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The Tease

Sunday Afternoon's Fun Has A Twist
It's a Sunday afternoon and I am looking forward to having some weekend fun with the wife Angie. Recently we have been playing a few additional games before having sex, like doing a photo shoot or slowly undressing in front of each other etc.

Today though she surprises me. She went to an Ann Summers party during the week, and she has waited until now to tell me she's brought some material handcuffs and ankle ties. Well, she's never even mentioned anything like this before, but tells me that whilst she does her striptease, she has often let me touch her which means she isn't really teasing me. So she wants to try doing a strip with me unable to touch her unless she puts her body in a position for me to do so.

I say, “Ok, sounds like fun. I’ll strip off in the lounge, whilst you go and get changed into an outfit to strip from”.

When she returns she is dressed in a white blouse and a flowing skirt just below knee length. She also has on a lovely pair of high heeled shoes, which makes her look a lot taller than her 5ft and slimmer than her lovely little cuddly body does normally.

I stand in front of her completely naked, and already my cock is beginning to swell at the thought of her unwrapping herself in front of me. I reach out to grope one of her large boobs through her blouse, but barely do I touch her than she pushes my hand away. She orders me to sit on the chair in the middle of the room. Pulling my arms behind the back of the chair she cuffs them together. Then, bending down behind the chair, she pulls my ankles back and secures them to the legs. The effect of this is my back is arched back pushing my chest upward, and my now semi hard cock and thighs forward.

We are ready to start, or so I thought. “Right. I’m going to pour myself a glass of wine”, she says and disappears into the kitchen.

After a couple of minutes she returns and pulls a chair up in front of me. Sitting down to face me, she smiles and hitches up her skirt at the side to reveal her stockings and the straps of her suspenders. Leaving her skirt as it is she then undoes the top button on her blouse and starts to slide her fingers into the gap, whilst taking a sip of her wine.

Just as my cock gets rock hard the door bell rings. She does up her blouse button, adjusts her skirt and goes to the answer it. I tell her to pretend we're not in, but as she leaves the room she pulls the lounge door to behind her.

I hear her answer the door and her speak to whoever is there. Then I hear the door shut. As she returns to the lounge I hear her talk again and then another female voice replies.

I recognise the voice straight away. It's our friend Holly; there is more blurred chat before Angie says, "Come into the lounge I’ve got a surprise for you!"

With that the lounge door opens and in walks Holly, closely followed by Angie. Well, as you can imagine I didn't know what to do, I was trapped, stark naked, still semi-erect facing my wife and her best friend. With Holly open mouthed with surprise, eventually she suddenly blurts, "Oh my god!"

At this point I need to let you know that Angie and I have known Holly for a good 15 years. We had met her and her husband on holiday but after about a year he had run off with some bimbo, leaving Holly on her own, trying to meet the bills.

Angie and Holly became best friends, and there wasn't a week goes by without us all having a meal together or something. As we had all become very close I often flirt outrageously with Holly, but never anything else.

Holly, at 57, is 17years older than Angie, and 11 years older than me. She has a lovely slim figure; she’s 5ft 7" and is always nicely dressed. Today she is wearing a pair of cropped trousers, a loose blouse and a nice pair of sandals.

Holly and I look at Angie and she laughs. “Well Pete, you're always flirting with Holly and I can tell by the way you look at her you would love to fuck her!”

I try to interrupt, still very conscious of my predicament, and my still semi hard cock.

Angie continues, now looking at Holly. “And Holly, you've often said during our girlie chats that you miss sex, that's why I asked on the way home from the Anne Summers party this week if you fancied Pete! But I already knew the answer by the way you looked at him sometimes when he flirts with you!”

“So!” Angie continues, “What better presents for my wonderful husband and best friend, and I’m going to enjoy it as well”.

I look at Angie and say, “You’ve never shown any interest in sharing, swapping or threesomes in the past, why now?” She replies that she has been going online after I’ve been on the computer and looking at the porn sites I had been on. Slowly she’s found the idea of 2 women and 1 man quite a turn on.

All this talk has now made me rock hard again, but instead of feeling embarrassed my attention is now back on Holly.

Holly stands there, looking at us, bit red faced, slowly breathing her chest swelling and lowering. She smiles and says, “Well if everybody's happy I'd love to have sex with you”. She then added that like Angie she'd never been with a woman before and asked if I was to stay tied to the chair.

