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The Reunion

The truth is better than fiction
Katie versus Laura

I drove slowly through the traffic leaving the airport, it was nearly five pm on a Friday afternoon in early June, and I had a suspicion it would take at least an hour to get home so I did my best to distract myself from the annoyances of stop-and-go driving. After spending the week in Chicago I was exhausted: mentally and physically; unfortunately, not sexually.

On Monday, I had flown to Chicago, ending my long Memorial Day weekend by starting three and half days of corporate meetings, charts, P&L’s, projections, schmoozing with executives and board members all while traversing the mine field of office politics.

Laura and I had spent a fantastic, lazy-drinking, weekend at the beach and I was sad to see it end by having to fly to Chicago, leaving Laura to drive the three hours back home by herself on Monday afternoon.

Despite everything happening in the office that week my mind had been distracted by Laura’s obviously quiet and completely a-emotional reaction to reading “What Happens in Vegas” - my fantasy, as poured out onto 156 pages of MS Word - in a perfect scenario that we had discussed multiple times before.

The silence was killing me, the lack of feedback. Any thoughts negative or positive would have been useful. But she had read the story on her iPad as we drove to the beach seven long days ago never saying anything only stopping once: “Don’t ask me to give you a bunch of feedback, when I’m ready I’ll tell you.”

Well that’s fucking easier said than done.

It had been a very agonizing seven days and I really wanted to ask, until my phone ring distracted me and I looked down at it lying on the black leather passenger seat. It was Laura; her smiling picture announced her call on phone’s screen.

“Hey, babe, glad you made it back okay. Did you have a good flight?” Laura asked as I plugged the ear-buds into the phone.

“Yes, good flight. I took a nap the last 45 minutes, I needed it. I slept terribly this week and last night was dinner with the Board members and a few of the owners. I’m really glad we dropped my car off at the airport before we left the traffic is horrendous, I would have hated for you to have to sit through this just to pick me up.”

“Yea, me too. I’m enjoying a drink on the back porch; the dog keeps jumping in the pool which is kind of entertaining. But as for your Chicago trips I’ve stopped getting annoyed that you don’t call me on the nights of those big dinners,” Laura said emphasizing big dinners. “I’m not sure I need to be concerned about you fucking a girl like Stacey,” she said referring to my admin assistant in Chicago.

“Well the fact that she’s barely old enough to drink probably helps,” I laughed.

“No, I’m not sure that’s what it is, I’ve met her she’s cute. You’re trying to tell me that she isn’t your type?”

There was silence for several seconds before she spoke again.

“She’s your type but I know you don’t play those games, you’re a good man, Will. Fucking another girl isn’t your fantasy.”

I was maneuvering into various lanes of traffic as she continued her rather calm sounding tirade about my assistant’s sexual prowess.

“No, I don’t play those games, glad we’ve established that,” I said coming to a complete stop as a car of college-aged girls came to rest next to me.

I looked over and they smiled.

“Some college girls are checking me out in traffic. They are pretty hot, are you sure I’m not tempted right now?”

“Is it you or the BMW they want?” Her words sunk into my ear firing the synapses in my brain.

“Can’t both be true?” I asked.

“Yes, but I stand by my thesis that you’ll keep it in your pants.”

The girls smiled at me again as the traffic moved and I was released from the prison of watching a car full of college girls checking out my BMW.

“So, what’s on tap for tonight?” I asked changing the subject.

“Whatever you want Will, I thought you’d be beat from your trip so maybe AJ’s: pizza, drinks, nothing special. Just come home and change clothes and we’ll go relax.”

“Alright, well I’ll be home in a few minutes. Love you,” I said clicking the End button on my phone and throwing it back onto the black leather passenger seat.

As I pulled into the driveway several minutes later I wondered why Laura had such trouble keeping her Tahoe parked on the other side of the driveway.

Is it so bloody difficult to park it straight on a driveway built for three vehicles?

I gathered my bags and walked up the stairs and into the house finding the slightly wet dog in his usual position atop the large dog pillow near the kitchen.

“Hey,” Laura said barely looking up and pushing a bottle of water towards me as she thumbed through the mail attempting to sort the junk from the important. She was bent over the island in the kitchen, her cute ass sticking out provocatively, from a white skirt that was long enough to be classy but short enough to distract even the strongest of men.

I opened the water bottle and downed half of it before realizing how sweaty I was from never taking my suit jacket off.

“Baby, go change into something more comfortable it’s 104 degrees outside.”

I said nothing as I took off my suit jacket and made my way up the stairs towards our bedroom; passing my office I dropped my briefcase inside vowing not to touch any emails or reports until Sunday night.

As I took off my suit and pulled a pair of shorts on, I noticed Laura’s small Lelo vibrator resting on the nightstand by the bed.

Someone was enjoying themselves, glad one of us got off this week

I pulled my sunglasses from my suit pocket grabbed my purple LSU hat and quickly double-jumped the stairs bounding into the kitchen.

“Uh, really? That old LSU hat? I can practically smell your old girlfriends’ from here,” she said picking up her Tory Burch bag.

I love this hat; I really don’t care how old it is.

As we walked out the door towards the car Laura turned around to once again prod me about why she couldn’t drive.

“Hey, I’m a good driver why can’t I ever drive your BMW?” She asked with a pouting-like face.

“Yea, exactly it’s like your parking abilities are an 11 on a scale of 1 to 10,” I said sarcastically back. I opened my door and nodded towards her Tahoe.

