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The wife's friend Kate

How I found out my wife was bi and started a new kind of sex life
This is a story, of how I found out that my wife was bi and got a new "sex" agreement.

My name is Joe, My wife Staci, and I have been married for 10 years. We got married at a young age right now I'm 30, and my wife is 28. My wife is a short about 5 ft blonde hair and blue eyes. She is 120 pounds and has a slim tight body. That she was proud of because she worked so hard after three kids to get. She has great 36c perky tits, a tight ass, and the sweetest pussy you would ever taste. She also gives the best blow jobs and is the finest fuck in the world. We are completely in love with each other, and with three kids, our sex life hasn't missed a beat. Which is usually unheard of with couples that have kids.

We love drinking together other. We usually start the weekend off early-on Thursdays. Some of our best deep conversations not to mention sex have been tipsy. One night we got onto the topic of sex and sexual fantasies. I always tried to push my wife to tell me her fantasies. However, she always said she didn't have any...until tonight.

" I think I want to try having sex with a girl," my wife blurted out. This took me off guard, and I started to choke on my drink. " I always wanted to try it when I was younger but never acted on it."

As I sat there with my mouth open. She continued to tell me about wanting to have sex with another girl. Now, I know she used to make out with girls at parties when she was younger. However, I never knew that she wanted to do more. She always told me she did it because she thought it was funny.

"Well I know you would be ok with it. I know your fantasy is having a threesome with a girl and me," she said to me.

" What are... " I was about to say before she interrupted me. "Oh come on Joe, don't lie all of our role playing in bed usually has another girl in it," she said. Which is true we always set up a role while we fucked.

Then she asked me something that I wasn't ready for. " If you had a choice to sleep with any of my friends who would it be?" she asked.

I just laugh and said none. ( You know just to be a good husband because I didn't know if it was a trap or not. Even though there were a lot of her friends whom I wanted to fuck.)

This made her mad. "I just told you a deep sexual fantasy about me, and you can't tell me which one of my friends you want to fuck the most. I've seen you staring at them, and fantasizing about them," She said yelling at me.

Before I could even get another word out. She got up and stormed off to our bedroom. After cleaning up the cups. I walked into our room she was already in bed. I crawled in next to her and said, " Kate... I want to fuck Kate the most."

Kate had to be my wife's hottest friend. She was a tall blonde hair with brown eyes. She had a nice natural tanned body with long athletic legs and a great ass. She had big beautiful 32d tits, That she constantly showed off by wearing tight low cut shirts or dresses. I regularly fantasized about them bouncing while she was being fucked. They became friends because she was married to one of my best friends. Staci told me stories how Kate used to be a slut when she was younger. She used to sleep with guys and girls.

As I laid next to my wife, I started thinking about Kate and my wife naked together. Then my wife turned over and mumbled, " That's what I thought. I want to fuck her too." Then we passed out.

The next morning I got out of bed groggy from last night. I went to the bathroom to shower and get ready for work. Then I went to the kitchen and made breakfast. Then like a brick hitting me. I remembered the conversation Staci, and I had last night. Instantly, my head started to run 50 miles per hour. "Did my wife feel that way, or was she just being drunk?" I thought. I decided not to say anything. I went to wake her up, and our mornings went like they usually do.

It was Saturday and there was no mention about what we talked about. After I came in from mowing the lawn my wife said to me, " Joe, I just got off the phone with Kate. She wanted to know if she could come over tonight to hang out. We haven't seen each other in a while." Instantly, I thought about what we talked about.

It was about 8 when the door rang. As I opened it, I saw Kate standing there. She was wearing cotton shorts and a tank top that showed her tits off great. Her blonde hair was thrown up in a messy bun.

" Hey Joe," she said as she walked in the house giving me a hug. I could feel her tits pressing against my chest. The smell of her sweet perfume made my cock stir. She went over and hugged Staci, and they went into the entertainment room.

I got the kids and threw them all in the bath, and got them ready for bed. After I tucked them all in, I went downstairs where Staci and Kate were sitting on the couch. I sat on the chair next to them and started to watch the game. As they sat there and talking to each other. I kept glancing over to check Kate out. Her shorts were so short and her legs being long. When she was sitting it looked like she wasn't wearing any at all.

There was a moment of silence then my wife said. " Oh Kate, Joe and I had a great conversation about you a few nights ago!" I quickly shot her a look like what the hell? As she laughed, she smiled at me with a devilish smile.

"Oh really, what about?" said Kate looking at my wife and I both. "Oh it was nothing," I said trying to play it off.

My wife started laughing. " Nothing my ass!" We were talking about how you are the person that we want to fuck the most out of our friends!!" I almost died right there.

"Oh really?" Kate said as she looked over at me.

Then Kate moved closer to my wife. She looked again back at me and said. " Is this what you want to see Joe? " As she leaned forward to kiss my wife. Staci's tongue quickly darted into Kate's mouth. My cock instantly got hard. I never saw my wife making out with anyone before. Up to that point, that was the hottest thing I ever saw. I sat there in amazement watching my wife running her hands along Kate's long legs. Kate slid her hand up my wife's shirt and started caressing her perky 36 c tits. Kate Ran her tongue up and down her neck. Kissing and nibbling on her ear. Soft moans were coming from both.

Kate then took Staci's shirt off. Letting her beautiful 36c tits out. Kate took off her tank and looked at me and smiled. Letting me get a good look at her 36d tits that I always fantasized about. Kate leaned over and started kissing Staci's tits. Going back and forth spending the same amount of time on each breast. She twirled her tongue around her hard nipples. Wrapping her lips around them to suck them.