Angie quickly replied. “Yes, he's teased you too often to be allowed to have any control!”

Angie makes the first move, she smiles at us both as she puts on some background music, and as she turns and faces us she slowly undoes her blouse buttons.

Standing a foot in front of me, she slowly slides he blouse back over her shoulders and off her arms. Throwing it across the room out of the way she leans forward, her large, tanned cleavage heaving in her white bra. She breathes in my face, standing back upright she turns to Holly and takes her hands and puts them onto her bra covered boobs. “Do you like my bra Holly?” she asks.

Holly stares down into her cleavage for a while before gently squeezing Angie's breasts through the lacy material. The eight inches in height really stand out now as Angie gazes back up at Holly's face.

Angie then pulls back and moves behind me, as she does, she says. “Come on Holly, let’s see what you've got under that blouse of yours. Pete loves boobs!”

Angie is behind me, her bra clad tits pressing onto the back of my head as she slides her hands down my sides onto my waist. Holly steps forward, looking nervous she starts to undo her blouse, one slow button after another. She looks down at my cock; it is hard and twitching about in the open air. If my hands were free I would want to touch it, stroke it, hold it, but there it is reaching out to be touched on its own.

Holly has now undone all the buttons, and starts to slip her blouse back. Firstly off one arm, then down the other. As she lets the blouse drop to the floor, Angie breathes heavily into my ear and pushes her breasts harder into my neck. Holly is wearing a little lilac lacy bra, her creamy, slightly tanned, freckly skin contrasting with the colour. Holly lets out a deep sigh as if the weight of the world has been lifted, and her pert titties judder.

“Come forward”, Angie tells her. “Let Pete have a good look at that lovely cleavage”.

Holly puts her hands on my thighs and tips forward. I can feel my cock trying to reach her hands of its own accord, but stare right into those bra cups.

The bra must be slightly too large, or certainly a loose fit, as there is a gap between the top of the lacy material cup and Holly's flesh. It lets me look deeper, revealing more creamy skin but not quite enough to let me see her areolas or nipples.

“Aren't they lovely?” Angie asks. This breaks the mesmerising spell I am in and she moves from behind me, and Holly stands up. Angie moves closer to her and runs her palm over Holly's stomach. “She’s so nice and trim isn't she Pete?” I gulp and say yes. Angie’s hand moves upwards towards the bra and squeezes, as she does they both gasp but for different reasons. Holly because it's the first time anybody has squeezed her boobs for a long time. Angie turns to me and says, “Wow they feel so firm.”

Holly cups Angie’s large breast through her bra and they look into each others eyes. Their lips meet, and then briefly they pull away. Neither are lesbians, are they sure they are doing this? They return, lips to lips, mouths open and they massage each other, over the back, down the arms and through those lovely bras, both with their breasts heaving as they breathe heavier.

I sit helplessly watching, my cock wobbling about in mid-air wishing I could get some of this.

Angie pulls away first and her hands move to the side of her skirt; she undoes the button then slowly unzips it. Briefly she stops and turns to me and smiles, before it falls to the floor. Again Holly gasps, Angie is stood there in a matching pair of knickers, a white suspender belt and pale stockings. She moves towards me and slides her hand down my thigh, around the back of my cock, over my stomach and down the other thigh, all the time making sure she does not touch it despite me thrusting it about.

“Poor old Pete!” Angie laughs. She turns back to Holly and nods towards her cropped trousers. Holly smiles and undoes the top button, and then the zip on the front, partially leaning forward her tits fall loose from the top of her bra cups and her stomach has small wrinkles as her flesh folds. I find this sight really quite sexy.

She lets her trousers fall to the floor and steps out of them revealing a matching pair of lilac knickers. How can women do this? If I try to take my trousers off before my shoes they get caught up, but women just seem to step straight out.

Holly and Angie continue to kiss but now their hands are straying all over each other. Up and down each others thighs, and squeezing each others buttocks through their knickers.

Again Angie pulls away first, but this time she says I think we need to involve Pete a little more. Holly nods without knowing what Angie has in mind.

