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The Roller Coaster Party

A thrill seeking wife provides the wild fuck of my life.
When on vacation at a lake resort my wife and I attended a Saturday Night charity event in an amusement park. For dinner and during the live auction we sat at a table with eight other people we had never met. The woman who sat next to me introduced herself as Pam – a perky average sized brunette with a nice ass, maybe ten years younger than I was. Pam was very personable and chatty and had the pleasant habit of moving her tits into contact with my arm when she was leaning over toward me to talk to other people at the table over the din of the crowd and music. Her tits were slightly above average in size and since she didn’t have a bra on it was easy to determine that they were natural.

Pam and I really hit it off! She was a dream to talk with! As the dinner moved along our repartee started to get full of sexual innuendo. Nothing overt; subtle, just like her tits “innocently” moving into contact with my arm.

When the auction started, there was one item I was interested in, a sculpture by a well known artist. As I was hesitating once the bidding started getting high, Pam started goading me on. First just stuff like:

“Remember Kevin it’s for Charity,” and “You know what a good cause this is.”

But when my hesitations started getting more pronounced, while still being playful and smiling her goading got more intense, shit like:

“Come on Kevin, that statue has got more balls than you do,” and “Afraid you look bad by comparison next to it?”

Finally, it was clearly crunch time. As the auctioneer started hesitantly saying “Going…”

Pam whispered in my ear, “Buy it and I’ll do something really nice for you, whatever you want.”

I instantly raised the bid by $1,000 and soon was the proud owner of a silver work of art – while my wife looked at me like I was nuts and said,“wasn’t that $2500 more than your limit?”

I sheepishly nodded as Pam squeezed my knee and said “Great Job!”

After the auctioning off of one more item, during which Pam remained silent but with a constant grin on her face, the dinner concluded. Then the charity guests were invited to partake of the amusement park attractions for another hour, the public having been ushered out a half hour before. Everyone at the table was enjoying talking and drinking wine, and my wife and Pam’s husband hated going on rides, while Pam and I loved roller coasters especially. Pam grabbed my arm and said:

“Let’s leave the old people to chat and get some thrills.”

So off we went with my wife and her husband yelling stuff like: “teenagers,” “don’t get sick,” and “be back before curfew.”

Pam was a demon on the rides. And a tease too. On one roller coaster as we were flying down the first hill and her dress flew up in her face she was laughing hysterically as she said:

“Shit, I don’t have panties on – too bad you’re too scared to look!”

There was nothing that was too much of a challenge for her.

She was becoming a challenge for me though. While she was not as beautiful or buxom as my wife, there was something about her that was starting to drive me nuts. The assets she had she accentuated perfectly, and the way she would look at you, the coyness of her smile, and the way she would flip her head to move her just-short-of-shoulder-length hair around as she laughed, was intoxicating. It was clear that fucking her would be as exciting as riding a wild horse!

On the last ride – a centrifugal one – we were both a little dizzy getting off; fortunately none of the other guests were nearby, most having left, and the ride operators were getting ready to shut it down. We stumbled into each other laughing – and her belly came into contact with my uncontrollable hard-on. She stopped laughing but without moving away – in fact drawing herself closer – she said with an enormous shit-eating grin on her face:

“So what’s my task for goading you into being the highest bidder.”

I didn’t miss a beat saying:

“My wife has to return home Monday but I’m staying at our lake resort until Wednesday. Come over on Tuesday morning and go kayaking with me so I don’t have to go alone. I’ll have you home by dinner time.”

Pam gave me a quick kiss – I swear there was a little, teasing, tongue in it – and said – “You’re on! I hope you can ride well and keep up with me.” A statement so pregnant with innuendo I’m surprised her words didn’t start going into labor.

As we walked back to our table she told me where she lived and how to get there. I made arrangements to pick her up at 10:00 a. m., after her husband had left for work and her kids for camp, and to get her home by 6:00 p. m. We got to the table at just the right time as everyone was saying their goodbyes, and no one noticed her biting her thumb as she stared at me when we parted.

I fucked the shit out of my wife that night and the next day just thinking about Pam, and hoping I hadn’t misinterpreted anything. I wasn’t stupid enough to tell my wife about the upcoming encounter with Pam, simply telling her that Pam and I screamed a lot when she asked if we had a good time on the roller coasters and other rides.

Tuesday came. When I picked Pam up she had short shorts, flip flops, and a halter top on – apparently nothing else. She was carrying a beach bag which she explained contained her bikini and small purse. While she had a little thickness at the waist, her legs and ass were even better than I anticipated they would be; in fact her thighs were world class. When as we chatted in the car she overtly crossed and uncrossed her legs while giving me seductive looks I almost drove off the road.

When we got to the resort I asked if we should go to my cabin so that we could change into our suits for kayaking. She replied: “Yeah, we should go to your cabin.”
I had no sooner closed the cabin door when she scooted up to me. With one hand on my crotch and the other on the back of my neck she gave me a long French kiss, and when she broke it off she said “I hope the nice thing you want me to do for you is to fuck your brains out, cause that’s why I’m here.”

