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The Secret Part II

Taryn went home early in the afternoon with the promise that she would be back for dinner.

JD sat on the couch and picked up the divorce papers that were strewn across the coffee table. He still hadn't signed them. Even after last night, he didn't think he could. There was something strange about the whole situation.

His wife, Kate, was a strong woman, with ambition and grace. She was a software developer for a major company, having some high security clients, with top-secret assignments. Despite all that, she was the most down to earth woman he knew. Level headed and was even pretty domestic. She would often work late, but would come home to the most energetic, imaginative sex he could dream of.

"You make her sound like a fucking super hero." He cried aloud to himself, the anger and frustration getting to him.

To stop his stomach from churning, his mind went back to the events of last night. He couldn't have asked for a better scenario—Two gorgeous women in his bed, unflinching at any suggestion. JD had asked Taryn about the other woman before she left. She said that she was a friend, and that she had to get back to work.
"Don't worry,” she said," I'm sure you'll see her again." As great as last night was, with all the alcohol that flowed, JD thought, it may be like meeting her for the first time.

He thought hard to remember. He could picture dirty blond hair, both top and bottom. Incredible eyes-- he could picture them as both women looked up at him when they sucked him, and again as he took her from behind. Taryn was underneath them both giving her an awesome licking.

It seemed a bit ungrateful to be focused so much on the woman who left in the middle of night, when Taryn was such a sexy woman herself. It was all a little overwhelming. He decided that he would try to focus on right now and not worry about it.

Taryn showed back at 7, wearing a gorgeous black, low cut, slip dress. Her tits competed for attention with her smile, which, due to JD's reaction, was clearly a smile of accomplishment.

They headed towards the boardwalk in search of food and drinks. When they found a quiet patio they sat down at a small table. The young waiter returned several times to check on them, but they only nursed their drinks as they chatted.
"So you work for a New York investment firm and are visiting your friend on your vacation. What does your friend do?" JD inquired.

Taryn's eyes darted a little. "Securities."

"Securities. What kind of securities?" He tried to stay calm but his curiosity smelled something out of place.

"I don't know exactly, we don't exactly spend our time talking about work." Taryn rose from her seat and came around the table. "What's the matter, you don't like my company?"

JD stumbled on his words "I don't normally take strangers home... and..." Taryn caught on. She lowered herself across his lap and leaned against him with one arm around him. "You're safe, she's clean, I'm clean" JD interrupted. "That's not why I was asking, but good to know."

"That waiter has been looking at us the entire night. What do you say we give him a show?” JD didn't know it, but Taryn already was. Her dress had risen up and she was flashing her panty free pleasure at the young man who was making a poor attempt at not staring.

With one hand Taryn reached between her legs and began stroking her pussy. She continued to talk with JD but the conversation was irrelevant now. Her eyes were locked on the young man. She leaned back and pulled JD's semi-stiff cock from out of his pants. She opened and closed her thighs, squeezing it in between. She ran her fingers through JD's hair. While moaning and telling him how excited she was getting.

JD looked out to the street to see if there were any passers by, there was a couple on the other side of the street oblivious to what was happening between them and the cabana boy.

Just when JD thought it was getting a little too risky for his tastes, Taryn stood up and walked towards the waiter at the end of the bar. JD quickly did up his pants and as he looked around he saw a silhouette in a car across the street he thought was looking his way.

He turned to see Taryn pull the waiter inside.

"Did you enjoy your little show?" Taryn said sternly as she pushed the young man up against the bathroom stall door.

"Y-y-yes" he said, trying to remain calm.

"Let's see it. I want to see what a nasty little perv you are." She stood back with her arms crossed while he undid his pants. He pulled out an impressive erection. "What is wrong with you? You can't work like that!" Taryn lifted her dress and sat down on the toilet. He moved forward. "Stay there. Start jerking" JD walked into the bathroom in time to hear this. At the bottom of the second stall was a pair of skinny ankles wrapped in a pair of boxers. There was a hissing sound from the toilet when Taryn began to pee. And the ankles shook from the waiter who was obviously giving it all it was worth.

"Do you like my body?" Taryn took off her dress and let it fall to the floor. She stood in front of the waiter and played with herself, squeezing her nipples and toying with her clit.

"Yes" the young man breathed heavily.

Taryn leaned into him with her whole body and whispered into his ear, "Do you want me?" Again the answer was yes. She could feel his dick head rubbing against her stomach. She took a step back and said in an innocent tone, "what are you going to do to me?"

"I...I..." And that was it. The poor guy shook and streams of cum began shooting from his shaking hand on to the floor.

"Pathetic." Taryn picked up her dress and pushed through the stall door leaving him standing there with his dick still in his hand.

JD smiled and shrugged at the waiter as Taryn pulled her dress back on. "Let's go." She said. And by the time they were out running back to their car, without paying for the bill, they were both laughing.

As they drove off, JD looked out of his rear view mirror, and he panicked a little. The car that he noticed earlier was following them. "We may have attracted some attention back there." he nodded back.

Taryn looked back briefly before shouting, "GO!"

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