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They Always Knew It Would Come To This

In the end, it was inevitable... They were meant to escape to each other.
People say that friends make terrible partners, because friendships with sex involved become messy and hard to recover from. I say this point is moot. It's not that friends can't do this, it's that their friendships aren't strong enough to handle it. It's rather important now that I draw upon this memory to show that to the doubters out there. Friendships are as strong as the effort you put into them and the honesty and trust that they are built upon.

She was 34. I was 22. We'd known each other for quite some time now, over two years in fact. I was well aware of the fact that she was a very attractive woman, someone you just wouldn't peg for her age. She was full of positive energy, always a hard-worker and coming to practices ready to play hard. We talked on the regular outside of practice as well. It was a great friendship. We would have random, completely innocent jokes about sex often because we both knew that we were attracted to each other to some degree but never, EVER expected anything to be made of that. It was innocent and fun and we both would laugh at it.

But the tension.. that sexual tension.. that desire.. it wasn't going to just go away.

I knew that she was going through a divorce. Things had broken down at home, she and her husband had separated, her emotions were being pushed to the absolute limit, and I just wanted to be there to comfort her. One day, a random day in late May, she and I started talking and once again, our intimate jokes came around again, to comfy giggles and laughs on both sides. But this day was different, because those jokes weren't one and done today. One joke became two, two became four, four became eight, and then eight became the moment of truth.

"Let's play a game," I said, "and this game is called Confessional."

In the following moments I proceeded to put my every desire for her, with her, down on the screen in front of me. I wanted her to know EXACTLY what was on my mind when it came to her, no more hiding behind our silly jokes. There was no hesitation here. Once I had made certain it was all within this message, I hit send and waited for a response. I didn't get a message back, but a phone call after what seemed like merely a few seconds of time had passed by. The shock in her voice only lasted moments, replaced quite quickly with a growing confidence and trust, because as she went through and asked me about the things that I had written down on the page, I could hear the comfort and desire rise in her words. There was no fear in either of us at this moment. By the end of that conversation, it was clear. Our friendship would never be the same again, but we would be so much stronger for it.

This conversation was on a regular weekday, with both of us in our offices, miles away from one and other. However, this day in specific was different, because that night I would see her at practice. Our naughty conversation never came to halt during the course of the day. We continued to admit to imagining what it would be like with each other, fantasizing about exploring our sexuality together. Our texts didn't stop until we saw each other in the parking lot that night, and then the nervous looks swapped were soon erased with a comforting hug and a fit of laughter. There was nothing that was going to stop such a wonderful friendship, not even such carnal notions.

At the end of practice, it was clear that neither one of us was ready to just leave and go home and sleep alone. As our cars departed with the rest of the pack, the message from her came through quite clear: "Are you going to come over this evening?" Intentions weren't quite aligned at this point, but we both knew that we wanted to spend the night with each other, and so I followed her to the little beach house that she was shacking up in while the divorce was underway.

There is nothing extravagant about this place. It is a small, classic, bungalow just a few hundred feet from the beach, a true escape from the rest of the world and all it's issues. The floors creaked with your steps, the kitchen was small enough that I could reach everything from one spot, the space for a TV was blank, and the A/C wasn't really a necessary comfort here. Windows were open to let the breeze come in off the water, shoes were left on the front porch, and we simply sat and talked for the next hour or so, swapping intimate details of our sex lives. I learned that she had been pleasured by her husband a total of twice in the previous 9 months, that she left him because his emotional burden was too much for her to bear, that they married for comfort rather than for romantic love, and that she was in desperate need of an escape from her world. I let her know how crazy my love life had been over the previous 18 months, the distress I was going through as I was fighting for a love of my own who didn't want to be with me (she had just admitted to cheating on me for the previous 3 months), and how much I valued and appreciated the desire she had expressed for me that day...that desire was something I hadn't truly felt in a very long time.

She then stood up, letting me know that she was going to go and enjoy a shower, and that she would be out soon. As she stepped into the bathroom, I was pleased to see that she did not close the door tight, but merely stepped to the side of the opening, out of my line of clean sight, to rid herself of her sweaty clothes. I waited, patiently, to hear the water start and her footsteps as she stepped into the shower. It was at this point that our friendship would never be the same ever again. Later that night, she revealed to me that she had merely expected us to lay together in bed that evening, continue our intimate conversation, cuddle and kiss some, and let that be the end of it. Is that really what I had in mind?