“Oh, whatever,” she replied getting into the passenger seat.

I laughed and turned the car on and we headed towards the restaurant.

A few minutes later we sat down ordering drinks and a pizza as the bustle of business people and happy-hour patrons surrounded us talking loudly and clanking glasses.

“So, Will are you finally going to ask?” Laura asked as she smirked behind her sunglasses and then she removed the sunglasses slowly placing them carefully into their case in her purse.

I was speechless for several seconds not knowing what to say, she was staring directly into my eyes now and it was unnerving.

“Uh, well you said not to. So, I was trying to wait.”

“You don’t want to ask?”

“No, I want to ask,” I said a little too quickly. “Uh, what did you think of the story?”

She smirked again.

“It’s not very real, I didn’t like parts,” she said very seriously.

I panicked a little taking a sip of my drink and looked around making sure no one was paying attention to our conversation.

“Well, my name isn’t Katie, its Laura; I don’t drive a Range Rover, I drive a Tahoe; I own a lot of nice lingerie but not that much Agent Provocateur. That was easily $1,000 worth of lingerie Katie had, I’m jealous.”

Oh thank God she didn’t say “I hated the sex, you’re a freak and I think you’re mental”

“I thought you would say something else.”

“Ha, like how dirty it was? That didn’t really bother me; you didn’t write anything that I didn’t already know. You are a little pervert; I knew that three months into dating you I didn’t need this story to tell me that.”

“Pervert?” I asked almost defensively.

“I’m teasing you, but if you’d like to buy me a Range Rover I won’t cry or anything.”

“A Range Rover for a Las Vegas-style adventure?” I perked up a little.

“Hmm, maybe,” she said shrugging her shoulders and being her usual teasing self.

“But not everything was inaccurate: I definitely can be dominant, but like Katie I struggle with that, it isn’t the easiest thing in the world for me to do. But you want me to be dominant like her in the story: cuckolding you by fucking another guy.”

I coughed on my drink as the words left her mouth and I looked around the restaurant again.

“Geez, you’re in a feisty mood this afternoon. I think I’ve heard the word ‘cuckold’ from you about three times ever in all our conversations about this stuff.”

“And you were definitely accurate about Nick; I know he was based on my ex, right?” She responded blowing right by my last comment.

“Yea,” I responded.

“His cock was huge, mmm,” she said a little quieter as the waiter approached with the food.

“Everything good?” The waiter asked us as Laura’s foot was now pushing on my crotch under the table.

“Yes, this pizza is huge, looks delicious,” she smiled.

The waiter left and she smirked at me even while her foot pushed against me.

“You like hearing about his huge cock don’t you? You want to be told yours is smaller?” She laughed and took a bite of her pizza as I shook my head.

“Yea, I like it,” I said never looking up from my plate.

“Well, this is about as dirty-talking as I get, Katie was much dirtier and more confident than me.”

“True, but no reason you shouldn’t be more confident.”

“Drinking helps,” she said raising her glass to the waiter signaling her request for another.

“Was the story perfect, the scenario?” I asked trying to push the conversation forward.

“It was perfect, I’m not really into the whole ‘dirty stories and reading thing’, but I know you like it. It was a great fantasy and I know you love your double life you have as a business guru by day and sexual fiend by night.”

I grimaced a little but submitted to the truth of the statement.

“That’s all? Anything else you want to tell me?” I asked gulping down the last of my drink.

“You don’t want to ask the most obvious question?” she asked.

“You mean…would you really do it?” I asked slowly and quietly.

“You mean sleep with another guy? Hmpf…” she bit down on her lip shrugged her shoulders again.

I shook my head, disappointed; I knew that was the non-answer I wasn’t looking for.

But the dinner continued with little else about the story and mainly involved Laura’s continued efforts to get me to buy a beach house so we could spend weekends away and try to enjoy slightly cooler Texas weather. The only new item on her standard wish list: a Range Rover.

I knew I should have left that out of the story, I just had to say Range Rover

We finished our drinks and pizza, paid the bill and headed outside to the car. But, as I unlocked the doors and sat down in the driver’s seat I noticed Laura typing furiously on her iPhone. She stood outside the door for several seconds and then opened the door and sat down.

She looked up and smiled at me.

“Did you just see my panties?”

“Hmpff,” I responded.

I love those white lace bikinis, now I know what was under that skirt when I got home earlier.

Backing out of the parking space I could make out the Facebook app on her phone, but couldn’t make out the words or context of her typing.

We drove in silence for while until she looked over at me finally speaking.

“Kristin is in town this weekend.”

“Kristin? You’re high school friend?” I asked puzzled by the randomness of that statement.

“Yea,” she responded never looking towards me, instead she looked out towards the darkening sky in front of us.

It started with a BMW

I pulled into the driveway and looked down to see my phone light up: Mark, one of my colleagues from Miami. I considered letting it go to voicemail until I saw Laura typing on her phone again.

What the hell if you’re gonna be on the phone I’ll answer this

I clicked the green button and found my ear-buds.

“Hey, Mark, what’s going on?” I said as we got out the car simultaneously walking towards the front door. As we entered the dog barely looked up from his new position on the couch and Laura continued typing away furiously.

Mark and I continued talking as I poured a drink at the bar and made my way into the living the room, turning the television to a baseball game.

After a few minutes I realized Laura had never come back down stairs and went to find her. Mark rambled on in my ears about a report that had been emailed earlier in the afternoon, but I was suddenly distracted by Laura’s half-naked body prancing around our bedroom.

