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The Secret

This is an opening glimpse of a possible series of stories. Please comment and vote.
The cell phone made a good-sized dent in the wall before skidding across the floor. At least it didn’t fly into several pieces JD thought, lifting his head only barely to inspect the damage. The sun blared in the South facing window but it was decidedly to early for anyone to be calling. Or was it? JD sighed heavily into his pillow before pushing himself upright. The large open concept beach house started to come into focus.

In the kitchen, making some sort of breakfast symphony was a dark haired brunette bombshell, huge natural tits under a long t-shirt; but not so long that you couldn’t see the crease under her ass when she reached into the cupboard.

“Still tired?” Taryn smirked, not stopping to look up, instead throwing some hash browns into a frying pan.

“Who wouldn’t be, after what you put me through last night.” His cock twitched, defying every other nerve in his body.

“Are you saying you didn’t enjoy yourself?”

JD threw off the white comforter to flash his morning glory. “Clearly.” He smiled. For this she stopped, but only for a second. He wiggled it around, but no reaction from her.

Taryn plated her concoction and came over to the bed. JD playfully opened his mouth for some, but only got a raised eyebrow before she put a hash brown into her mouth. Dejected, he slid out of bed and padded towards the kitchen. With his back facing her, Taryn drank in his tight ass, and his toned shoulders. She herself was tingling, but kept her composure.

JD threw a couple of mouthfuls of egg in his mouth before announcing that he was going to have a shower. As he entered the bathroom, Taryn reached for the phone on the floor and checked the caller ID before stuffing it under the pillows.

In the shower, JD went over the night before. He began the night—as he had been for the past few weeks—mourning his marriage of eight years, which was all of a sudden and inexplicably over. His wife had left him weeks ago with no goodbye. Only divorce papers for him to sign left on the counter.

Just when he was starting to wonder how he was ever going to be able to find a date again, he was met by not one, but two beautiful women. He bought them a drink while they chatted and they even bought him a few rounds, as he told them about his sweet, loving wife, who just left him cold. He was shocked when they agreed to come back to his place after the bartender started turning up the chairs.

The cab driver didn’t get a tip, but he probably didn’t mind, since he and everyone driving along the coast, got a pretty good show of two women in the back seat, topless and making out.

There wasn’t a corner of the bed that was left untouched that night. The women brought him in and threw him down on the bed. Having already started themselves, they were eager to get his clothes off. They took turns stroking his cock as they continued making out. Taryn straddled JD’s head as the other woman went down on him. After that, it was non-stop. It was amazing what these women could do. JD had passed out in a pool of sweat with his arms around that other woman and hers around Taryn.

JD searched his memory, “what was her name?” But the question disappeared as he felt a body lean into him from behind and reach around stroking his cock. “It’s going to get all wrinkly if you stay in here any longer.” JD rinsed himself off and offered to soap up Taryn. She hesitated but he already had the soap over her shoulders and down her back. He was extra thorough and he even massaged her shoulders under the steaming water. Her pussy was super wet and she tilted her ass back to find JD’s cock at the ready and he slid right in.

Taryn turned the water off and put her leg up on the side of the tub as JD slid in and out of her pussy. She closed her eyes as he enveloped her. Feeling them both squeezing together, it wasn’t hard to enjoy this fine specimen of a man. God that was corny. But she had to wonder, what would he do if he found out the truth? Her knees shook and she hid her smile in his arms.

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