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The ride with a friend

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My wife and I purchased a weekend home that is in a very rural area that is hours away from any major town or store. Whenever we went, I made sure to take everything I would need for the weekend because the house was in the middle of nowhere. We had to do some improvements on the house and my wife had been helping me every weekend for the last few months. She had something that came up that she couldn’t go this time so I asked a friend to help one weekend.

He is an average looking guy, married, kids, I think he just wanted to go to get away for the weekend. On the Friday we were to leave we got a late start and were leaving around 8pm at night.

At the very last minute my wife said she could go to. We were recently married and she has a bombshell gorgeous body, long hair, 5’7, perfect tits and a great ass but with an attitude of one of the boys. This particular day she was wearing a baby doll dress that showed off her body and definitely caught looks by my friend that made me laugh when she caught him on it causing him to blush. She is very playful and flirtatious by nature.

I had a single cab Dodge Ram truck that we used to haul materials out to the property. So when she said she could go too we all knew we would be riding next to one another. My friend had no objections to the idea and made a joke. The two had never really talked to one another before and this gave them a chance to get to really meet. They started joking around, I thought it was great. We decided to stop and pick up a case of beer and began drinking on the way out, the more we drank the raunchier the conversation became.

It started to rain and I concentrated more on the road while the two were goofing around. She was always trying to get my attention and the more the two drank the worse they became. As she sat in-between us she started to rub my leg and kiss my neck. I stayed focus on the road pretending to ignore her. She soon started to rub my cock through my pants, getting me hard as she softly stroked the length of my shaft. She was trying to get my attention teasing me.

She then unbuttoned my pants, pulling out my dick, stroking it, still kissing my neck. It turned me on knowing that my friend was watching my wife give me a hand job and I was stiff as a rock.

After a few minutes I looked over and noticed she was rubbing my friend's cock through his pants too. He had his hands in-between her legs, her skirt lifted just enough to expose her panties. He was gently rubbing the top mound of her clit; I looked back to the road. The thought of her being fingered or touched by another man excited me. I wanted to see more as my mind raced.

The vision of seeing his hand in-between her legs, the soft glow of the instrument panel lights giving it enough light for me to see the shape of her body, but still dark. I felt like I was about to come and out of nowhere I whispered to her that she should suck him.

Without hesitation she then turned to him and unbuttoned his pants pulling out his dick and started to suck on it. I kept looking over watching her head bob up and down, first slowly, then faster, it was getting harder and harder to concentrate on the road. I could hear the slurping noises being made as she went up and down the length of his shaft. I wanted to watch the show. I began looking for an area to pull over.

The road was extremely dark and it was still raining. I eventually found a pull off an old access road that was no longer used, it was perfect. It was enough off the road to hide the truck if someone passed by. I pulled in and parked the truck leaving the stereo on so there was still some light in the cab.

I moved her body in a position that allowed me to play with her pussy, pushing her dress up higher exposing her lower half. I slid her top down to her waist exposing her breasts. She continued to suck his cock, not missing a beat. He immediately began to fondle her tits as she sucked him.

As I watched her suck his dick, I stroked my cock and shifted her panties to the side and began fingering her. She was soaking wet, my fingers slid in and out of her with ease. I pushed my fingers deeper and harder making her moan.

Watching turned me on, seeing his expressions with his head tilted back, one hand on her head guiding it up and down, the other on her tits. I moved her body again placing her in a doggie style position on the seat. I pushed her panties to the side and began to suck on her pussy. Tasting her, licking her juices, she moaned in delight as I buried my tongue into her pussy spreading her ass cheeks apart.

She began to orgasm and I could taste her cum flowing from her body. She was still sucking his cock and jerking him off trying to make him cum. I looked over to see the tip of his dick in her mouth, her hands on his shaft stroking it. I pushed her over to him guiding her to ride him; he helped guide her on to him.

His hands now on each one of her ass cheeks, I pulled her panty to the side as I allowed him to slowly impale his dick into her. She moaned as his dick disappeared into her body. They began kissing she was moaning girding him back and forth moving faster and faster letting out slight moans. She had my dick in her hand trying to stroke it but ending up pulling on it more than stroking it.

She started to orgasm, moving her body faster and faster she let out a scream of pleasure. We both knew she reached orgasm and he looked over to me with this look, like I-made-your-wife-cum look.

At this point I wanted to be in her, I wanted to feel her pussy on my cock. I wanted to cum knowing that another man was in her. It turned me on even more than ever. We repositioned ourselves this time taking all her clothes off and with me lying back on the seat. She climbed on top of me to ride my dick. She was on top of me and my dick was in her sloppy wet pussy, her hair draped into my face as she rode my cock up and down back and forth pulling her closer to me so I could kiss her.

I felt my friend's dick sliding against mine pushing to enter her pussy. He was from behind her; I could feel the pressure stretching her as he pushed slowly into her. She moaned collapsing her head into my shoulder, her breasts rubbing up against my chest as he slowly went in and out, getting his dick deeper and deeper. Eventually I felt his balls rubbing up against mine. She began to kiss me and moan with each thrust he took. The thrust began to get faster and faster she was moaning louder and louder until I felt a warm burst of moisture in her pussy. I knew he had cum inside of her.

The thought that she was unprotected and could get pregnant excited me, knowing another man just came in her was overwhelming. I knew I was going to cum with a single thrust I pushed my hips upward shooting my load deep into her pussy. His dick still in her I began to feel cum dripping out of her pussy onto my balls, she was moving her hips pushing back and forth, her tits rubbing up against my chest.

Our dicks kept her in place, she soon reached orgasm screaming and panting like I have never seen before. She then just dropped on me. A few minutes of catching her breath, my friend pulled out and when he did I could feel all the juices flowing out of her pussy. He opened the truck door and got out.

The rain stopped but the windows were all fogged in where we didn’t even notice. After a few minutes we got dressed and the rest of the way to the home she snuggled up against me and he fell asleep, never the less it was quite.

But led to a very interesting weekend.

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