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The View from the Backseat

Watching my girlfriend go down on strangers we pick up, waiting for my turn

My blood was boiling.   It was so exciting, only catching glimpses and snippets of what was happening…   Rebecca’s body stretched across the console in the front seat… her blonde ponytail bobbing as her head moved in the guy’s lap… I couldn’t see her mouth, but it was even hotter that way, not seeing everything yet knowing what was happening...   the sucking sounds, in perfect time with his breathing, betraying what she was doing…

She was giving him head.   This random guy we just picked up at the bar.   Her mouth was wrapped around his dick and she was sucking it.   I tried to imagine the sensations he was feeling, how wet her tongue was, the pre-come leaking from the head into her eager mouth.


The emotions were more conflicting than I had expected, watching her suck someone else.   It was one thing to know about her with other guys, to envision it in my mind—but watching a stranger pushing her head down repeatedly to wet, sloppy sounds, knowing that his unprotected cock was in her mouth, was more intense than I had imagined it would be.


On the one hand, I wanted him to hurry up and finish so I could be next… but on the other, watching Rebecca giving someone head in front of me was an experience I had longed for and didn’t want to end too soon.   My mind raced.   Was she thinking of me?   Was she lost in the moment?   Was she getting off?


I could hear her whimpering as she worked on him.


I welcomed the jealousy, inviting it, reveling in it.   My member was swollen and aching.   I couldn’t wait for my turn to release into her mouth, to feel her take my load down her throat.   Fuck, this was hot!


I began to jump ahead in my mind, envisioning what it would be like when he came in her mouth.   That was part of the deal—we were doing this all the way, no holding back.   She was going to drink all of the come this guy could pump into her… only then she would turn her attention to me.


He didn’t say anything, just kept moving with her.   This went on for an eternity, the sucking, the breathing, the moving together, her cute ponytail bouncing.   She moved her perfectly manicured hands to his thighs, letting him have complete control of her mouth… taking it, fucking it, owning it.   They seemed to have forgotten I was even there.   I was mesmerized.


I still couldn’t see her mouth; I wondered how sloppy it was.   All I could hear from the front seat was hard, repetitive wet sucking.   I nearly jumped when he broke the silence.   “Can I come in her mouth?”


“You better,” I replied.   I turned my attention to Rebecca.   “When he comes, drink all of it.   And clean him off when he’s done.”


She didn’t respond, just kept her head moving in the same long, deliberate strokes.   Over and over…   God, she had been sucking his dick for a long time.


Without warning, his breathing quickened and he hunched forward.   His hands pushed her head down as he began grunting.   “Fuck yeah… fuck.   FUCK.”


He gripped two handfuls of tangled blonde hair, arms tensed, holding her in place.   The two of them rocked together, and I could hear her swallowing, working her throat as he ejaculated into her.   I envisioned the spurts of hot come pumping through her mouth with each movement.   It went on and on, the groaning and rocking—shit, this was a big load he was giving her!   After what seemed like forever the tension eased.   Completely spent, he sank back into the passenger seat.   She stayed down on him, still whimpering softly as she exhaled hard through her nose.


I tried to get my head around what had happened.   I just watched Rebecca drink a complete stranger’s semen in front of me.   Just some guy from the bar.   We had struck up a conversation with him and shared drinks for an hour… with the specific goal of getting him out to the parking lot so she could suck his dick while I watched.   And now here we were.   I was going crazy wondering what she was thinking right now.


Rebecca rolled her head to the side and looked back at me.   Finally I could clearly see what she was doing.   Her tongue rolled repeatedly across the head of his cock, cleaning him as I had instructed.   Her face was a mess of saliva and come as she rubbed his drained organ across her mouth.   She completed the performance with her trademark—a gentle kiss to the opening on the head.


“Thank you,” Rebecca said, looking first at the guy and then at me.  My insides ached with pure lust for her.


His part complete, I couldn’t get our disposable companion out of the car fast enough.   I got out and opened the passenger door.   “Alright, hope you had fun,” I told him.


The guy appeared just as eager to leave, before things got awkward.   “Uh, thanks—that was awesome.   You guys, uh, enjoy the rest of what you have planned.”   Rebecca didn’t say another word to him as he walked away.


I turned my attention to her as I slid into the passenger seat and closed the door.   She looked up at me sheepishly, wiping her bottom lip with one hand.   For a long moment all was silent.   I could tell she was waiting for my reaction, perhaps even worried what I was thinking.


“Holy shit,” I broke the silence.   “I’m so fucking worked up right now.”


Relief spread across her face.   Rebecca’s hand slid up my leg and found my erection.   “Did you enjoy watching that?”


“Oh, fuck yeah.”


“Could you see okay?”  


“I could see just enough.   It was so hot watching you do that to him.   Watching you… suck his dick.”   Damn, it even sounded hot just saying it.   “Could you taste him when you swallowed?”


“Of course I could.”


“How did it taste?”   I knew what her answer was going to be even before she guided my mouth to meet hers.   She pushed her tongue in, hard and deep.   Hot, salty, sloppy... Her mouth had just been thoroughly fucked.


