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The secret underworld of sharing your wife

A husband goes over board to share his wife and pays for it as she gets fucked by two studs.
Dave and Kelly were in their mid thirties and had been married for almost 10 years. Dave was a salesmen, while Kelly was a stay at home mom. Dave’s job required him to travel out of town several times a year. This is when Dave’s thoughts about seeing his beautiful with another man had all started.

Dave found himself stuck in hotel rooms night after night and had nothing better to do but collect his thoughts. He had recently began to explore the thought of wanting to see his wife being fucked by another man while he watched. The more time he had alone the more he thought about it. The excitement it brought him while alone was overwhelming. He pleasured himself on a number occasions as he thought about his beautiful petite wife with another man, but for the longest time he never intended for it to ever happen.

Then one day while reading the Sunday newspaper Dave decided to check out the personal ads. He was surprised how many there were listed when he had come upon an ad that got his attention. It said, “Do you want to see your wife with another man?”

Dave thought about it for a brief second and then immediately discarded the paper into the trash. It was a few days later with Dave out of town that his thoughts about the ad began to resurface. It had made him hornier than ever before, but there was one problem. Dave had discarded the paper already into the trash. He now began to wonder out loud if he should have kept the ad. Dave went on to pleasure himself two times that night in his hotel room.

That following Sunday Dave raced out to get his Sunday paper. He had hoped the ad was still in there as he quickly fingered through the paper looking for the personal ads. He had finally found them as he quickly sought out the ad he had seen a week before. He was almost all the way through the personal ads when lone behold it was listed again. Dave’s cock instantly got hard as he cut the ad from the paper. He had no idea what he was going to do with it, but the excitement it had brought him was overwhelming.

A few weeks had passed when Dave pulled out the ad. He was extremely horny as he thought about his petite wife being fucked by a complete stranger. He grabbed his phone and dialed the number listed on it. The ad had very little in details and Dave wanted to know more about it.

An older gentlemen answered the phone. Dave thought he had a wrong number when he suddenly heard, “Are you interested in seeing your wife fucked right in front of your eyes!”

Dave now knew he had the right number as he quietly said, “Maybe!”

The gentlemen went on to tell Dave how more and more men want to see their wives with other men. He now had Dave’s attention as he had him almost talked into it.

They had talked for about 10 minutes when Dave said, “Let me think about it!” as he hung up.

Dave thought even if he would agree to the idea he had to convince his beautiful wife Kelly also. Kelly was a doll at 5’3 and 115 pounds. She had nice firm tits and the most darling ass you would ever see. She loved sex, but Dave would need to do a lot more convincing to get her to ever sleep with another man.

Dave sat down one night with Kelly and began to discuss how he felt about her sleeping with another man while he watched. He told her he couldn’t really explain what was going on in his mind, but that he had an extremely powerful urge to see her with another man. He made it sound like he was addicted to the idea of seeing Kelly with another man.

Kelly at first didn’t like the idea at all. She sat and thought about what her husband had wanted from her. She could see by the look on his face that he had a great desire to see her being with another man. She then suddenly said, “If this is what you want then I will do it this one time for you!”

Dave now had Kelly’s approval, but he still had some apprehension about following through with it. He thought long and hard about it as he left town that following week again for business. He sat in his lonely hotel room as he decided to pull out the add. His hormones were raging as he began to dial the phone number listed again. The older gentlemen again answered and said, “I am not surprised you called back! I expected you would!”

He immediately had set a date for Dave and his wife to meet him and a few others. The cost of 500.00 dollars was immaterial to Dave as he wrote down all the details. The older gentlemen had told him to go to a small abandoned warehouse right outside the city that coming Friday night. He told Dave that he owned the warehouse and that several men like himself had been very thrilled with his services. He then told Dave that he wouldn’t be disappointed. Dave was so excited after he had hung up the phone that he immediately pleasured himself by stroking off his cock twice that night.

Dave couldn’t wait to get home and talked to his wife about it. When he arrived back on Thursday he sat down with her as they discussed all the possible ramifications of what could happen. She mentioned to Dave, “Dave you do know this may not end up the way you like!”

Dave nodded his head as he knew this could all back fire on him. He thought about the negative possibilities, but his cock got hard every time he thought about the positives.

The next night Dave and his beautiful wife Kelly drove to the small abandoned warehouse. It looked almost creepy as they pulled up. It was dark as the older gentlemen greeted them both at the door. Dave paid him his money and signed a waiver form. Dave didn’t even get the chance to look over the form as he was immediately whisked away from his wife and put into a dimly lighted locked room. The room had a couch along with a sizable glass mirror on the wall. Dave had become very nervous now as he had no way out of the room he was in. He also had no idea what was happening to Kelly or where she even was.