Angie moves towards me and gently cups my balls and invites holly to do the same. Whilst Angie moves her fingers up my shaft, I start to bounce about trying to rub my cock against her hand. Angie pulls her hand away, and shakes her head. “Not yet Pete!” Holly now has her fingers around my cock and I try to do the same, and she like Angie, almost as if following orders, removes her hand from my cock to.

Angie & Holly now slip their shoes off, before Angie puts on foot on my thigh and undoes her stockings. Holly steps forward and slowly slides the first one down for her. All the time looking me in the eyes and smiling, Angie changes legs and the girls repeat the act. Finally Angie reaches behind her back and unclips the belt before taking it off and throwing it across the room.

Angie reaches behind her back and unclips her bra. Holding the cups she slides the straps off one shoulder, then the other. Still holding the cups she walks to me and bends forward, letting the cups drop but not revealing her areolas or nipples. She gives her boobs a wobble in my face, the brown tanned skin swaying in front of my eyes. Then kissing my lips she stands and turns to holly, still holding her bra to her breasts she steps in front of holly who is now staring into her golden cleavage.

Slowly she slides her cups off the front of her tits, first revealing the tops of areolas and then her hard nipples. The bra drops to one side, and her bare boobs are right in front of holly, who stares right at them. Angie gently wobbles them swaying to the background music. Dropping her bra she takes holly’s hands and places them palm down onto each glorious fun bag. Holly starts to massage them, gently at first then pinching and pulling at Angie’s nipples, before cupping under each breast and lifting them. “Wow, aren't they heavy!”

Angie’s nipples are now fully erect, she pulls away from Holly and says, “Watch this, Pete loves it!” With that she walks over and straddles me, taking care not to touch my cock. She slides her boobs up and down my chest before pulling my head forward and burying my face in them. Then pulling back slightly she swings her mountainous tits from side to side, slapping my face and cheeks with them.

I can feel my pelvis jerking but there is nothing for my cock to touch, apart from occasionally brushing against the material of Angie’s knickers.

She stops and lets me suck on a nipple, as she strokes my chest and down my thigh, then with one long stroke of my cock she pulls her boobs away from my face and my lips and steps away. I let out a load sigh, looking down I can see a small bead of pre-cum on the end of my cock. Angie catches where I am looking and sees it too. She leans forward and dips her nipple onto it and then standing back up moves towards holly. Thrusting her right breast, with the pre-cum on her nipple at her, Holly takes the hint and bends down taking Angie’s nipple between her lips and sucks.

Because of the height difference, Holly finds it easier to kneel in front of Angie, sucking on one nipple, she massages the other boobs vigorously, whilst with the other hand she massages Angie’s arse. This makes her push her pussy mound into Holly's boobs. Swapping tits, Holly sucks the other nipple, and now has both hands on Angie’s arse. I can see her pushing her knickers covered, pubic mound even harder into Holly's chest in a very familiar circular manner, that she does when getting turned on.

My pelvis is thrusting as I try and get some sort of sensation into my hard cock, but all I can feel around it is air.

For the first time I can see Holly smile in a confident way that suggests for the moment the control is with her. She slowly stands up and pulls away. Reaching behind her back she unclips the little lilac bra, but instead of removing it herself, she takes Angie’s hands and put them on the straps. With large breathes I can see Holly pushing her small creamy chest out to its maximum, thrusting her tits in Angie’s direction.

Slowly Angie peels the bra away, sliding the straps down Holly’s shoulders and gently pulling the cups forward. She reveals Holly's puffy pink areolas and amazingly long nipples, Angie throws the bra to one side and stands and admires Holly’s beautifully shaped breasts.

Small and pert, they are nothing like Angie’s, large, dark tanned, swinging melons. Holly's breasts are creamy white, with faint tan lines and her skin is freckly. Angie moves her fingers towards holly’s boobs, and circles around her baby pink areolas, before pinching one of her nipples between her thumb and finger.

Holly stands smiling, feeling in control, with both Angie and I admiring her tits.

Despite us all knowing each other for over 15 years, we have never been anywhere where Angie and Holly have been topless so this is the first time Angie and I had seen Holly’s lovely boobs.

Angie lifts her other hand and cups under Holly’s left boob, squeezing her flesh and pushing it up she turns to me and says. “These are so firm, you're going to love putting them in your mouth and sucking those nipples!” With that she leans forward and takes Holly’s right nipple into her lips and pulls. Holly gives out a loud sigh, as Angie continues to massage her left boob.

