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The Translucent Bikini

A husband enjoys watching his wife's extramarital affairs.
My wife, Linda, loves to flirt with other men. She flirted with other men while we dated and she flirts with other men to this day. She even flirted with a guy at our wedding. I was impressed with how masterfully Linda could draw a man, any man, into her sphere. I enjoyed watching so much that we would sometimes have her act as if she were alone in a bar just so I could watch the guys come on to her. The closer she allowed a guy to get, the more excited I became. Once, Linda allowed a guy to kiss her passionately on the lips and I thought I was going to cum in my pants. Watching this stranger work so hard to get a kiss from Linda was a total turn on. It turned out that Linda was very horny too. When she and I left the club we got as far as the car and we couldn’t control ourselves. We made love right there in the parking lot!

It was this evening that caused Linda and me to talk about what happened and how we each felt about it. I liked watching other guys want Linda and Linda liked other guys to want her. That conversation transformed into us deciding to let Linda go as far as she wanted with a guy, as long as she felt comfortable with him…and as long as I could watch. We agreed she would never have sex with a guy without my being there.

Last summer we took a trip to San Diego and stayed in a two room suite at a very nice high rise hotel. Linda bought a new bathing suit but would not let me see it until we went to the pool. She also said the bathing suit was not for me, but for an unsuspecting stud she had yet to meet. This had me looking forward to not only seeing the bathing suit, but seeing what Linda plans upon doing with the lucky man.

We worked out a signal that notified me when she was going to bring her unsuspecting sexual prey to the room. Once she gave the signal I was to go to the suite where I would hide in the darkened bedroom. Linda was going to work her magic in the front room and I would quietly crack the bedroom door open and watch.

I went to the pool about fifteen minutes before Linda so it appeared we were not together. I found a location where I could see the entire pool. I set up my chaise lounge, settled in and scanned the terrain. There was quite an assortment of young ladies wearing very small bikinis. There were also many toned, tanned and muscular guys. I think Linda will fare very nicely.

About twenty minutes later Linda arrived to the pool. She wore a flower print wrap that came just below her butt cheeks. Linda saw where I was sitting and she found a chaise lounge two chairs away from me. She spread her towel on the lounger and slowly untied the wrap and pulled it off her shoulders. As if fell Linda exposed her new white bikini. The top pulled tightly around her 34inch C cup breasts. The material seemed almost translucent and I could see the faint outline of her brown areolas and much of her side breast was exposed.

I quickly glanced around the pool and several young men, and a few of the girls, were looking at Linda. My eyes returned to Linda and I slowly moved from her breasts down to her flat tummy. The bikini bottom was so small, the material covered not much more than Linda’s pubic mound. When Linda turned to sit in the chair, I saw she wore a thong. Linda’s buttocks were firm and uplifted.

Linda began to spread suntan lotion on her arms, tummy and legs. By this time there were at least half a dozen guys watching Linda’s every move. I saw Linda scan the pool as she rubbed the suntan lotion on her. I knew what she was doing. She was looking for her target. Her eyes stopped searching and she smiled seductively. I scanned the pool and I saw a tanned, well-built man of about 30 years old. He stood about 6 feet tall and had brown curly hair. He was returning Linda’s smile and I knew this would be an interesting encounter.

Linda motioned for the guy to come to her while she held the suntan lotion outstretched in front of her. The guy wasted no time walking to Linda.

“Hi. Can you help me put suntan lotion on my back?” Linda giggled as if she were embarrassed to be asking.

“Sure. By the way, my name is Chad.” He said with a smile.

“Hi, Chad, I’m Linda and it’s my pleasure to meet you.” Linda smiled while coyly cocking her head to one side and extending her hand. Chad shook her hand and when he let go, Linda made certain she held onto it for a second to two before letting go.

Linda rolled onto her stomach and Chad could only stare at Linda’s firm ass. After several seconds he squeezed lotion out of the bottle and began to gently spread it on Linda’s back. Linda moaned slightly, as if she were enjoying a professional massage. Chad continued to slowly rub the lotion on Linda’s back. He moved his hand to the middle of Linda’s back and then to the small of her back.

“Should I stop here?” Chad asked sheepishly.

Without moving her head or opening her eyes Linda replied, “If you stop now, then the bottom half of me will get burned. You wouldn’t want that… would you?”

“Um…uh…no. I guess not,” Chad stuttered. He squeezed more lotion onto his hand and began to spread it on Linda’s firm ass. Linda didn’t move as Chad’s fingertips gently brushed her crack as his hand moved over her ass.

Chad was in no hurry to move his hand from Linda’s ass. As I watched what was happening I saw Chad’s dick begin to get hard. But I must admit, he wasn’t the only one whose dick was getting hard. I placed my hands across my lap in an effort to hide my erection. I looked around the pool and saw several guys and girls watching what was happening. When I looked back to Chad and Linda, I saw that Chad was now rubbing Linda’s upper thigh and she had slightly spread her legs. This allowed Chad to move his fingers between her legs as he spread he suntan lotion. On at least two occasions, I saw Chad barely brush his fingertips against Linda’s pussy. Chad continued moving down Linda’s legs and when he was finished he sat in the chair next to Linda.