She had removed the skirt and polo, even her white bikini panties. She was now wearing a white lacy thong and matching bra.

Thong? Laura never wears a thong unless it’s for a reason. What’s going on?

Laura looked drop dead gorgeous and I reached my hand out to grab her and considered hanging up on Mark, pretending it was a bad connection and taking her right then.

But, as I reached out to her and my fingers grazing her stomach she turned away quickly walking by me to the bathroom.

I put the phone on mute and walked towards the bathroom a little annoyed by the rejection.

“Are you alright? What’s going on?”

“Kristin and some people from high school want to meet up for drinks.”

My mind was a little hazy from the Mark conversation and her current state of dress was making it difficult to decipher what was really going on.

I hate when she prances around in her underwear it really makes it hard to concentrate sometimes

“So, we’re leaving? I thought you wanted to watch the game and relax?” I finally organized my thoughts into a quasi coherent sentence.

“No, I am,” she said her eyes meeting mine in the mirror, her hands occupied with the curling iron.

I hit the mute button again on my phone and told Mark I’d have to call him back.

“By yourself? So, who is going besides Kristin?”

“Kristin, Michelle, Phillip…and Shawn,” she answered never blinking.

“Shawn?” I had that sinking feeling in my stomach as the words left my mouth.

Shawn was Laura’s ex-boyfriend, The Ex-Boyfriend. The one she first fell in love with and lost her virginity to. That ex-boyfriend.

Over the years of my relationship with Laura I had taken to calling Shawn Captain America. He was like the Director had asked Central Casting to send down the popular high school athlete: good looking, popular, smart, Eagle Scout, Prom King, captain of the football, basketball and baseball teams

Eventually they broke when she went to college and by the end of her sophomore year in college she was dating me. During that time Shawn and I ran into each other a few times and he definitely wasn’t a big fan of mine.

I was little annoyed by the guy and I wanted to make it clear to Shawn that Laura was my girlfriend now: I had just graduated from college and had my first job; I wasn’t going to take any nonsense from a younger college kid still in love with his ex-girlfriend from high school. I was opinionated, drank, smoked and was often perceived as cocky and arrogant. And while that attracted a lot of girls, it tended to miff ex-boyfriends.

Shawn while popular in high school didn’t really have that personality, he was nice – a Boy Scout. I, on the other hand, wasn’t popular and grew up in a very cliché environment of popular, unpopular, jocks, nerds and band geeks. I wasn’t the popular kid so by the time I went to college I was a seriously ambitious person who discovered being a jerk got you laid a lot more than being the nice guy.

But once I actually started dating Laura I fell madly in love, I was changed, she was the one that I never treated poorly. Disappointing Laura was a pain I was completely unfamiliar with before we date and I worked hard at the relationship. Laura never saw that side of my personality; I took that and focused it on work and those personality traits lend themselves very well to promotions.

Eight years later Laura, now my wife, stood in a white lacy bra and thong curling her hair telling me she was going out with Shawn.

This is freaking crazy, is this The Twilight Zone?

“Do I have a say in this?” I asked sheepishly.

“Do you want one?” She responded tersely.

“Uh,” I mumbled incoherently and walked out of the room and down the stairs.

I found the dog eating his food in the kitchen and he stopped, staring a hole into my head as I looked around for my drink, finally finding it on the kitchen table.

I took a large gulp, and moved towards the bar pouring another.

Fucking Shawn! What am I getting myself into? She just gave me a way out of this, what the hell am I doing?

After a few minutes and another drink I shuffled back up the stairs into the bedroom, this time finding Laura’s white lacy thong laying casually on the bed.

I peered around the corner to the bathroom and observed her putting more makeup on, she had put on a cute green blouse that I loved when she wore it. It showed off her well rounded breasts, but not in an obvious kind of way. It was the kind of subtle sexuality that Laura was so keen on flaunting when the opportunity arose.

This is one of those opportunities?

Her perfectly formed ass protruded between the thong’s string, which had now changed to a blue and white striped satin thong. She turned around seeing me in the mirror.

“What? Do you not like my thong?” She asked in a serious tone as thought she needed to change it. “Does it look good?” She asked again.

“You’ve changed underwear twice in the thirty minutes we’ve been home. Why’s it so important which panties you wear?” I responded as forcefully as I could manage.

I tried to make the words sound hard but my demeanor was demurred.

“I changed my mind about what to wear,” she pointed at the bed and I looked over at it again. Her white shorts lay on the bed, freshly ironed and perfectly spotless.

“You like them right?”

“They are my favorite shorts you own,” I answered back.

“I know, you can’t keep your hands off my ass when I wear them,” she said turning back to the mirror, leaning over the counter and flicking her eyelashes.

“If you’re wearing white shorts why not wear the white thong?”

“Well, it wasn’t as cute as this blue and white striped one,” she responded.

I tried to come up with something clever to say but once again ran out of words, turned and left the room. My stomach was turning every few seconds and I put my hand on the wall to brace myself as I proceeded down the hallway.

This is insane, is it a test? Does she want me to say I want to go? And you could see those panties through those shorts if you actually looked; she never does when she wears them out with me.

I made my way to the couch, the baseball game still playing quietly through the speakers as I sat down.

I looked down at the clock below the television: 9:18pm.

