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The Reunion

A tale of a long lost love reclaimed
My encounter with Eric got me to thinking about another old friend who I had lost touch with over the years. Not that I ever really stopped thinking about him …

No matter how hard I tried ….

Jamie was a former co-worker who I had fun flirting with; and being that we were almost instantly comfortable together, he later became a dear friend and confidante during a time when my marriage was on the rocks.

It all started one day when Mike had suddenly started not speaking to me for no apparent reason. It wasn’t the first time it had happened, and it was usually because he had become convinced that I was having an affair. I was terribly upset and trying very hard to hide the emotional firestorm going on inside me when Jamie walked carrying the flashlight I had left on the last unit.

He turned it on and held it over my head, half-yelling, “Alright Rocky!! Where were you on the night of the 34 th ??”

I knew he was just goofing around, but his timing was bad and I just blew, “Knock it off!! You sound like my damn fucking husband!!”

He apologized profusely for touching a nerve; and I apologized as well, telling him that I had a lot on my mind.

“Trouble in Paradise?” he asks.

“We’re fighting.”

“Well, whatever it is, it seems to have you pretty worked up. I don’t promise to have all the answers; but if you need to talk, you’ll find me a good listener. Sometimes just having somebody to talk to about a situation will help a lot.”

“Well, ok,” I said; and went back about my job duties. As I did so, I thought about all that was going on and about his offer. I decided he had a good point and we had gotten to know each other well enough over the past year to be pretty comfortable together …

So, about 20 minutes later, as the emotions really started to boil over, I went back to him and spent the next half an hour laying it all out for him. He listened intently, offering support here and there; making me feel that my thoughts and feeling were of genuine concern to him -- unlike Mike, who seemed concerned only with his own sense of control. And he was right, I did feel better.

The situation at home went on for several months, and Jamie became a regular confidante. He always seemed to know just when to offer suggestions, and when I just needed someone to listen. His girlfriend was just as jealous and controlling as my husband, so we could talk about a lot of things from a “been there, done that” perspective that a lot of people simply wouldn’t understand. When he did offer advise, it was from a genuine caring and simple logic that put things into perspective for me many times. If that didn’t make me feel better, he also had a warped sense of humor that almost always made me laugh, even at times when I really didn’t want to.

We became closer as time went on and we shared more and more of our deepest feelings. We were never intimate, but as the feelings grew between us, the jokes about running off to the Bahamas together started to sound more and more like a good idea and I found us walking closer and closer to the line that separates friends from lovers. People around us started to notice the bond growing between us; especially Jamie’s girlfriend, who was almost insanely jealous and that made me feel a little guilty about the feelings I was keeping hidden inside. In the end, I let my own doubts and fears get the better of me and sent him out of my life rather than admit what my true feelings for him were. I have regretted it ever since ….

Here I was, fifteen years later. My marriage hasn‘t gotten any better, so I have really missed the long heart to heart talks we used to have when Mike gets on one of his kicks. Despite my best efforts to bury my feelings for him and put the whole thing behind me, the ache of that one empty little corner of my heart just would not go away. Jamie had touched me in a way that no one ever had and that made him unforgettable.

One day I was on Face book and got to wondering if Jamie was on there. I searched under the name of the company we had both worked for all those years ago, and there he was ….

This, of course, created a new dilemma. Even as I laughed as he joked with a friend in Canada about keeping their cold air on their side of the border, I couldn’t help but wonder if I really want to open that Pandora’s Box feelings again. He was apparently still single, but I had no way to know whether he still wanted to talk to me, or even if he remembered me after all these years. Besides, even if I wanted to, I didn’t dare add him to my friend list where Mike might see it.

One night, I was having coffee with an old friend and Penny knew something was bothering me. After some gentle prodding and a lot of hemming and hawing, I finally broke down and laid it all out for her.

After listening patiently to the whole story, she regarded me for a long moment with those piercing blue eyes. “I’m only surprised that it has taken this long to boil over. I’ve known both of you for a long time and I remember always being able to tell when the two of you have had a good laugh together because you would both have this glow about you for the rest of the day. I also remember how heart breaking it was to see both of you so miserable after you sent him out of your life. Whether you wanted to admit it or not, you had both lost your best friend. Both of you, each in your own way, ran away from it when you really should have been running away together. Was it really worth it in the end?”

