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Three on Day Three

fantasies are meant for living
The last day of my three day business trip to Amy’s area, Iworked nights, slept for a few hours and then we met for lunch and an afternoon tryst, as we had the previous two days. Our couplings were acting out movie fantasies and honestly I didn’t really didn’t have a movie theme in mind for this one. I had decided to take a huge leap of faith and play out something that Amy had shared with me – her desire for light bondage and to ‘be with’ a woman. I had a fantasy about a threesome with two women and so I looked online in Adult Friend Finder and contacted a pretty young woman named Rita from Malden Massachusetts less than a twenty minute drive from my hotel. We arranged to keep her arrival a secret from Amy but I assured her that Amy would love the surprise. Rita said that it had been a rough week and she needed sex badly so I felt pretty confident that everything would work out. I emailed a photo of myself to Rita and we agreed to meet in a nice Italian restaurant between Malden and Wakefield.

I arrived about ten minutes before Amy and we hugged and shared a modest kiss in the parking lot. God I wanted to fuck her right across the trunk of my car! Amy looked at me funny when I asked the hostess for a table for three. “Trust me,” I said quietly. We’d been in our table less than two minutes when Rita arrived and Amy looked even more confused as I introduced the two ladies. Rita was thirty four, about five foot three and nicely built. She wore her shoulder length black hair in a poly tail and wore an outfit that was conservative except for a neckline that showed cleavage to die for. Well, maybe to kill for… Amy remained confused about Rita’s presence for another two or three minutes until after the waitress had brought wine and I ‘fessed up’ and told Amy that Rita was planning to spend the afternoon with us playing out fantasies. Rita went on to explain that she was bisexual and that her husband also was bi and lately has chosen to spend more time with a male lover than with her. She was slowly becoming sex starved and she told him that she was going to find others with whom to fulfill her needs . He told her to go for it and since then, a couple times a month Rita hooks up with one or more fuck-buddies whom she meets through the adult site, some male some female. My contacting her was the first time that she had been contacted where a couple was in the ’mix’ and so she felt, what the hell, if she didn’t like balling me, she’d certainly enjoy herself with Amy. Amy listened carefully and I saw her chest rise and fall as she breathed more heavily. I didn’t know if Amy was becoming excited, terrified, angry or all three, and whether she’d drive to my hotel or race home like the devil himself had made a grab for her.

To her credit, Rita broke the ice and got my question answered when she placed a hand on one of Amy’s firm thighs and said, “You up for all this, Girlfriend?” Amy hesitated for a long second and then placed her right hand on top of Rita’s and then extended her left across the table to take mine. The decision was made right then and there.

We left Amy’s car and Rita’s at the restaurant and piled into my rental for the quick trip to the hotel. Desk clerks see it all but this one gave us a long look as the three of us walked past her and made our way to the elevators. We had picked up some champagne and fresh strawberries along the way and apart from the fact that we were drinking good champagne from disposable plastic hotel glasses, the scene actually was romantic as we all got to know one another. Sooner than I planned to, the feelings took over and I kissed Amy on the mouth. Rita took a bite from a strawberry and used the remaining half to dab juice onto Amy’s neck and then began kissing it off. Amy’s nipples were just about popping through both her lacy bra and her blouse and her breathing was accelerating. I went to kiss Rita and Amy spontaneously turned to kiss her so that her mouth fell onto Rita’s and mine fell behind Amy’s ear. Within two minutes everyone was kissing everyone. The differences between kissing the two women were interesting. Kissing Amy I felt love and building excitement. Kissing Rita sent shivers up my legs and back. Watching Amy and Rita kiss made my cock throb and my heart beat mightily to fill that organ to tumescence. Robin Williams once said that God gave man only enough blood to engage either his penis or his brain but not both at once. I think perhaps Robin was correct in his assessment as my brain was of zero use to me right now. The rest of my body was functioning on primitive autopilot. Clothes began peeling off into a heap on the floor as I undressed Amy, Amy undressed Rita and Rita undressed me.