I took a sip of my drink and watched the baseball game with little interest, but was saved a few minutes later when Laura appeared around the corner ignoring me completely as she walked into the kitchen.

I watched silently as she grabbed her purse from the island and came back into the living room.

“Will, you know you’re the winner, right?” Her purse hung from her right shoulder, her left hand planted firmly on her left hip.

I was analyzing her question, but she looked so stunning in her green blouse and tiny white shorts and sandals. A simply sexy outfit that in the right situation would have prompted me to jump up right there, rip her shorts down and fuck her over the couch, but right now despite those feelings I was lost inside my own head trying to sort everything out as rapidly as she was throwing it at me.

“What do you mean I’m the winner?” I said after what felt like an hour.

“I mean I’ll go hang out with everyone tonight, drink a little and come home and fuck you until you just can’t take anymore,” came her response.

Oh shit, she really is screwing with me. She made such a big deal up in the bathroom now she wants to go out with them and come home to fuck me? Does she want to fuck Shawn? Does she want to tease me?

She turned around just as I started to open my mouth.

“But…what,” I stumbled over the words at first desperately afraid she’d walk out the door before my mouth could catch up with my head.

“What?” She turned to face me again as I stood walking towards her.

“Wh-what if I don’t want to…be the winner?”

Those last few words were dribbling out of my mouth, like I was spelling them letter by letter.

Am I really doing this? Is this really happening?

Laura stared at me for a second silently; I could see the wheels in her head turning.

“You mean you want to be the loser?” She finally asked in sobering tone that made me cringe.

“Ye-yes,” I replied as I felt my cock strain against my shorts.

“Say it,” she prodded me.

“I want to be the loser,” I said very quickly afraid my mind would try and stop me.

“Where are your keys?” She said peering over my shoulder towards the kitchen, biting her lower lip in a typically Laura habit.


“I want your BMW keys,” she repeated more forcefully.

I turned to the kitchen and found my keys in their usual place on a hook on the wall and returned to where she was standing.

“You want to be the loser tonight? It starts with driving your BMW.”

I handed her the keys, the small metal BMW symbol on my key disappeared into her palm and she smiled wickedly at me.

That smile felt like a kick in the stomach, she had never driven that car. It was my gift to myself when I got my promotion a few months before. After spending eight years toiling for sixty, seventy and eighty hour work weeks I finally had broken down and bought it. It was a brand new 550i, black with black leather. If polygamy were legal I would have married my BMW.

She’s going out with Shawn in my BMW. Fuck My Life. And why am I fucking hard at the same time?

“Wait up for me,” she turned walking into the entryway, opened the door and the lights from the porch and landscaping flooded the darkened area.

“When will you be home?” I said quickly as she started closing the door.

“Late,” she said as the door was shutting behind her.

I heard her sandals slapping on her feet going down the stairs of the porch to the driveway followed by the distinct sound of the BMW’s alarm system clicking off. I ran over to the kitchen which looks out onto the driveway and front yard. I could see Laura holding her iPhone as the car started and the lights turned on.

I stood in the dark kitchen for at least five minutes after she had driven away until I remembered my phone was in my pocket. I pulled it out and looked at it: 9:37pm.

My stomach was literally turning over onto itself constantly, my emotional rollercoaster felt like an actual roller coaster and as Laura can attest: I hate roller coasters.

Finally I summoned the courage to write a text message to Laura.

“I can’t believe how this feels, my stomach is in knots. I can’t believe you’re really doing this. What are you going to do?”

I stared at my phone for several more minutes before thinking that she wasn’t going to respond. I walked back into the living room and sat down once again on the couch, and tried to watch the baseball game again.

Watch baseball? How the hell can I watch baseball, what is she doing?

My pocket vibrated, startling me as I reached down and pulled it out to see a text message from Laura:

“No texting”

My cock strained against my shorts and I shifted around on the couch trying to relieve the pressure. This was going to be hours of torturous sexual agony waiting for her to come home, trying to guess what she was doing, where she was. I was going to have to try and pull myself together somehow.

For the next hour I tried to alleviate my anxiety with a drink, a phone call with a friend and some work emails, but none of it worked.

Around eleven o’clock I turned all the lights and electronics off and walked over to the dark entryway, as I peered out the door’s window and stared at the empty spot on the driveway next to the haphazardly parked Tahoe I shook my head. I wanted to laugh about Laura’s horrible parking job but instead laughed when I thought no matter what happened that night I had been cuckolded and cheated on by my BMW.

Winners & Losers

It was after midnight and over the last nearly three hours I had received only the one text message.

I had spent a while cleaning the bedroom and putting things away, I wanted it had to be perfect when Laura came home.

But after cleaning the room I was bored and I had been hard for hours, there had to be some way to release some of my sexual tension. I walked down the hallway to my office and found my laptop sitting on my desk and walked back to the bedroom.

I logged onto the computer and quickly navigated the browser to Lush Stories. I read through stories and while it was a welcomed distraction to the boredom I found my will to not masturbate was waning quickly.

I looked around the bedroom and to the windows overlooking the backyard shamefully as if I wasn’t actually alone. I pulled my shorts and t-shirt off, walking over to Laura’s dresser. I opened one of two drawers she had dedicated to her panties. I sifted through the drawers for several minutes and finally picked up a pair of white cotton bikini ones that unless I knew better could have been for men. But the real thrill I had putting them on came from the idea that it was so wrong, not some cross-dressing kink.

