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The Toy - A Tom and Annie Story

I put on a show for him, he gave me the best orgasm of my life!
I slipped out of the living room and left my husband glued to a film on the TV. I was sure he wouldn’t even notice I was gone. We barely spoke these days. He had his interests; TV and computer games, and I had mine. I would have bet money that my new interests were far more fun than his...

I grabbed my laptop, and headed upstairs to the bedroom. It was only early evening, but I decided to have a shower, and settle for the night to chat to my boyfriend, Tom.

I quickly logged on and typed our usual hello message, "xxx"

A few seconds later came his reply, "xxx".

"Be right with you my sweet, just going to have a shower," I was about to tell him I would "brb" but then had an idea, ‘Hey, do you want to watch me soaping my body all over, as I think of you and play with my new toy?’

"God yes!" Came his enthusiastic response.

I grabbed the laptop, my favourite dildo, and the little purple silicone, knobble-covered, finger sleeve that had arrived in the post that morning. I went into the bathroom and slid the bolt across; I did not want to be disturbed. I then placed the open laptop on the vanity unit so it was facing the shower. I clicked the "Video" button on the screen and Tom answered immediately.

There he was, his beautiful face supporting the biggest, widest, cheekiest grin ever! He didn’t say a word, we both had to stay silent, his wife was in the next room to him and my husband was downstairs.

I grinned back, and watched his face as I slowly began to strip for him. I undid the top button of my jeans and pulled the zip down, wiggled out of them and then kicked them to the side with one of my already bare feet. Then without breaking eye contact I undid each button of my blouse, slowly and deliberately letting it fall open just a small amount as each button was released.

I could see his face relax, the day’s tension melt away. His shoulders dropped as he sat back in his office chair, ready to enjoy the show. His hand moved to his lap, I couldn’t see what he was doing, but I had a good idea, and that was fine by me.

I turned the knobs of the shower and continued to strip. I took off my blouse, took off my bra, and paused to lift each large, full breast, so I could lick my own nipples. I could just detect the slow movement of his right arm, and noticed the look of concentration on his face. Hooking my thumbs in the waistband of my knickers, I pushed them to the floor and stepped out of them.

I turned towards the shower and glanced back over my shoulder at Tom, he smiled and mouthed the words, "So sexy".

I entered the shower and closed the door, the glass was steamed up a little, so I pressed my body against it and used my breasts to clear the mist a little. I wet my hair, and ran some shampoo through it raising a rich lather which ran down my body. I ran my hands over my body, making sure to brush my bottom against the shower door, making sure that it was clear enough for Tom to watch me.

I then took my new toy, placed it on the middle finger of my left hand, and I leant against the back of the shower cubicle. Tom had the perfect view of me with water running down my body facing him. I couldn’t help but moan slightly as I parted my pussy lips with two fingers of my right hand and slid the toy over my swollen clit.

I could just make out his face on the screen, his tongue licking his lips as he watched me slide my sleeve covered finger from the tip of my clit right down to the opening of my shaved pussy.

I continued to stroke with my toy covered finger as I moved my right hand up to my breasts. I tweaked and rubbed my hard nipples, imagining that Tom was there with me, that he was soaping my body, that he was stroking me and kissing me all over.

I could feel I was getting close and I felt the need to have something hard inside me, so I abandoned the toy and grabbed the dildo.

I looked directly at the computer screen and watched Tom's face as I slowly pushed the dildo into me, I gently rocked it in and out as I pushed it further into my expanding pussy. I leant towards the shower door and mouth the words, "Get up" to Tom; I wanted to watch him enjoying the show I was giving him.

He stood up, his shirt was unbuttoned and hanging loose, his belt hung undone at his hips and his jeans unbuttoned. His underwear was lowered and his substantial cock in hand, held lightly between his fingers. He stroked himself slowly, causing the foreskin of his uncut cock to slide over his tip and back again.

The sight of him, together with a swift rub from my forefinger on my clit, was enough to send me into a crescendo. My pussy contacted against the dildo, my head fell back as my knees buckled and I slid onto the floor of the cubicle.

I glanced up at the screen of the laptop just in time to see cum pumping from Tom’s engorged cock. I smiled, what a sight! Tom collapsed back down onto his chair his face serene and carefree, oh how I loved that look.

I rinsed myself down and stepped out of the cubicle, wrapped a towel around me and reached for my lap top. Tom smiled at me from the screen and mouthed the words, "I love you". I mouthed the same words back. We then logged out of "Video" mode and returned to our usual instant messaging system.