Once I was sure she was in the shower and busy, I quietly stripped myself of my clothes in the bedroom. Sure to keep conversation light and comfy, I began to ramble on about something funny at practice that evening. She had no idea that my clothes lay in a crumpled heap in the bedroom and that I was now approaching her bathroom with my own agenda for us. I approached the shower curtain and let her know that I was naked, about to walk in, so as not to startle her to the point that she would fall over from the shock. Just a moment later, I entered the rear of the shower, to find her beautiful body standing before me. She is of Asian decent, so her skin held a slightly more tan tone than mine, but her skin was so healthy and so smooth for her age. Her body is slender, standing 5'7" and 118 lbs. or so, with very round behind and a flat stomach. Her A-cup breasts, while the smallest I have ever enjoyed, were so perfectly supple and tender to the touch. Her nipples were a dark brown against her tan skin, her thick hair jet black and only falling to the middle of her neck, her hands so soft to the touch. Below her waist, a fresh wax was recently done and she had the most wonderful legs.

With water pouring down over her, I finally met the true image of my friend, and now as I stepped inside, she was meeting me as well. I stand at 5'10", 150 lbs. I am of Italian decent, with my short black hair keeping me looking very straight-edge and clean cut. I am an athlete so I workout regularly, keeping my body in a very athletic tone and keeping my physical stamina at a very high level. I was erect before walking into that shower, so it took but only a moment for her eyes to fall upon my length. I reach out by 7", cut and clean shaven, and she couldn't take her eyes off it.

As I approached her, I knew that she was nervous, because as I stated earlier, her intentions had not been to go so far this evening. I had elected to take things into my own hands, believing that for this night, for this moment, the most important thing we could do for each other was escape into each other, with each other, and leave the rest of the world out of the picture. Once our bodies touched underneath the warm water, and our eyes met, it was clear that she understood all of this and wasn't going to object. She had absolute faith in me to take care of her tonight, and I was not going to let her down. Our lips touched for the first time, and the kiss was full of lust and desire, but it wasn't the full-bore, Hollywood kiss that you would first imagine it to be. No, this was soft, tender, almost like a true-love sort of kiss.

We both knew this wasn't love, there was no mistaking that. But the electricity shared in those tender first kisses truly brought everything out of us. My left hand found it's way to the small of her back, while my right hand had moved up to wrap around the length of her neck. With each passing kiss, I would graze my tongue upon her lips, letting her know that it was there, giving her that playful feeling to keep the mood light and free. My left hand kept our bodies held tight together, as my right began to work back to the bottom of her hairline on her neck, and then slowly towards her right ear lobe. Before long, I had removed my lips from hers and replaced them upon the base of her neck on the left side, while my right hand continued to play with her ear and hair. My left hand had moved down to take a very firm hold on her right asscheek, and my oh my, what a blissful handful that was to have.

Soon I had her back pinned to the wall of the shower, her arms holding me so tight to her while my hands roamed freely and began to dominate her senses. With the aid of the shower's constantly flow of hot water, I had every single nerve in her body on red alert, while my member was tucked underneath her vagina, finding it's home resting in between her tender lips, but not inside her yet. This intense passion was only headed one way, but before I could start to move it toward that result, she had begun to move towards the exit. This is where I had to put my foot down.

She was facing away from me at this point, so I wrapped both of my arms around her and pulled her back against me, while still facing away. My cock had fallen right in the gap of her cheeks, and her whole body electrified as it was pulled so close to mine. My hands found their way to each of her breasts, groping them passionately, my fingers beginning to play with her swollen nipples. And then I took the liberty I had been looking forward to the most. My left remained on her chest, enjoying it's place, but my right hand took a nose dive and went straight for her button. In between those lips was a true gem, a clit so swollen with blood that it was found with zero issue. Once my finger touched it, her whole body convulsed around me, and she turned her head to find my lips with her own. There was no more waiting, no more foreplay necessary, no more patience to be found inside me. My fingers had found just how wet she was, and it was time for the main event.