As I got back on the bed I spent the next hour reading more stories and randomly teasing myself, but never climaxing. There was no reason to waste a good orgasm before I could figure out what was actually happening with Laura.

About 1:30 I was startled away from the story I was reading by the sound of the BMW’s alarm system beeping. I stood frozen by the bed, paralyzed by what to do. I put the laptop away and slipped the panties off quickly kicking them between the bed and nightstand.

I jumped back under the covers, now completely nude, with only my bedside light still on. I heard the dog moving around downstairs as the rest of the house remained eerily quiet. Finally I could hear Laura’s sandals flap on the sole of her feet coming up the stairs and then the guest bathroom door open and close.

For the next two minutes I lay with a lump in my throat mustering every ounce of strength not to start furiously masturbating.

I could hear Laura moving about in the bathroom and the toilet flushing before the door opened again. I tried peering down the hallway from the bed but couldn’t see that far.

Suddenly she walked slowly into the dimly lit room, my bedside lamp exposing her body as she finally made her way to only a few feet from the bed.

“Hey,” I said quietly trying to hide my smile.

“Hi,” she said seductively.

I watched her for several seconds, looking for any sign of what had happened or where she had been.

“It’s late,” I finally spoke again.

“Yea, we just left the bowling alley,” she answered pulling her green blouse off slowly over her head.

She shook her slightly messy hair out as she looked at me and approached the bed. I sat up on my right elbow facing her as she wrapped her arms around my head pulling it to her body. I was eyelevel with her bare stomach as my tongue began tracing the waistband of her white shorts.

“Did you masturbate while I was out?” She asked leaning down towards me and the alcohol from her breath filled my nostrils.

She did drink a lot; she’s always a little kinkier when she’s drinking. Interesting….

“Yes, I teased myself but never came,” I replied speaking into her smooth tanned skin.

“What’s this?” She said more loudly as her foot found the panties lying on the floor.

Oh shit, why did I leave those there?

She leaned down and picked them up holding them near my face.

“Where you wearing these while I was out?” She asked with a smirk.

“Yea, I…”

“So, while I was out with Shawn drinking and hanging out with my friends you were sitting on the bed masturbating in a pair of my panties?”

I looked up to her confused as she towered over me.

“I didn’t tell you to wear these, which means I didn’t tell you to take them off either,” she said sticking them in my face.

I stood up and quickly pulled them back on before she gently pushed me back onto the bed. I sat up on the edge of the bed unsure what to do next.

“Did you masturbate in these while I was gone?”

“Yes,” I replied as her hand began stroking my erect cock through the thin cotton fabric.

“You really took this seriously tonight?” She whispered into my ear. “You really did want to be the loser tonight.”

I shuttered and felt goose bumps on my naked flesh as she took my right hand and brought it up between her legs. Her cotton shorts still formed snuggly against her body as my fingers reached up into an open gap finding her wet satin thong.

She pushed her body down and her excited sex enveloped my fingers, sliding into her easily.

“I wasn’t sure you were serious tonight,” she whispered again as my fingers snaked around inside her.

“Yes, very serious,” I panted softly into her stomach.

“Did you want to be the winner?” She half moaned, her breath rustling my hair as she looked down at me.

“No,” I said again.

“Say it again.”

“No,” I said more forcefully.

She stood up suddenly and my fingers exited quickly from her and dropped onto my right knee. Her right hand grabbed my chin and I was forced into eye contact with her.

“Good, because I did make you the loser tonight.”

Her words hung out in the heavy, sexually charged alcohol-drenched air and I felt my heart stop. I deliberately rubbed my wet fingers together wondering what exactly was on them.

She had stopped slowly jerking me off and instead was now unbuttoning and pushing her shorts down onto the carpet. I watched as she kicked them away from the bed and straddled me, her satin covered pussy rubbing delicately against the white cotton covering my erection.

She pulled my head into her neck and whispered again.

“I did it. You lost and now you’re sitting here in panties as I rub my cum-soaked panties against you.”

She bucked her hips against my cock and I felt the panties soak into my cock.

“Uhhh,” I moaned at her actions.

I pulled her around onto the bed forcing myself on top of her. I ran my hand gently over the satin, as if they would suddenly be dry and not completely soaked through.

The texture of the wet satin was mysterious and frightening; it was if I had never touched her before.

I moved my head down and began licking the inside of her thighs, breathing in her sexuality like a drug.

I maneuvered my tongue past the obstacle of her panties for several seconds before she pulled me abruptly back up to her face.

“I want you to fuck me first. You can do that after you cum, too. No point in doing it twice,” she bit her lower lip and quickly pushed me onto my back.

She pushed herself up and stood over me on the bed slowly lowering the soaking wet satin from between her legs and then holding it on her foot above me for several seconds.

Is she going to drop those onto my face?

She smiled at me and kicked them onto the floor.

As she lowered her body back down onto me I sat up on the bed again so she could whisper in my ear, this appeared to be her communication style tonight and I had to hear every syllable emanating from her mouth.

She thrust herself slowly and deliberately against my crotch ensuring that her clit got the attention she craved so much.

“Tell me,” I gasped between my thumping heart beats.

She stopped rocking, rubbing herself against me and kissed my cheek.

“Are you sure you can handle it?” came the voice in my ear.


She continued whispering in my ear and I closed my eyes as her hand found its way back to my awaiting erection.

“I met them at AJ’s where we ate earlier and everyone was drinking. It was nice to see everyone after I had a few drinks I saw him…” her voice trailed off as it gripped my erection tightly.