I went back to the bedroom and continued to message Tom, we chatted about the usual stuff, about how much we miss each other. Then we finalised our plans for our next meet up, which was to be the following day.

"Bring that new toy of yours," Tom instructed. "It looked very effective and I was taking careful note of how you used it."

Just at that point, I heard my husband coming up the stairs;

"Go!" was all I wrote. Tom knew and understood, the same could always happen to him, it was the way it was, and we learned to live with it.

The next morning, I saw my husband off to work and then scrambled to get ready to go and meet Tom. We both worked flexible hours and had arranged to meet at a hotel that did day rate rooms. It was near an airport and was for people who perhaps had a day layover, but we all knew what the rooms were usually used for. We didn’t care; we just needed to be with each other, no matter what some strangers may think about it.

Tom arrived before me, got the room key, then texted me the number. So when I arrived I just walked straight into the lobby, and then to the room where Tom was waiting for me.

I knocked, and Tom opened the door. I just fell into his arms.

"Oh, Annie, I’ve missed you so much," was all he could say, before I covered his mouth and face with kisses. All the messaging, cyber sex and video links in the world could not make up for the touch of his skin on mine.

We quickly helped each other out of our clothes and he pulled me to the shower.

"Oh!" I exclaimed, "a re-run of last night’s performance huh?"

He just smiled at me and got the water running.

"Maybe," was all he said.

I stepped into the shower and leant against him as he slowly smeared soap all over me. His hands sliding over my breasts, rendering my nipples instantly hard and sensitive, his touch sending pulses straight to my clit. He reached round and slid his hands down my back and over my bottom, then gripping it lightly, he pulled me against his hot, wet, slippery body.

He lowered his head slightly to place his mouth next to my ear, and with a soft, deep growl said, "Now I want you to get out of this shower, find that toy of yours, and go and lie on the bed. I want to find you lying on your back, with your legs apart, ready for me."

The authority and playful menace in his voice sent me into a spin, wow! That had made me so horny. I did as he instructed, and in a few moments, he had joined me in the bedroom.

He picked up the toy and placed it on his finger, he stood at the side of the bed and I could see his wonderfully erect and ready cock, swaying in front of me.

He noticed me looking at him.

"Now then, my darling," he said sweetly, "there will be no cock for you until you have cum for me!"

I laughed out loud. "What! Well, you had better get to work then!"

With that, he lay down beside me on the bed and began to kiss my neck and caress my breasts with his fingers. I moaned loudly as he moved lower down my body and started kissing and sucking my breasts.

His index finger, which had the knobbled sleeve on it, started to stroke my very swollen and well lubricated clit. I noticed that he had taken very careful note of what he had seen the previous night, as he was mimicking the very action I had adopted. He made long slow strokes from my clit down to my pussy opening and from time to time, he just slipped the finger inside my entrance, just teasing for a moment, before sliding back up.

I was astonished, as within only a few minutes I could feel the tell tale sparks of pleasure radiating from my clit as the start of an orgasm began to build. I fell silent, and from this sign, Tom knew I was close. He stopped using the toy, but instead of using his finger to finish me off, he lifted himself up, and moved down the bed. He slid a couple of fingers inside my soaking wet pussy. Then he took my clit into his mouth, and began to suck... This being a true story, I can hardly describe the sensation that coursed through my body at that point…

The usual spark that centres on my clit, that then sends my body into a pulsating orgasm, felt more like a bolt of lightning that engulfed every nerve between my legs. I went into full spasm, totally losing all control, wave after wave crashing over me. I had never experience an orgasm as intense, or as long lasting before.

Tom just lay there watching me, delighting in every moment of my orgasm, grinning as in some sort of triumph, holding his fingers inside of me.

"I need your cock inside me now," I croaked, after I regained some part of my senses.

Tom entered me with his big beautiful cock, and my pussy continued to pulse with the after effects of the orgasm. I wanted him hard and deep and I demanded that from him, he did not let me down. He slammed into me stretching me wide, taking me just as I wanted him to, forcefully and hard, in full control.

I clung onto him. "Cum for me, Tom, fill me, I want all of you inside me."

And after just a few more strokes he slammed into me one last time and held himself inside me to deliver his cum.

"Oh fuck!" he called out as he gripped my shoulders and arched his back, eyes closed, lost in the moment.

He collapsed on top of me, and we both just lay there spent, delirious, and both smiling from ear to ear.

"Wow," was he could say. I said nothing, I couldn’t, I was still spinning.

We spent the rest of the day cuddling, chatting and lazily love making. We absorbed every precious moment we had together, storing each other in our hearts, to sustain us until we could be together again.

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