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Tight Spandex Pants Part 2

Married woman continues her affair with neighbor.
Brianna and I laid on the sofa after we made love.

"That was incredible," I whispered in Brianna's ear as I rolled off her to stand up.

"Yes it was, but I need to get back home, my kids are probably wondering where I am," Brianna replied as she stood up.

"I did not realize you have kids," I said with surprise look on my face.

"Yes, a 16 year old girl and a 14 year old son," Brianna replied.

"The kids will be gone tomorrow night. I would like to make you dinner?" Brianna asked with a smile.

"Yes, that would be great," I replied.

Brianna kissed me passionately before she put her spandex running pants back on followed by her shirt. I picked up her panties and bra and gave them to her as she walked out the door. I watched Brianna's ass sway back and forth while she walked down my driveway. Then I went back outside to finish mowing the lawn.

The next day rolled around and I did some work around the house before I knew it was evening. I took a shower and got dressed in khaki shorts and a polo shirt for the evening. I walked over to Brianna's house after about 15 minutes I arrived at her house. I walked up to her door and rang the door bell. Brianna opened the door and I couldn't believe my eyes. She had on a short mini skirt that really hugged her hips and a designer light purple t-shirt that had a short midriff that ended above her bellybutton. Brianna also showed around 3” of cleavage while her nipples were clearly visible as her purple top pressed against her breasts. I wanted to jump her right then and there. Anyway, she invited me into her house as I gave her a bottle of wine that I brought over. It was a large four bedroom house and very nicely appointed.

“Damn,” I thought to myself as I followed Brianna into the kitchen.

She poured two glasses of wine and handed me one as she sipped from her glass of wine.

"Where is your husband?" I asked.

"He is on a business trip, he will be back tomorrow evening," Brianna answered.

"Does he go away on business a lot?" I asked as I glanced at her cleavage.

Brianna looked at me and smiled as she caught me looking at her large breasts.

"He is away a few days each month," Brianna replied.

Brianna and I talked more as we ate the wonderful dinner she made. Brianna mentioned that her husband is very busy and they rarely get to sit down and have dinner together or go out for a good time. Also, being that they just moved to town she did not know anyone and was feeling alone while her husband worked long hours and when he was away. When we finished dinner I helped Brianna with the dishes as we finished the bottle of wine. Then she led me to the living room.

"Let's go out and dance, I love to dance," Brianna stated.

"Ok, I know a place that plays good music," I replied.

We got into Brianna's car and I drove to the club. When we arrived the line was pretty long to get into the club. Luckily I knew the owner. I called him and he personally came out and escorted Brianna and I into the club past all party seekers standing in line. Brianna and I walked up to the bar and ordered two drinks. I could see the men at the bar undressing Brianna with their eyes.

Then one man walked up to Brianna and introduced himself as Jake. Jake looked to be in his early-twenties and fit. I could see his eyes were drawn to Brianna's large tits as her nipples were clearly visible through the thin fabric of her top. Brianna laughed at his jokes and flirted back to him while I listened. We had a couple more drinks then I led Brianna towards the center of the dance floor and began to grind with her. I then reached down and started to squeeze Brianna's luscious ass. Brianna smiled at me and began to grind herself more desperately against me. Then I kissed her as the song was about to end. Then she leaned into me and said into my ear, Jake wants to dance with her. I nodded my head as I worked my way back to the bar.

I watched them dance as Jake slowly moved his hand from Brianna's ass and up her thigh. I imagined when Brianna opened her mouth and her eyes closed Jake began to massage her pussy. Then Brianna said something to Jake as he removed his hand from underneath skirt and returned to the bar.

Brianna remained on the dance floor for 10 more minutes while she danced with random guys. The guys would occasionally grab her ass, but she would politely remove them. Then she motioned to me to join her on the dance floor again.

"Tom make me feel good, please rub my pussy," Brianna stammered as we danced.

I could not believe what I heard. Then I slowly moved my hand from Brianna's ass and up her thigh. I couldn't believe it as I reached Brianna's pussy she was not wearing any panties. Brianna moaned into my ear when I began to massage her very wet pussy. I built up speed as Brianna couldn't take much more. Then Brianna pressed her lips onto mine kissed me passionately. I returned the kiss as I withdrew my hand from underneath Brianna's skirt while she had an orgasm on the crowded dance floor. Then Brianna and I walked off the dance floor and made our way to her car.

"Tom you made me feel so good, let's go back to my place so I can return the favor," Brianna stammered.

When we returned to Brianna's house she led me to her bedroom. Once in the bedroom I began to remove Brianna's clothes. I pulled her top over her head while she undid my shorts. Brianna remained standing while I unzipped her skirt and slowly pulled it down.

"It was so hot that you went to the club without panties," I commented.

"Oh Tom," Brianna moaned as I slid a finger along her wet pussy.

Brianna continued to moan as I slipped one of my fingers inside her pussy.

"Oh Tom, that feels so good," Brianna moaned out in pleasure as she closed her eyes.