“But I’m married.”

“Yes, and Mark and I were both married when we met. None of that really matters in the end. What really matters is the feeling between you, and the two of you were in love just as surely as Mark and I are. Remember telling me that he knew with a few minutes what time Mike came in from the fields? That kind of connection between people is rare. If there is such a thing as a soul mate, the two of you were it. And anybody who saw the two of you together knew that. Why do you think there were rumors about the two of you? No matter how much the two of you tried to deny it, we could all see the love between you.”

“But I don’t even know if he remembers me.”

“I haven’t seen him for a few years, so I don’t know where he is or what he’s doing these days; but you were very good for each other and I think it safe to say he hasn’t forgotten that. Send him an e-mail and see what happens. At worst, he won’t respond, but I think he will be happy to hear from you.”

After a couple days of debate, I finally broke down and sent him a quick e-mail to test the waters.

Two days passed. Then three, with no response.

Finally, on the fourth day, I got a response. I was so nervous I could barely bring myself to open the message, but was greeted with a cheery, “Hey stranger!! It’s been a long time. How are you?”

Over the next few weeks, the e-mails progressed to cell phone conversations (working nights helped keep those long conversations under Mike‘s radar) until we finally agreed to meet at a truck stop about sixty miles away.

I had a lot of time to think about things on the way to the truck stop. What if, after all the build-up, he doesn’t show up? What if the spark we had isn’t still there after being apart for fifteen years? I just can’t help but wonder if I haven’t missed the chance at true love for the sake of a crumbling marriage.

As if on cue, the radio plays:

"I hope you’re with me
I hope you’re with me
When it’s over ….."

As I walk into the truck stop, I am so nervous I can barely stand and walk or talk at all. The time has finally come when we get to meet – face to face – after so many years apart.

All my doubts melt away as he meets me at the door with a big hug. When he releases me from his arms, I step back for a better look at him. His hair was a little greyer and a lot longer than I remembered, more like an old biker than the crew cut he used to wear, but the chemistry between us was still just as strong as it had ever been - there was no question in my mind that he was still the man I had fallen in love with all those years ago. We had a long talk about life and the good things we shared over dinner.

He gets up after we finished eating, and reaches to take my hand. As he helps me up, I’m shocked as he slips the wedding band off my finger and puts it into his pocket.


“Don’t worry, Pat. You can have it back later if you want it, but that ring is a sign that you belong to someone else. I have loved you from afar all these years and have no intention of borrowing you now. If I had been willing to settle for an affair with you, I could have talked you into it a long time ago, and I think we both knew it. You’re free to take your ring and return to your old life any time you want to; but for the time you’re with me, whether if be for an hour or for a lifetime, I want you to give yourself to me completely.”

“But that’s not the thing. I haven’t been able to get that ring off for years. How did you …?”

“Remember the story of King Arthur? How only the rightful ruler could remove the sword from the stone? Could it be that only your truest love can remove the ring from your finger?”

“Are you saying you’re my knight in shining armor?”

With this bad British accent, “At your service fair lady. Shall I have the squire bring the carriage around? Alas, the castle is a dreadful mess, so would you like to accompany me to my hotel for a bit of dessert?”

I was incredibly turned on just from being with him, so I readily agreed.

“Now will you give yourself to me completely? Not just the pleasures your body has to offer us, but your heart and soul, holding nothing back; even if it‘s just for the next hour.”

“I’ll try.”

“NO!! TRY NOT!!” he says in this mocking imitation of Yoda. “Do … or do not. There is no try.”

Laughing, “Ok, ok.”

Oh, how I’ve missed that warped sense of humor ….

As he closes and locks the hotel room door behind us, I turn and hold out my hands to him. I have wanted to do that for what feels like forever – just to touch his hand. His hands are warm as they wrap around mine and hold tight….. hmmm… was that a spark I saw?

I lift my face and look deep into his eyes – to touch for a moment the depths of his soul – to try to see the truth. Is this really the love we both have been searching for?