Holly pulls away and says, “I think it's time Pete had a go, don't you?” She is enjoying being the one in charge for the moment and steps towards me. She straddles over me, letting my cock brush against her knickers. She pushes her chest into my face forcing a nipple into my mouth. I open wide and suck; I get almost Holly’s entire tit into my mouth, whilst running my tongue around her long hard nipple.

I feel the gusset of her knickers gently rubbing my cock as I lift my pelvis as high as I can. Holly's hands press and rub my sides and then hold the back of my head. She is breathing heavily and she is pushes her tits into my face and mouth as hard as she can.

I feel more fingers, but they are not Holly's — they are Angie’s. They are at the gusset of Holly's knickers; brushing the head of my cock they are rubbing Holly's labia and pubic mound through the lacy lilac material. Angie has obviously found the end of her labia and her clitoris as now Holly is squirming and wriggling. Rubbing her pert boobs hard into my face, I struggle to lick and suck on her nipples.

Through the sighing and squirming that Holly is doing I can also hear Angie panting and breathing heavily. Then, for a split second I see why, she is masturbating her own clit through her knickers with her spare hand. Angie pulls away, red faced and short of breath. She puts a chair in front of me, and turns Holly around and motions her towards the chair. Once there, she gestures Holly to remove her knickers for her, and Holly bends down and duly obliges. In doing so I see a lovely wet patch on Holly’s knickers where she has become so moist.

On removing Angie’s knickers she brings them back to me and rubs the gusset into my face, giving my cock a quick stroke at the same time. This time it is her turn to put my pre-cum onto her nipple and she makes her way back to the chair where Angie is sat. Her legs are wide open and her soft downy pussy in full view, making my cock twitch as I stare.

Bending forward she puts her nipple into Angie’s mouth and slides one of her long fingers down through Angie’s pussy and into her fanny. I can then see a second finger pushing Angie’s labia apart and slide into her pink moist tunnel as well, whilst Holly's thumb has moved up to the top of Angie’s pussy and is gently stroking her clit.

Angie is now squirming about in the chair and breathing between long sighs. As Holly's two fingers move in and out of that moist, pink hole, her thumb revolves over that clit. At the same time Holly is bent forward sucking on Angie’s large. Wobbling, fun bags which she is thrusting and holding up to make it easier for Holly to work on.

Angie is squirming underneath with loud signs and deep breaths making her tits and chest rise and lower, like a stormy sea. She reaches one hand up and grabs Holly’s left hanging boob, her breast almost cone shaped as it hangs, gently wobbling, and she roughly pulls at it. Now, moving her hands, she is massaging it with her palm and pulls Holly’s head into her breast with her other hand. Then with a judder and thrusting pelvis Angie cum, squeezing Holly’s fingers with her pussy muscles.

From where I sit tied up, cock rock hard, I can see Holly’s knickers have an even larger moist patch where she has been turned on. Neither of the girls had ever had a lesbian inclination before today let alone brought another woman to orgasm.

Holly pulls away from Angie and she sits up smiling. The control is swapping back to Angie; she is naked and has cum. Holly on the other hand was still in her knickers and had not. Realising this, Angie reaches out to the sides of those sexy lilac knickers and winks at her, Holly takes a large breath, her creamy white tits lifting high, nipples fully erect. I am holding my breath too; we are all waiting for Angie, who holds the keys to what happens next. Slowly she pulls the knickers down, still in front of Holly, her eyes at pussy level. All I can see is the white skin of her butt, contrasting to her faint tan lines. Angie now has the knickers down to her upper thighs; she smiles even more and licks her lips. I can see all of her arse now and Angie continues to slide the knickers down very slowly, she is teasing us both.

From behind, I can see Holly’s hands are up on her tits massaging, as she looks up to the ceiling.

Angie looks around her waist and says to me. “You're going to like this Pete; Holly has shaved her pussy.” My cock jerks upwards, and Angie continues to drop those knickers to the floor and Holly steps out of them, remaining standing in front of Angie with her legs open; from where I sit I can see the bottom of her labia slightly hanging between her legs. They are so much smaller and tighter than I expected, almost like a teenager's.