Several minutes had past as Dave paced back n forth in the room. His nerves began to get the best of him as he decided he didn’t want to go through with this. He knocked on the door hoping some one would let him out, but he quickly found out that nobody would listen. He felt helpless that he wasn’t going to be able to do anything to stop this. He wondered what they were doing with Kelly as he began to pace back n forth again.

It had been almost 20 minutes as Dave again knocked on the door trying to get someone’s attention. Then suddenly Dave saw a ray of light coming through the glass mirror on the wall. He immediately looked through the two way glass to see his lovely wife Kelly in the room next to him. She sat alone on the bed with just her bra and panties on. Her body looked more gorgeous than ever before as she waited for her lover to arrive.

A few minutes later the door to Kelly’s room opened. A young good looking stud walked into the room with just a pair of briefs on. He was probably around twenty and looked like he could had been on the cover of GQ.

The young hunk quickly introduced himself to Kelly as cameras taped their every move in the room. He kissed Kelly for several minutes as Kelly felt more comfortable with him. Dave knew how much Kelly loved to be kissed and cuddled. The young hunk now reached back behind Kelly and undid her bra strap. He pulled her bra harmlessly off her as Kelly’s firm tits stood out. His hands felt each of them as Kelly was becoming even more aroused.

He then sucked lightly on each of her tits as his hand was now perched on Kelly’s butt. He groped at her lovely tight ass for a few minutes and then began to pull on her panties. He slowly worked them down over her gorgeous ass as they slid down her legs and onto the floor.

Dave was astonished by the beauty of Kelly’s body as the young hunk ran his strong hands all over it. He admitted he had taken Kelly for granted for the last several years. He now saw the beauty in his wife that hadn’t seen in years.

Kelly now had her hand on her young lover's briefs. She ran her hand across them as she felt his massive cock inside them. He then yanked his briefs down exposing his semi erect cock. It was a good 9 inches in length and much bigger than Dave’s cock. Kelly immediately stroked on it as her young lover kissed her again on the lips. A few seconds later Kelly slid down onto her knees in front of him. Her small hand barely could wrap around the circumference of it as she began to stroke on it.

A minute later she inserted his large cock into her mouth. She began to suck and worship his young cock. It was very hard in no time as Kelly tried to take as much of it into her mouth as she could.

The young hunk now wanted Kelly in a bad way. He lifted her up off her knees and brought her over to the bed that was located in the center of the room. He laid her in the center of the bed as he moved his head down in between her legs. He began to lick and suck on Kelly’s pussy as Kelly began to thrash about the bed. Kelly loved oral sex and this young hunk had found her sweet spot. Kelly’s moans grew with more intensity every second that had went by. Dave knew she was close to cumming for her young lover. Then the room went quiet as Kelly arched her back up off the bed. It had been quiet for about 30 seconds when Kelly cried out into the most amazing orgasm. Her body shook like never before as her young lover didn’t stop licking her pussy until her orgasm had passed completely.

Dave’s nerves began to get the best of him as her young lover slid his body up on top of his wife’s. He had seen already enough, but now it had come to the point of no return. The young lover began to kiss Kelly very hard. His cock was right against Kelly’s tight pussy as Kelly squirmed about the bed. Dave wonder if Kelly’s petite body could even handle a cock of that magnitude. He was about to see in a few seconds.

Kelly began to move about the bed as her young lover began to press his large cock harder against her tight pussy. Dave had turned away not wanting to see his wife taking his big cock. He heard his wife moan out a few minutes later, “Oh’ god! Oh’ god it is big!“

He began to fuck Kelly slowly at first until she had become acclimated with the size of his cock. Her pussy was being stretched to the max as she took several inches of his cock into her. He began to then fuck Kelly a little harder a few minutes later. Kelly moaned out loudly as she had wrapped her legs tightly around her lover's ass.

He had fucked her for almost ten minutes when Kelly's moans grew louder. Dave knew she was on the breaking point of cumming all over his big cock. He could hardly watch as Kelly scream out, “Oh’ god!” She started to orgasm all over her young lover's cock. Her body shook violently as her fingernails had dug into his tight ass. She had cum harder than anytime before in her life.