Without hesitation, I found both of her hands and forced them against the back wall of the shower. With the hot water now cascading down my back, I leaned her forward and spread her cheeks wide. It must be said again what a glorious ass she had. My right hand on her right collar bone, my left hand guiding my cock, I found my opening between those lips and let myself through. Slowly, I gave her every last inch of me, until her pussy had fully engulfed my cock. The yelp of pleasure that escaped her mouth at this moment is a sound I will never forget, as she took all that I would be able to offer her. My strokes were slow, feeling the silky smooth surface of her inner walls take me all the way in, and then all the way back out. Her vagina was pristine, so soft and smooth, so wet and tight, giving me only enough space to just get in and out. My strokes remained slow for as long as I could before she reached back for me and kissed me in the act. This was not a moment that I could contain myself in. I began to quicken the pace, and she reacted by elevating her volume level. THIS was the escape we were both so desperate for. Her soon-to-be ex husband could never have taken her to this level, my ex could never have needed me so desperately.

My hips now slamming into her ass, my balls crashing into her clit with every full stroke inside her, our tongues intertwined and holding on by the ragged edge, the water crashing over us without fail... there was no stopping it. Her orgasm was earth-shattering for her, as mine was an absolute explosion. There was no worry about staying in or pulling out, not here and now. The moment was worth any risk, and we weren't going to back away from it.

As we dried, she was sure to let me know that she was on the pill, so there was no need to feel discouraged from staying inside once again. Our bodies were certainly spent from such an onslaught, but because we were both athletes, it was far from all that we could handle that night. Once again, the smiles on our faces were just fun, absolutely comfortable and trusting. We were merely enjoying the company of one and other, and all that we could offer each other along the way.

Climbing into bed, I told her very simply... I don't allow clothes in between sheets. If I am going to sleep with a woman, I want to ENJOY the beauty that is her body. I am a sucker for the feel of bare skin on bare skin, and I was not going to be denied this. After that episode in the shower, she knew that there was no arguing with me, but I have a feeling that she had no intention of arguing against this anyways. We lay there together, cuddling and giggling, replaying what had just happened, talking through her shock at me and my unapologetic dominance over her to make it happen, the escape that it was and the bliss that we took from this first experience together. But I am incapable of merely laying with a hot woman that I am attracted to that is completely naked and desperate for my sex and NOT coming to her aid...

...and so I could feel myself hardening up once again.

This time though, she wanted to repay the favor. As she felt my growing length under the sheets, her hands had made their way to take a firm hold on it. She gave me a naughty grin and soon disappeared beneath the sheets. What followed was some of the best oral sex I have ever been privileged enough to receive. Her mouth knew how to move slow and keep tight to me, she knew how to make her tongue work the tip of my cock to the point of insanity, and she knew how to keep my guessing and keep me hard and harder. It was too much. I had to take control.

The covers? They flew to somewhere near the doorway. Her body? Was rapidly put on the bed, face up, primed in the missionary position for me to indulge in. And my body? On top of hers in an instant, right hand glued to the bed, where her neck meets her collar bone, left hand once again guiding my cock to the space between those glorious pussy lips. Once inside? This was no longer merely about passion or desperation, this became a rough, raw, hot, hard fuck. And she was ready for it. With my right hand keeping her in place, I could slam my body onto hers with reckless abandonment and never need to readjust. With my length being what it was, I could go full bore on her and not need to be concerned with hurting her. With the way she was crying out, I knew that she was fueling me to push her with all I had, begging me to plunge inside her harder, and deeper, with more ferocity than she'd ever experienced before.

It wasn't long before her moans were leading me somewhere. I could hear the pitch rising, hear her breathing become more violent as she struggled to find enough air, feel her legs on either side of me and her arms wrapped around my neck tighten their grasp on me. Her climax was coming and I wasn't about to let up. Once the pitch of her voice reached it's peak, I knew she was there, but it wasn't until four or five strokes later that she truly exploded around me, her fingernails digging into my skin, her legs squeezing me with all their might to halt my length inside her, all the way inside her.

This climax was one of many on this night. I feel that I should explain, my stamina grows with each round I have. I will cum quite quickly the first time I have sex, in 5 minutes or less every time. But the second time, I will last 30 minutes or longer sometimes, and if a third round has begun, I won't be cumming anymore that night. Her orgasms, on the other hand, were plentiful. There were periods where she came 5 times in 5 minutes. This was the first night that we had sex, and there were many to follow over the span of the next four months.

She's now happily engaged to another man and they are expecting their first child in March. She and I still talk every day and we share a smile quite often for the memories that only we know about. It's got nothing to do with whether or not friendships can handle a sexual connection, but rather, it's purely about whether those two people can handle the connection. It's their trust and their comfort with one and other that will determine how their friendship will live on, and let it be clear, this friendship won't be dying out. She and I will always reflect on how amazing our sex was.

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