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The Present

What to get the girl who has everything?
It all started as a very innocent gesture. I wanted to get my wife something special for her birthday. I racked my brain trying to come up with something unique that she would appreciate when quite by accident I saw an add for a semi-professional masseuse. Excellent! She had always talked about getting a professional massage but would never spend the money. This was going to fit the bill just right.

I made the appointment for a night we both had free. The masseur, his name was Doug, was more than happy to come out to our place; something about wanting his clients in the most comfortable atmosphere possible.

The night he was to arrive I told Debbie to get ready for her birthday surprise. She somehow got the idea we were going out for the evening so she showered and fixed her hair really nice, and then put on this deep green satin dress, in which she looked nothing short of awesome.

She's 5' 8", 140 pounds, with very nice smallish breasts and legs that go straight to Heaven. So to go along with it I also got dressed as if we were going out to dinner. I told her the big event didn't occur until 7:00 so we may as well have a glass of wine while we waited to leave. Well, we actually had two glasses each and just as Debbie was beginning to get a bit anxious about missing our reservations the doorbell rang.

She looked at me and asked, "Who the hell could that be?"

I could only smile as I went to answer the bell.

When I opened the door, I guess I was surprised mostly by how attractive Doug was; my height, 6', but at least fifteen pounds heavier at probably 195 or 200. He wasn't all muscled up but he did have a very nice physique, jet black hair just past his ears, no mustache but a very full beard that he kept close shaved.

I caught myself thinking, this hunk is going to be putting his hands all over my wife? Then I remembered, it is her birthday and besides, it's just a massage... right?

So in he came and I introduced him to Debbie as her birthday present. After she picked her jaw up from the floor she just beamed and asked, "For anything I want?"

I explained he was here to give her a full body massage and he said it would take about an hour. He instructed Debbie that it would be best if she were nude, but that it was more important that she be comfortable. He then said it would take him a couple of minutes to set up and that she should go and get ready.

With Debbie getting ready I poured myself another glass of wine, made myself comfortable on the couch and watched and visited with Doug as he set up his table, lit some sandalwood candles and placed them about the room. I put in a couple of Enya CDs and the mood was set, now all we needed was the birthday girl.

Now it was my turn to be surprised. In walked my wife wearing nothing but a large beach towel wrapped around her gorgeous body and a smile.

She looked at me and said, "I may as well enjoy it to the fullest, yes?"

I just smiled and said, "Sure, after all, it's your present."

At that Debbie let the towel fall and she climbed on the massage table. "How would you like me?" she asked Doug, who I did notice was having a little difficulty collecting his thoughts.

He instructed her to lie on her belly; I positioned my self at the far end of the couch with a fresh glass of wine and prepared to watch the show.

Doug was quite the professional as he got it together. From a small warmer he pulled almond scented oil and let it drop slowly from Debbie's shoulders down her back, over her beautiful butt and down one leg, back up the same leg, over her ass, and then down the other leg.

At that point he moved to her shoulders and began lightly working his fingers around her neck and shoulders. At his initial touch, Debbie gave a little start but soon succumbed to his gentle but strong touch. Moving down her back he kept working the oil into her soft skin as she became more and more relaxed. Just the opposite was happening to me. To my surprise I found myself getting aroused watching this nice looking guy giving my wife the pleasure she was so obviously enjoying.

He was so slow, working all the muscles in her back, by the time he got to her butt cheeks I already had a pretty serious hard on. Just then, he asked to be excused and directions to the bathroom. It was getting time for another glass of wine anyway so when he left I asked Debbie if she would like some. She just nodded and groaned what I took to be a yes.

Returning with her wine, she thanked me with a light kiss on my lips, then confessed that this was turning her on more than she ever would have imagined. She reached up and took hold of my semi-erect member, looked up into my eyes and said, "You're rather enjoying this also, aren't you?"

I told her then that it was really a hot scene; seeing her covered in oil, glistening in the candle glow with this hunk attending to her needs.

She said, "Not all of my needs".

Doug came back into the room and grabbed up some more oil, apologizing for the delay. I just winked at Debbie and told her, "This is your day, enjoy it to the fullest."

Sitting back down with my wine Doug said he should start over again because of the break. He got no argument form either of us. It wasn't long before he was back down to her butt cheeks and I again was straining at my zipper.

Making long strokes down her legs then back up to her ass was really starting to get to the both of us. Hell, I was sure it had to be turning Doug on a bit also.

