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The Proposed Affair ~ She's Been a Naughty Girl

Neither hubby nor her proposed bull know about the boss
Karen padded into the kitchen the next morning with her arms full. She was running behind and clearly in a hurry. She had her briefcase in one hand, high heeled shoes dangling from a finger. Papers were tucked under the same arm and in her other hand she was texting.

"Coffee?" she asked her husband, her eyes glued to her phone in concentration.

"On the counter," said David. He glanced at his wife while pouring milk on his cereal then did a double take. She looked terrific and was dressed extraordinarily well. Her skirt ended a few inches above her knees, the jacket looked smart; the white blouse showed off her fit midsection and full breasts nicely. For a fraction of a second David's brow furrowed at the sight of her buttons. He thought maybe she should button one more, but the strain on the fabric would be too much if she did. She'd probably pop a button. Hmmm…"You going to eat anything?"

"Not today," she said. "I'm running behind and have a meeting with 'Mr. Big' first thing. He's such a pain in the ass. But then again, it'll be bonus time soon so when he says jump…".

'Or bend over,' thought David sarcastically. 'Or get on your knees.' David had never met the man, but knew him to be a demanding task master. Other than that he knew little about the man.

Karen took a sip of the coffee as she read her emails and texts. "Oh, that's good," she said. "Thanks."

She headed over to the door to the garage and set her coffee down as she struggled into her heels. David enjoyed the view from behind. Her skirt rode high up her legs as she bent over, the top seam of her thigh-high stockings just barely visible from the 'V' cut at the skirt's hem. She always took good care of herself, but lately had been working out harder than ever. She was at the club as often as he was, but so far their schedules hadn't coincided very well. She looked very good from any angle.

She grabbed her coffee, opened the door, then turned to face him. After a quick sip she asked rhetorically, "Did last night really happen?" a teasing smile on her face.

David chuckled in embarrassment. "Um…did what happen?" He really didn't want to face facts and hoped to joke his way out of his dilemma.

She took another sip of her coffee and eyed him coolly over the lip of her mug. Lowering the cup and savoring the java she swallowed then appraised him for a few moments. "This is going to be interesting," she said, nodding her head thoughtfully. "I have a quick trip to Toronto day after tomorrow. I'll be gone two or three days. I want his name before I leave."

David's heart was beating like he's just sprinted forty yards. He didn't have a pithy rejoinder or even a white lie on the tip of his tongue first thing in the morning.

"Um…what if I'm not ready to tell you by then?" Even he knew that sounded lame and he cursed himself.

Karen laughed. "Grow some balls, David." As she turned away she added with a wry smirk, "And by the way, they don't call him 'Mr. Big' for nothing." She went through the door and as it closed behind her called back, "He'll be going to Toronto with me." She added something to that but the door had shut and it was muffled. David didn't catch it but had enough dignity not to open the door to ask what she'd said. He could guess. There was an implied threat in there: tell her the name she wanted or else. She was good looking and charming. Though David didn't know anything about this "Mr. Big", he was sure the man wouldn't be able to resist his wife's charms and suspected she'd punish him by seducing her boss. David wondered if that had already happened.

He cursed. Why hadn't he just told her it was Pete who'd suggested she have a fling? She probably would've just laughed and things would've gone very differently. Now she supposedly wanted to suck the cock of the mystery man who'd given him the suggestion. Well, that's what she said anyway. He was terribly confused by his thoughts, his feelings, his…everything. He just couldn't think. Would she follow through? Really? Or was it just sexy taunting? And if she did follow through, could he handle that man being Pete? Did it matter if it saved their marriage?

He didn't know what to do so he did what he always did when he needed advice: he called Pete.

When Pete saw the caller ID on his phone he laughed. He had just received a text from Karen. He finished his reply to her via text (this "sexting" was so much fun!), then caught David as David was leaving a voice mail message.

"Talk to me, Goose," he said as he grinned into the phone and thought, 'I'm gonna fuck your wife.'

"Have time to talk?" asked David.

"I'm on my way to work. I can talk for a bit. Go ahead."

"I approached Karen about your little swinging idea last night."

"Yeah? How'd that go?"

"At first she threw a fit. But now I think she's seriously considering it."

Peter laughed. "Well, congrats, man. You get a little 'strange'; she gets a little 'strange'. Everybody wins."

"Well, not quite. I'm stuck with Rosy Palm and she gets to date."

