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The Situation

Mark, Sarah, and her black lover Trey begin a sexual journey
Six years into our marriage Mark and I stumbled into something neither of us had ever planned but both of us enjoy; an open marriage. We both enjoyed active sex lives before we met and were not monogamous until after we dated about a year; so needless to say we were never prudes. But we never actually planned to have anything other than a normal marriage (sexually). Then Trey moved in behind us. 

We have this great home at the end of the development. The backyard is spacious so we put in a built in pool. Mark is really handy and he built a stone wall patio with an outdoor grill. We have one neighbor that abuts a corner of the property but the trees are pretty dense so it is private. There is only one place where we actually share a fence line with another home and that is directly in back of the house. There used to be an older couple but they sold to Trey about two years ago.

Trey is our age, 34. Mark is 36, I am 34. Somehow we hit it off immediately. Mark and Trey do plenty together. They play golf in the summer, basketball in the winter. The both love the local football and baseball teams. They became fast friends. Trey and I do plenty together. He loves to cook, is into landscaping a bit and he is a decent tennis player. He is a car nut and loves my BMW Z4.

The other thing we do, as I am sure you have figured out, is fuck. It is wild. With Mark our sex is romantic, sensual, erotic and passionate. There is a commitment between us. With Trey, it is more like sport. When the three of us are together it is simply amazing. The best part is the complete openness. There is no jealousy or guilt. It has been going on now almost two years. It was my idea to write about some of our adventures. I was shocked that it was their idea to edit and collaborate. So here they are, not from my point of view, but from ours. We hope you like them.

The First Time

Trey had been Mark and Sarah’s neighbor for about three months. He had already been invited to dinner a few times and they had been to his place. The guys had gone to a baseball game. So they were already friends. Trey and Sarah made an immediate connection and they flirted all the time. Sexual innuendos were common in every conversation and it was clear that Mark was totally comfortable with his wife flirting. Unknown to Trey, Mark and Sarah had already started talking about him during sex.

One evening Mark was being especially sensual and taking Sarah doggy, penetrating her with long slow strokes. Sarah moaned and said how nice it felt. Mark replied that Trey might feel even better and Sarah nonchalantly agreed. They were both surprised that neither seemed bothered by each other’s comments.

Later, while Mark was using his tongue on Sarah’s clit, she was caressing his head, holding it between her thighs. She asked him if he cared if she found out how good Trey might feel. Mark raised his eyes to look at her, merely shook his head “no”, and kept licking. She came in minutes.
The topic came up again one morning over coffee. Sarah made some comment about good strong black coffee being the only way she could imagine drinking it. Mark said that he just wanted to make sure she did not’t apply that rule to the “dick” she got.

“If you do, then I think I am out of luck and Trey is a lucky guy and he doesn’t even know it.”

At that moment they knew they had both made an agreement. Trey was soon to find out about it.

A few days later Trey took a weekday off to relax doing some landscape work in the backyard. The weather was supposed to be great, work was a bit slow and he took the opportunity to take advantage of the summer day. Few people knew it but Trey was pretty vain about his looks. He worked out regularly, had dumbbells in his basement and was a bit of a clothes horse. Like many black men his age his looked ranged from the very scruffy look to impeccably sharp. In addition to Levis he wore Hugo Boss and Sean John and spent too much on designer jeans.

That morning he stood in his bedroom drying off from his shower and then walked over to the window to look outside. In the distance he saw Sarah on her deck in a bikini top and a pair of the smallest daisy dukes you could imagine. She was really sexy. Sarah was about five foot six or so and a little curvy with a great smile, terrific wavy brunette hair, really nice legs and almost perfect perky tits. They were real, he had paid attention, but she still had the ability to go without a bra and her tits stayed nice and high. Trey realized that he had unwittingly begun massaging his cock while looking out at his neighbor.

He smiled and walked away from the window. He caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror as he walked back to his bedroom. Vainly he paused to look and did not’t have many complaints. He was almost six foot and still had the body he did when he played lacrosse and football in high school. His head was shaved, he weighed about 180, his thighs were still toned. He could do twenty pull ups and his back looked like it.

Since he had been massaging himself a bit, his cock hung down and was engorged to close to his full eight inches. Cut, thick, some veins, he knew he had that attribute covered. Vainly he posed, then flexed. He laughed at himself. Then he went to the dresser and started to get out clothes to work in the yard.

He could not’t keep his mind off Sarah and knowing he might see her he decided to tease her and grabbed an old pair of jean cutoffs. He put them on commando style. The shorts were pretty frayed and the pockets actually showed below the cut. His cock actually hung lower than the shorts so he adjusted his manhood off to the side. He put on short white socks, works shoes and he grabbed a tank top. He did not’t put the shirt on and figured he would get some sun as he worked.

Sarah was reading Cosmo when she saw Trey out back working. She spent more time watching him than reading and finally got his attention by holding up the pitcher of ice tea in a “are you thirsty, want some?” gesture.

Trey smiled and hopped the fence and came over to the patio. He had to adjust his cock to cover it back up and wondered if she noticed. They exchanged greetings and she poured him a glass.

Sarah realized that she was checking out Trey’s body, admiring his defined physique and stared at the outline of his cock inside his denim shorts. It was pointing sideways instead of down and the tip ended close to the edge of his hip.