My plan was for Rita to have first crack at Amy and of course my plan went out the window as Rita dropped to her knees and began sucking my straining cock as Amy was kissing me and I was cupping Amy’s firm ass, pulling her closer to me. Far sooner than I was ready, Rita seemed to forget my cock and press her face well into Amy’s sweetness and was lapping her pussy with long tongue strokes. I could feel the shudder run right through Amy as she kissed me. Amy and I were beginning to lose our balance and so I suggested that we move to the bed. I held out my hand and helped Rita rise. We padded over to the bed and I noticed that Rita had kept her high heels on. Amy noticed too and put hers back on. I wondered if somehow they had picked up on one of my unspoken fetishes or if it was simply something that they deemed sexy too. The three of us got into the bed with me in the middle but in no time at all Rita had rolled right across me and began eating Amy’s pussy with the energy of a car fire! Amy was squirming on the bed as raspy moans and half syllables escaped her clenched lips. I began playing with Amy’s nipples and had never before seen them perk quite like that before and I began suckling them and stroking her body with one hand and Rita’s with the other.

Rita shifted so that she was going to town on Amy’s sweet sex with her own sex and ass high in the air. “Fuck me, she said, her face never leaving Amy’s thickened labia. I looked at Amy, for permission I guess and she looked at me briefly and then her eyes began rolling back in her head. I wasn’t really sure how Amy was going to take my fucking Rita but I was beyond reason as my cock needed to be SOMEWHERE and so I took Rita doggie-style while she muff dived Amy into blessed oblivion. For a brief second I remembered the condoms in my pants pocket somewhere in that mound of clothes on the floor nearby but there was no pulling my cock out of Rita at this juncture in time. Generally, I don’t cum too quickly but the first time with a new lover always takes me over quickly. Tingles ran up my legs and my balls tightened firmly as the thick ropes of seed shot out of me like a volcano. I held Rita’s ass and pumped more slowly milking every last drop out of that sweet fuck. Rita never missed a beat and was still tonguing Amy like a starving woman. I withdrew my softened cock and placed two fingers into Rita’s now gooey hole and resumed pumping her almost frantically. Amy’s legs were flailing near me and I pulled off one of her red pumps and began sucking her big toe. In her excitement, Amy’s other leg flailed towards me and her heel whacked me in the temple dazing me for a second but to be honest, I kind of liked that.

I heard Amy groan in that special way I’d learned that she was about to cum and I sucked her tow even harder. Amy began gushing and that set off Rita’s cum and the two women bucked on that bed like wild things being ridden for the first time. I felt Rita cum with my fingers still inside her and her body convulsed hard. Her own moans were muffled by her mouth planted so firmly on Amy’s sex. Amy grunted and groaned like a woman in labor as her ejaculate poured from her body, squirting out the corners of Rita’s mouth. Once I knew that Rita had finished her cum, I withdrew my fingers from her body and began stroking my cock as I wanted inside of Amy and soon! Rita rolled off of Amy’s vagina and moved up on the bed, cuddling Amy. Yes, I know the women wanted to cuddle but a raging cock as little conscience or tolerance for the niceties at a time like this and so I began slam-fucking Amy, our bodies slapping together and my balls smacking her ass like a fleshy wrecking ball. This time it took me awhile to cum and by then Amy and Rita were lost in pillow talk. Amy knew I was fucking her and she simply allowed that to happen as she and Rita kissed, billed and cooed. When I finally came, I shifted up and with Amy in the middle, Rita and I both cuddled her for a good forty minutes.

The three of us hugged, kissed and simply enjoyed each other, all heavy duty sexuality spent. As we dressed, I noticed that Amy and Rita exchanged bratty looks and Amy put on Rita’s bra and panties and Rita donned Amy’s. We kissed a final kiss before heading out to the car and the two women exchanged phone numbers and emails as I drove them back to the parking lot where their cars were left. For sure I’m planning more trips to Amy’s area and also sure Amy and Rita will be seeing each other more frequently. I’m a little nervous about losing Amy to Rita but I’ll simply have to wait and see. In the end, the three of us got to spend a delightful afternoon playing out what was our hottest unfulfilled fantasy. A day doesn’t get better than that and on my flight home that evening I'd be one happy camper!
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