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The Visit

A visit from an old friend
Right out of the blue our friend Joan called and said she would be in town late Friday evening. This thrilled both Linda and me as we hadn't seen Joan since she took a job in San Diego about seven months ago. I had worked with her before the company busted up and we had to find other jobs. Because I was tied down a bit, and mostly because she wasn't, Joan found work out of town. So this was truly going to be a treat of a weekend. Little did Linda or myself realize just how much of a treat!

She said she had just been a little homesick lately and would we mind putting her up for the weekend. Without hesitation Linda and I told her she was more than welcome. We hadn't really partied much together but the times we had all gotten together had been a lot of fun. Linda and Joan seemed to hit it off from the very first time they had met at a company party. We immediately set to the task of straightening up the place and making plans for the weekend.

After the initial visiting and staying up just a little too late for our hiking plans the next day we all turned in everyone in high spirits and looking forward to a wonderful couple of days with friends. We spent Saturday hiking in the mountains east of town and had a wonderful day. The weather was beautiful and I must admit hiking behind these two beauties had my mind wandering to things other than pine trees and blue skies.

Linda is 5'9" tall and about 140 pounds, with small but very attractive breasts, little pebbles for nipples. She has brown hair that falls down between her shoulder blades and a butt that's nothing short of awesome. And her legs being shown off in her hiking shorts and boots is at the very least, distracting.

Joan on the other hand is about 5'6" with a rather athletic build, short dishwater blonde hair that just seems to bounce as she walks. Seeing her in business clothes all the time only hid her features which now in shorts and a tank top made me glad that we had gotten to know each other outside of work.

A bit of a less, ummmm, accentuated, ass than Linda, she more than compensated with her incredible breasts. All day they bounced in the confines of her bra under her tank. I know I thought more than once what she would look like completely naked. But then that's just the demented kind of guy I am.

After returning from our hike we all went out to one of our favorite restaurants to polish off a very delightful day with a little wine and food. At home we sat around for a bit and talked while we half interestedly watched some television programs Linda had taped earlier in the week.

It must have been at the end of the tape because all of a sudden, just as the first program was ending, there were two pretty people on the screen fucking their brains out. We all just looked at each other in mock shock and a little true embarrassment, then back to the television. I had screwed up and taped over one of the porn videos Linda and I watch from time to time and there was a little bit left at the end of this tape.

I jumped up to turn the tape player off and Joan stopped me saying, "Hey, I've always wanted to see a porno!"

I glanced at Linda and she said, "Why not? But I think this is the end of this tape."

After a few minutes of nervous viewing on my part the tape ended and Joan sighed, "Damn, it was just getting good, do you have any more?"

Linda admitted to us having a few tapes hanging around that we kept for the "slow times".

We all laughed a little and I was getting a bit embarrassed mostly due to what was running through my mind. Hell, what had been running through my mind all day. Well, Linda had already begun a search of the video drawer so I said I was going to take a shower.

At that she and Joan both said that they were in need of a shower and they were using the feminine trump and getting their shower first. They both jumped up and said they were going to get cleaned up. With Linda in her shower, Joan in mine, I couldn't help but pop in another one of the tapes.

I was just getting into the action of two women working each other over when I heard Linda coming down the hall. She was wearing her extra long sweat-shirt. I didn't know it then but was soon going to find out that was all she had on. I was just able to turn the video recorder off before she entered the room. I was just a little self-conscious and didn't want to give the impression that sex was all I had on my mind. I don't think I was fooling anyone.

I mumbled that I would take a shower as soon as Joan was out of the bathroom and no sooner having said that I head her down the hall announce she was out. It was very tempting to jerk off in the shower. Watching those two women go at each other on the screen had me really horny. But for some reason I didn't and boy I'm glad I didn't.

When I got out of the shower I put on an old pair of sweat-shorts and a tee-shirt figuring we would probably sit around, watch the news then turn in. When I came into the living room I just about tripped over myself.

There was Joan in some flannel boxers and a sleeveless tee-shirt sitting between my wife's legs as Linda massaged her shoulders and neck. What really threw me back was that they were both watching my porn flick, and it was a girl-on-girl tape.

I managed to ask if anyone wanted any wine or something else to drink, they both jerked their heads up and answered an immediate, "Yes".

I could barely pour the wine my head was so full of visions of my wife and our friend having sex. I handed Joan her wine and couldn't help noticing how nice her breasts looked under her thin tee-shirt.

When I gave Linda her wine, she took a small sip then kissed me on the lips. She winked at me and then said, "It looks like Joan shares your affinity for lesbian sex movies."

It was all I could do to stammer, "No doubt," as I fell into the couch across from them and took note of what had their attention.

The two women on the screen were locked in a sixty-nine, both lapping and licking each others pussies. I looked over at Linda and as she took a drink of her wine she winked at me and slowly slid her free hand down the neck of Joan's tee. A smile a mile wide had to of come over my face; I couldn't believe my wife was going for another woman, least of all our good friend of five years.

A smile appeared on Joan's face also as Linda's hand reached her breast. She looked up at me then and asked if I was going to be all right with this.

I looked up at Linda and she shook her head yes and I said, "All right, hell. This is great!"

They both answered, "We thought you would like this."

So I settled back with my wine and watched as my lovely wife sat her wine glass down then removed Joan's shirt. Her breasts bounced a little as the bottom of her tank flipped over the top. There sitting on the floor between my wife's knees was our best friend's beautiful breasts fully exposed.

I had wondered what she looked like naked and reality was far nicer than anything I had imagined. Pale skin contrasted with her tan body, she had to be about a C cup. Not huge but very nicely shaped breasts with medium size dark nipples that begged to be sucked.