Then my eyes drop to his lips as he closes the distance between us. He releases my hands (what a sense of loss for a brief moment) then reaches up to touch my face and tilt it up to his. A brief, gentle kiss, then another. I reach my arms around his neck and stretch on my toes to get closer as he wrap his arms around me and the kiss deepens. Ours mouths open to touch tongues and I can feel my whole body responding. My breasts feel full and there is a whole herd of butterflies floating around my stomach. And lower than that, my cunt is very wet and getting wetter by the second.

The room is suddenly quite warm – no wonder, we never got our coats off. We break off long enough to pull off coats and kick off shoes and move to the bed to sit down together and continue with getting to know one another. As we settle into a comfortable position I reach my hand to touch his face – to touch the texture of his moustache, to trace his lips with my fingertip. Then lean closer to place a butterfly soft kiss on each eye and the tip of his nose and then lightly kiss his lips. We’ve both waited a long time for this moment, so the kiss quickly becomes more passionate, not in a hurry, but yet already on fire for more.

When we run out of breath (breathing can be soooo inconvenient at times) we break apart, and this time his hand caresses my face. I turn my head a bit and kiss the center of his palm – once, and again then stick my tongue out to tickle it a bit. I reach over and begin to unbutton his shirt – as I look into his beautiful brown eyes and smile at the joy of finally being with him. I slide the shirt off his shoulders then slowly begin to pull his t-shirt out of his waistband. When I have worked that loose, I take the bottom and pull it up over his head. I lift my hands and slowly caress his chest with my palms – feeling the texture of the hair, the hardness of his nipples. Can’t resist – I lean down and lick and nibble lightly on each nipple and he moans slightly in response, then places his hand under my chin, bringing my face close to his to kiss long and deep.

By now, we have gradually eased down from sitting to mostly lying down and he pushes me over on my back so he can begin to unbutton my blouse. As he undoes a button he leans over to gently kiss and lick the skin revealed. When he reaches the last button and pulls my blouse open and off over my shoulders, I raise up slightly so he can slip it off. As I do that I can feel his hand reach for the hooks on my bra to open it, so I arch up a little more to make that easier. He releases the last hook and frees the ends, and I lie back down. He pulls down one strap, then the other and slides the bra off completely; then moves his head down to lick and suck on each nipple – making them hard and causing me to moan and squirm against him. He moves more over me and I can feel the hairs on his chest rubbing against my breasts as we kiss more …

He moves from kissing my lips to my ears – lightly licking and blowing as I shudder in response. Then kissing my throat – holding his lips over my throat as I moan in pleasure. Then moving down my shoulder and arm with light kisses and gentle nibbles and licking in between until he gets to my hand (my other hand is busy stroking his arm and chest and back) he kisses my palm and then takes each finger in turn into his mouth – licking and sucking – nibbling on the pads of each finger as I twist beneath him in pleasure and growing excitement.

As we lay facing each other, he is kissing me again – my arms around his neck as we are pressed tight against each other. His hands move to hold my cheeks – to pull me even closer and to squeeze and rub my sensitive buns. I can’t stand it anymore and pull away then rise up on my knees so I can pull my jeans down over my hips – I lie back down and can feel him peeling them off the rest of the way before moving up to kiss again. The heat of his hands against my panty covered buns is so erotic and he rubs lightly to tease and excite me.

I slide my hands between our bodies and slowly begin to work loose his belt with my trembling hands. When I get that free, I fumble loose the fasteners on his pants and slowly slide the zipper down – being sure to rub against his hard cock as I go… (two can play at teasing ~smile~) He rolls over and lifts his hips so I can pull down his pants; and as I do that I lean over and lightly plant kisses on his cock through his shorts.

He kicks his pants off the rest of the way and suddenly gives me a gentle shove so I am lying face down on the bed. Then I can feel him begin at shoulders to rub my back, reaching over to kiss and lick as he goes. When he reaches the waistband of my panties, he hooks a finger in and begins to gradually work them down over my hips as he continues to kiss and lick the skin revealed. When he reaches the sensitive mounds of my cheeks I moan loudly and arch up against him; and he adds nibbling and gentle biting to the licking. I try to spread my legs, but the panties are holding them together and he seems to be enjoying teasing me too much to move them out of the way.