Linda rolled onto her back and began to chat with Chad. The poolside waitress took their drink orders and I wasn’t surprised that Linda ordered a Margarita. Chad ordered a whiskey and cola. Their drinks arrived and they chatted for almost an hour and seemed to be getting along very nicely.

Once Linda finished her drink she said, “Come on. Let’s go for a dip in the pool.” Chad finished his drink and they both walked to the pool. Linda walked down the steps and immediately submerged herself into the water. When she stood up, the top half of her torso was exposed and I almost fell out of my chair. Her bikini had no lining and the water made it translucent. Linda’s brown areolas were clearly visible and at first glance it appeared as if she wore nothing.

Chad could not take his eyes off of Linda’s firm breasts. Neither could I for that matter. Others watched as well and I knew they were looking at my wife’s breasts which were covered by a translucent coating. My cock was now fully erect as I watched Linda and Chad splash and play in the water.

After about thirty minutes, Chad and Linda exited the pool and walked to their chairs. I hadn’t been able to see the bottom half of Linda’s bikini until she got out of the pool. It was just as translucent as the top half. The small patch of cloth that covered her pubic mound now seemed nonexistent. I clearly saw her cleanly shaved pussy. It was difficult to curtail the urge to stroke myself because I knew if I did, I’d cum in my bathing trunks.

Chad tried to cover his erection with his hands as he walked to the chair. Linda took her towel and slowly dabbed herself dry. She knew people were looking at her and she reveled in the show of exhibitionism. After several minutes, Linda put her flowered wrap on and sat in the chair. This was the signal I was waiting for. Now it was time for me to go to the room and wait for her and Chad to arrive. I nonchalantly stood up and gathered my things. I casually walked past Linda and we made eye contact for a moment. She was ready.

Once I left the pool area I quickly made my way up the elevator to the suite. I went into the bedroom and discovered a red rose lying on the bed next to a bottle of my favorite whiskey. A handwritten note read: I Love you… Enjoy the Show


I cracked open the whiskey and poured a glass. Then I closed the light-blocking shades which made the room extremely dark. The only light came in from the bedroom door which was ajar. I pulled a chair close to the door, sat back and sipped on my whiskey as I waited for the entertainment to arrive.

About fifteen minutes passed when the suite door opened. I heard the sound of someone entering the suite and then the door closed. It was eerily silent and I was about to peek out to see who came in. Luckily I listened for an extra moment because as I was about to open the door I heard heavy breathing. Then I heard the familiar sound of Linda moaning. If my cock had become flaccid since I left the pool, it was now once again at full attention.

As I looked through the crack of the open door I saw Linda and Chad engaged in a full kiss. Linda was slightly on her tip toes reaching for Chad’s lips. They stopped kissing for a moment and Linda moved to the sofa. This was perfect! I now had a clear and unobstructed view of them both. Linda sat on the sofa which faced me. Her bathing suit was mostly dry but I could still see her areolas through the material. Chad sat next to Linda and they continued to kiss. Chad’s hand found its way to Linda’s breasts and he began to rub them and pinch her nipples. Linda moaned as Chad fondled her nipples and her legs slightly parted.

Linda’s hand moved to Chad’s lap and she began to rub his cock. Even though he was wearing swim trunks, I could see he had an erection. Chad stopped kissing Linda and he moved his tongue to her neck. Linda tightened her grip around Chad’s cock because her neck is one of her erogenous zones. As his tongue glided across her neck Linda rested her head back on the couch and closed her eyes. Chad moved from Linda’s neck to her breasts. He pulled her bikini top aside and exposed her erect nipples. Chad began to slowly lick her nipples and then he’d open his mouth and suck as much of her breast into his mouth. He repeated this several times which caused Linda’s hips to slowly move back and forth.

Chad got onto his knees in front of Linda and spread her legs. Linda looked down at him as his face neared her pussy. Linda spread her legs even wider anticipating Chad’s lips on her wet pussy. Chad grasped Linda’s thong and pulled it aside exposing her soft pussy. He moved in and his tongue found Linda’s clitoris. He rolled his tongue over it and Linda gasped with pleasure. Chad continued to lick Linda’s pussy and Linda’s breathing became heavier. She sucked in her bottom lip and furrowed her brow. I knew she was totally getting into what Chad was doing.

I had removed my bathing trunks and sat in the chair stroking my hard cock. There is nothing more erotic than seeing my wife being taken by another man. As I watched I saw Linda’s eyes move to the bedroom door. I knew she couldn’t see me and it appeared as if she wanted confirmation that I was there. Chad’s face was buried deeply between Linda’s legs so I slightly opened the bedroom door and showed Linda that I was masturbating. I stood there for several seconds and Linda watched as I stroked my hard cock.

