but it really didn’t matter. She had already taken my hand and led me through the sliding patio doors into their living room. But we don’t stop there. She guides me through the living room, down a hallway and into the master bedroom. Stopping by the huge king size bed, she turns to me and we passionately kiss again. Allison reaches down, grabs the bottom of my t-shirt and lifts it over my head. I hated to break the kiss to let the shirt go over my head but we got right back to kissing instantly.

We kiss for another minute of so while we explore each other’s bodies. Allison breaks the kiss and nuzzles her face into my neck and inhales deeply.

Realizing that I am soaked with sweat from working in the sun and knowing that I must smell pretty awful, I back away from her. “I should take a shower. I probably stink real bad.”

“No, I love the smell of man who been working hard. It drives me wild.” She inhales my musk again and looks me in the eye with a mischievous grin. “I know what I want now”.

She starts lowering her body kissing, licking and inhaling my neck then shoulder, chest, stomach until she arrives at my bulging shorts. Kneeling in front of me, she quickly loosens the button and pulls my zipper down. Grabbing my waist band, she lowers my shorts over my ass down to my ankles. My raging hard-on jumps straight out pointing right at her face. Her hands slide back up my legs and around to my ass. Digging her fingernails into my cheeks, she pulls me forward and several inches of my cock disappear into her mouth.

My knees go weak again and I’m afraid I’m going to pass out. I slowly turn, careful to not interrupt her attentions and sit down on the edge of the bed. Her soft hair cascades around her face and ends just touch my thighs. The tickling sensation is great. I lie backwards on the bed and try to find that balance between enjoying the greatest blow job of my short life and not shooting my wad too damn fast. Turning my head to the side I see our reflection in the full size mirror on her closet door. I reach down and move her hair away from her face so I can see her sucking me in the mirror.

I’m not huge or anything but I do have a good six inches. And Allison was taking it all. All the way down until her chin was on my balls. The sight of this was more than I could take and I felt my orgasm start to build. As I started to reach to make her stop, I guess she noticed also that I was on the edge and pulled my cock out of her mouth. She looked up and noticed me staring at the mirror.

“Oh, I see you like my mirror also. I love to watch myself having sex … don’t you?” I could only nod at this point. With her eyes still locked on mine in the reflection, her tongue licked its way down my shaft and she sucked one ball, then the other into her hot mouth. She rolled each ball around with her tongue and sucked just hard enough to ‘hurt so good’! Damn, I’ve had blowjobs before but none of the high school girls did anything as talented as this!

Her hand was slowing stroking my shaft and her mouth and tongue worked over my balls and, as much as I hated for her to stop, I just couldn’t take it any longer. I was about to cum and wanted to save that for some real fucking. Reluctantly, I sat up and pulled her head off me. She came up with saliva and pre-cum dripping from her chin and kissed me. The wetness smeared onto my face as we kissed. All these new sensations were intoxicating.

She was hovering over me as I lay on the bed and I reached up and slipped the straps of her swimming suit off her shoulders and down her arms. Her tits swung free and I was finally able to caress her bare nipples. I cupped her mature full breasts and hefted them in my hands. They were full, warm and heavy. She moved a few inches up on my body to bring her breasts to my face. Each nipple in turn gets licked, sucked and fully enjoyed by my mouth and tongue. While one hand and my mouth were busy with her tits, I reached my other hand down to caress her pussy. The swimming suit material was pulled up tight into her cleft and I explored it with a finger. It was wet and warm and I wondered if that was just left over from her swim or pussy juice soaking the material. I’ll just say it was the latter. I slid another finger into the slit and pressed up hard on her swelling vulva.

A moaning, “Ohhhh God!” filled the bedroom.

Again, with her lips against my ear, she whispers, “I need your cock in me now!” Damn, that’s so hot when she does that!

Allison stands up pulling me up with her. Once we were standing, I almost stumble. I forgot my shorts are still around my ankles. I awkwardly slip off my shoes and socks and kick off the shorts. I’m sure my little dance looked really dorky. I look back at Allison who now has an amused expression on her face. “Well, now that you are stripped down for action …”, she pauses as she turns her back to me and offers, “ why don’t you help me out of this thing”.

The swimming suit fit like a second skin and even though the straps were already hanging loose down her arms, the suit still clung to her hot body. From behind her I slowly start peeling the damp material down her body. As I pull it lower, I kneel down to work it past her shapely hips and down her legs. She lifted one foot, then the other to allow me to untangle the suit from her feet.

Still kneeling behind her, I lift my face up and realize that I am right at the level of her ass. I don’t know what came over me because I had never done anything like this before, but I just pressed my face right into the crack of her ass. I spread her cheeks with my hands and pressed my face in deeper and started running my tongue up and down her cleft. I could just reach her pussy and started there. Then up to her asshole. It was a puckered little pink button and seemed to tighten up as my tongue passed over it. I licked on up to the top of her crack and kissed the small of her back. Then I started working my way back to her pussy. I paused again at her asshole and rimmed it lightly before moving down to her pussy.

Allison moaned, “Oh Ben, how did you know how much I love that?”