When I think I can stand it no longer, he strips the panties the rest of the way off and lifts off my body so I can roll back over beneath him. I reach to pull off his shorts, but he holds my wrists and stops me, telling me there is no rush. We’ve both waited a long time for this, let’s savor it. So I wrap my arms back around his neck and start another breath-stealing kiss.

His hands begin roaming over my body – massaging my full breasts as he gently sucks and licks my rock hard nipples; before gradually working lower as I start to squirm and writhe beneath him – opening my legs wide in anticipation of his touch on my cunt. 

He takes it slow – so slow I am ready to scream in frustration, until he finally reaches between my legs and lay his hand over my mound – not moving – just cupping it and feeling the wetness against his hand. I arch up hard – trying for more closer contact and he obliges by inserting a finger into my dripping cunt. I push upwards to increase the penetration as he rubs his thumb over my clit. I fall back against the pillows – breathing hard and trembling with the sensation. I am so turned on already that I very quickly come against his hand – moaning loudly and arching high as I feel my inner cunt contract against his hand. As I float down and start to catch my breath I reach to get rid of the last barrier of clothing separating us. Purposely rubbing his hard cock as I do it…

As I pull the shorts down I turn my body so I can get close enough to kiss his hard length. I hold him in my hand – lightly wrapping my hand around it, then moving up and down, two, three, four times – then licking the drop of pre-cum from the tip of his cock and licking up and down the shaft of his manhood. I open my mouth more and suck his length partway in. Swirling my tongue around and sucking lightly as I cup his balls in my hand and gently scrape the skin there with my nails. I can hear him moaning in pleasure as I lick and suck, until he pulls away and pushes me onto my back.

He kisses me – long and deep and hard. Then kisses his way back down my throat to the soft mounds of my aching breasts; then he continues down my body, slowly kissing and nibbling his way down to my toes. He teases my toes and the soles of my feet with his tongue, then starts working his way back up until his head is between my legs and ready to taste me. His hands spread my legs even wider as he licks up and down my cunt – sucking gently on my clit – swirling his tongue around it, then fucking me with his tongue; all the while gently squeezing my soft breasts in his hands. He then moves his hands down and holds my lips open as he slides a couple fingers deep inside of me, rubbing my G-spot as he licks my swollen clit. . I moan with pleasure and quickly climax again and again arching against his face.

“You know what I want, Jamie …” I say, almost pleading.

Moving to a kneeling position near my head; he says, “Show me how bad you want it.”

Knowing what he wants, I lean my head forward to lick the swollen head of his cock before sliding my lips down his length, taking it as deep as I can into my sucking mouth, tickling the bottom with my tongue as my lips slide up and down his shaft.

After several minutes of fucking him with my mouth, I look up at him, “Make love to me, Jamie.”

I spread my legs wide as he moves over me, trembling with anticipation. I feel him positioning his manhood and just as I think he’s ready to enter me, he starts rubbing my clit with the head of his cock.

“I’m not finished teasing you yet,” he says with an evil grin.

When I am about ready to scream, I finally feel him move down and push the head of his cock inside me. I want him so badly; and I writhe and moan beneath him thrusting my hips upward in an effort to hurry him inside. As I feel him begin to push deep into my soaking cunt, I wrap my legs around him and begin moving to meet him as he starts thrusting into me. He is finally inside me, but still teasing me; thrusting hard and deep, but just fast enough to keep me on the edge of an orgasm.

When he decides I have suffered long enough, he pulls out of me and flips over on his back, pulling me towards him so I am straddling his body. I lean back a little to give him a good view as I lower myself onto his manhood; then lean forward so my full breasts hang in his face, letting him massage the soft flesh and suck the nipples as I ride up and down on his cock

The rhythm of his movement in and out is slow to start, but soon is moving faster and thrusting harder against me until he cries out as he comes deep inside – the final deep push takes me over the edge once again and we collapse together.

When he can move a little he lies down close beside me so we can snuggle close

…. Until we are ready to start again….

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