Angie puts her hands on her bum and pulls her forward slightly. Leaning forward she starts to kiss and lick her trim stomach, and from where I sit I see two of her fingers sliding along and between Holly’s pussy lips. I can see a layer of moisture already on them, as she continues to slide and push and then they disappear, deep into her vagina. I see Holly shudder and her knees wobble, and Angie looks around her waist and smiles at me. Holly shudders again, her pelvis starts to slowly thrust, I can see those fingers, now three, sliding right in to the upper knuckle and back out again.

Angie says, “I'm rubbing her clit with my thumb now”. With that Angie slowly turns the pair of them sideways to improve my view and slips off the chair onto her knees.

Forcing her legs wider Angie continues to finger fuck Holly, but with her other hand she gently pulls at one side of her pubic mound and then dipping her head forward she pokes out her tongue and tucks it straight under her clit hood. Holly immediately removes her hands from her tits and puts them both onto the back of Angie’s head, forcing her to remove her hands from her labia and bury her face deep into her pubic mound, and her tongue hard onto her clit. Holly’s breath becomes erratic as Angie licks, her pelvis still rotating and thrusting and her boobs jiggling as only a tiny firm pair of tits could.

My pelvis is thrusting about, if only somebody could see to my cock, for a brief second I look away from what is going on in front of me to see pre-cum building up in the eye of my dick.

I look back to see that Holly has now returned one hand back to her boob, still pushing Angie’s head into her pussy she is now pulling on one of her nipples roughly, making it really long and hard. Then, almost without warning, Holly gives a series of short hard breathes, a fairly loud sigh, come cry, and her knees almost give way as she cum. With her breath slowing down Angie pulls away smiling, and gets up and sits in the chair opposite.

She is still in charge, leaving Holly smiling sheepishly in between us, and for the first time I can see her shaven twat.

Angie laughs as she opens the draw nearest to her chair and leans over to get out her blue rabbit. We both look at her, and she laughs again and says, “The reason Holly is here is to be fucked by you, Pete. Well, I'm not going off to make a cup of tea whilst that happens. I am going to watch and enjoy the experience.”

With that she nodded to Holly and said, “Well get on with it, I think he's been teased enough, don't you? Go ahead and release his hands, but leave his feet tied to the chair.”

Holly walks towards me and I hear Angie switch on her rabbit on the lowest speed.

Bending down behind me she undoes the material cuffs, letting me slowly bring my arms forward, they feel numb where they've been in one position so long.

As I move them about getting the blood flowing in them Holly leans forward, putting my head between those triangles of freckly breast flesh. She runs her hands and arms up and down my chest and belly, stopping short of my pelvis and hard cock.

As I start to move my arms back towards her, she whispers, “Are they feeling better now?”

I say, “Yes.”

So she moves to stand just to one side of me but still facing me. My arms reach up and my hands go straight to her breasts, they feel so different to Angie’s, so small and firm; there is small amount of sagginess, but that is to be expected. She smiles back at me and my fingers grab both of her nipples, gently pulling at them and then lift her boobs slightly to reveal the pure white, completely untanned strip of skin underneath.

Smiling, she motions towards Angie, who's sitting in the chair opposite, legs wide open, gently rubbing her clit with the large blue head of her rabbit. She is stroking her own big tanned boobs. "Keep going", she tells us, "that’s what your here for".

Striding over my thigh, Holly leans forward and kisses my lips, her tongue darts into my mouth. I feel her nipples brushing my chest and my cock pushing against her lower belly. Wow, what a feeling as she moves her shoulders, dragging her tits and long hard nipples over my chest. For the first time today my knob is getting some treatment as well as she brushes her soft belly across my exposed helmet.

I slip my hand past my cock and her belly and slip my fingers along her labia, where only minutes before my wife had had her hands and fingers. My thumb instinctively goes to her clit as my long fingers penetrate into her moist vagina. She breathes heavily into my mouth, forcing her breasts hard against my chest, and her pelvis down onto my cock and arm.

I hear the rabbit turned up to the next speed and looking over at Angie. She is still stroking her clit with the head of it and is now roughly mauling her large boobs.