Trey saw her look and he moved his gaze to her body. Sarah was sitting on the lounge chair her legs tucked up against her bottom. Her bikini top covered the outer third of her breasts and was cut in a way that he thought that the outline of her aureole was almost in view. He looked at her bottom and could see up her daisy dukes and the outline of her bikini bottoms. They just barely covered her slit. The air was electric. They both felt it.

Trey told her she looked great and he loved her shorts. She smiled and told him she liked his too. Trey could not resist anymore and moved towards her, leaning over to kiss her.

Sarah saw him move and her reaction surprised but did not shock him. She leaned up to meet him and they kissed, quickly opening their mouths to allow tongues to explore. In seconds, Sarah’s hand moved to Trey’s bulge and her fingers slid up under his shorts, she touched his exposed naked cock, withdrew and pulled back.

“No undies?” she asked smiling. He shook his head.

Trey watched her get up and walk into the house. She never said a word. He thought he had offended her and we was not sure how to react, but then she came back. She took her place back on the lounge chair and set her bikini bottoms, which she had been holding in her hand, on the table next to the chair.

“Now we are even.” She laughed. 

Trey glanced down her body and to her partially parted thighs. He could see up her shorts and had a nice view of her mound which was no longer covered by her bikini. Her pink lips were smooth and he saw the tan line she had. He smiled. Sarah leaned forward to kiss him once more. As they did she reached back up inside his shorts and began to caress his cock. She moaned softly and sucked on his tongue. Trey reached down and cupped her firm breast from outside her bikini top. He felt her pulling his cock down along the inside of his thigh, her hand wrapped around it pumping it slowly. He let go of her breast and fumbled with his shorts until she broke the kiss and moved back slightly and moved his hands away.

“Let me.”

Trey looked down as Sarah stoked his cock as it hung out from his shorts. She then unbuttoned his shorts and moved him back under his shorts and extracted his cock from the front. She looked up at him, licked her lips, and sensually stroked his now hard eight inch cock.

Without losing eye contract she pulled him down to her mouth and guided her lips over the head drawing him in. She opened her mouth and the tip was right at her lips as she flicked her tongue like a snake across the tip. Trey could not’t help but groan as she sucked him in her mouth. In seconds he started pumping her mouth and she was caressing his balls with her free hand.

Sarah knew what she was doing but could not believe it was happening. She was totally into it and could not get enough of Trey’s rock hard cock. His head was hitting the back of her mouth with each thrust and she tried to keep her tongue massaging his shaft as he moved in and out of her mouth.

Trey was groaning with pleasure when she pulled his cock from her lips to catch her breath and she was pumping him when he spasmed and started to cum. A hot stream of white fluid exploded from his cock hitting her right in the face. Startled, she opened her mouth quickly and put him back in her mouth to receive the rest. She felt him pulsing inside her mouth and she made sure he was done before she swallowed.

He slowly pulled his cock from her lips making sure she continued to suck the last remnants of his orgasm. She felt his cum on her skin as was turned on by what happened.

He told her how great that was and was a bit embarrassed that he had cum so fast. She told him not to worry. Sensually she used her finger to wipe the cum from her cheek and then sucked it clean. She moved her hand to her jeans and unzipped them. As she tugged them down her legs she looked at him, his cock was still hanging from his shorts, he had a wide grin on his face and she said;

“Your turn.”

Trey needed no further encouragement and he got on his knees, lifted her thighs onto his shoulders and spread her pussy with his fingers and licked her slit, flicking his tongue on her swollen clit. Sarah almost came right then and she squealed with delight.

Trey massaged her sex with his lips, tongue, nose and finger. He pushed her legs higher rolling her up and ran his tongue down her pussy and between her cheeks and rimmed her rosebud. He was so turned on he reached between his legs and stroked his cock as he ate her.

Sarah moaned as he licked and sucked her pussy and she came faster than expected. Trey paused for just a moment to let her savor her climax and then moved up her body, keeping her legs on his shoulders and holding his cock in his hand slide it deep inside her.

Sarah groaned with pleasure as he penetrated her. He felt like he was impaling her as he thrust into her hard and fast. In less than a minute she squealed and said she was cumming again. Sarah grabbed his ass and pulled him deep inside her and felt another rush envelope her body.

Trey felt like he needed to take her completely and pushed hard and deep into her body. She was as willing to receive him as he was to take her. He could not’t believe he was on her back patio in broad daylight fucking her like there was no tomorrow.

Sarah had recovered from her second orgasm and panicked that Trey was not wearing a condom. She told him not to cum in her and reluctantly he pulled his cock from her tight pussy and let her grasp and stroke his cock until he came on her belly. She pulled his mouth to her lips and the kissed passionately. She whispered that they should go clean up and she led him to her shower and they spent the next ten minutes lathering each other, kissing and enjoying the rain shower.

Sarah told Trey that she needed to let mark know what had happend but “not to worry.” She sent him back home telling him that she would call. Trey wondered when that might be.

Eight hours later Sarah and Mark were in bed and Sarah was draped over Mark’s torso giving a nice long passionate blow job. She did not’t feel guilty but she did feel that she needed to take care of her man. As she used her tongue and fingers he told her how great it felt. She pulled his swollen cock from her mouth and told him how wonderful he felt in her mouth. Mark smiled and asked if she still imagined what Trey would be like.

“I don’t imagine…I know.” She grinned up at him.

Mark looked down, surprised but also pleased.

“Hmm,” he said, “It seems we have a situation.”

She nodded her head and took him back in her mouth. As she slowly took him deep he exploded.

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