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The Street

Claire and I had moved into the street a year ago. It was a great quiet street, mostly young families. We’d met a really nice group of five couples, mainly centered on the social butterflies, Steve and Karen.

We’d been invited for drinks along with the rest of the group of friends to Karen’s place. We all knew what these evenings were about but this was the first time we’d been plucked up the courage to attend. As we arrived, the men placed their house keys in a bowl by the front door. This was to be the center of the evening’s entertainment.

Drinks were flowing and everyone was having fun, with a slight tension in the air. Karen announced it was time for the selection process.The bowl was placed in the center of the room and the women were invited to step forward and reach in to take a set of key out. Whoever the keys belonged to belonged to that woman for the rest of the night. Claire was holding my hand and was squeezing it hard, partly through nerves but mostly through anticipation.

First Jane stepped forward. She was married to Pete, the garden landscaper. She reached in to the bowl and pulled out a set of keys. She held them up with a glow on her face and Frank the finance guy stepped forward. They left the room hand in hand.

Claire was next. She gave me a smile and stepped forward. She reached in and pulled out the keys. Pete, who had just watched his wife leave with another man, stepped forward. He was a tall, strong man. The outside work had given him a weathered but toned look. Claire gave me another smile. I knew she was pleased with her luck. She reached for Pete’s hand and they left for our house.

My head was spinning. I had so many thoughts going through my mind. I hadn’t noticed the next woman had already chosen the next set of keys and people were looking around. I suddenly focused and realized they were mine. I stepped forward. The woman holding them was Bryony. She was a housewife from the road. She was always very quiet, a little plain looking, but very pleasant company.

We left together to her house. My mind was still on Claire and what she was doing with Pete.We made our way to Bryony’s bedroom. She hadn’t said much and I thought the evening was going to be a bit lame. She excused herself to the bathroom. I looked round the room and saw a picture of Bryony with her husband, Mike.

I heard Bryony return and I turned to see her. She looked completely different. Her long brown hair had been released from the pony tail and rested on her bare shoulders. Her body was wrapped in an incredible black basque and her breasts were squeezed and looked beautiful. She had hold-up stockings on with black high heels. Perhaps the night had some surprises.

Bryony ordered me to undress. When I was naked I laid on the bed. She restrained my hands and legs by ropes to the bed. I was completely open and exposed to her. She started on my cock and balls with her mouth. I was so turned on and felt so hard. She moved up my body and playfully bit my nipples. She spent ages exploring my body with her mouth and hands. She removed her knickers and straddled my body my cock pulsed with anticipation.

She moved her hips forward and pushed her wet cunt on to my face. She grabbed my hair and pulled my face deeper into her. I felt her hips start rocking as my tongue probed deeper. Her speed increased and I heard her call out in pleasure. She lowered herself and I took one of her escaped breasts in my mouth. She slowly recovered and she reached around and slowly eased herself onto my cock.

We fucked for a couple of hours. Bryony’s appetite and perversions thrilled and surprised me. My mind, however, was drifting to what Claire was experiencing. I left Bryony’s and made the brief walk home. There were lights on in a number of the houses and I could only guess what was happening behind the curtains.

I reached our front door and could see the bedroom light was on. I quietly entered and heard people upstairs. I gently climbed the stairs and looked into the half open door of my bedroom.

Claire was on her back with Pete in between her legs thrusting deep and hard. His balls were huge and banging into her perineum. Claire was moaning louder than I’d ever heard. Suddenly Pete let out a deep moan and he released into my wife. As he withdrew his large cock I could see that Claire’s pussy was swollen and red. Pete's cum flowed freely out as she lowered her leg. She’d obviously had long night. I quietly moved into the spare room and a few minutes later I heard Pete leave the house.

After a few minutes I made my way into the bedroom and joined Claire in bed. I could see she was exhausted and although I had a million questions we both drifted quickly off to sleep.

In the morning Claire described her evening. Pete had hardly spoken all night and instead had completely dominated her the moment the entered the room. He had pushed her face against the bedroom wall and had lifted her dress and roughly fingered her. Claire found the roughness and urgency exciting and she said she was immediately wet. Pete quickly penetrated her and fucked her hard against the wall. The evening had continued in the same manner all night with Pete essentially using Claire as his toy. She had found it incredibly hot to be so dominated as it was so different to our lovemaking.

There were a few knowing looks between the streets' residents over the next few weeks and we were definitely looking forward to the next social event.

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