“Uhh, then what?” I whispered.

“He sat down next to me and kissed me on the cheek, he said he was glad that I came. He asked where you were and I told him you were busy at home.”

I thrust against her hand, my erection was approaching four hours long and I was desperate for release.

“I should have told him you were wearing my panties cleaning the room while I went out with him tonight.”

I opened my eyes to her smirking face and my cock throbbed against her warm hand.

“Do you want to hear more?” Her eyebrows raised in a quizzical posture.



“Please…tell me what happened.”

“After another drink everyone decided that they wanted to go bowling like we used to in high school. Since we didn’t want everyone to drive over there I offered to drive Shawn over to the bowling alley.”

“Really?” I asked amazed she would have offered to drive.

She drove him, so once again the BMW cheated. That German bitch

“Yea I thought you wouldn’t mind if he rode in the Beamer.”

I cringed and she grabbed my cock forcefully once again.

“You fucking love it,” she said licking my ear.

She pushed the panties down my waist and continued stroking me.

“Don’t cum yet we’re getting to the good part. After we got to the bowling alley we got 2 pitchers of beer and made porn names for ourselves. But you know me after drinking all night plus the beer, I got up the courage to go over to Shawn again, I could see him eyeing me while I sat with Kristin. I made sure he could see the blue and white stripes on my thong.”

“Did you flash him or something?” I asked looking into her eyes deeply.

“Yea, I made sure he got a few glimpses. But after my next turn I came back to his seat and just sat down on his lap, you should have seen his face. I had sat right on his dick; I could feel it pressing between my ass.”

Laura stopped again and pushed herself against my cock, making it wet and pushing my head down to look at it.

“He did that,” she whispered pushed herself down as I watched my cock disappear but felt it encapsulated inside of her hot throbbing sex.

“Oh my god,” I grunted.

“It’s easier fucking you like this; usually I have to work it in.”

I stopped moving, she was right.

I always have to work it into her a little bit, she was already loose.

She moved her hips up and down fucking me slowly.

“He didn’t know what to do but I knew what his cock wanted to do, it was practically fucking me already. When we finished the first game and went to get more beer I went to the bathroom, but found him right outside the door.”

Her movements were timed and deliberate up until this point and she grew more excited grabbing me forcefully.

“He pulled me against the wall and shoved his tongue into my mouth, pushing himself in. I ran my hand down his stomach and into his jeans; his cock was so hot it was burning my hand.”

“You jerked him off?” I asked thrusting hard into her pussy and she gasped.

“I told him you were at home; I was going to do what I wanted.”

I pounded into her again and pulled her shoulders down as our sweat started to combine making our bodies’ slick.

“He unbuttoned my shorts and we quickly stumbled into the bathroom. I pushed them down and bent over the sink looking at him in the mirror.”

She looked into my eyes again and kissed me deeply, stopping her story.

“I looked at him and told him Will could have been the winner tonight, but I decided to make him the winner,” her words pushed through her mouth and into mine and I contemplated just cumming but knew I had to last a few more minutes.

“He pushed my thong aside and shoved his cock deep into me, I knew he wouldn’t last long, he never did, but I didn’t fucking care. I just wanted his cock; rubbing against it all night was making me crazy. When he was ready to cum he got nervous about cumming in me so I turned around and took him in my mouth. He had a lot of cum.”

She kissed me again and we continued entangling our bodies together as her story progressed.

“I want to fucking cum so badly,” I said quietly to her.

“I’m not done.”

“He came twice. I told you those panties are full of cum,” she replied looking down at the floor in the dim light of the room.

The blue satin thong contrasted against the light colored carpet and glistened in the light.

“I told you,” she said as I stared at the panties in disbelief.

“I can’t believe you fucked him in a public bathroom.”

“Sure you can, we used to fuck like that at school all the time: the locker room, the baseball dugout, the back of the bus.”

I thought back to all of her stories from high school and she was right, she’d had an exhibitionist kink forever. Whenever she was in the mood she’d try to convince me to do something in public, even going so far as to drag me out onto the golf course in my parent’s backyard in the middle of the night. She loved acting those thrills, almost getting caught fucking on the 12 th fairway like high school kids.

“When we got back to our lane everyone was almost done with the 2 nd game and we made up some excuse about playing a video game,” she looked down at me smiling.

“Did they buy it?” I asked nervous.

“Yea, only Kristin looked at me but as we left I had to give Shawn a ride back to his car and she slapped my ass and told me not to get distracted going back to the restaurant by an arcade.”

“She knows…” I said as my heart stopped again.

“Yea,” she said

My cock throbbed painfully inside of Laura as she pulled my head into her chest, our bodies grinding against one another.

“She knew I fucked him, she knew I fucking made him cum while you sat here panting for me to come home,” she grabbed my hair tightly pulling it back and I looked up at her.

“I…” I was stammering for words as a dozen thoughts zipped across my brain.

“You want to be jealous, don’t you?”

“Y-y-es,” I winced as she pulled on my hair again.

“Good, because on the way to his car he kept put his hand on my thigh and trying to finger me as I drove. Can you imagine what you would have said to someone if they knew I wrecked your BMW while my ex-boyfriend was fingering me?”

Laura’s taunting and teasing was about to make me explode. I felt days of pent up sexual frustration about to be unleashed as she continued prodding me with the details of her affair.

“He fingered you in the car?” I said pushing up inside her again trying to concentrate to keep from cumming.