"Mmmm, " Staci moaned louder.

I just sat there watching them. My cock pressing hard against my shorts. Kate continued to kiss down Staci's body. As she laid back on the couch.

"Ohh Mmm," Staci moaned even louder. I noticed her breathing became heavier. As Kate got near the top of her shorts. In one swift motion, Kate took them off. I could smell the sweet smell of pussy fill the air.

Kate kissed the inner thigh of Stac. As my wife laid as her pussy was exposed. Her pussy juices glisting in the light.

" Ohhh Kate mmm, Ohh I want you to be my first girl," Staci moaned. As Kate made her way to her pussy. For the first time, I spoke.

" Tease her," I said. "She loves being teased." just before Kate got to her pussy, she quickly turned her head to kiss her thigh. Kate did this a few more times. Until my wife reached for Kate's head and held it by her pussy.

" I need to cum!, " Staci said with eyes filled with sexual lust. Kate started running her tongue up and down Staci 's pussy. Stopping to flick her clit a little before licking it again .

" Ooohh fuck, yes, mmm lick my pussy," Staci said. As she let go of Kate 's head and grabbed the arm rest on the couch. Kate positioned herself just right so I can see the whole thing. I thought I was going to cum in my shorts my cock pressing so hard against them. .

"Ohhh yes...Ohh Joe her tongue feels so good," Staci said. While Kate ran her tongue up and down her pussy. Then Staci reached out her hand and motioned at me to come closer. I walked over not taking my eyes off what was happening. Kate she looked up at me and smiled. Then she slid two fingers into my wife's pussy. This caused my wife to jump and moaned louder. Still watching Kate lick, and finger fuck my wife. I felt my shorts fall toward the ground exposing my hard 8-inch cock. I felt my wife's glorious mouth wrapping her soft lips around my cock. It didn't take me longer to explode down her throat.

I leaned over and to give Staci a kiss. " I love you Joe," she said. " Love you too baby," I said as I stood back up. Then I felt a hand touch my cock. It was Kate's leaning forward over the top of my wife still finger fucking her. She started to stroke it as she leaned down and kissed my wife.

" Can your husband fuck me with that big cock of his?" Kate whispered to my wife.

"Ohhhhh fuuuuckkkk yessssss," Staci moaned out. As my cock disappeared in Kate's mouth. It didn't take her to bring my 8 inches back to full length.

Just then Kate looked up at me and said two magical words "Fuck me!" I looked to my wife and saw her nod giving me the ok too. I moved around the couch behind of Kate. Her ass sticking up in the air swaying back and forth as she ate my wife out. I leaned forward pressing my cock against the crack of her ass. I leaned over and started to kiss her back. I kissed down her spine and ran my tongue back up. This was something that drove my wife crazy. By the loud moans so did Kate. I reached around and grabbed her big tits that I always fantasized about. I took off Kate's shorts exposing her beautiful shaven pussy. I couldn't control myself. I had to have a taste. I ran my tongue up and down her pussy as my finger found her clit.

"Mmmm oh Joe," she said in between licks of my wife pussy. Hearing the sweet sounds of two women moaning made me want to cum. I continued to eat Kate's pussy until my wife moaned to me. "Fuck her Joe! Fuck her as she eats your wife's pussy."

I slowly slid my cock inside her tight pussy. Watching her pussy lips wrap around my hard cock.

" Ohhh my god! Mmm Joe you are so much bigger than Mike. ohhh fuck me!" she said.

I slid my cock slowly out and little by little back in again. So she could feel all of it inside her. With every thrust, I picked up the pace. Until I got to a steady pace. So she could still lick my wife's pussy. Staci let out a long moan, and I knew she was about to cum.

"Ohhhh Kate!!! I'mmm cummmming!!!!" my wife yelled out. Her body tensed up and had the biggest orgasm, I ever saw her have. After the waves of Staci's orgasm subsided. I pulled Kate's hips closer to me and started to pound her pussy.

" Ohhhh Joe yes fuck me!!! Fuck me like Mike never did or can... OHHH YESSS JOE," Kate said. As she came all over my cock. She fell forward as my hard cock slid out of her. She moved, gave my wife a kiss and turned around. She laid against Staci and opened her legs. " Fuck me and cum in my pussy " she said.

I quickly slid my cock back into her pussy. As I started to fuck her. My eyes met with my wife

"Cum in her pussy so I can eat it out of her," she said.

I never heard my wife say things like that before." Ohhhh my fucking god Staci. His cock feels so good in my pussy," Kate said.

Staci reached down to rub Kate's clit. As I fucked her, harder Kate leaned back. She gave my wife a kiss. I saw her beautiful tits bouncing in front of me. I couldn't take it any longer, and I came in her pussy.

As I pulled out the girls switched positions.

Staci quickly started to lick and suck on Kate's pussy. I sat down next to Kate to watch my wife. As she licked out my hot cum I just shot into Kate's pussy.

"Mmmm yummy," my wife said as she looked at us both. Kate continued to moan louder and louder. Until Kate came all over my wife 's face.

We all sat upon the couch satisfied then Kate's phone rang. "Oh Damnitt I got to go," Kate said. As she started to get dressed.

"One of the kids just got sick and Mikes freaking out!" She got dressed and planted big kisses on Staci and I.

"We got to do this again this was great!" Kate said as she left.

Staci looked at me and said. "It was great I was really turned on watching you fuck her. I thought I would get jealous but watching you, and Kate go at it was hot!!"

We sat and talked over an hour. We came up with an agreement. I was allowed to fuck any of her friends. Just as long as she gets to watch or join in the fun. I bent her over and fucked her hard over the couch.

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