“Oh, yes!” Linda let out a moan and pulled Chad’s head into her pussy. “Lick my pussy, baby. Make me cum.” Linda’s hips began to move faster and her eyes never left me as I rubbed my cock.

Seeing Linda enjoy Chad this much made me stroke my cock faster. I could feel my cum preparing itself for release and precum was trickling out the tip of my cock. I took my finger and rubbed the precum off my cock. I then put my finger in my mouth licking the precum off.

“Oh my god! That’s a turn on baby!” Linda grasped Chad’s head and ground her hips into his face; all the while she was watching me. Linda’s tits bounced with every hip thrust and I could not control myself. I shot my load while Linda watched.

“Oh yes!” Linda shrieked. She pulled Chad’s face away from her pussy and laid him on his back on the floor in front of the couch. She quickly pulled her bikini bottom off and straddled Chad. Before lowering her pussy onto his throbbing cock, Linda bent over and kissed Chad on the mouth. His lips and chin were glistening from her pussy juice and she licked it all. I had to step back into the room lest Chad saw me watching.

When Linda was done kissing Chad she sat up and reached behind her to grasp his cock. She lifted slightly and then guided his stiff shaft into her pussy.

“Ooohhhh,” Linda moaned. “Your cock feels so good.” Linda began to move her hips in a rhythmic fashion while Chad reached up and pinched Linda’s nipples. Her tits and hair bounced in rhythm with every pump of Chad’s cock into her pussy. Linda was very sexually excited and I knew it wouldn’t take long for her to cum. Within a couple of minutes she began to ride Chad’s cock with a fury.

“Damn your cock feels good! Fuck me deep! Fuck me…fuck me…fuck me!” Linda was crazed with desire. “Come on, baby. I’m gonna cum right now!”

Linda’s hips moved in a frenzy and watching Chad’s hard cock move in and out of her pussy got me hard once again and I found myself stroking my cock. I watched as Linda threw her head back and dug her fingernails into Chad’s chest.

“Ooohh baby!” That was all Linda could say through gnashed teeth as goose pimples raised on her arms while she experienced one of her biggest orgasms. Chad kept pumping as he had yet to reach orgasm.

Linda’s orgasm subsided and she was determined to accept Chad’s cum. She dismounted Chad and immediately began sucking his cock. It was already glistening with Linda’s juices as she put her warm mouth around it. With each bob of her head she took more and more of his cock until the entire length of his shaft was in her throat. Linda continued to suck the entire length of Chad’s cock until it he readied for orgasm.

“I’m ready to cum!” Chad said between his deep breaths. Linda began rubbing Chad’s balls as she pulled his cock out of her mouth but keeping her lips around the tip. With her other hand she fervently stroked his cock. Chad lifted his hips off the floor as he shot his load into Linda’s mouth. Linda accepted and swallowed each string of cum as it shot into her mouth. As Chad began to relax, Linda gently stroked his cock as if she was milking every drop out of it.

Once Linda sucked all of Chad’s milk out of his cock she stood up and tucked her breasts back into her bikini top. Then she put her flower print wrap around her waist.

“Baby,” Linda said, “I hate to say this, but my husband is due here soon.”

Chad jumped to his feet! “Your husband?”

“Yeah. Didn’t I tell you? I’m meeting him here,” Linda said matter of factly.

“I didn’t have a clue. I’d better get out of here,” Chad replied nervously while pulling up his bathing trunks.

Linda stood at the door and before Chad left she kissed him deeply. “Thank you, baby. You were terrific.”

“I’m happy I met you. If I see you again, so be it. If I don’t see you again, at least I have a fantastic memory. Thank you,” Chad said with a smile. Chad walked out the door without turning around.

I stepped out of the bedroom, still with an erection. Linda looked at me and smiled.

“It looks like we need to finish one more thing,” Linda said as she grabbed my cock and began to rub it. “When you licked your own precum I thought I was going to lose it.”

“Did you like that, baby?” I asked.

“Mmhmm,” Linda replied as she got on her knees and began to suck my cock.

All I could do was watch as Linda licked the head of my cock and then deep throated me. Then she’d lick the underside of my shaft up and down and again deep throat my cock. Her head moved back and forth as she took it all in. It wasn’t long before Linda was sucking the cum out of a cock for the second time, this time it was my cock.

Linda stood up and gave me a deep tongue kiss. To my surprise she still had my cum in her mouth. Our tongues danced and I tasted my cum for the first time. When Linda finally pulled away from me I had the natural urge to swallow. My cum was thick but I didn’t necessarily mind it.

“You liked your precum. How do you like the real thing?” Linda asked seductively.

“I liked it,” I replied.

Linda thought for a second then coyly said, “Maybe someday soon we can have a guy join us and I can watch a little bit. What do you think?”

“We’ll talk about it, baby,” I said.

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