the sail

By Eve

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That evening, we again visited the same restaurant, both dressed in a similar fashion as the night before.

  We were again, warmly greeted on our arrival and ushered to our front row table.   Although I didn’t flash my naked boobs, there was more than enough bare flesh on show to get quite a few admiring glances.

  Andy, the waiter who had told Shilla that he fancied me, came over and asked me if I would like to go for a sail on his boat the next day.

  I turned to Shilla, “what about you?” I asked, “oh, I get sea sick, and anyway I don’t mind if you go, I’ll stay at the hotel and do some sunbathing.”

“ Are you sure?” “Yes, you go and enjoy yourself,” there was a glint in her eyes as Shilla turned and ordered another round of drinks.

  The rest of the evening was taken up with a floor show of singers, dancers and a magician.

  Back at the hotel I again asked Shilla about the following day saying that I felt guilty leaving her on her own.

  “I’ll let you into a secret,” said Shilla, “I won’t be alone, Faza is coming round to keep me company.”

  “Oh you crafty devil, cats away?” Shilla just smiled and said, “What the hell! What Ron doesn’t know won’t harm him.”

After a light breakfast we returned to our room.


  “ What should I wear?” “Well, your bikini and a sarong and your sandals,” said Shilla.


  I opted for a blouse to cover my bikini top.


  Just then, there was a knock on the room door.   It was Andy. “Ready?” “Yes let’s go,” I said.

“ Have fun,” said Shilla blowing a kiss in our direction.


  Andy’s boat was a converted fishing boat and he hired himself and the boat out to take holidaymakers on excursions around the many coves that were hidden from view from people on shore.


  The sun was beginning to get nice and warm as we sailed away from the jetty.   Andy had built a sunbathing area towards the front end of the boat and suggested that I used it while he manoeuvred his boat away from the jetty and through the flotilla of small craft that were anchored in the bay.


  I removed my blouse and sarong and laid down on a towel that Andy had thrown over to me.


  The sun was lovely and warm and I removed my bikini top to take advantage of its rays. I was dozing when Andy appeared at my side.   “I’ll rub some suntan on you” said Andy, “the sun is getting too hot.”


  Andy’s hands gently caressed my back and shoulders as he applied the sun lotion. I felt his hands rubbing lotion over the back of my legs and thighs then his hands were on my lower back and pushing gently under my bikini bottoms.


  I raised my bum up and Andy began to pull down my bottoms.   Now I was lying totally naked next to this guy that I had only met a couple of nights before.


  Andy smeared sun lotion over my buttocks letting his fingers push into my bum crack.   My juices were flowing and an orgasm shuddered through my body as I turned over and allowed him to oil my front.


  Andy’s hands were squeezing my large tits and tweaking my erect nipples, which are ultra sensitive, and another orgasm shot through my body.   Andy poured more oil over my belly and was soon rubbing my clit area.


  I opened my legs and I felt Andy push a finger into my soaking pussy.


  “Oh yes, fuck me,”


  Andy removed his shorts and climbed on top of me.   I felt his erect penis pushing into my wet hole, slowly and surely he filled me with his enormous cock.


  “Oh shag me I pleaded” as Andy began to speed up, suddenly I felt him tense and then his hot sperm was splashing up inside of me.


  Andy kissed me and said he would have to go and steer the boat.


  “Okay I said,” lying back soaking up the sun’s rays and fingering myself to another orgasm.


  It hadn’t occurred to me that while Andy was shagging me that the boat was still in motion.


  I drifted off into a blissful daydream state when I felt Andy’s hands caressing my tits and then I felt a hot breath on my pussy and a tongue pushing its way into my hole.


  Christ you Turks are horny bastards I thought to myself.


  The tongue was pushing further and further into my hole and I orgasmed again.   The sucking and licking got more and more intense and my pussy was crying out for cock.


  “Oh shag me, shag me I moaned,” opening my legs wide, exposing my soaking pussy.


  I felt a cock pushing against my pussy lips, but this was stretching me more than the last time.


  I opened my eyes, and looked into the eyes of one of the other waiters that had served us at the restaurant.


  I should have been angry but my throbbing pussy was screaming for attention.


  “Shag me” I said again.


  This time his cock pushed into me and slowly began to fill me up.   I had never felt anything as big as this before and I was beginning to think he would split me in two.


  Squeezing my tits he began to move in and out of my wet pussy.


  Just then Andy came over and knelt down beside me shoving his erect cock into my mouth.


  Orgasm after orgasm flooded my body as I sucked Andy’s cock while the other monster was sliding up and down inside of me.


  I was wanking Andy and taking him deep in my throat when I felt the cock inside my pussy shoot its load into my soaking hole.   Andy followed shooting his hot salty spunk into my mouth.   I swallowed the lot then grabbed the monster cock that had been filling my hole and gave it a good sucking tasting his and my cum.


  Andy and the other waiter arose and called to me to come and see the cove we were approaching.   I staggered over to the side of the boat, still shuddering from the attention that I had just received from the two guys.


“ Oh, it looks wonderful,”


  White sandy beach and the water was as clear as anything and not a sole in sight.


  “We have it all to ourselves,” said Andy.


  Ten minutes later we were anchored within a few feet of the beach.


  It suddenly dawned on me that I was totally naked.


  Oh, what the hell, they have seen everything I’ve got.


  Andy and Az jumped into the water taking with them a picnic hamper.


  “Come on,” shouted Andy.


  I grabbed the sun lotion and lowered myself into the warm water.   It was the first time that I had gone swimming totally nude and It felt great, the warm water caressing my naked body.


  The guys were already ashore and had laid out towels as I waded onto the beach.


  I lay down exhausted from the last hour’s events.   Andy offered me a cool beer which I greedily drank.


  “Slow down,” said Andy, “It’s very strong.”