Holly is straddled over me, face to face, open mouthed. Our tongues dart in and out of each others mouths and she is rubbing her hard long nipples over my chest, whilst I have one hand with two fingers deep into her labia and my thumb pressing and rubbing her clit. Making her pelvis squirm, and occasionally brushing the end of my hard cock, I massage her arse with my other hand.

Holly puts a hand between her legs and gently pulls my hand away, at the same time standing up. I lay back in the chair, my ankles still tied as she stands directly over my cock. I take in her beautiful nakedness again — her bare, shaved twat and those glistening labia lips, her flat belly and slightly saggy, pointy, breasts with those lovely puffy areolas all moving up and down as she breathes heavily.

Bending her legs, she still straddles my cock, but now I can feel the moist pussy lips touching the end of it. I arch up, thrusting my cock up in the air further, and she continues to lower herself. The wet vagina sliding easily around my cock, she squeezes it with the muscles in the walls of her glorious moist tube. She starts to sigh, and slightly thrust her pelvis forward, causing me to take a sharp intake of breathe. I nearly have my whole cock inside her, her eyes are closed and she is licking her lips.

For the last 15 years she has made do with her vibrator. It may be be bigger than my cock and even harder, but it is not the same. She crouches and sits on me, my cock is right in, but I can still see her clit and upper pussy lips so I slide my hand forward and start to stroke. My other hand reaches up and pushes upwards on her left breast, moving her nipple around with my palm.

We hear a noise behind her, Angie has turned her rabbit up higher and now the long throbbing shaft is inside her and the vibrating ears are working her clit. “Come on Holly”, she shouts. “Ride him, and make him explode deep inside you”.

With that Holly starts to lift herself up and down my cock, juddering and breathing heavily, my hand stroking her clit is in the way so I take it away. Sliding it up her belly, over her ribs and onto her right breast.

Angie calls over. “Lean forward and shake your tits into his face, he’ll love that.”

Holly does as she’s told, it's not the same as Angie by any stretch of the imagination, she doesn't so much slap me with her boobs like Angie, more press them and rub them across my face, poking me in the eye as she continues to ride my cock.

Angie shouts again. “Wow, I can see your cock going in and out of Holly's pussy, Pete. It's a wonderful sight!" I look towards her, fucking herself with her vibrator and groping her big wobbly tits. Then I look back to Holly’s tits and I try and picture my cock entering her pussy from below.

Her right nipple is in my mouth now, her hands either side of my head, my hands rubbing her arse and the back of her thighs. She is riding me faster; I am thrusting. I have lost control, her pussy is so moist and snug around my cock and Holly and Angie have teased it so much I explode, pumping and pumping into that fleshy void.

Squeezing my cock, trying to keep it hard, Holly pushes her pubic mound and clit into my body, but I know I have failed to make her cum. Angie knows it to, and slips out her rabbit.

Holly straightens up and looks down at me smiling, and I apologize. I have fulfilled my little fantasy. Before today what had only been cheeky words and a chat between me and Angie had come true, I filled Holly’s pussy with my cum, but I had not fully completed her fantasy — I had not made her cum.

I reach up and stroke her boobs again and pinch her nipples, was this it? The end of the day and probably a day consigned to our history never to be repeated. Again I say I'm sorry and Angie comes over and puts her arm around Holly, who gives Angie a kiss and starts to stand. As Holly slides back up my cock it is still semi-hard; I can feel my cum running out of her vagina and down the side of it.

Then as she stands up completely, there is my cock covered in my own cum. Then with a final squeeze of her twat another large blob of creamy white spunk lands on the end of it and starts to run down the side.

Angie says, “I'll get a tissue”.

But Holly turns to her and laughs saying, "What and waste all this lovely spunk?" Angie turns her nose up, and Holly laughs again. "Have you ever tasted it?" she asks. In 18 years together, Angie has never given me a blow job and let me cum in her mouth, nor had she ever licked my knob after giving me a hand job.

"Come on Angie", Holly says, "let’s clean him up between us."

They kneel down to either side of me, Angie had never tasted my spunk and here was Holly almost forcing her to try it.

Holly makes the first move, putting her lips around the side of my shaft she sucks up the great lump of spunk she had forced out of her pussy. Lifting her head she smiles at Angie and then opens her mouth, showing us both the creamy white cum sitting on her tongue. At the same time her left hand has slipped between her legs, and she was sliding two fingers between her labia, whilst her right hand was gently pulling at her right breast.

