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This is how all it started, with flirting

The day starts like most days. It's Friday and the boys are not in the picture, we are on our own to do as we please. You call me at work, and very excitedly you ask if I feel like getting dressed up and going out for dinner and drinks since we are free to do as we wish. I of course agree the thought of taking you out for a special evening has always been great because of the build up. The anticipation is awesome, and the thoughts of watching guys eyes run over your body as you slice through the crowds automatically begin.

As I get home from work, I pour myself a small drink to calm my nerves, the anticipation is running high. I then get my outfit together and run an iron over them. A few minute later, you walk in and your smile proceeds you. I can tell that you are looking forward to tonight just as much as I am.

This is great news. The better you feel before we hit the town, the more you enjoy yourself.

You walk right up to me and fall in my arms. The look in your eyes screams sex appeal. Half closed and soft, your eyelashes bat at mine just as your smile settles into a "kiss me" stance. After a few seconds of looking into your eyes, I lean forward and give you a kiss. The softness of it is surreal. There is the long, slow pause of our lips in contact, afraid to move as it would change the kiss. Eventually, you release my lips from yours and give the most sensual look I have ever seen.

You decide that its time to get the ready for the night and tell me to follow you into the bedroom so we can talk while you shower and get dressed. As soon as we walk into the bedroom, you pin me against the wall, pushing hard against it. The look in your eyes, your piercing blue eyes, screams for sex. As I move forward to give you a kiss, your head moves back to thwart my move and a grin comes across your face. You're toying with me.

I stand there, wanting to touch you, but I wait to see what your next move is. You move your face forward, your lips less than an inch from my face, and you stare into my eyes. I'm mesmerized, frozen by your tactics. Your grin continues, and then your face moves beside mine. Your ear brushes my cheek, your hair tickles my nose and your hot breath burns my ear. Softly, you whisper your question: "Do you want me?". As if driven by natures needs, I whimper a "yes" with a crackling, unstable voice. As if not satisfied with your power over me, you then ask me "how do you want me, what do you want me to do to you?" in your low, sultry voice that screams sex. All I could do is reply in a trembling voice "anyway you want me, anything!"

With the satisfaction of bringing my lust to aa boil and controlling me, you slowly move back, releasing me gently as if to silently tell me to stand still. Once you have released me, you continue to hold my eyes with yours while your hand traces the outline of my dick straining to break the constraints of my clothes. So light is your touch that it is barely felt. Not once do your eyes break its bonds on mine.

Still motionless, I stand there and feel the heat of the moment and enjoy the torment you're inflicting, afraid to move as it might end the situation. You move towards me again, lean in and ask me "do you want me to control another man like this tonight?". Before your question is finished, I let out a husky "YES!"

You step back, take control of my eyes again as you strip your clothes off. Even as your thumbs hitch the hips of your panties and push them off your hips and down to your knees, your come fuck me eyes are locked on to mine. The temptation to look at your body proves to be too much as they dip to soak in the view. Immediately, I notice that your nipples are drawn taunt and hardened. Your breath is labored, your cheeks are flushed.

I try to break your spell and move a hand up to touch your hip, but your hand moves in for the counter and pushes it back to my side. As if its some sort of prized show, you hand releases mine after I relent from trying to touch yours, then it moves to your own stomach and your fingers trace light circles around your navel. Only then does your eyes release mine as they look down to your fingers. Once your eyes have locked onto the fingers providing the show, the circular motions ceases and the slide their way down to your sex.

The palm of your hand comes to rest on your pubic pad and your fingers disappear between your legs. I hear a light gasp get released as your hand clamps down on your sex. Your other hand is placed on the wall just beside my head to steady yourself. After a few seconds of this obvious self pleasuring, your eyes come back to capture mine, then you move in close to my ear again. Softly, with a husky voice you whisper "I want you to watch me make another guy loose his mind tonight, then take me as I whisper all the juicy details of the seduction in your ear. I want you to hear how your wife seduces him and all the things he tells your wife he wants to do to her as your cock slides in and out of her. Do you want that?"