"Ooooh, tough negotiator, that one." More laughter. "Who's the lucky man?"

"Let's chat later. I got to get ready for work. Racquetball today? Talk then?"

"Sure thing. Adios."


Peter set the phone down and laughed as he continued to work, relaxed as ever. This was so much fun he wondered why they hadn't done this sooner. He adjusted his erection, then turned up the radio and sang along happily.

David, on the other hand, was almost sick from his nerves. He had a very hard time concentrating at work and jittered along like he'd had way too much coffee. Which, as it happens, he did. He practically sprinted from the office at the end of the day, a quarter horse leaving the gate.

He beat Pete to the club, practically jogged to the locker room, and was dressed before Pete arrived. Nervous and anxious, David gave up waiting for him in the locker room and went out front to the lounge where he tried (and failed) to act nonchalant. Pete knew his friend well, anticipated all of this and was intentionally late. David met him at the door to the club and walked beside his buddy to the locker room, chatting nervously about nothing important all the way.

Once in the locker room, Pete took his time undressing and made a conscious effort not to get overly aroused in the process. The idea that he and Karen were conspiring to shockingly cuckold his buddy--and the fact it was working so easily--was incredibly titillating to him and Karen. He didn't even know if they'd actually do anything (though he certainly wanted to), but the build-up made him giddy. They'd come so close so many times--sexting, naughty emails and pictures, a naughty touch here and there, a sexy kiss or embrace. One time the three of them had been naked at night in a hot tub, her hand on his engorged cock and David so close and so clueless. Oh fucking close. So close to fucking. Here in the locker room, facing his buddy and knowing he was finally going to fuck his buddy's wife...the power of it all was intoxicating. He practically had to fight to keep from getting a hard on.

Pete turned sideways to his seated friend and did his best to feign interest in whatever nonsense his friend was blathering about, but really he was focusing on showing off and very deliberating stuffing his almost fully extended cock into his jockstrap. It was an almost comically blatant flaunt that would've been obvious to anyone--even David had he been in a normal frame of mind--but no one else was there and David was not in his right mind. It was all Pete could do not to stuff his cock in his buddy's mouth right then and there. He was proud of himself for not bursting out in laughter.

David somewhat abstractly noticed Pete's actions, felt all the ever-present insecurities he had had around his friend since adolescence, and thought about Karen on her knees with that big cock in her mouth, but he didn't really grasp the nuance, the dominant power play made by his friend. He knew he was talking way too much but couldn't seem to stop. He couldn't remember the last time he'd been this nervous.

Once on the court, David's play was energetic but spastic. He leapt and dived like he was on uppers, but he wasn't controlled. His frenetic energy kept the games close enough that they won one a piece. In the tie breaking game, Pete "accidentally" hit David in the back of the thigh with the ball once--it happens--which sent David off on a colorful cursing spree that made Pete laugh just a little too much, but David failed to notice. In the end, Pete won the game by three points. It's hard to talk on a racquetball court, so they headed to the showers without talking about anything important. They had no privacy until they walked out to their cars.

"So are you guys really gonna do this?" asked Peter as he unlocked his car and dumped his gear inside.

"Shit, man. I don't know. Probably."

Peter leaned against his car and crossed his heels staring off into the distance as he thought. David took in his buddy at a glance. The man had aged well. He'd played varsity sports in high school and was still fit. He was heavier than high school by thirty pounds, but most of that was muscle. He had bigger arms than David and, of course, a more impressive package below the belt. They were about the same height and he wondered which of the two of them girls would consider more handsome. He felt he probably had the edge in the looks department, but Pete exuded a masculinity, a confidence that girls had always found irresistible. He knew Karen found him hot. His heart raced as he thought about telling Pete everything.

Pete interrupted his thoughts. "Well, like I said. I'd do it. You got nothing to lose and everything to gain. It'll be fun and it's much less expensive than divorce."

David wanted to say something else, but couldn't form the words. How could he tell his buddy that he needed to set the man up with his wife? That his wife was demanding it--though she didn't know her bull was, in fact, supposed to be Peter. Not yet anyway. David felt like puking.

Pete furrowed his brow. "You look like you're in pain. Spit it out, boy. Damn." He laughed.

"There's something else but I'm not quite ready to talk about it."

