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The Proposed Affair ~ Karen sets the rules

Karen continues to dominate, punishing her husband by cuckolding
Karen was ludicrously horny. She'd just sucked her boss's cock at work, was about to fuck her husband's best friend on the way home and would then just grind it all in her clueless husband's face with glee when she finally made it home late that night. But she needed sexual release and needed it now!

"Fuck!" she yelled at the traffic and pounded her steering wheel. It wasn't even that bad, but she could see brake lights ahead starting to glow suddenly and brightly one after another like an electronic serpent heading her way in the dark.

She wondered if there was an accident ahead, started to text Pete, then changed her mind and just dropped the phone on the center console. Spreading her legs, she worked her fingers down between her toned thighs. She smiled to herself as she leaned back and relaxed somewhat in the privacy she felt sitting there alone in her car in the dark. She wondered how many other women were rubbing themselves as the the traffic ebbed and flowed its way through the moonlit city. How many other white collar women had sucked or fucked their bosses before heading home to clueless husbands? How many other wives were wantonly cheating? She wondered how she'd explain herself to a cop if she bumped the car ahead. She was being careful, but it was hard to concentrate on stopping and going and, well, coming.

It took less than three minutes to bring herself to orgasm and with it…relief. 'Damn,' she thought. 'I needed that.' It was also about that time that she inadvertently eased past the exit to Pete's house.

"Oh fuck," she said aloud. "Oh well, I didn't want to rush our first time anyway."

Karen retrieved her phone and sent Pete a message telling him their plans had changed and that she would make it up to him. Really! Then she made plans for David. After thinking a moment, she sent her husband a text telling him to decant some wine and to get her dinner warming; she'd be home in 15 minutes or so. Then she let her mind wander.

She thought briefly about what she'd do with her husband that night, but her mind flicked from topic to topic without rhyme or reason: Was she finally going to get to do more than just suck her boss's cock on her next business trip? Would he be rough? Would it hurt? What would it be like with Pete? What would Pete do with (or to) David? How would David react? Before she knew it she was home.

The aroma of warming lasagna greeted Karen as she stepped into their home from the garage and her stomach growled. David was trying hard; she had to give him that. She accepted the glass of merlot he offered as she set down her briefcase and purse.

"Thanks," she said as she took a sip while he briefly kissed her neck. "Hello," said David pleasantly.

The last thing to touch Karen's lips before the wine glass was her boss's oversized cock. Remembering this she put her arm up on her husband's shoulder and pursed her lips. He leaned into her, surprised at the gesture, and kissed her slowly and fully. Her smile was mild but wicked. 'If only he knew,' she thought, that less than an hour ago my mouth was full of thick black cock and gooey come.'

She was quite suddenly horny again. She hadn't taken off her heels yet and was still braless. She wondered if hubby noticed. She hoped he had. She wanted him to wonder--no, she wanted him to know she was being unfaithful, but she wouldn't tell him outright unless he had the balls to ask. Until then, she'd make him squirm. She took a drink of her wine and said, "I need some relief."

David wasn't sure if he cared why his wife was suddenly so affectionate, wasn't sure he cared why she didn't have on her bra anymore, wasn't sure about a lot of things. But he was sure he was suddenly horny and this was a very unusual opportunity.

She walked across the tile floor to the kitchen counter and, with her back to him said, "Take off my panties."

David almost had a stroke. Then he came to her, unzipped the back of her skirt, helped her remove the skirt and then the panties. She turned to face him, still holding her drink, spread her legs and said, "Eat me."

David was stunned, but obeyed. He knelt down and almost immediately began kissing, licking, and sucking like an excited adolescent on prom night. Karen smiled to herself as she fantasized about how exquisite her upcoming trip would be with the stud of her dreams. How many times had she sucked that big black cock and now…maybe more? She became lost in her thoughts as her husband became little more than a tool for her pleasure. She lifted one leg over his shoulder, grabbed the back of his head and ground against him. She came the first time much more quickly than she expected. The second came right on the heels of the first, surprising her with its intensity. She arched her back so suddenly she spilled her wine, but didn't care.

She sighed heavily as David stood up, then she smiled and said, "That was nice. Fix my plate for me?" Without waiting for a reply she brushed past him to grab her briefcase.

No kiss. Nothing personal. Just a release.

It didn't take long to drop off her things in the bedroom and change. Dinner was uneventful as both were lost in thought. They both took care of a few things on their own for a couple of hours and then headed to bed. David was so nervous he was almost sick, but he had decided it was time to have "The Talk".

"It was Pete," he said without preamble after they settled under the covers. They were in bed and it was very dark. Somehow that made it easier. He didn't want her to see him blush or squirm and who knew? Maybe they'd have sex.

"What was Pete? What are you talking about?"

"Pete's the one who suggested the wintertime fling."

There was a moment of silence and then Karen just started laughing. She started to speak, then burst out laughing again. She had a hard time stopping. She and Pete had been chatting online just before they turned off the lights. If only David knew. Once she did get herself reasonably under control she took her time answering. For once, David managed to just keep quiet. Eventually she spoke.

"You should've just told me from the get go," she began pragmatically. "But now I've said what I did and I can't go back on that. I mean, I'm a woman of my word and all that." She giggled. "Now I have to suck his cock." More giggling. "Rules is rules." Outright laughter.

David didn't know what to say and sensed there was more to come.

Karen surprised him by saying it was hot and removing her sleep shirt. Then she removed her panties. "Come here," she said.

David moved closer.

"Suck this nipple," she said as she tweaked her nipple. As David began to suck she continued. "I am going to punish you, you know."

David just grunted something unintelligible with his mouth full of tit. After a moment or two, she put her hand in his hair, slowly formed a fist as she wrapped his hair in her hand, then pushed his head down toward her crotch. David began his work on her pubis. Happy deja vu.

"Okay," she said. "Set me up with Pete. We'll make it a date, but we'll do it here. You'll cook. You'll pour the wine. Everything. Then you're gonna watch. You're gonna sit over there in that chair and watch Pete fuck me senseless with that big dick of his. Understand?"

She pulled his head up long enough for David to say, "Yes." Then she pushed his head back down, leaving him to wonder how she knew he had a big dick. She shifted position to make herself more comfortable as she warmed to her subject.

"I know I said I was gonna suck the mystery man's cock, but, like I said, I'm gonna punish you. If you have told me from the beginning it was Pete we wouldn't be here. It's your fault.

"This is just the beginning," she continued. "We're not gonna just do this once. We'll do it as often as Pete and I want. And you need to know that I'll do whatever it takes with Mr. Big to get those bonuses. And with that in mind, you WILL buy us some magnum condoms tomorrow morning so I'll have them for my trip. Understand all that?"

Again she pulled his head up and again she got a muffled 'yes' in reply. She chuckled and pushed him back down. "And you can be damn sure we're gonna have fun with that little wintertime tryst plan of yours. Just wait and see what I have in mind. But first, I need to thank Pete."

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