I'm now frozen stiff, but my body has no control other to mumble a firm "YES!"

With that, you move back until your face is only an inches from mine. Your hand then releases your sex. Out of my peripheral vision, your slickened fingers reward my obedience and move from below up to my lips and force their way into my mouth. They are soaked with your honey, and my tongue can't lick them enough. I ensure that they are clean before you remove them.

Then just as quickly as it started, it ends. You smile a seductive smile at me as you turn towards the bathroom and start your shower. The thought of masturbating was heavily on my mind, but I resist, even though the taste of your sex on my tongue makes near impossible.

As soon as you step out of the shower, you tell me to hurry up and get in so we can start our adventurous night.

As I begin to shower, I turned the water up as hot as I can stand it, hoping to get as clean as possible. I wash my hair quickly and rinse it thoroughly, then move to wash my body. As soon as the suds are covering me, you surprise me by pulling the curtain back and give my dick a few soapy tugs. It was still hard thinking about the flirting that you had just inflicted upon me, so it was easy for you to start jerking me off. It felt so good too. The warm water ran down my body and over my nuts as your hand traveled up and down my shaft as your other hand caressed my chest. Again, you end it abruptly and asked me to hurry up. Completed with bathing, I rinsed my body and dried off.

Although I had picked out my clothes, by the time I had got out of the bathroom, you had hung them back up and selected another outfit for me to wear tonight. On the bed lied a pair of great fitting jeans, a dress shirt and a pair of silk boxers. I got dressed and then you asked for a little privacy as you finished your routine of getting ready. I gladly obliged and I went into the living room.

A very short while later, you appeared before me. You looked like a walking felony, dressed in a tight black mini skirt, a tight short sleeve shirt that hugged your chest and high heels. If you had panties on, I couldn't tell, but it didn't look like it. Almost immediately, you grab your purse and we headed out the door starting out night.

The trip was short and very few words were spoken. You curled you legs up under you and leaned over towards me. Your left arm was wrapped around my right, and your other hand traced light lines up and down my forearm as we barreled towards our favorite restaurant.

As I opened your door for you, I offered you my hand to help you out of the car. As you turned your hips a little to step out you paused momentarily allowing your legs to part enough to allow me a glimpse. Confirmed, black satin panties.

Again, your arm clamped around mine, you drew your body tight against mine as we walked towards the door. As we approach the door, you stop me and pull me in close again. As we are close enough to kiss, you ask "Are you ready?" "Yes", I reply. You tell me "Good, I want you to watch me get a stranger hard, and watch as he makes me wet. But pay attention, it might happen fast even though I'm going to try to toy with him for a while". With that, we turn towards the door and go inside.

After we are seated, we order drinks and our meals. The alcohol takes effects quick and your nervousness soon gives way to a sultry confidence. As we eat, we laugh and have light conversations. All the while, you hand is brushing mine from across the table.

As the next round of drinks arrive, the waitress buses the dishes and leave us with nothing to do but to start the survey of the bar area. My eyes start to see if it can find her victim before she declares who it will be. It's a game I play with myself, seeing if I know her tastes.

I spot a few worthy candidates, but one sticks out as a clear front runner. He is about my height and build, dark haired and has blue eyes with heavy, thick eye lashes. His frame is broad in the shoulders and he carries himself with confidence. Just as I make my guess, she announces that it's time for her to mingle and have a little fun. She stands up, moves to me and gives me a kiss before she smiles at me and moves towards the bar.

I should be a psychic; she walked right up to the dark haired stranger and sat down beside him at the bar. His friend that was sitting on the other side of him watched her as she approached, and when she sat down, he raised his eyebrows and jestured to him that familiar man signal. He turned around and saw her, yet she pretended not to notice him.