"Okay," said Pete. He turned to open his car door. Then with mock gravity he put a beefy hand on his friend's shoulder and said, "Listen, bud. If you need me for anything--even if it means stuffing my big cock in your wife's pretty little mouth--"

David knocked his friend's hand away with a snort. This was the way they'd always joked, with Peter bragging about his larger member and all its power while pitying David for getting the short end of the stick. It had started in adolescence and would never end.

"Thanks a whole bunch, amigo. I'll let you know," said David, suppressing his nausea.


Karen generally hit the gym on a long lunch break, then worked later in the day to make up for it. Her hours were often random. Sometimes she went to the club; other times she exercised in the small gym at work; on the road she used the hotel facilities. She sent David a text saying she'd be late, then continued freshening up. She would not be going to the club today, but she didn't tell him that. She brushed her teeth, did her hair, removed her bra and otherwise made sure she looked as perfect as possible in her business attire, then went to her end-of-day appointment with Mr. Big.

Mr. Chance Washington had played college football while maintaining a 3.5 GPA and working on a business degree. He enjoyed the game, but was not a starter, knew his ball career would end at age twenty-two, and worked mostly on not getting hurt, while getting laid a lot. Now, twenty years later he was a very successful businessman and was one of the most eligible bachelors in the city. But his favorite source of pussy was married pussy. Preferably white. He knew it was a power thing and it didn't bother him a bit. It was his fetish.

His meeting with Karen would be short, but pleasant; very pleasant. After he let her into his office he locked the door behind them and offered her a seat beside his desk. He enjoyed the view as she walked to her chair and sat down. He noticed everything and noted that although she had been wearing a bra earlier in the day it was now gone. He liked that.

He casually made his way to his chair, sat down, and leaned back with his arms behind his head. His smile revealed even white teeth that made Karen melt. She adored the contrast between his pink tongue and dark skin, the perfect teeth, his muscular body, his confidence, his...everything.

"So do you think you deserve a bonus this quarter, Miss Karen?" he asked, with exaggerated politeness and a winning smile.

She sat with legs together, heels crossed, feet tucked under her chair. She sat up straight, her dark aureoles clearly visible through the white fabric, her nipples clearly fully erect, buttons strained to the breaking point and shirt gapping. He openly gazed down her body and back up. He sighed with satisfaction.

"I most certainly do, sir."

Chance was easing his legs back and forth, his cock hardening. He didn't have much time this evening and, even if he had, wouldn't have taken the time. He was hungry and she was on the menu.

"Why don't you show me how badly you want a bonus." It was a statement.

With that she languidly eased off her chair and onto the floor in front of him. His chair swiveled, so she took his near leg and pulled him to the side, positioning herself in between, smiling up at him. She slowly eased both hands up his thighs, then across to his belt and unbuckled him. She unfastened his slacks and eased them and his silk boxers down. His long, thick cock was already at full length which pleased them both greatly. She lifted his cock with one hand and stroked him a few times, while leaning her head to the side with a cute smile and looking up at him another time before taking him into her mouth. She took her time, sucking and stroking…sucking and stroking. Sometimes she used one hand; sometimes two. After a couple of minutes of this, he took matters into his own hands, jacking himself off until he was close, then he grabbed her hair and pulled her mouth down onto his cock. Firmly. Then he held her there until he came, thrusting and pumping and grunting loudly with release. Once he was spent, she continued to suck for quite some time, milking him for all he was worth. 'That,' he thought as he squirmed with pleasure, 'might just be the best part, that post-orgasm sucking. Damn.'

When he was dressed again he escorted her all the way to her car in the parking garage as they exchanged pleasantries. Once at the car he held the door for her. She stood at the door with the hopeful expectant expression and posture of a girl on a first date with a boy she really likes. He couldn't kiss her, though. Couldn't risk the possibility of getting caught. He would leave her very horny and aching for more--more sex, a kiss, a kind word...anything--and he loved the power he held over her. Power is his drug. And he is an intravenous user.

"You've performed well this quarter, Miss Karen," said Chance with a hint of a smile.

"Thank you, sir."

"We'll discuss your bonus more in Toronto."

"Very good, sir," she said with a smile.

"Good night, Miss Karen."

"Good night, sir."

With that they parted company. As soon as she got in the car she sent Pete a text: 'I need to get fucked in the worst way'.

'Well if you want it the BEST way, stop by on your way home'.

'Be there in 15'.

'I'll be waiting'.

…to be continued...

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