Debbie slowly spread her legs a bit so Doug could massage her inner thighs. Her pussy had to be just aching for a touch at this point, although she looked totally at ease. I must have been mesmerized by the scene before me because when Debbie called for me I was startled.

I walked up and almost whispered that I was here for her and she asked if I were certain about her enjoying this to its fullest. I assured her that I loved her and that yes, I wanted it to be the best gift she ever received. At that she smiled up at me, pulled herself up on her elbows and started unbuttoning my slacks.

I smiled at her then looked up at Doug. He was grinning as he continued to work on Debbie's ass and legs then nodded that it was fine with him. I helped her pull my slacks and briefs down past my knees.

When I stood back up Debbie took hold of the base of my cock and slowly placed her lips around the head. Licking all around then giving small kisses to the tip and she ever so slowly started sucking me into her mouth. I felt her suck down hard which brought me halfway back to reality. I looked up and Doug was concentrating his attentions between my wife's legs, he must have just touched her pussy lips by the way she sucked down on my cock.

I watched as she wiggled her butt and pushed towards his hands. Looking back down I enjoyed both the sight and the feeling of my dick sliding into that warm wet mouth of hers; her lips engulfing the head then slipping down over my shaft as she stroked my balls with her free hand.

Debbie was moaning softly, my dick sliding easily in and out of her mouth. I know how wet she gets when sucking my cock and with the added attention she had to be soaked right now.

Doug bent down and placed a small kiss on her left butt cheek then looked up at me for my approval. "Of course," I said as I smiled back at him.

With that he placed both hands on each cheek, spread them slightly began licking her pussy from behind. Debbie let my cock slip from her mouth as her breathing became rapid. I pulled away so that she could just enjoy what Doug was doing to her; I also wanted to just watch for a bit.

When I sat back down on the couch Doug deftly swung her leg over and turned her on her back. Her wonderful breasts with their little rose bud nipples were hard as pebbles. Doug immediately went back down on her. Placing his hands under her butt he began licking from her ass to her clit.

From my position on the couch I had a perfect vantage point to watch his tongue sliding between her pussy lips and flicking about her clit. Licking quickly on her little button then sucking it between his lips, then back to flicking. Debbie was actually pushing her hips up to meet his face.

I couldn't help but stroke my stiff cock as I watched; precum oozing from the

tip allowing my hand to glide easily up and down my shaft. While Doug worked on Debbie's pussy, he took one of his hands out from under her butt and tugged his own pants down just past his balls.

What a nice looking cock he had. Neat and clean like mine, about the same length but obviously a bit bigger around. He started jacking himself off as he continued to lick Debbie's pussy. She had started playing with her titties; massaging them around and pulling on her nipples. She motioned for me to come over. As I did she grabbed my stiff cock and shoved it in her mouth. I pulled out just for a minute as Doug took hold of her calves and pulled her to the edge of the table.

This placed her pussy at the edge of the table and when he moved in toward her his hard cock was right at the entrance to her wet slit. He pushed just the head between her pussy lips, she moaned and sucked my cock back in her mouth. One hand was pulling on my balls, her other hand gone down to rub her clit. I was steadying myself with one arm, my fingers of my other hand started tugging at her nipples.

I reached down to get my fingers nice and wet in her pussy; Doug politely moved back. Once all wet and slippery I took hold of Doug's tool; something I had never done before, and placed it at the entrance to Debbie's hot pussy. It didn't take long for him to slide it all the way in as she continued to suck on my cock.

With my wet fingers I began pulling at her nipples again. Her hand was going wild on her clit as Doug kept up a steady pace fucking her pussy with nice long strokes. It was just minutes before Debbie started bucking against Doug's impaling member, her hand furious on her little button. She stiffened, let out a gasp, then convulsed in orgasm, moaning and groaning and really fucking the hell out of Doug. It took her a minute to renew her interest in my dick. Relaxing a little but still breathing much too hard to suck any more, she gently jacked me off while Doug slowly stroked in and out of her pussy.

She was lightly touching her clit as I shot my load all over her breasts, pumping loads of come everywhere. It must have been an erotic sight because just then Doug pulled out and started shooting his cum over her belly and breasts. Debbie just smiled and lightly petted her pussy, rubbing our cum into her skin.

We sat around a while, drinking wine and talking for a little while and then Doug thanked us for the evening, hoped we would call him for another massage. He then excused himself and let himself out. We ordered out Chinese and enjoyed the rest of the evening recounting the highlights and discussing the possibilities.

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