His eyes, left unchecked by her, began to wander up and down her perfect figure. He studied her, and she allowed him to do so for a few minutes before turning quickly to catch him in the act. Embarrassed by being caught, his cheeks turned bright red and I could see his mouth stammer out some words.

I was too far away to enjoy the show, so I asked to be moved to an open booth just a few feet from the action. As soon as I sat down, my flirting wife noticed me sitting there a smiled accordingly as she knew why I made the move.

She continued making small talk with him as she faced the bar, not turning towards him until she decided that he passed the screening she was putting him through. His actions were a little more direct. He turned away from his friend and towards her. He made it known that he was engaging her fully and that he was confident that she would fall for his charm.

When he did this, my wife took up the challenge head on. As if I could read her mind, I knew she was determined to beat him at his game. She tuned towards him and began a full fledged flirting session with him. She leaned sideways in on the bar stool, resting her arm on the bar. Her confidence was pouring out, she was going to play his game and take home the trophy tonight.

Her smiles and laughs made ME melt, and it had the same effect on him as well. Her legs crossed and pointed in his direction, she made little shifts on occasion that made the hem rise up her thighs little by little, as if it was going unnoticed by her. It didn't miss his attention, his eyes glanced down.

Sensing his confidence, she ramped up her game. Her laughs were accompanied by lift strokes of the hand across his forearms. She moved a little closer to him, allowing her knees to rest on his thighs. It was making him more confident, as he began to reciprocate the advances by rubbing her upper arm as he laughed at her humor. The contact was making my cock stir, as a stranger was beginning to try to seduce my wife.

Every few minutes, she would glance over at me and grin when he wasn't paying close enough attention to catch her. Her cheeks were flushed and her eyes filled with desire, it was obvious to me that she was enjoying herself and her power over him fully.

She leaned in close and whispered in his ear, as if the noise was making it difficult for her to be heard. She moved in even closer, almost in full body contact. He shifted her way as well, and his arm moved around behind her back loosely as he became more comfortable and confident that he was drawing her into his trap. After again whispering in his ear, she stood up and went towards the bathroom, winking and smiling at me as she passed. Taking a quick break myself, I secretly adjusted myself so that I was more comfortable. My erection was in full gear.

When she returned, she didn't sit down as she had before. Instead, she stood between her stool and his. Now she had a lot of contact going on with him, and his confidence skyrocketed. His whole demeanor changed, his eyes were filled with lust as he peered into her eyes, now showing her fully his intentions. Feeling more confident, he shifted his legs open, took control of her hips with his hands and maneuvered her to stand between his knees.

He didn't release her hips, he held onto them as he started pulling her closer and closer, staring into her eyes while trying to relay a message. At this point, my cock was about to explode. Those same hips that this stranger is hold are the same hips I lock onto as I trust inside of her. He has them now, but she countered by upping the ante.

With his cock now pressing against her pelvis, she made no attempt to move away. Instead, she placed each hand on his upper arms and leaned into his ear, just like she had me a few hours earlier. As she whispered into his ear, she looked at me and grinned. Her eyelids looked heavy as they were half closed and filled with lust. She held my eyes as she continued to clutch his arms, keeping him close to her and whisper into his ear.

As she pulled back, they both looked down at her left hand together. It was obvious; she had told him that she was a married woman. It didn't deter him, not only did he continue his assault, he made his advances even more bold. He moved his body even closer to hers, pressing his crotch firmly into her abdomen as he now wrapped one arm fully around her waist and allowed the other to brush gently up and down her side. I could feel the precum leak from the head of my cock as I watched his hand brush the side of her heaving chest, and she was enjoying every second of it.

She had won; she beat him and she knew it. She had driven him into a total state of lust, and me too. Not only was he desperately wanting to take her away from that scene and strip her down, I did too. I had never been as aroused as I had become watching my wife and a stranger drive themselves deep into a lustful state.