With another smile, we see her gulp and re-open her mouth; the spunk had gone. Now it was Angie’s turn, she bends forward and with her face screwed up sucks away at the side of my cock. Moving slightly up and down I see her take on board a small amount of cum and swallow. I could tell she did not enjoy it, but seeing Holly swallow the large amount of spunk she did, then my dear wife take cum off my cock and swallow it for the very first time, I could feel my cock slowly start to swell and twitch.

Letting go of her breast, Holly takes the lead; she can see Angie didn't really like the spunk so she starts to clean up my cock by herself. Angie is just leans back and also starts to stroke her pussy.

Holly is sliding her tongue up and down and all around my shaft, making it get more and more solid. Then she lifts her hand and pulls back my foreskin, she smiles at me and Angie and bends forward again. Running her tongue around the underside of my cock head rim, before slurping the last of the cum off the top of my bell end.

As Holly teases my piss hole with the tip of her tongue, with her free hand Angie is cupping my balls.

Angie now moves forward and puts her mouth right over the end of my throbbing helmet, giving some hard sucks before sliding the shaft further between her lips.

Angie never puts all of my cock into her mouth, just about half way, before slowly sliding up and down with her lips. After a couple of minutes Holly takes over the blow job again and takes no hesitation in sliding her lips right down to the base of my cock, buying her nose into my pubes.

Now my cock is rock hard again, and as Holly continues to suck me she starts brushing her pert titties along my thigh, pressing and rubbing her nipples up and down them.

Suddenly she jolt back and takes sharp intake off breath. At the same time I hear a buzzing noise, Angie has moved partially behind her and whilst she was gobbling me Angie has slipped her rabbit into her pussy and started it. This makes Holly squirm about, and press her boobs against me even harder, as she continues to suck roughly at my cock.

Eventually Holly pulls away from my cock and smiles up at me. “Are you going to replace that rabbit I’ve got in my pussy and make me cum good and proper this time?”

“Yes!” I gasp. “Why don't you get on.”

Angie slips out the rabbit, and as we watch her she licks it clean of Holly’s pussy juices. Then standing up, Holly straddles my cock once more. I can see her labia again, hanging slightly between her inner thighs and again I stare at her shaven slit.

Slowly she slides over my cock, and Angie moves in behind her. As she slides right over and down as far as she can go she squeezes my cock with her fanny muscles and leans back onto Angie’s large tanned breasts. Thrusting up her clitoris for me to massage, Angie’s arms slip under hers and then up so she can maul her little titties, roughly she pulls on her nipples as Holly closes her eyes and starts to rock, slowly at first, but getting faster and faster.

I now have two thumbs working her clit and labia, parting them enough to see the little hood of pink flesh that I need to massage. Angie is leaning over her shoulder and she turns to face her and automatically their tongues meet, twisting and touching each other as open mouthed they let the tongues escape and play. Angie’s hands continue to work her boobs by roughly rotating the creamy flesh with her palms and flattening them against her ribs.

We are both thrusting and Holly is bouncing on my cock, breathing heavily in time with each bounce. Then with an enormous judder she cums, pressing and squeezing my cock with her inner muscles. The judder lasts what seems to be ages and then she slumps forward.

“Wow, I’ve cum”, she says. “That's been a while”.

“Keep going!” Angie shouts, and her rabbit is back on and deep between her legs. “Keep going!”

With that Holly starts to grind and bounce again, I pump like fury with my pelvis, and I feel my hard cock sliding up and down in that fleshy tube.

“Keep going!” Angie shouts again. Her rabbit is on full speed, and we pump faster and I feel the start of the judder again. I start to pump my cum into Holly and we are both giving muted cries as we cum together. At the same time we hear Angie give a good sigh and turn to see her pelvis judder as she cum to.

Finally we all flop over and lay there taking big breaths. Holly unties my ankles and I can move my legs. Eventually we get up and make our way to the bathroom and all get in the shower together, taking time to soap each other over.

We get dressed and go out for a meal. We talk about almost any other topic, but nobody mentions what has just happened.

Will it happen again? That will depend on Angie. Neither Holly nor I would cheat on her behind her back so we will all have to wait and see!

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