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The Return

Mark returns home from a ong deployment, much to his wives delight

Susan had missed his touch for over six months now. She longed to feel him caressing her passionately and knew she was only moments away. She had taken care of her needs for the last few months with a new vibrator that had arrived shortly after his departure. She had used it on several occasions and each time she had found new levels of pleasure with it.

The lube she had purchased no longer made her feel sticky but more natural which allowed her to explore her womanhood with a new abandon. She knew he wanted nothing more than to see her ejaculate and spray her love juice and it had almost happened but Susan wanted the first time to be with him.

Susan continued getting ready in the bathroom knowing only twenty feet away in their bed was her man. Her man, she had missed him in bed with her, and she knew he had missed her. She had already set the bedroom up earlier. She had made the bed with clean sheets and had ensured the bulbs were a soft enticing light. She had bought him a new pair of boxers that were silky to the touch. She had felt a little naughty when she purchased them in the store, stopping to feel the fabric caress her hands.   Knowing he was wearing them made her mound tingle slightly.

She was standing naked in front of the bathroom mirror, her legs slightly apart. She traced her finger down her neck, between her breasts and between her thighs. This was a feeling that made her large, perfect nipples stand erect. She liked it. She had trimmed her pubic hair to leave a perfectly manicured landing strip that ended at the top of her opening. This wasn’t normal for her but she felt so unrestricted and naughty it wasn’t going to be a one off thing.

She reached for the new baby doll she had bought specially for tonight. It was black and silky, thin enough to show her curves and not hide her now hard nipples. She slid it over her head and it draped off her body hanging perfectly off her breasts. Now she had to make a choice, the baby doll had come with a little pair of g-string panties made of the same material as the nightgown with just a hint of lace. Should she wear them or go “au natural”?  

She knew he liked intimate details like that but she wanted her trim job to be a surprise for him. The thought made her smile. So she stepped in to the panties and put them on. Finally she just had too brush her hair and apply just a couple of drops of perfume to her neck.

Mark was waiting in the bedroom wondering what to expect. He had thought about this moment for so long and was getting a little nervous. She had set everything up so perfect and the boxers were perfect. He had prepared earlier and had trimmed his pubic hair, showered and was ready to go. His new physique was ready to be tested. He heard the door to the bathroom open and the handle to the bedroom turn. The light shone behind her, silhouetting her curves and perfect body. She smiled, closed and locked the door behind her.

“Hi” she said as knelt on the bed, pointing her ass in the air and allowing him a peak at her perfect full 38DD breasts.

“Hi” he replied. “I like the gown. Is it new?”

“Yes, specially purchased for tonight.” She said. “Do you like the panties too?”

He looked and saw the black silky g-string cupping her pussy like he wanted too. The outline of her body began to make his manhood swell and there was no way to keep this from her.

“I can see you like. You have something for me in there?” She reached for the boxers and rubbed his cock eventually causing it to slide out of the opening of the boxers.

“Oh I like that.” He said.

“I can tell.” She giggled as she took his shaft in her hand and massaged him rhythmically while he laid back and enjoyed the moment.

Mark sat up and Susan straddled his lap still leaving his throbbing member exposed. She kissed him and slid her tongue into his moist mouth. Their tongues entwined as he caressed her back and hips gently squeezing where her thighs and her ass became one. He reached under the night gown and began to caress her heaving breasts, cupping them in his hands and rubbing the hard, erect nipples with his thumbs. He gripped them between his thumb and forefinger and twisted and pulled on them. Susan yelped but not in pain, this was a sensual pleasure.

She wanted it again and made sure he knew. Mark reached down and slowly pulled off the night gown leaving Susan exposed. She caressed her breasts and rubbed her nipples between her finger and thumb while she guided him to it. Mark took it into his mouth sucking gently and licking with just the right amount pressure. While he was doing this she was caressing the other one. He moved and took the other nipple into his mouth. This time he nibbled gently and felt Susan’s back arch gently towards him.

“Is that nice?” he asked as he kissed the nape of her neck below her right ear.

“Yes.” She sighed. “Don’t Stop.”

He returned to her full chest licking and teasing her nipples while cupping her breasts, guiding them in and out of his mouth. She occasionally stroked his erect shaft which was only an inch away from her moist, hot mound of woman, this sacred area of flesh only covered by a silky g-string. She climbed off him and maintained a firm grip on his shaft. Susan was at a slight angle as she moved her head over his lap.

She started to kiss and tease his cock while grabbing his balls from within the boxers. He has his hand wrapped around her breasts squeezing them firmly. She put his manhood between her teeth and applies pressure each time he does. He could see the line of the g-string between her perfect ass cheeks, his finger following down to where he knew her tight rosebud lies. He began to trace around her asshole with his pinky making her push back towards it. She became so focused taking more of his cock into her hot wet lips.

“Be gentle! Work my hole.” She sighed.

“I will.” He replied. She took his little finger and sucked on it getting it wet, removing it from her mouth and replacing it with his long shaft.

He slid his moistened pinky into her butt just enough to send a shiver up and back down her spine. This wasn't about conquest, it was about pleasure and after a few minutes he stopped. She stopped too and got up. Susan was so turned on all she can think about is Mark inside her womanhood.

She straddled him, kissing him passionately, opening her mouth to accept his hungry tongue. He pulled her closer, caressing her spine down to her ass using his fingers methodically to tantalize her nerves. She moaned, sliding her hands into her panties touch herself, feeling her wetness she knows its time.

“I want you inside me. Love me now.” She breathed as she lays back and removed her panties revealing her newly trimmed pussy.

“That looks nice.” Mark states as he realized the perfection of her soft, warm pleasure center. He pulls her to the edge of the bed and stands between her thighs. “Are you ready?”

“I haven’t been this ready in months. Please fuck me!”

Mark guided his shaft into her waiting pussy. She moaned, grabbing his ass at the same time pulling him closer into her. “Oh god yesss. Don’t stop. Fuck me.”   He pushed into her grabbing and squeezing her breasts as his cock slid in and out of her.

“MMMM you feel so good. I have missed you, I needed this so bad” She moaned, pushing her hips towards his advances.

She tilted her legs back and he helds them in place with his arms pointing her ass slightly in the air. His thrusting intensified while she moaned with delight and pleasure. She knew she was going to reach climax soon and hoped he would too.

“I’m cumming honey!” he claimed between thrusts. With each push he delivered his load into her hot tightening depths. It is time. She screamed as her abdomen tightened and the thrill of her climax raced through her body. They laid together while he looked into her eyes.

“Thank you.” They both said together.

Holding each while wrapped in each other’s embrace like a human pretzel. They kissed deeply and provocatively while she caressed him and he rubbed her cheek. They laid together in the moment and even though she knew she has to clean up she didn’t mind lying there with him.

He cradled her from behind, kissed her neck and traced the contours of her supple female form with his fingers lightly as her nipples became erect again. She reached back and rubbed his shaft feeling the wetness left from their previous love making. He began to start re-energizing his erection as his cock slid against her round ass and between her warm cheeks. She liked this and he started to rub her pussy again.

The End……….or is it?

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