The Weekend Part 1 / The Wake UP Call

By SandD

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I look forward to a full weekend of fun this our first weekend together

You are waken in the middle of the night with a, familiar, stirring in your groin. Your cock is hardening, as you slowly cum out of your restful sleep, slightly confused, you feel my warm mouth encasing your cock with my soft warm lips. Gently I am sucking on your cock waiting for you to slowly wake up. You reach down running your fingers in my hair and gently grab hold "Oh Sandi, I love it when I wake me like that.”
I let go of your cock and smile sweetly up at you, then I lick your cock flicking the underside of the head before taking you back in my mouth.
I am going to so enjoy this weekend. We spent the night at a hotel you got in late but we are going to spend the whole weekend together, before heading back to our separate lives and homes. You are single but you live about 5 hrs away, and I am married with 2 kids, my husband knows about us and is ok with us seeing each other when we can.    
I continue sucking your cock I wrap my lips around your shaft on the way down but then I gently use my teeth on my way up to the head. I massage your balls with my hand as you lay back and enjoy yourself. I let my saliva run down your cock and balls, using it to wet your balls and my hand. You don’t know it yet but I have a special surprise for you.
I continue until you are almost ready to cum, then I stop just holding your cock in my mouth running my tongue around the tip. I gently slid my finger towards your ass.   I start sucking again when my finger finds your little hole you clinch up nervously, I stop sucking, and tell you just to relax and only tell me if I hurt you. I start sucking again, feeling you relax I reach over getting some extra lube we are going to need it.   I put come on my hand then gently push my finger against your bum hole, stopping when you catch your breath.   I stop my finger but not my mouth I keep sucking, then stopping, then sucking, keeping you right on the edge not letting you cum.
Each time I start putting my finger back up I wait a min then slide my finger in a little more. I keep this up until I have my finger in, then I pull almost out, starting again but with two fingers this time.   I continue sucking your cock and slowly moving my fingers farther and farther into your ass so I can stroke your secret spot. I gently bend my fingers, rubbing your prostate while I suck you all the way in I know it won't take you long. One, two, three I feel you tensing up getting ready to explode you grab my hair, push me farther down on your cock as you swell.   I take this sign to push both fingers in as far as they will go and quickly, I feel you cum in my mouth while still moving my fingers around gently. I slowly withdraw my fingers then moving up the bed to snuggle up with you while you recover. We lay there snuggled up with you kissing the top of my head every once in a while............
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