Linda's hands had returned to massaging those soft orbs; her fingers running over her nipples causing them to stand up just a bit. Joan had all but closed her eyes, but I felt as if she were watching me watch Linda play with her. She had such a content look on her face as my wife gently played with her nipples and massaged her breasts.

My cock was growing under my shorts. I stroked my hardening tool through the material watching Linda and Joan play. Linda's hand came up against her face, and painted little designs with her nails. She traced gently over her nose, around her eyes, down her cheek line to chin, then to her lips.

Joan opened her mouth and took just the tip of Linda's finger into her mouth. She sucked on it a little then her tongue came out and encircled it. She sucked her finger all the way into her mouth. From the look on Linda's face you would have thought she was going to cum any minute, but I knew this was only the beginning.

Linda raised her leg causing her sweatshirt to jump past her knees up to her waist. She had no panties on. Her hand slid down her leg from her knee, and with her nails she lightly scratched at her pussy hair. At that point we made eye contact and she just winked again at me and smiled.

Her finger began moving between her lips, pushing into her slit. My god, she was already incredibly wet, her finger moving easily up and down between those swollen lips. The whole time Joan was sucking on Linda's fingers as if they were little cocks. I took my own out from under my shorts not surprised at all that the head was glistening with pre-cum.

Spreading the slippery stuff over the head of my cock I stroked up and down as Linda continued to play in her pussy. She motioned for me to come over and I eagerly complied. Standing beside the love seat my erection jutting out towards her face. Linda's tongue came out and touched just the tip of my cock and tasted the small drop of clear pre-cum. I twitched and she immediately took the head between her lips and sucked gently, never deeper than just the head.

I looked down and Joan was feeling her own breasts and her other hand was down the front of her boxers. She stopped rubbing her breasts and her hand came up and cupped my balls. She lightly took hold of them and massaged them in her palm.

When she pulled down lightly on them I had to fight to keep from shoving my cock deep into my wife's mouth. I told her I didn't know how much more of this I was going to be able to stand. She told me to sit then because she thought Joan might want a little taste of this.

Damn, this was better than I would have ever imagined!

I sat on the arm of the love seat, Joan stood up in front of us. Linda helped her out of her boxers revealing her awesome little pussy. Very thin wisps of light golden hair not quit hiding her pouty lips. Linda's hands moved back up her legs, one in front, and the other up over Joan's butt, her hand lightly brushing over her pussy. I in the meantime had resumed stroking my shaft.

I stopped stroking as Joan bent down towards my cock. She told me not to stop because she wanted to feel me pumping my cock. My hand returned to the base of my dick as her mouth engulfed my hard member.

Joan's ass was now up in the air inches from Linda's head. Linda took hold of her ass cheeks and moved her right in front of her face; she placed a little kiss on each cheek before dipping her tongue between her sweet pussy lips. I knew she had made contact when Joan sucked down hard on my dick. The idea of my wife's tongue exploring our best friend's pussy as I watched her nose disappear in her crack had me very close to losing my load.

Linda was really licking and sucking on Joan's pussy. I was amazed how much she was getting into it. Joan was enjoying it also. She had all but stopped sucking me off and just held me in her mouth as she moaned with pleasure, sending wonderful sensations through my member. I told Joan that I was very close to cumming, wanting to give her a little warning.

She let me slip from her lips to tell me she had never seen a guy orgasm before and she would really like to see it, up close and personal. At that, Linda came up from Joan's muff and planted a big wet kiss on my lips, and I do mean wet. Joan's honey was all over my wife's face and she was sharing it with me.

Her taste was sweet, her aroma absolutely awesome. And the way Linda was kissing me was telling me she was really getting into Joan's pussy.

Linda then said, "Okay Joan lets make Tom cum for you. Just put your lips over the head of his cock and lick him now and then."

Joan returned to sucking my tool into her mouth while Linda took over stroking the base of my cock. I knew it wouldn't be long. Then Linda came up and planted another sensuous kiss on me, shoving her tongue into my mouth. I could smell Joan's pussy everywhere.

Linda got up beside my ear, still stroking my cock and causing it to slide between Joan's lips ever so often. She began telling me in a soft whisper how much she enjoyed sucking on Joan's pussy. She liked the taste, the aroma. She really enjoyed the feel of her pussy on her tongue, her clit between her lips.

That was all I could take.

As I began to tense Linda told Joan to watch this because she thought it might be a good one. Joan sat on the coffee table, still just a foot from my straining cock, and began manipulating my balls while Linda concentrated on the swelling head of my dick. With a finger and her thumb making a semi-circle around the head of my cock, she just lightly and slowly stroked over the ridge. I could feel my cock-head enlarge, and the wonderful pressure building in my balls and rising.

Trying to hold it off as long as possible enjoying this incredible pleasure. All of a sudden I spasmed and I shot a good sized load straight up and it splattered on my belly. After that another spasm sent a bit smaller drop of cum from my cock to Linda's hand. She then told Joan to really work my balls and she started milking every bit of cum from my cock, slowly pumping from the base to the head. Cum continued to flow from the tip as my orgasm subsided.

Joan's face was fixed in amazement, "I had gotten a lot of guys off before but never really watched a man orgasm."

She thought it was pretty cool and asked, "Can we do it again?"

I only said, "I sure hope so," then excused myself to go clean up a bit.

As I was leaving the room I looked back and Joan had pulled Linda's sweatshirt up over her head, removing it, but had stopped to kiss on Linda's nipples. I knew I wouldn't have too much trouble recuperating quickly.

I came out of the shower walking down the hall still drying myself off. There in the living room was my beautiful wife, sitting on the love seat, eyes closed and smiling as I had left her but Joan was now very busy between her legs. On her knees, her ass and pussy in full view before me, her head bobbing and moving around in my wife's lap.

It was then that I decided to go get the toys.
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