“Yea, but when we got back to his car I ripped my shorts off, pulled my panties aside and jumped onto him. I rode him just like I’m riding you now, it’s my favorite position, I can control the pace,” she said as she arched her back and braced herself by putting her hands behind her back onto my shins.

“You fucked him in my BMW?” I said with the slightest annoyance.

“All over that black leather, we fucked for half an hour, he last a lot longer than the first time but this time I made him cum in me. He fucked me on your leather seat and came in me.”

Laura continued fucking me with her back arched way up, my cock reaching deeper into her pussy.

“Do you want to cum now? My story is nearly over,” she said slowing down and looking into my eyes.

“I can’t believe you fucked on my seats…”

“It makes you mad?” She asked mockingly.

I didn’t respond as she ran her hand through my hair and her fingers grazed over my lips.

“I think you’d be more upset if I told you I leaked some of his cum onto the seat when I got off him,” her wicked smile cut me as she said it.

“Really?” I asked quickly as I tried to hold back my climax.

Laura leaned forward and pulled me again into her body stroking my hair and kissing my forehead.

“Yes, you asked for this. You wanted to be the loser so your wife fucked her ex-boyfriend in your BMW,” she said now strongly pushing her hips down as her muscles contracted against my cock. “You love it…you want to cum badly, it makes you so hard you were masturbating while I was out fucking him.”

With her last words about masturbating I lunged up and shuttered, flooding her sex with my cum. I pulled her tightly into me and she continued rocking back and forth.

I climaxed for nearly a minute and needed another minute before I could even move. Finally Laura stroked my face with her hand and kissed me gingerly on the lips.

“I think you came more than Shawn tonight, you really liked my story.”

She carefully pulled her leg over my body and lay down on her back. As she moved off of me I could feel the cum running down my shaft onto the panties she had pulled down to my thighs.

As I started to open my mouth to speak she reached over to her nightstand and found her Lelo vibrator and placed it on her clit. I said nothing and watched for a few seconds, until she looked directly at me and placed her right hand behind my head.

“What are you waiting for? Do it,” she pulled my head towards the whirring noise of the vibrator and I could make out the sticky liquid on her lips and inside her thighs.

She smelled like sex and sweat as my tongue darted out finding her vibrating clit.

“No,” she gasped through breaths. “Down,” she continued, pushing my mouth down onto her soaked lips.

I licked and sucked doing my best to clean the cum from her as the vibrator sent miniature shockwaves through my mouth.

“I should have fucked Shawn over the hood,” her hips bucked and my mouth pushed into her open swollen hole.

“Would you have liked that? My wedding ring diamonds cutting into the paint? Lying on my back as he fucked me on your hood?” She pulled my head into with one hand and pleasured herself with the other.

I could feel my cock growing again as her muscles tightened against my tongue and her clit ground against my nose, her body writhing in pleasure, her long hair tossing about her face.

“Uhhhhh! I’m cumming,” she bit down forcefully against her lip as I tried to look up at her face.

Her orgasm subsided and she placed her favorite sex toy back in its previous position by her clock on the nightstand.

I repositioned myself on my back and we stared at each other, speechless.

“Holy shit that was intense,” I finally said.

She smiled back at me and kissed me gently on the lips, sucking my lower lip as she broke away.

“Mmm hmmm,” she answered quietly. “Take my panties off, I can’t believe you still have them on and go wash them and my thong. I don’t want them ruined with cum.”

I nodded at her change of subjects and stood up removing the garment and picking up the still wet satin from the carpet, holding it as though it was radioactive.

I looked down and saw she was lying motionless on the bed so I moved to door and down the hallway, finding my phone on its charger in the office.

I hesitated for a second as if about to get caught and then snapped five photos of the cum soaked satin, laying it out neatly on my desk trying to catch the evidence of the dirty deed.

When I completed the documentation I sprayed the panties and threw them in the washer before returning to the bed, finding Laura still in the same position, peacefully lying with her eyes closed. I stopped and stared down, her long brown hair was brushed casually behind her ear and cute naked butt stuck out innocently from the covers.

“Did you enjoy your fantasy?” She asked suddenly and seriously as I lay down quietly next to her.

“Was it fantasy?” I responded, my eyes darting from one end of the room to the other startled by the comment.

“Was it real?” She shot back.

“Yea, it felt real.”

“Then what difference does it make?” Her eyes looked directly into mine and she could feel my thoughts as she looked at me.

“Well, I guess…” I said trailing off suddenly insecure as to what to say. “Well, did you?” I said forcefully.

“Maybe,” she smiled back.

“What color were his boxers?”

“Black,” she said without hesitation and my stomach dropped.

“How soon before you walked in the door did you finish fucking him?”

“12 minutes, I kissed him told him I’d Facebook message him next week and drove home,” her eyes never left mine as she spoke.

“Why do you fuck with me like this?” I laughed.

“Because I can, you’re cute when you’re upset. If I did you just got your wildest fantasy fulfilled thanks to me and if I didn’t and made the whole thing up just get you off I guess I’m still an awesome wife for indulging all your perversions, huh?”

I was stumped by that last comment.

Damn straight, but what the fuck really happened?

A lucky guy

I woke up early that Saturday morning to find Laura still soundly asleep and the dog licking at my face. He was ready to go chase squirrels around pool and by 7:30 he had already wasted an hour of good hunting daylight.