Again, she broke away and moved towards the bathroom. As she passed me, she mouthed the words "I'm wet as hell" to me. This only drove me deeper into lust as I had imagined what their conversation entailed. A few minutes later, she strolled passed me again and approached her toy with a new confidence.

It was apparent that she was satisfied with the victory. She kept a little more distance as she told him the disappointing news. His eyes sank as she looked at her wedding band and put a guilt trip act on to end the advances, but surprisingly, she took out her pen and paper to write down his number. After replacing the items in her purse, she leaned forward and delivered yet another surprise to me; a kiss. Her kiss was soft and slow, yet it made the head of my cock turn purple. I'm sure it did because of the immense pressure I felt.

She broke the embrace and walked past me, smiling a huge and with flushed cheeks. I left a tip on the table and followed inconspicuously behind her as made her exit.

As we walk out the door, again, she locked her arm around mine and pull me in so close it was hard to keep my balance as we walked. Nothing was said on our short journey to our car. Once there, it was my turn to take control and exert my power on her. I spun her towards me, forced her against the car and planted a lust filled kiss on her soft lips in the darkness of the parking lot. She in turn wrapped her arms around my neck and returned the kiss forcefully as she pulled me into her.

I broke the kiss and move my lips just millimeters away from her ears and whispered a labored "Tell me!" into her ear as my hand seized the hem of her mini skirt. As he skirt inched upward, she began to tell me what he said in his attempt to seduce her. The words were powerful, intense sexual charged statements about what he wanted to do to her body, how he wanted to taste her sex, how he wanted to feel his cock in her mouth, how he wanted to bite her nipples and how he didn't care that she was married. In addition, she told me how much it turned her on to have another man turn into putty as she imposed her sexuality on him. As she was telling me, her skirt was around her waist and her panties around her knees. My hand started exploring her sex, and as my hand touched her inner thigh, it felt the slick fluid that had overflowed.

Just as she had freed my cock from the constraints of my pants, a car entered the parking lot and threatened to expose our privacy. We quickly recovered ourselves and hoped in the car.

On our way home, she asked me if I wanted to hear all the details of the seduction. Kindly, I told her not yet, I wanted to hear them as we had discussed earlier. I wanted to hear them while I was thrusting inside of her. She said that it was she wanted as well, so there was a tense, yet easy, silence as we began our 15 minute trip home.

After just a minute or two, she leaned into me and told me "I feel bad about what I did, I flirted with him and left him standing there with a major hard on", then went on to ask me "how would you feel if I called him and invited him over, would you be comfortable with that?". In shock, I said that if she was ok with it, I would be too. With a beaming grin, she told me "beside, I would rather show you some of the things he wants to do to me while you were inside of me instead of just telling you."

I told her that I would love it, but I warned her that if he did make it into the picture, he would have won. She just laughed and said that this is one time she didn't mind losing.

While I had always fantasized about it, there was always the logical side that kept me from believing that it would ever happen. As she dialed his number and began talking to him, my logical side got wiped out. I listened intently as she apologized for leaving him like that and asked if he would be interested in joining us. Just a few seconds later, she was giving him directions to our house, even how to get to our bedroom and told him to just come in and find his way. As she said her good byes to him, we pulled into our driveway.

As we entered our home, I asked her again if she was ok with going through with this. She assured me that she was, it was just a bit of spice added by a stranger and nothing more. We made our way into the bedroom and she began to strip. I stopped her. She had a confused look on her face, so I told her that I wanted to wait for him to get here, and I had my reasons. Impatiently, she agreed, so we began to play with each others bodies through the constraints of our clothes.

A few minutes later, we hear the front door open and close, and then he appeared in our room a few seconds later. He stopped in the door and waited there. I stood her up from the bed, turned her towards him and stood behind her. I asked our guest if he wouldn't mind stripping his clothes off for her enjoyment, and he started peeling of the articles right away. At the same time, I began to undress my wife for him. Their eyes were fixed on each other as each article removed revealed a new part of the body for them to study. It was quite clear that both of them reveled in what they saw as the both of their breathing became labored again.

