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The Ten Minute Affair

She was married, he was not.

It was a cool spring evening.  Bob's party guests were almost all there and he was ready to toast his wife's job promotion.  Bob is a realtor who does quite well for himself, selling only those homes sold by the rich and famous of Beverly Hills.   He's 34 years old and keeps himself physically fit.  Bob's wife Cameron just got promoted to regional sales manager for a popular cosmetic company.  At the age of 28, she is making quite a name for herself in the industry.  Of course, her striking good looks, piercing green eyes and jet black hair don't  hurt!  Cameron has an hour glass figure that most men admire her for and many women hate her for. 

"To my lovely wife, Cameron.  May she continue to succeed in everything she does so that someday she'll be as successful as I am," quipped Bob in his typical egotistical manner.  There's one thing I didn't tell you about Bob, there's not a humble bone in his body.  Cameron has learned to deal with this, at least from all outward appearances.  Her class and style would not allow her to say what she really wanted to say after a toast like that, so she responded with a smile and a nod. 

Steve was at the party as a guest  of one of Bob's friends and had never met Bob or Cameron.  Steve was 24 and played guitar for a young rock band.  His band has played in all the  Los Angeles hot spots and was in talks with Columbia records for a recording contract.  Steve was tall and muscular.  His wavy brown hair flowed to his shoulders and his tattoos gave him that certain 'bad boy' look that will probably help him get famous in the music industry.

The party was in full swing and Steve saw Cameron standing near the bar. There was an empty martini glass in front of her and one in her hand.  Steve thought it only polite to congratulate Cameron on her promotion, plus seize the opportunity to introduce himself.  As he approached Cameron, Steve realized justhow beautiful Cameron was.  There was a glow about her that made her more special than any other woman he'd met.   When Steve got about two steps from Cameron, she looked Steve in the eyes and anticipated his greeting.  'Oh, what beautiful blue eyes,' thought Cameron as Steve spoke.  "Hi, I'm Steve.  Congratulations on your promotion."  Steve extended his hand to Cameron and she took it into her soft hand.  She thanked Steve for the kind words, keeping ahold of his hand.  There was a silent pause as they looked into each other's eyes. 

Steve broke the silent by saying, "That was quite a toast given by your husband, wasn't it?"  Cameron grinned and spoke only loud enough for Steve to hear, "Yeah, as successful as he is?  The only reason he's successful is because he fucks his boss, Marjorie.  He doesn't think I know, but I do."  Steve didn't know whatto say, but being in the music industry, he's learned to expect the unexpected.  "What do you mean?" Steve asked.   "Well, he fucks Marjorie and keeps her happy and in return she gives him the leads of the millionaires who want to buy or sell a home.  That's how he's successful."  Cameron took a sip of her martini while glaring across the room at Bob, who was standing in a group of men no doubt telling them how wonderful he is. 

Cameron refocused on Steve and asked him what he did for a living.  Steve explained  he is a musician and told her about the record contract.  Thirty minutes later, they were still engaged in conversation, and Cameron was on her third martini.  The party was getting a bit stuffy so he suggested they step into the backyard for fresh air.  Cameron took Steve's hand and led the way onto the rear patio which overlooked the swimming pool.  Steve was surprised she took his hand and asked if Bob would get angry if he saw it.  Cameron said, "Bob wouldn't notice anything unless there was a mirror attatched to it and he could see himself."  Cameron began to giggle and it was obvious the martini's were having an effect. 

"Come down here. I want to show you the poolhouse"said Cameron, still holding Steve's hand.  The pool house was about fifty feet from the main house and contained a changing room, a shower and a couple of lounge chairs.  The cool breeze gusted and Steve saw Cameron's nipples protrude through her silky red dress.  They got to the poolhouse and went inside.  "Brrr,I'm chilled, ' said Cameron. "Can you hold me so i can get warmed up?"  Steve held Cameron close to his chest and could feel her breasts pushing against him.  Her arms werearound his waist and it seemed s if she kept squeezing him harder.  Suddenly,Steve heard Cameron sniffle and as he pulled her head away from his chest, he saw a tear rundown Cameron's cheek.  "What'swrong?" he aksed.  "I hate my life.  Bob is such an asshole.  Why couldn't he be more like you?" Cameron said.  They gazed into each other's eyes and kissed each other gently on the lips.

Their gentle kisses became hotter and wilder and before either one of them realized, Steve had Cameron with her back against the wall.  Cameron's legs were wrapped around Steve's hips, Steve's pants were at his knees and they were wildly fucking.  Steve moved his hips back and forth burying his hard cock deep into Cameron's hot, moist pussy with each thrust.  This is what Cameron needed.  She felt neglected by Bob for so long.  Now she was getting her due for those nights she knew Bob was with Marjorie.  Cameron moaned with deep pleasure as Steve continued to plunge his hard manhood into her pussy.  Her breathing got faster and she moaned,"  Mmmmm, Keep going baby.  I'm going to cum."  Steve continued pumping and replied, "I'm gonna cum too."  Without delay, they both moaned loudly in the pleasure of their orgasms. 

When they were done, Cameron looked out the  window and saw Bob standing on the patio looking for her.  Steve pulled up his pants and as soon as Bob returned to the house,  Steve left throuogh the side gate and Cameron went into the house.  Maybe they'll meet again at another party.

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