With that I picked her up with her legs straddling my body and kissed her deeply as I carried her to the bed and bounced her backside on it. I immediately unbuttoned her shorts and yanked them down as I saw her make quick work of her halter top.

She had a beautiful tight little shaved pussy. As I was voraciously exploring it with all my fingers and tonguing her clit I couldn’t believe someone could have two kids and be this tight. As I was working her little cunt and clit over as best I could, I heard her – between moans and “fuck yes”s – say: “Get your cock up here.”

Without interrupting my assault on her vagina and clitoris I got on the bed and swung my crotch over her face. She had my shorts down to my knees in a nanosecond and started sucking like a vacuum pump on my fully engorged dick. Her mouth felt soft and powerful at the same time, the best cock-sucking in a 69 that I could remember.

But I had a head start on her, and was determined to bring her to orgasm long before I was ready to blow. I succeeded. Within another two minutes I had her jerking, bending, shivering and screaming so much she could no longer suck my dick as a massive orgasm wracked her body.

It was a good three minutes before she started coming down from her high. As she did she said: “I love your dick, will you do me doggy?”

I though she was just being nice, but I found out she really did love my dick.

I obliged her by turning her on her hands and knees and burying my sword completely in her sopping wet cunt as my balls smacked against her thighs. God was she tight – it felt so good when I got into a medium paced rhythm. The head of my dick felt different than when I doggy my wife. My tool has a slight downward bend, and as I pumped I could feel the bottom of my dickhead rubbing against a raised rough patch near the outlet of her slit. Every time I moved over it I heard a little whimper from her.

After a few minutes of this bliss I gave her four especially hard pumps causing her to scream and to flood her cunt with fluid, and bury her head in a pillow. I didn’t know quite what was going on, but I continued to pump hard and after just a few more strokes I blasted her full of cum. She raised her head off the pillow, arched her back, snapped her head back, and let out another scream as stream after stream of my joy juice rocketed into her. Then she completely collapsed.

After I lay on her ass and back – wiped out myself – for a couple of minutes, I withdrew my still ¾ hard dipstick from her snatch and lay next to her. The sheets were soaked with my cum, pussy juice, and what had to be more than half a cup of clear liquid.

My God! My first Squirter!

I was so excited I rolled Pam over, held her half-comatose head in my hands, and said: “You’re a squirter, aren’t you?”

With a crooked smile on her face she softly responded:
“Yeah, but not often. But your curved cock abused my G-spot so intensely my Skene’s gland completely voided. That is the first time that has happened to me with penile sex; the other times my husband did it with two fingers, and the volume of clear liquid wasn’t nearly as large.”

After a pause she continued: “Oh Shit Kevin, I’m about to pass out I’m so drained. Let me just lie quietly for a while will you?”

“As long as I can suck your tits,” I responded. Pam simply smiled with her eyes already closed and nodded her head.

I can’t describe the feeling of fucking a squirter. It was over the top – the most fulfilling sexual experience of my life. Not only did her “ejaculation” feel good both physically and emotionally, it caused her to gyrate and twist, energizing my dick in a manner never done before. Also, the fact that I had fucked this hot active little sexpot unconscious was more exhilarating than any roller coaster ride ever! I felt like my dick was a magic wand!

I was so full of adrenaline and endorphins I started sucking Pam’s tits with alacrity. While I had noticed from the time I first met her that she had a nice natural rack, it was only once I was getting close and personal with her tits that I realized how nice. Her tits were extremely supple, firm yet very malleable – and the nipples were oversized for her tits. Within seconds of sucking one and softly pinching the other, both of her nipples were as hard as pencil erasers. While essentially Pam was in never-never land, I could tell that she still was enjoying my work on her mounds by the almost involuntary “ahhs” she emitted accompanied by a sly smile on her face.

I could have sucked her tits all day. But after about twenty minutes she started recovering from her sex-induced stupor, opened her eyes, and rubbed my head and ears as I sucked. Once she was fully awake she said: “I need to get re-hydrated before we have more fun.”
More fun – Wow – and I don’t think she meant roller-coastering!

We got dressed, had lunch at the resort restaurant (we told the waiter to just leave the pitcher of water at the table as she downed glass after glass), walked around the resort for a little while, and waded in the lake. As we were standing knee deep in the water she surreptitiously stuck her hand down my shorts, lightly squeezed my nuts, and said:
“Time for another round.”

My reply: “I hope I have another load in me.”

Her smiling retort: “Not to worry!”

When we got back to my cabin the maid had been in and changed the sheets. Pam was on me as fast as the first time only now she controlled the action. She pushed me down on the bed, removed my shorts and boxers, and started massaging and licking my testicles. The way she was working her fingers and mouth I was sure that she was stimulating the production of seminal fluid. Whether she was or not, however, that is what I believed and the mind is the most powerful sex organ. After about twenty minutes of her excellent work she declared “You’re ready to fuck again, I guarantee it.” Who was I to thumb my nose at a guarantee?