I made coffee and went with the dog outside and sat on the porch, trying to put myself into a normal Saturday morning routine.

What? My wife slept with her ex-boyfriend last night, nah its cool. I need some coffee

Eventually Laura sauntered outside holding a cup of tea and dressed in a tiny pair of yoga shorts and a sports bra, her hair tied back in a ponytail.

“I still can’t believe you work out in that, it’s a bra and underwear with thick fabric. It’s a bikini,” I said shaking my head.

“You don’t like it?” She replied.

“Well, no I do.”

“Okay, then,” she said sipping her tea.

“Yea, speaking of things I like but not sure what to think: last night,” I said with a questioning look on my face.

Laura held her cup to my mouth and her eyes darted to me.

“Are you going to tell me if it really happened or not?” I pushed her harder.

“We could go to the Ranger Rover dealership after I work out. Katie had a Range Rover, why can’t I have one, too? I made you the loser night, how am I any different than her?”

“Are you bribing me?” I smiled.

“Hmmf,” she said shrugging her shoulders.

I shook my head and stood up.

“Your dick wants to go to the dealership,” she laughed as I looked down to see I had an erection straining against my running pants.

“Probably,” I said moving my iPad over my pants and walking inside.

That afternoon Laura again approached me about the Range Rover dealership, which unfortunately for me was only a ten minute drive from our house.

“Come on baby, you don’t have to buy anything,” she said with a teasing voice, her eyebrows moving up and down on her face trying to make me laugh.

“Really? I don’t feel like a $65,000 knee-jerk purchase today,” I said seriously.

“I know that’s what shoes are for. What’s the worst thing that happens today you buy me some new shoes?”

I shook my head and relented.

“Yeh,” she smiled and clapped her hands in her mock cheerleader style.

We hopped into the BMW, which I had consciously avoided all day, occasionally staring at it through the window in the kitchen but frankly too frightened to go outside and confront my feelings about the whole night.

My mind raced back through the entire night’s events from the beginning to the end, like watching a movie in your head on fast forward. I was completely distracted until Laura’s voice shot into my ear.

“Will, you need to take this exit,” she said staring at me and pointing at the upcoming exit. I looked over to the lane next to me and exited quickly roaring the car towards the dealership.

As we pulled in I saw Laura’s eyes widen at the shiny new SUVs strewn about the lot on manmade rocks and some kind of obstacle course behind the main building.

We pulled into a spot and got out looking around and I mentally braced myself for the impending presence of the salesman, I could see them huddling around in a group near the door.

I might shake my head at my wife’s contribution to the American Express bill and listen to the excuses with a smile, but sales guys? No, they were my specialty. I could crush them. Business: this was my playground. In the winning and losing columns today only the car salesman would end up the loser.

A salesman finally approached as Laura stood pristinely in her sundress and sandals, her eyes squinting behind her sunglasses.

“Afternoon,” he said extended his hand out. “I’m Roger.”

“Roger, I’m Will and this is my wife Laura,” I replied as I adjusted my sunglasses.

“So what are y’all interested in?”

“A Range Rover,” I said in a calm tone.

“Okay, great. That’s a beautiful 5-series, Will. Would you like me to have the guys wash it for you? We have the same owners here as the BMW dealership. We appreciate the loyalty.”

“Yea, sure that sounds good,” I said looking over to Laura.

Roger the salesman disappeared and returned quickly with another employee. As Laura walked off with the salesman I handed the keys to a college-aged kid who looked a little too eager to drive my car away.

He walked around the car looking closely at a few spots of tar on the paint and I started to walk towards Laura and Roger when I heard the kid call out to me.

“Sir, don’t worry about this one I’m sure we can get it out,” he said with my back turned.

My heart stopped, and I turned slowly to face the young man.

“What?” I asked my voice almost breaking.

I walked back to the car and peered inside to the passenger seat and saw the pale crusty stain on the black leather. It couldn’t have been more than an inch or two in diameter, but in my head it looked like someone had spilt a gallon of white paint onto the seat.

I braced myself against the car and looked at the kid and then to Laura. I watched from a distance as she listened intently to Roger explain some inexplicable detail of the Range Rover in front of them. She broke her eye contact with him looking back to me smiling and waving for me to join them.

“Sure, whatever you can do,” I told the kid handing him a ten dollar bill.

As I walked towards Laura and Roger it felt like time stopped, that moment in a movie where they zoom the camera out and run towards the object: the background zooming. It was a surreal five seconds until Laura reached her hand out to me gripping it tightly.

“Was there a problem, Will?” She asked sweetly.

“Uhhh, a stain on the leather,” I answered trying to read her eyes behind the dark sunglasses.

“I told you what happened the other night, my bad sweetie,” she said loudly as she leaned up and kissed my cheek.

Then her mouth moved to my ear and whispered.

“Katie brought Brian a surprise from the airplane bathroom; I brought Will a surprise from the passenger seat of his beloved BMW.”

My throat closed my heart was about to explode out of my chest. I felt sweat running down my forehead as she leaned back down smiling and Roger looked at me with a look I had grown accustom to over the years: how the fuck did you end up with a girl like that?

I looked over to Laura and back to Roger.

“I really don’t like the red one, what about green?” I said to Roger walking away from the car they had been talking about.

“Yea, I like green,” Laura shook her head and reached down grabbing my crotch out of Roger’s sight as we walked away. “Pervert,” she whispered.

No fucking clue, Roger. I’ve been asking myself that question for a very long time

The End

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