I didn’t but I’m sure glad I guessed right. She was facing the bed and just leaned down onto it leaving her feet on the floor and her gorgeous ass in the air. Then I felt her hands on mine and she pulled her ass cheeks farther open. This position gave me easier access to her pussy now and dove right in. My tongue probed between her labia lips and I was rewarded with my first taste of her pussy juice. And man is she wet! I lick, suck and probe her pussy for a minute or two and the whole time she is rhythmically humping her ass up down against my face. Then she takes one hand and reaches up underneath and starts rubbing her clit. Her moaning increased in both frequency and volume as she masturbated her clit and I licked her pussy. Then her other hand came underneath and she slid two fingers into her pussy and stoked in and out rapidly. Her fingers crowded out my tongue so I move up to her asshole again pressed by tongue hard against it. This ‘forbidden pleasure’ was really making my head spin even more and I thought I might pass out any second.

“Yes, oh yes, right there! Lick it!” she commanded between her moans. “Oh Damn! Sam never does that to me!” Then, to my amazement, she said, “Stick your finger in there! Fuck my ass with it!”

“Holy shit!” I’m thinking. “Y-Y-You think I should?” I ask.

“Hell yes, Dammit! Do it! Get your finger nice and wet and stick it up my ass!”
I put my middle finger in my mouth and get as much spit on it as I can and then I put some more right on her asshole with my tongue. As I slide my finger in her bung hole, I am surprised how easy it goes in.

“Oh yeah, that’s it Baby. Just work it in and out,” she says between moans. “You’re going to make be cum in just a sec.”

My other hand was still on her ass cheek trying to hold her crack open and I could feel her muscles tighten and start to spasm as her orgasm built up. Moaning incessantly now, her asshole tightened up until I thought she might break my finger and her whole body went into spasms. I kept up my finger fucking in her ass as much as I could against her clenched ass cheeks until her spasms finally slowed down and she collapsed onto the bed.

I started to crawl into bed beside her but she said, “No! I want you to fuck me now. Fuck me from behind!”

Allison picked her torso back up off the bed a put her ass up in the air inviting me in. Standing on the floor with her leaning over the bed, her pussy was just at the perfect level for me to enter her doggie style. I spread her cheeks and slowly slid my cock into her swollen pussy. I pumped with the full length of my shaft for a few strokes and then let it come all the way out and then down to rub along her clit. That brought the moaning back from her. I stroked her clit a couple of times then returned to her pussy. I pumped her with long slow strokes matching her rhythm back against me.

“Oh God! That feel soooo good!” she panted. “Fuck me faster!”

I was trying to pace myself because my climax as so close already. But I increased my speed and my balls started slapping against her. Then again, she ordered, “Put your finger back in my ass!”

I just couldn’t believe that this lady, who just a few minutes ago, I thought was a nice, proper, church going lady, was so wild in the bedroom!

As I slid my finger back into her asshole, I also felt her hand start rubbing her clit again. It took just a few more strokes and she was cumming again. Loud moans and spasms engulfed her and her increased thrusts against me brought me to the edge also.

“I’m cuuuummmming”! I warn her. Quickly she stands up and I pull out of her pussy. While I’m doing all I can to hold off my explosion, she kneels down in front of me, grabs my cock and starts jerking me off toward her open mouth. I look to the side to see our reflection in the mirror. What a sight! Allison on her knees with my hard cock aimed at her face! I surrender to the inevitable as I feel the eruption start in my loins, through my balls and out of my cock. The first spurt hits her cheek. The second goes right into her mouth. I feel her mouth surround my cock and she takes the rest of my seed down her throat. Stoking and sucking, she milks me dry until the last spasm finally subsides and my erection starts to fade.

As my cock slips out of her lips, she takes a finger and wipes the semen from her cheek and sticks it into her mouth. Oh Christ, that’s hot! Allison reaches up to my hips and pulls me down in front of her. We are both kneeling on the floor facing each other. She puts her hands behind my neck and, without a word, pulls me to her and we kiss. Her mouth is open and her tongue forces its way into my mouth. It happened so fast and unexpectantly that it took me a moment to realize that she still had some of my cum in her mouth. I had never tasted my own cum, or anyone else’s for that matter. But it was somehow kind of exciting. We kiss for a few moments and I’m trying to decide if I like the new tastes and feelings that I am experiencing. I guess it was OK. And, come to think of it, I probably still have her pussy juice on my lips so she was getting the same thing.

Allison breaks the kiss and staring into my eyes says, “That’s something else Sam refuses to do. But I love it. I hope you liked it.”

“Well, I guess so,” was all I could think of at this point. But I sure didn’t want to disappoint her in any way right now. I want to come back and fuck her again. “Actually, the whole thing was great. I never imagined you had this other side to you.”

“I don’t guess I knew about this side of me either … until now. I just knew that there had to be something better than what Sam and I have … or had.”

Still sitting on the floor with her and finally catching my breath, I don’t really know what to do now. “Um, well, I-I-I-I guess I need to be going now.”

“Yeah, I guess so”, she answered as we stood and I started to get dressed.
She put on a silk kimono style robe but didn’t tie the sash. Her breasts and pussy were still open to view. Once I was dressed, she came up to me and we embraced and kissed. Her bare breasts against my chest made my cock start to revive. I was trying to figure out what I could say to get an invite to come have sex with her again.

She saved me the trouble. “You know, Ben. Sam and I have a three day trip to a church conference scheduled for next week. But I think I might be coming down with something and Sam may just have to go by himself. You think you can schedule me in for some extra yard work about that time?”

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