Of course her testicle work had also hardened my rod, and she was friendly enough to have removed all of her clothes by the time of her guarantee. We stood up and squeezed each other as we French kissed and I rubbed my hand over her slit. She obviously didn’t need any other foreplay, her testicle stroking and sucking had gotten her totally wet.

“Over a chair,” she whispered into my ear after we finally broke our lascivious kiss. With that she lead me over to a padded armchair, placed a large coffee table book in back of it, put a towel over the book (I knew what that was for), and stood on the towel. On the towel and book her waist was almost exactly even with the top of the padded back of the chair. She leaned over it, and held onto the arms, cooing when she got fully into the proper position.

I didn’t need any instruction. I separated her labia with my fingers and then slowly inserted my dick into her snug gash. Once again we were positioned so that my helmet was massaging her G-spot with each stroke. I started out slowly with my hands on her shoulders, and she started banging back in response to my strokes. Again, it felt so good I almost didn’t believe this was real – it was like my cock and her cunt were molded for each other.

I moved one hand from her shoulder to a breast, and after a while the other hand to her ass. Her ass was as fine as her cunt and tits, a real tight bubble. I rubbed my thumb over her crotch a couple of times to get some nice juices, and then stuck my lubricated thumb in her anus, causing her whole body to shiver, but not arresting her reciprocal banging.

After about ten minutes of nice, slow, periodic strokes and gentle squeezes of a tit and penetration of her anus, she turned her head toward me and said: “Pummel the shit out of me!”

I started hammering her while pinching a nipple and twisting my thumb in her ass. While she still tried to hammer back, we were now totally out of sync – and could not have cared less. After only a few minutes another scream from her as my balls were getting wet every time they slapped against her thighs from the squirt fluid running down her legs. I could feel myself tighten up as to my pleasant surprise I ejaculated another full load into her divine cunt while burying my thumb as far into her asshole as I could.

I had never seen anyone squirm as much in my life as Pam did when I blasted and thumbed her. She was literally writhing and twitching uncontrollably, while moaning and groaning. When she finally stopped, I pulled out. The popping of my helmet from her vagina sounded like a champagne cork and sent an electric charge down both of our spines. I then moved her over to the bed – off the completely soaked towel – and before I lay down in a spoon position next to her wiped off her thighs with the towel and then threw the towel into the bathtub.

Pam and I lay in a state of euphoria for at least an hour before we started to rally. She turned toward me, kissed my lips at least a dozen quick times, then said:
 “That was the fuck of my life!” I couldn’t disagree – it was for me too!

“This time you had to have squirted out a full cup,” I laughed. She faked embarrassment, then stuck her tongue in my ear, withdrew it and said: “That’s why it was my best fuck ever!”

After we kibitzed for awhile, as Pam finished off all the bottled water in the cabin, she suddenly got up, sat in my lap, and said:

“My pussy it too sore for another fuck. But you know what would really top this day off?”

“No,” I laughed, “do you intend to remove my spine?”

“Only figuratively,” she shot back. “How about a nice tit fuck. I give really great tit fucks.”

I would have thought her tits were too small for a proper tit fuck – but I was willing to give it a try if she could guarantee I would climax again. With a diabolical smile she said “I guarantee it” as she started massaging and licking my testicles again.

After another twenty minutes of her magical manipulation, Pam got some lotion from the bathroom, put it all over the inside of her tits and on my again rock hard shaft, laid on her back and said “Get your dick in my valley, big boy.”

As I moved my lubricated shaft between her mounds of pleasure she pushed them together with her hands and lightly pinched her own nipples. I used slow full strokes, and every time my helmet got near her mouth she licked the slit vertically, sending a small shiver up my spine. The look on her face as I titty fucked her was priceless, a combination of joy, pride, and anticipation. As I stroked my balls moved back and forth over her torso, stimulating them too.

To my wonderment and self-satisfaction, within about five minutes I knew I was cumming and warned her. She immediately released her tits, grabbed my cock with one hand and shoved it into her mouth, and grabbed my balls with the other hand. She furiously sucked my whole load out of me, returning us both to a state of euphoria almost as satisfying than the other two. As I was lying on the bed with my eyes glassed over the thought that flashed through my mind was “I haven’t had three orgasms in one day in twenty years, and never three that satisfying.”

When we realized that it was 5:20, we took a shower together, washing each other off as we periodically tried to suck each others tonsils out. I dropped Pam off at her house only a few minutes after 6:00, still before her family was home.

As Pam exited the car she smiled and said:

“Next year come back for a longer time, and maybe we can actually get the kayaks in the water for a few minutes.”

Then she closed the car door and walked away wiggling and slapping her ass!

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