Her lover now rolled over onto his back. Kelly was now on top of him as she struggled to move her pussy down on his big thick cock. It took every bit of five minutes before Kelly was able to go more than half way down the shaft of her lover's cock. She fucked him the best she could as another powerful orgasm began to build inside her. Her lover sensing it reached back with both of his hands and grabbed Kelly’s ass. Dave watched as her young lover began to ram his big 9 inch cock deep into Kelly’s pussy. Kelly immediately screamed out loudly as he made her cum very hard on his big cock a few minutes later. Kelly then slipped off his big cock and crashed down onto the bed.

Her lover’s cock was throbbing now as he got behind Kelly. He lifted her ass up off the bed as he wanted to fuck her doggie style. Kelly’s face was looking directly into the glass mirror as her husband could see the anguish on her face as she felt his large cock penetrate her pussy again.

He began to fuck Kelly good and hard. Her body jerked forward several times as she felt the power of her young lover’s cock inside her. Kelly now had her face down on the sheets as her young lover grabbed her arms and pulled her body up off the bed. Her hair flew all over face as her husband watched Kelly get the fucking of a lifetime.

He had fucked her long and hard for about ten minutes when Kelly cried out, “Oh’ god I am going to cum again!” She started cum very hard again on her young lover’s cock. Dave couldn’t believe the fucking she was taking. Her body had become limp as her lover let go her arms. Her body had fallen flat onto the bed with her young lover's cock still lodged inside her.

He sat on top of Kelly’s upper legs as he continued to fuck Kelly as she moaned out repeatedly. Dave was at the point of wanting it to end, but her young lover continued to grind his big cock into her for several more minutes. He then yanked his cock out of Kelly’s pussy and squatted directly over her gorgeous small ass. He pointed his throbbing cock down right at it. He gave his big cock a few strokes when he began to grunt out loudly. He started to cum all over Kelly’s beautiful ass as Dave watched him deposit several streams of cum directly onto her ass.

Her young lover immediately left the room as Kelly laid there worn out. Her lover's cum ran down the side’s of her ass as it took several minute for her to clean herself off. Dave in the meantime was excited it was all over with, or at least he thought it was.

A couple minutes later another young hunk enter the room. He immediately discarded his boxers as he had Kelly get down on her knees and suck his big cock. Dave had no idea his wife would be fucked by two different studs.

Kelly sucked on her next lover’s cock for several minutes. He then grabbed Kelly and laid her over the side of the bed. He opened up her legs as she felt another big cock stretch out her worn out pussy again. He fucked her very hard as Kelly cried out. He then grabbed Kelly’s body with his strong hands and pulled her up to his body. He lifted her up off the bed and walked her over to the mirror where Dave was looking through. Kelly had her arms wrapped tightly around her lover’s neck while her legs were wrapped tightly around his ass. He stood before the mirror and began to fuck Kelly right their in front of her husband. Her ass was facing Dave as he watched her lover ram his cock up inside her very hard. He fucked her for several minutes this way until Kelly cried out into a powerful orgasm. Her body trembled as her lover yanked his cock out of her.

He now had Kelly draped her body across the bottom of the bed. He climbed back in behind her as he rammed his big cock back into her. He fucked her very hard from behind as Kelly screamed out in pleasure for several minutes. Dave heard their bodies crashing together as her young lover rammed his body hard against Kelly’s ass.

It was a few minutes later when Kelly again screamed out into another powerful orgasm. It was one of biggest orgasms she had all night. Her pussy was stretched to its limits as her young lover continued to fuck her very hard from behind.

It had been almost ten minutes later when Kelly’s young lover wanted to cum. Kelly had taken everything he had given her, but she was now out of energy. He had Kelly move down onto her knees right in front of the mirror. He pushed his hard cock right up against Kelly’s face as he began to slowly stroke on his big cock. Dave would be now forced to watch this young lover cum all over his wife’s beautiful face.

A minute or so had passed when her lover grunted out, “Open your mouth!”

His cock was only inches from Kelly’s face and mouth when he began to cum. His cum flew in several directions including into Kelly’s mouth. When he was done Kelly’s face was covered in cum. Her mouth was full of cum along with the rest of her face. He quickly left leaving Kelly on her knees right in front of the two way mirror as his cum dripped off her face.

Kelly was brought out of the room a few minutes later. Dave couldn’t wait to get out of here as it was about ten minutes later when the door to his room opened. The older gentlemen gave Kelly back to Dave. He then said, “I hope this experience was everything you ever had wanted! Please come again!” as he let out Dave and Kelly from the warehouse.

There wasn’t a word said on the way home as Kelly had fallen asleep. Dave could only ponder if Kelly would want to do this all over again!

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