We kissed hard, our tongues dancing, mine searching into every corner of her mouth.   I had made out with Rebecca plenty of times in the past after she had been down on me, but this was different.


She pulled away.   “Do I taste good after I’ve been sucking dick?”


“Yes.”   My heart was racing again.   “Are you up for more?”


She smiled.   “Of course.   I want you in my mouth so bad right now.”


Her hands found my jeans and began unbuttoning them.   We kissed again and again.   Why was it so hot making out with her after what she had just done?


She started jacking me gently.   “Did you like watching him push me down on it?”


“Yeah.   I want to do that too… but harder.   Okay?”


She nodded.


“Remember when you told me about that guy you used to date several years ago?   The one who used to force you down on him so hard that you had a sore throat the next day?”


“Sometimes it was more than one day—he was really rough.”   She knew how to push my buttons and work me up.   “He made me give him lots of blowjobs.”


I couldn’t take it anymore.   I pulled her down onto me with both hands.   She took the head into her mouth and that familiar, amazing sensation overtook me.   Every nerve was on edge; I felt her lips close around me as her tongue began to move in long, deliberate strokes.


I always loved watching that sexy blonde ponytail bounce.


“You’re such a whore.   You’ve sucked so many fucking guys…”   It wasn’t a question, but she gave her agreement with her mouth full.   “Uh-huh…”


“Did you like sucking that guy’s dick?   Giving head to a total stranger?”


“Uh-huh…”   Her head kept moving up and down in my lap.


“You don’t even know his name.   He came in your mouth and you drank it, and you don’t even know his name.   You fucking whore.   That was so hot.”


“Uh-huh…”   She moved slowly, with intention, taking such good care of me.


My questions continued.   “Tasted good, didn’t it?   You always let the guys you suck come in your mouth, don’t you?   You always drink it.”   She answered yes to everything.


I began to push her down.   “Take more of it.   Suck me.    Suck my dick like you sucked his.”   She responded well, letting me take control of her head.


“Get it really fucking wet.   Lick the head where I can see it.”   I pulled out of her mouth.   She pushed her tongue out and obediently worked it all over my swollen, throbbing head, looking up at me.


“Lick it.   Fucking lick all the pre-come off, you nasty fucking slut.   I want your mouth completely violated before you are done.”   She worked the head hard with her tongue.   Saliva streamed down the sides of the shaft, trickling down beneath my balls.


I directed her head back down hard and held her there.   She grew accustomed to the depth, so I pushed harder.   Her lips were down near the base of the shaft and I could feel the back of her throat against me.


I pushed even harder.   She always got off on being treated this way.   I felt her lips bottom out against my scrotum.   “That’s it—throat it.   Throat my fucking dick, you whore.   I know you have had plenty of practice doing this.”


She didn’t respond; she couldn’t.   The head of my cock was in her throat.   After I held her like this for a minute, she pushed back and pulled away for air.   A wet stream trailed from her lips to the head.   I pushed her back down again and we kept going.


The minutes passed as this rough treatment continued.   Occasionally she would swallow, when too much saliva and pre-come would build up.   Finally I pulled her up by the ponytail and our tongues met in a wild, sloppy kiss.


“Is you jaw tired?”   She nodded, breathing hard.   “Your tongue is going to be sore tomorrow from all this fucking head you’re giving, isn’t it?”


“Yeah.   But I want to finish you off like I did the first guy,” she whispered.   The first guy.   It was so exciting to remember that she had just taken someone else to completion in her mouth.


“You want to drink my come? Take your second load from two guys tonight?”  


“Yes.”   She put her head back in my lap and resumed sucking on me.   She worked it hard, making loud slurping sounds like the ones I had heard earlier from the back seat.   I had completely forgotten we were in a public parking lot.


Rebecca submitted to another five minutes of rough oral sex before she took me there.   I couldn’t hold out any longer; I came as hard as I ever have.   I held her head down, pushing her deep, focusing on the sensations, recalling how she had just swallowed a stranger’s orgasm.   I ejaculated in waves and watched her intently as she drank my load.   I envisioned streams of my come spurting into her obedient mouth one after the next, across her tongue and down her throat.


Again her head moved in perfect choreography with the hot fluid being pumped into her.   She swallowed expertly and continued to suck once I was spent, drawing every drop of fluid that she could extract from my dick.


Just like the last guy, I slumped back in the seat and watched her finish cleaning up.   My mind wandered.   Whenever I came in Rebecca’s mouth, I always liked to imagine all the previous times she has swallowed a man’s ejaculate.   It completely gets me off knowing she has been with so many guys.   After all, that was what took us down this path to begin with.


She pulled away and came up to kiss me some more.   I savored the mixed taste of semen fresh from her tongue.


“So when do we get to try this again?” she asked with a smile.


In the months since, this has become our thing.   We haven’t gotten bored with it yet, and I have stopped counting how many guys I have watched her service.   It gets me off to see how other guys handle her—sometimes nervous, sometimes rough and controlling.   Always completely bare, never a condom used.   She swallows every load of semen with hunger and intensity.   We have even gone “bar-hopping” on occasion, with two and even three consecutive guys becoming the lucky recipients of her insatiable oral skills in an evening.  


And she drains me afterward every time.

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