I continued to finger Brianna's pussy for a few minutes before I pulled my hand away and removed my clothes.

"Oh, Tom," Brianna cried out as I moved behind her and began to rub her moist pussy.

I slid my finger up and down her slit while I felt the outside of her pussy for as long as possible, but the temptation to go in further was too much to resist. I could not hold out and longer as I had to give her two fingers.

"That feels even better," Brianna cried out the moment I slipped two of my fingers inside her pussy. 
Brianna's pussy was now hot as I slid my fingers in and out her wet hole several times. A moment later Brianna walked over to the bed, laid down and opened her legs. I took hold of Brianna's hips and opened my mouth as I dove into her pussy with my mouth and began licking up and down her slit.

"Oh my God," Brianna yelled.

I opened my mouth up wider and tried to push my tongue in deeper as Brianna pushed back against me at the same time.

"Oh, I can't stand it," Brianna cried out some more as I tasted the warm succulent juices of her pussy.

I reached up and grabbed her legs by the backside of her knees. Then I pushed them up and apart even farther lifting her ass off the bed. She was in the most exposed position possible as there was no way she could make her pussy any more vulnerable to me. I dove back in even deeper and stroked my tongue up and down her slit.

"Please stop," Brianna whimpered after about five minutes.

Brianna began to sit up as I continued licking her pussy for a few seconds more as she rose.

"I should have mentioned this yesterday. My husband had a vasectomy after the birth our second child, so I am not on birth control," Brianna stated as she reached for her purse on the nightstand.

"I can't take the chance of getting pregnant," she added.

Brianna took a box of condoms from her pursed and set it on the nightstand. Then she took one out and handed it to me.

"Tom, fuck me with that big cock of yours," Brianna stammered as she lay on the bed with her legs spread wide open.

I rolled the condom down my cock and got on top of Brianna. Brianna began to stroke me dick slowly as she aimed it at her wet pussy. I immediately slid it in between her pussy lips.

"Oh yes, that feels so good," Brianna cried out as soon as my cock entered her.

I began to fuck Brianna as she moaned in pleasure every time I thrust my cock into her pussy. I repeatedly pulled my hips up and down pushing my hard-on in and out of her hole. I looked at Brianna's face as I drilled her again and again. Then I slowed to long and deep thrusts as Brianna let out load moan.

"Oh my Tom," Brianna cried out as I continued to fuck her.

"Oh God Tom, Oh God, I'm cumming," she cried out and then nearly screamed.

I stopped and slammed all nine inches of my cock deep inside her as I watched her orgasm unfold. I felt Brianna's pussy contract around my cock as her entire body quivered.

"Oh, Oh, Oh," Brianna cried out.

"Oh Tom, you feel so good," She added.

I was impatient and wanted to have my own orgasm as I began fucking her again. Brianna began to breathe harder again with the increased rhythms of my thrusts. I could not hold out any longer as I came inside the condom. We laid together for several minutes wrapped together. Then my spent cock slipped out of Brianna's warm pussy as she moaned softly. Then I took off the condom as we laid in bed then we heard the front door open and shut.

"Shit, someone is home," Brianna whispered.

We hurriedly climbed out of bed. I grabbed my clothes and threw them on and hid in a walk-in closet. The closet door had louver blinds so I opened them slightly and I was able see the whole bedroom from the closet. I looked at Brianna standing naked at the end of her bed. She stood there for a few moments before she began to pick up her skirt, shirt and bra lying on the floor. Then Brianna walked over to the nightstand and grabbed the box of condoms. She threw everything under her bed as her husband walked into the bedroom. He was about 6' tall and medium build.

"Hi, honey your home early," Brianna said with a slight quiver in her voice.

"Wow, I thought I would surprise you, but I did not expect you naked," her husband replied with a smile.

"I just finished drying off after taking a shower when you came into the bedroom. I was about to get ready for bed," Brianna made up.

"Ok, get in bed, while I get out of these clothes," her husband stated.

I saw Brianna turn to climb into bed when I looked at the bed I saw my used condom on the sheets. Brianna climbed into bed and laid herself over the used condom. Brianna's husband, now naked, followed her into their bed. He was about 6" and already erect. Her husband spread then Brianna's legs as he moved between them.

"I need you inside me now," Brianna pleaded.

"I...I...I've been thinking about this for a long time, please just make love to me," Brianna seemed to beg.

Her husband moved up her body and placed his stiff cock at her pussy and pushed. I noticed Brianna looking at the closet door while her husband's cock entered her pussy. She knew I was watching them.

"You are so hot and wet," her husband said as he slid his cock in and out of his wife's pussy.

"Oh, cum for me baby," Brianna moaned.

"Oh, yes, I am close," he stammered.

Brianna's husband began to moan and groan as his body stiffened. Then Brianna wrapped her legs around her husband as he came inside her pussy. I looked on as her husband lay blissfully atop his wife. Then her husband got out of bed and went into the bathroom. Then I quietly exited the closet looked at Brianna and left.

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