Standing in front of him now in only her matching black bra and panties, I removed her bra at the same time her removed his underwear. Once removed, I gave her boobs a light squeeze as she took in the view of his cock. She fell back into my chest a little, signaling to me that she was pleased, and judging by his eyes, he was pleased too. I then hooked my thumbs over the waist bands of her panties and slowly started to peel them down. I squatted down behind her as I did, keeping her panties at my eye level. As I removed them from around her ankles, I saw that they were soaked. Once her ankles were out of her panties, I grabbed her ankles and nudged them to separate. She followed the cue, and I looked up and saw that she was still overflowing as her thighs were glistening.

I stood up and move back a few feet from her. I then asked her to tell me some of the things he had said he wanted to do to her. Nervously, the first thing she said was "he wanted to bite my nipples and taste my sex". I then asked him to show me while I got undressed myself. He obliged, he stepped forward and began to kiss her and work his way down passed her neck and stopped momentarily at each of her nipples. As he bite them, her hand involuntarily wrapped around his head and pulled it in tight. Her head lost its ability to remain upright and it dipped backwards in pleasure. His free hand moved from her hip down to her inner thighs. Moving slowly, his hand captured control of her sex and gentle massaged the region.

His mouth surrendered its attack on her nipple in favor of savoring her essence. His head moved south, but it was direct by my surprise by her hands. She forced his head down roughly as she became impatient. Once his mouth came in contact, it was easy to tell when his tongue pierced her sex as her head rolled back again and she draw in a heavy breath.

As he lapped at her flower, I finished undressing and moved by her side to watch my wife get serviced. She wrapped an arm around mine to help steady herself. She turned her head towards me and looked me in the eye as she told me how incredibly hot this was for her. I kissed her, I kissed her slowly and said "enjoy it sweets".

Again, she held my eyes as best she could. Her eyelids continued to open and close as she was felt his tongue running in and out of her. After a few minutes, I asked her "what else did he say?"

She told me "he wanted to feel his cock in my warm, wet mouth". Hearing that, he stood up and I guided her to the bed. I arranged her on the corner at an angle so her head overhung the edge and her sex was on the adjacent edge as well. He walked around to where her head was, straddle her face and put his cock in her stretched open mouth. I took her knees, lifted them up and had him hold them up and wide open, knees close to her chest. Her sex opened itself up for me and her arousal was quite clear. Her thick liquid coated her crotch. Finally, my cock would get relief as I slowly circled her lips.

As I started to push in, he did as well. Our cocks entered her in unison. I took control of her knees so he could enjoy kneading her chest an toy with her nipples. I would push in as deep as I could, and then some more. I was relishing the view of my wife below the two of us.

My thrusts never varied in the length of the stroke, but they did get more powerful. As our friend watched me, it was easy to tell that he was on the verge of an orgasm. His hips began to jerk back and forth rapid, and within seconds, his cock pulled out of her mouth and sprayed cum everywhere, from her neck to her navel. He had been satisfied thoroughly.

This display affected me as well. I felt the pending orgasm, so I made sure the head of my cock was hitting her G spot with each stroke. Her hips were now rising off the bed to meet mine stroke for stroke. With a loud scream from her and a grunt by me, she had an orgasm followed closely by mine.

I collapse on top of her as we try to catch our breath. His cum between us didn't matter to me, I had to kiss my wife. She wrapped her arms around me and held me in place for several minutes. Eventually, we heard a car door close follow by it starting and driving away. Our friend had dressed and let himself out.

We took a shower together and slipped into the bed. After a little cuddling and kissing, she said that she did enjoy it and hoped I did too. I assured her that I did. She then asked if anything had changed, to which I replied yes. Surprised and concerned, she asked what. I told her that I know now that I thought flirting was hot, not just guessed that it was like I had before.
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